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And here we also face the last three stages of South America, before Brazil.

Needless to say, it was a success everywhere! 😄






(PIERO and young lady: “We repeat the story again from 9 April 2016, again in his arms yesterday 9 October 2019”)


Latin 01

While they were in Santo Domingo, Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca took part in a very pleasant television program, interviewed by Mariasela, to the question: “Is love better with a girl who is not a fan, or with a fan?”

And the answer from Ignazio was:
“Love has no barriers, it doesn’t matter if it’s a fan or a normal person.”



Latin 02

Latin 03

Latin 04

Latin 05

Latin 06

PUERTO RICO – October 11

A mix of songs.



Really a beautiful “glance”, to see all the lights of the people of the Coliseo !!


Latin 07

The MAGAZINE PR, dedicated to Il Volo, a nice article, from which I extract the most particular parts, really beautiful words for them !!

MAGAZINE PR Article – Click Here

………………. With their privileged voices, the charismatic talent and personalities have overwhelmed every interpretation, making the experience of delighting us with their magic and very special music.

These passionate artists of lyric, opera, pop and contemporary music from the beginning, reach us with their joy, humor and try to speak Spanish with a Puerto Rican accent. They demonstrate, with the chemistry between them, the dynamics of interaction with the public, a closeness that runs from the beginning to the end of the concert. With their powerful voices and the excellent way they use them to sing each song, they presented a repertoire of 25 songs that made the audience feel and vibrate with enthusiasm and euphoria………………..

There is no doubt that Il Volo stole the hearts of all those who took part in this celebration last night with his great talent, charisma and humility, we wish them many more successes in his ascending career, so we exult and say excitedly, BRAVO! Very good!

Latin 08

Latin 09

Latin 10

While they were in hotels in Puerto Rico, as usual, our boys, in particular Gianluca, do not deny themselves to the people, in fact a nice duet is born!


A mix of songs.



“SONREIRAS” (A chi me dice)

I can’t believe it became a reality to hear them sing live 😍 it was one of those nights to remember.”




Latin 11

This is the comment of a fan who attended the concert:

“Super curious I started the concert sitting on one side of the theater, and I finished the concert standing, in the front rows on the other side 😂 it happened like this …

I almost remained without a heel, and without one of my shoes. I got soaked returning to my house that I couldn’t sleep well, but it was all worth it.

I am a person of electronic music concerts, but this was the only concert I waited patiently for so many years, and it was a gift that I owed to myself.

I knew that the third one was the right one for me.

I am 9 years late, but it was completely worth the wait, because it was the 10th anniversary concert 😍

Latin 12

Latin 13

Latin 14

Latin 15

I wonder if someone has kept track of how many people have so far attended the IL VOLO concerts, but there are still so many !!!

Congratulations guys and full speed ahead, destination Brazil !!



Credit to owners of all photos and videos.


Beauty with a Purpose – Il Volo in Puerto Rico! September 16, 2017

Il Volo took a side trip to Puerto Rico before heading off to Quito, Equador.  This gala was called Beauty with a Purpose and thanks and credit to the Miss World Facebook page for pictures, video and the story, below!  Muchas gracias!  🙂  Also thank you to Lisa Joy and Laura Peyretti for several of the pictures that were posted to her Facebook page.


A Royal Gala

Beauty with a Purpose, a Royal Gala takes place tomorrow September 16th at 7pm at the El San Juan Hotel to benefit the first pediatric liver and kidney transplant unit for the Auxilio Mutuo Hospital. Stephanie DelValle commented
“When we first arrived in Puerto Rico for my homecoming we visited the Auxilio Mutuo hospital and they told us about the necessity for this transplant unit for the children of Puerto Rico and the islands of the Caribbean.
Right now there are 25 kids receiving dialysis and waiting for their transplant. However, the majority of the children will not receive the treatment that they need to survive. Beauty With A Purpose has joined forces with the hospital to achieve our dream of providing a lifeline to these children.
“We are all very happy that The Royal Gala will go ahead
There will be people from all over the world joining us for this event

including our guest artists “Il Volo” from Italy, and Chief Mandela with his wife and son from South Africa and some surprise guests!!
In additionPuerto Ricans have come together from far and wide to show their support . A big thank you to all of the people who are joining us at this event, to the Auxilio Mutuo Hospital for helping working with us and a GIANT thank you to my parents, Diana and Jesus Del Valle, as well my extended family, Julia and Steve, for supporting me every step of the way”.
Good luck Stephanie!!!

Royal Gala
‘beauty with a purpose’, Royal Gala that will take place tomorrow, 16 September at 19 pm at El San Juan Hotel organized for a benefit: Buy the first pediatric transplant group for the liver and kidney, for The Hospital Auxilio Mutuo.
Commented Miss World miss world-Stephanie Del Valle: ” when I arrived in Puerto Rico, back home, I visited the Hospital Auxilio Mutuo and they told me the need for this unit of transplantation for Children of Puerto Rico and the Caribbean Islands.
Today there are 25 children on dialysis and waiting for their transplant. But most children will not receive the treatment they need to survive.
The Beauty with a purpose, ‘ joined forces with the hospital to achieve our dream of providing a hope of salvation to these children.
” we are all very happy that the royal gala has been achieved; there will be people from all over the world participating in this event, including our guest artists Il Volo from Italy, Chef Mandela with his wife and son from South Africa and some surprise guests!
Many Puerto-Ricans have gathered long and wide to support.
A thank you to all the people who attended this event, at the Hospital Auxilio Mutuo who worked with us to help us in our organization, and to giant.
A thank you to my parents, Diana and Jesus Mario Del Valle, as well as my extended family, Julia and Steve, for supporting me, step by step, in this path “!!!

Ciao all – enjoy the pictures and videos!  Jana





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guys ms world


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guys ms world lisa joy

Il Volo Professional ~~ Live in Concert LatinoAmerica Tour 2016: San Juan, Puerto Rico




On to San Juan before a day of rest …

~~ Kelly



New Album cover_zpsbkmri62c


They Arrive…

Photos:  Celebrity Sitings in San Juan, Puerto Rico – April 10, 2016 ~~ Getty Images


Si me falta tu Mirada

Photos: San Juan, Puerto Rico 4/10/16 By Ana Conde ~~ All Things Il Volo


El amor verdadero

Short pieces of Per Te Ci Sarò/ Somos Novios/ Nel Blu, Dipinto Di Blu (Volare)

Photos: Il Volo – Latin America Tour 2016 / San Juan ~~ Il Volo – Italian Fan Club


Hablando de ti

Momento divertido  


Photos:  Il Volo ~~ Christian Miranda Facebook; please respect his watermark


Y vendrán Amores

No hace falta  

Photos: Il Volo #LatAmTour2016 – San Juan, PR – 10/04/2016 ~~ Il Volo Abruzzo Facebook


Grande Amore

The end

Il Volo Professional ~~ Latin America Gears Up For Il Volo

All the professional dealings of Il Volo
All the professional dealings of Il Volo

Hey Everyone!

Tonight is Il Volo’s first concert in the Latin American leg of their world tour.  They’ve been resting and the media has been chatting them up.  Here are some of those media outlets in the Dominican and Puerto Rico.

Also, please welcome Alejandra — who will be translating select articles/videos during the Live in Concert LatinoAmerica Tour 2016!


~~ Kelly

Article: Regresa a Puerto Rico Il Volo y promete diversión en su concierto ~~ Univision.com



Article: Il Volo describe a Puerto Rico como “un paraíso” ~~ elnuevodia.com


Promo for Panama


Promo Articles:

Nicaragua: Il Volo regresa más maduro ~~ http://www.elnuevodiario.com.ni


Interview. The New Diary spoke with Gianluca Ginoble, member of the Italian trio about their quick visit to the country where they have 2 concerts.

The 15th and 16th of April, the operatic pop trio return to Nicaragua for part of their “Grande Amore” tour that, for them, means so much emotionally. “We love Managua, her supportive fans and the beautiful women”, said Gianluca Ginoble, one of the members of the Italian trio.

He knows that a lot of time has passed since their last visit to the country and now that they have the opportunity to return, they want to share a little bit of Italy and their culture.

“For us it is very important because this year we’ve had changes, not entirely, but we’ve grown more professionally. This album, for example, represents us 100%. There are new songs, unknown like “Grande Amore”. (For which) we won the San Remo Festival, and there are also ballads”.

The Album

“Grande Amore” is an album for all ages “and that’s because at our concerts, a variety of people come, it can be enjoyed as a family because it’s a vast music collection that moves older people with memories of the past and the new generations discover new musical genres”, noted Gianluca.

The pop lyrical trio will be on tour in various Latin American countries. Upon arriving in Puerto Rico, they said that at their concerts “we always expect to have a good time, but most of all, to entertain the people because for us, to come to our concert is to bring our custom, our way of being… We always want to bring the culture of our country, the music of our country.”

They have approximately 7 years as a pop lyric trio.  On the other hand, they specified that what differentiates them from other young groups is to precisely tackle a music generation where it’s not common that young people are interested. In their opinion, that’s one way to bring classical music to the young generations.

The Date

Il Volo will perform at La Sala Mayor del Teatro Nacional Rubén Darío for 2 consecutive nights. The concert in Nicaragua comes to you by Blu Productions with the support of Banpro and Claro. Tickets, which are currently on sale, cost 40 – 120 dollars (plus service charges).

Il Volo is scheduled for 30 concerts on this “Grande Amore” tour.


Vale975 Interview on 4/26…


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Photos: Latinoamerica tour 2016 Dominican Republic April 09 ~~ Rock me Il Volo