BRAZIL, MUSICA TOUR 37/38/39 by Daniela

The tour of Il VOLO in Brazil continues unabated, and the great success continues.

The boys perform the songs impeccably, but also very relaxed, they know they are not under a magnifying glass that only looks for their flaws, and so the performances are relaxed, full of loving gestures, between the boys and their audience.


A mix of songs by Paulo Ricardo Coutinho, travel agent, who thus commented: “IL VOLO”, 10 years of success in Sao Paulo !!

A wonderful evening with beautiful songs and a beautiful show.




“O SOLE MIO” (the beautiful love of the people)



“GAROTA DE IPANEMA” (Bravo Gianluca for singing in Portuguese.)


“ARRIVEDERCI ROMA” (too funny Ignazio and the security man 😁)



Sao 01

Sao 02

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This brief interview is very nice, the boys’ answers are in English, so you can understand the meaning of the questions.



But this song is not part of your concert, guys, what are you doing? 😁





These words of Piero are really beautiful:

“If they were to ask me” what is the most beautiful thing in life on tour? – I would answer with difficulty. It is difficult to say with words the emotion that overwhelms you at each concert: every evening there is a different energy given by new cities, new people, different languages, but in all this diversity there is the common language of emotion, of gestures and smiles of people of all ages, life on tour is a long journey, where each city becomes a bit your home and new people become your friends.”

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Sao 17

Maestro Adriano Machado, who directed the concerts in Brazil commented on their photo:

“Today we end the Il Volo tour. Another beautiful work with the participation of Orquestra Sinfonica Villalobos.

Incredible to participate again with such talented guys and with a contagious charisma on stage. Impeccable technique and a lot of voice to endure an entire night singing with exemplary quality!”

Sao 18

And so IL Volo concluded the 6 concerts in Brazil. They were beautiful moments, full of joy.

What else to say, I end with Piero’s words:

We spent 2 weeks in Brazil and we can’t wait to come back!

Thank you for making these 6 shows amazing. Now it’s time to fly to Argentina.
See you Wednesday Buenos Aires



Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

14 thoughts on “BRAZIL, MUSICA TOUR 37/38/39 by Daniela”

  1. Each and every concert is more dynamic and joyous. I have tickets to the March 1st show in Mesa, AZ. I am overjoyed because 6 months ago I never knew they existed. Holy mackerel look at the years I’ve missed. I fell in love immediately when I heard Ignazio sing Mondo and I knew in all my years I had to see a concert before I leave this world, and that was the only thing I must do. Never had a bucket list, but IL Volo is it, the only thing better would be if I could give them a hug when I’m at the concert. We know from previous conversations that I am a young 83…lol, I might be on the other side of 50, but I’m not blind. Each one brings their own persona to each of us. I could just throw my arms out wide and hug all three. I’ve never felt this way ever and it surprises me. I hope they have a sound check and I can go… just want them to know how much we love them and how much they have enriched my life with their music I would try bribing if I thought I could…lol! Much love toyou Daniela, “my guys”, and all the fans. Counting the days to see them. Hearts a fire!

    1. Sassylady, I only discovered the guys 3 years ago and I know I had missed a lot before that. But thanks to photos and videos I caught up really fast! 😄 I have been to one concert in Chicago in 2017 and believe me once you attend one you will want to go to even more concerts! My wish is to someday attend one of their concerts in Italy!

      I also had never felt this way before about someone who sings. The guys of IL VOLO have surely captivated all of us. I fell in love with their voices before I ever know what they looked like! But once I saw how handsome they are I was in heaven. And then discovering that they are wonderful young men with caring and loving personalities makes it even better still! 😍 I will never ever get tired of seeing and hearing them!

      1. so true… once you seen our guys live, you want to see them more and more often 😉 I was in 4 concerts during last year but I’m very unhappy because next week I can’t go to Milan to see them again… il Volo is the best and the most beautiful addiction I ever had 😉
        kisses from Poland Alicja
        btw Ignazio and security man… I love this boy even more 😉 😉 😉

      2. Alicja, they are addictive, you can’t get enough of them. You are sad that you cannot come to Milan, …… think of me that I live close enough to Miliano and I hope to be able to go and see them !!! I can not miss.
        Ignazio is fantastic. 🙂

    2. Sweet Sassylady, I have been following them for only 4 years, that is since Sanremo, and I am so sorry for not having followed them in their first years of career, but it does not matter, it is the present that counts. I like to listen to their voice, their music is delightful and I feel so much joy, seeing their videos and discovering their characters. I wish you with all my heart to be able to embrace them. You’ll have fun. 🙂

  2. Gianliuca singing in Portguese, WOW! Another great article. Thank you for the English translation.

  3. I wold like to lknow how to get m&g for the nyc concert in feb 2020. They were not incliudef when I pirchasrd tickets from the official Il Volo website from Ticketmaster.

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