It seemed like yesterday that Il Volo was about to leave for the Latam Tour 2023, and instead we have already reached the last three concerts: Panama, Santo Domingo and Puerto Rico, but let’s go in order.


The PANAMA concert takes place in the Anayansi theater. Also here, many people and a warm affection towards Ignazio, Gianluca and Piero.
Thanks to the presence of Eva Wasner in the audience, there are some very good full videos, thanks Eva!




HALLELUJAH (dedicated to all the people who suffered during the Covid and to all those who have left us)






RELOJ (Truly impossible to sing with all the people around!) + SI ME FALTA TU MIRADA

RELOJ  (and people submerge them!)

Beautiful photos.


The day before the concert, a good interview, turn on the subtitles.

Triumph for Il Volo in the Dominican Republic! 🇩🇴
An absolutely dedicated and in love audience! 🤩🙌🏼
Message from the show producer:
“We experienced a show overflowing with passion and energy.
Without a doubt it was a magical and unforgettable night, full house, which in addition to music, they added important elements to feed the soul! Thanks for your art Il Volo!” 🇩🇴  🏻



Beautiful this article that I translate for you.
Here is the original link.

Listin Diario Article – Click Here

Classical music and opera, genres that have transcended throughout history, Italy being their cradle, have always been associated with the most mature or knowledgeable public. However, Il Volo, the trio of Belcanto-loving Italian musicians, have dismantled this myth, bringing their passion for classical and romantic ballads to the listening of the younger generation. 
The baritone Gianluca Ginoble and the tenors Ignazio Boschetto and Piero Barone have shown since 2010, with their first debut, that the love for this type of music is ageless.
After four years away from the Dominican stage, and ten years after their first time in Santo Domingo, the classical musical trio returned this Wednesday the 29th with “Il Volo Live in Concert”, under the production of Cesar Suarez Pizano.
Their show achieved a “full house” in the main hall of the Eduardo Brito National Theater, where adults, youth and even children came together to enjoy these memorable voices.
The stage opened its curtains at 8:55 p.m., at which time, among the lights, the applause, and the excited shouts of the audience, Piero Barone, Ignazio Boschetto, and Gianluca Ginoble, appeared before the public as a whole of the orchestra. symphony, which was under the baton of Amaury Sánchez.
They opened the night with a tribute to Ennio Morricone’s memorable piece “The Ecstasy of Gold”, followed by “Nessun Dorma” from Puccini’s Turandot, an emblematic aria within lyrical singing.
 ”Buonasera tutti, buonasera!”, they exclaimed in their native language when appearing before the public. The three young people showed great presence on stage, it is inevitable to bring out the great sense of humor that this trio possess, who, between jokes, anecdotes and stories, broke the ice and won the sympathy of each of the spectators, because if something can characterize this show would be the laughter, the warmth and the contact with the public.
Among their repertoire, apart from paying homage to pieces of classical art, they also included songs from their most recent album, three voices, one soul, interpreting hits such as “Forgive me” or “Tan enamored”. Likewise, they paid tribute to the great Latin classics and the legendary artists of Hispanic music, giving life to songs by Julio Iglesias, José José, Luis Miguel, among others.
 Il Volo, although it is known for being a musical trio since its inception, it is also true that each one of its members has a marked personality and distinctive character, for this reason, for approximately 5 years they have decided to give a space in their concerts for that everyone can express their tastes and open up personally with their viewers.
This event has not been the exception, since halfway through the presentation, everyone had the opportunity to interpret their favorite piece, beginning with Ignazio, who sang “All by myself” by the iconic Celine Dion.
He was followed by Gianluca, who sang “Can’t Help Falling in Love” by the legend Elvis Presley, who he noted was his greatest inspiration to follow his dreams in music. Finally, Piero sang the notes of a piece of classical lyrical art.
The concert lasted approximately two and a half hours, in which the public remained euphoric and energetic until closing. At the end of the concert, Il Volo said goodbye with a final performance of “Volare”, the classic Italian song that brought the entire audience to their feet to dance and sing along.


Here’s what People music Puerto Rico writes:
“Italians Il Volo close their world tour in Puerto Rico🇵🇷.
Voice trio Il Volo closes its world tour in Puerto Rico.”
and Puerto Rico Magazine:
“The Coca Cola Music Hall was the setting for the presentation of the famous, authentic and prestigious Italian trio composed by Piero Barone, Ignazio Boschetto and Gianluca Ginoble, as part of their long concert tour which toured the whole world and culminated in Puerto Rico, where they also took the opportunity to celebrate their 14 years of music.” 




Incredible moments



Il Volo posted this beautiful video made in Mexico with these words: Thanks Latin-America, it was amazing!!

Gianluca instead wrote these beautiful words:  (what a sweet and deep man )

“Music has given meaning to my life. The goal has never been to desire and pursue ephemeral concepts such as fame, success or money, but to do what makes me happy and serene and express my essence.
But to understand who we are we need to get to know each other, dig deep into our inner self, dialogue with ourselves daily to discover what our vocation is and persevere in the search for what we were born to do, always recognizing our potential and humbly our limits and with tenacity and ambition everything else will come by itself…
Thank you for the love you have shown us every day since the beginning of this wonderful journey. ✨
With love, Gianluca”

The tour is over, but the fans still manage to amaze with their affection:
And still some fans (note that they are also male, not only female), waited for Il Volo after the concert and as they passed they started singing Il Mondo. Obviously Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero stopped to talk to them.
Gianluca also posted this photo of the team that follows Il Volo.

Between hugs, screams, emotions, love, lots of love, the tour is over.
I would say it was crazy, theaters were packed, tickets were sold out on very short notice. The people were enthusiastic and Piero, Gianluca and Ignazio, euphoric for the affection received, for the reconfirmation of what had already happened in the past, despite the forced arrest by Covid.
Surely this tour, also attended by a lot of young people, both male and female, has given a big boost to Il Volo’s pride, which has understood that the road is right, that there really is room for their type of music, and that it is not only relegated to mature people.

Now Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca are at home in Italy, you would think a well-deserved rest…….but no, on Friday 7th April they will be guests of a new television show and then there are the two concerts in Verona to prepare.
“Guys, you are truly tireless and this does you credit.”
But I want to finish this long post with the beautiful words of Luz Adriana Toro Arango, which you will surely appreciate a lot.
Daniela 🤗

They leave Latin America and surrender at their feet, waiting for them again right now!
Guatemala, El Salvador, Colombia, Ecuador, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Panama, the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, we were filled with your charisma, that fraternal love, your perfect and blessed voices, your wonderful staging, his dialogues, his kind words for each of our countries, his concerts that passed so quickly and that are an indelible mark on our souls, his bitter little touches, which are also necessary for balance and, above all, that Love that they give to all of us who love them intensely forever and ever. Thank you!! Thank you!! and thanks.
Total Admiration, Much Respect and immense Affection from Colombia.
~ Luz Adriana Toro Arango ~


Happy Easter to all the members of the Flight Crew!


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

49 thoughts on “LATAM TOUR 2023: PANAMA, SANTO DOMINGO, PUERTO RICO by Daniela”

  1. Thank you so much for what you do. I have been following for almost 14 years I cannot get enough of their music, or their personalities . I love these three young teens who have grown into fantastic adults. Again thank you.

    1. Another fantastic post. Dear Daniela and Pat once more you have given us everything. Latin America has embraced our boys with so much love, absolutely incredible. This blog is the best place to come for photos (thank you to all of the contributors) music and interviews. Facebook groups lately are full of annoying emojis and Gifs. I have followed the Crew for over 10 years and loved every minute. Thank you also to the behind the scenes ladies, Jana and Kelly. I know I missed someone but please forgive me. Happy Easter and Ciao.

      1. Actually RoseMarie, this post came up a little late, because Pat underwent knee surgery, but as soon as she was strong and as soon as she was able, even lying down, she managed to publish it, what a treasure our Pat, whom I thank much!!
        Thank you for your nice comments, we try to provide a broader view of the news, and also give you other points of view and we are happy that you like this.

  2. Daniela and Pat, it is absolutely wonderful what you do for us (and Il Volo). This piece is overwhelming in its reporting. We have followed them for so long. They were so welcome in every city. The music tailored to each location. The performances so professional and personal.

    1. Thank you, Kay! Daniela does such a great job gathering all the photos and information, doesn’t she? And I have the privilege of publishing it! 😊

    2. Thanks Kay, you know one of the videos that I like very much ….. it’s the one from Panama “Historia de un amor” , I like to see that a group of guys approaches Ignazio while he sings and they all sing together, it’s beautiful, because done by women is natural, but these guys really appreciate and admire Il Volo very much. Unfortunately, here, young people really appreciate urban music, rap, trap, absurd rhythms and awful songs.
      Furthermore, as you say, Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca, on this tour, have tried to satisfy everyone’s tastes, according to their musical culture. Well done!!

  3. Doesn’t it make your heart flutter a little to read and hear all the wonderful comments about our young men from places all over the world that love and appreciate them like we do ? So so glad I joined your group! I love everything you girls have done to keep us informed and up to date on their tours. Appreciate you all and many thanks for all you work.
    A huge fan,

    1. It’s true, Eleanor, when I read a nice comment from them, I’m so enthusiastic, as if it were addressed to my own son or grandson. Let’s say that we feel these three young men are part of the “family” and what good things are said about them, we like too.

  4. Oh My!! – Gianluca’s eyes – are they not beautiful! – he has a stunning & warm way with him – I love the way Gianluca hugged the little Downs Syndrome girl – this I feel speaks volumes for him – he is such a compassionate soul – I have stated this fact in previous replies – lucky girl who marries him – love the elegant way you so kindly talk of the boys’ – so positive too in a world where people always want to put people down – you & Pat are two gorgeous people – we love & appreciate you both – Happy Easter!! – much love.

    1. Thanks so much, Jude! I also agree about Gianluca’s eyes! They are mesmerizing, no? All the guys are so kind to everyone. Hope you had a great Easter! 💗

    2. Gianluca is really very sensitive, in reality all three are, but he in a particular way, the warmth of the embrace with the young Down girl is admirable and one senses that it is a sincere embrace. These three are truly such treasures!!
      Thanks for the compliments Jude.

  5. Thank you for another insite to thier tour ,i think they had a fantastic concert and were well recieved ,cant wait to see them in Bulgaria i will be coming over from Wales ,i hope they will also speak some English ,regards

    1. Pamela, how nice, you will see them in Bulgaria. Certainly in that concert they will speak in English. The three of them juggle the various languages ​​very well, I really like seeing them outside the Italian environment.
      To have them in concert closer to you, you have to make requests not to them, but to those who organize concerts in your area, if there is demand from fans, the concert organizers call them.

  6. Happy Easter, Daniela and Pat! Thanks for another excellent post full of beautiful photos and videos. Yes, our guys really took Latin America by storm! My only complaint (and this is a very minor one) is that the fans were sometimes singing so loud that I could just barely hear the guys! It must be hard for our three to come back to earth after such a phenomenal tour.

    1. Thanks for the good wishes Judi, I hope you had a nice Easter.
      This time there were so many beautiful videos and beautiful photos, sometimes there is little, but here there was a lot to work with.

  7. Thank you so much Daniela and Pat Thanks for all the videos, translations and photos You guys do an amazing job and you are so appreciated. Love these guys and love to read all you print about them. HAPPY EASTER TO THE WHOLE FLIGHT CREW

    1. Thanks so much for the good wishes, Beverly, I hope you had a lovely Easter too.
      I’m glad you love reading everything we write, stay with us, there will still be so much to read!!

  8. I don’t know if I am alone in this, but at times the audience is too noisy, raucous and chaotic and they drown out the guys singing and speaking. I’m sure the guys are greatful for the tremendous amount of love and appreciation from a screaming audience, but if I had paid a great deal to see them live and would want to hang on to every last note, I don’t think I would enjoy being in the audience. After all, it’s their voices we were drawn to in the very beginning. I guess anyone could tell I’m not a young fan.
    However, it’s a great post none the less and Gianluca’s. poignant message speaks so well of all three of them. Thanks

    1. Mark, Piero did once say that Latina fans were crazy so I wasn’t surprised.
      Latin American fans have an extra reason for loving them beyond the way people in other countries feel. They must appreciate that the guys speak Spanish so fluently and feel closer to them.
      Daniela and Pat and the others, thank you for a really lovely post.

    2. Thank you, Mark. 😊When I went to see the guys in Chicago in 2016, yes it’s been THAT long ago, we were in the Chicago Opera House. I didn’t feel like I would make any noise, even singing along, during their performance. We stood and clapped and hooted some after each song, but I didn’t feel like I would be allowed to make one peep during the actual song. It was the total opposite from the Latin America performances. I think it would be nice to have a happy medium between the two, don’t you?

      1. I’d vote for the happy medium too Pat, It’s their wonderful voices I would want to hear most of all. Clapping and cheering to let the guys know they are revered and enjoyed to the utmost is important I realize. Thanks

    3. Yes Mark, you’re right, sometimes the audience is really too noisy, but, as Gail says, Piero Ignazio and Gianluca know very well that the South American audience is so “crazy”, but I must tell you that for the three of them it must have been an immense joy see the affection as in the video where all the cell phone lights come on and the screams of love are very loud, especially for three boys who in Italy were accused of filling pizzerias abroad because the newspapers gave little credit to their success. Also, it’s nice to see so many young people, because here the newspapers have written that their music is for the elderly…… having said that you can understand their happiness. Of course those who go to the concert to enjoy their voices will not have perfect listening, but we were able to enjoy beautiful videos that show us our boys in their good heart with their fans, and not just with their skill, which we would not have could see if they were glued to the stage singing flawlessly.

      1. Daniela, if the Italian press are still denigrating their talent and their success I really don’t understand it.
        I was impressed that the young people in Latin America know the words to all the songs. Aren’t they mostly old songs? And aren’t the young people listening to newer music in styles that I admit I don’t know about? I’m old enough to be a grandma to these kids.

  9. The Santo Domingo concert @ The National
    Theatre was reviewed with much affection
    shown by the audience/concert goers.
    There was one long pan shot of lights held up
    during “Hallelujah” that really showed a
    very tender moment that was honoring lost
    lives. Breathtaking!
    I am sure this concert along with Mexico City,
    will remain in their memory forever.
    With thanks to Daniela and Pat for the
    love and hard work you put into each post.

    1. Yes, Martha, I agree, the Halleluija moment was fantastic and I think it also deeply touched the hearts of our three boys, who will hardly forget it

  10. This is such a wonderful posting by Daniela and Pat that I will have to break it down into a couple of sections to give each one the proper attention it deserves.
    Such glorious singing and interaction among Il Volo, especially Granada where Igna seems to be overruled by Gian and Pietro as to which part they will sing! A good laugh!
    Although I was not at each of their concerts, through the great camera work of Eva Wasner, it is though I am right there!!! Thank you Eva!
    Gian, Igna and Piero made one young lady’s evening and one she will probably never forget, by singing directly to her and giving her a kiss on the cheek. Such superb human beings they are with such feelings!
    Happy Easter to all my fellow Il Volovers, Dol.

    1. You are right Dolores, this long post needs to be savored piece by piece. Eva’s videos are excellent and if you watch them all to the end you will notice many really beautiful details. And the emotion of that woman, priceless.
      I hope you had a nice Easter holidays.

  11. Thank you Daniela and Pat for all your coverage of the guys concerts. The videos from Eva and the photos from the Panama concert were wonderful. I will watch them again and again.. I love how much interaction the guys had with the audience in these concerts. A little scary at times but they handled it well. I wish it was a little more lax sometimes for the concerts in the United States.The love shown by the audiences and returned by Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca was beautiful to see. Thank you again for all your hard work and I hope you both had a great Easter.

    1. Yes, Cathy, it’s great to see the interaction with the audience. It makes me laugh thinking that the official fanclub, for the soundcheck of one of the last countries of the concert, wrote the meeting time and then added to all the fans to “don’t attack the boys as soon as they get off the stage” … …….to have made an announcement like this there must have been truly unique moments to manage!!

  12. This is amazing! Thank you Daniela, Pat and Eva ( for those beautiful photos and Videos) you two are always full of great info about our wonderful, guys Gianluca, Piero and Ignazio.. they are ALWays Captivating ! Gianluca’s tenderness with that sweet young girl made me tear up and then what he wrote! He’s so eloquent and writes so beautifully from the heart, I’ll bet he’s a good poet and could be a writer, later , much later….we never want to lose that gorgeous Voice!
    Pat, I’m glad to hear you are on the mend. If you are diligent about your therapy you’ll be good as knew in a few weeks and 100% in less than a year. It’ll all be worth it…..from someone who did it 3 times!! 🙏🏻☮️💖💖💖🥰🥰🥰🎤🎼🎶❤️🤗
    Happy Easter everyone!

    1. Carol, Gianluca certainly has a very sweet and sensitive soul, sometimes he is truly irresistible, not to mention his voice, in short, a unique man.

  13. Daniela and Pat – you have done it again – given me/us yet another beeautiful article fiilled with mesmerising videos and footage while takiing us along the last section of the guys’ fantastic Latam Tour. Thanks a million! This time not the least the videos and pictures from Panama have been outstanding and beautiful so a further thanks go to Eva Wasner for excellent work with the camera and editing.

    I have been spending the last couple of hours listening to each and everyone of the posted videos and it’s amazing how these guys can continue to spelbound – but they do – and even though I have heard the songs countless times before I just have to hear and see each single song/video here to the very end again. Their voices, their performances and their presence in the moment never faiil. They do always deliver. And boy how pro they have become – they do not seem to loose control even a split second – they can joke, interact with the audience but they stay right on track – and with big smiles. It has been such a wonderful experience to follow them on this Latam part of theiir World Tour and see how loved and appreciated they have become. Albeit no doubt tired this success must have carried them along on a cloud making them give their best each single show.

    I widh they could have some time now to rest on the laurels but new challenges are just around the corner hence I am convinced that very little time is left for breathing out and revitalize as it is understood that in Verona next month they will present new songs and introduce us to their new projects. I wish them all the best with the preparations and cannot wait myself to see and hear what they are up to when I take in my seat in Arena di Verona on May 1st.

    Once again – thanks a million to you great gals for your hard work and many hours of efforts to keep us fans up to date with the best videos, footage, articles and news. You are sooooo much appreciated. (PS Do hope that your knee is getting better now Pat).

    Love from Kirsten, Denmark

    1. You’re most welcome, Kirsten! It is my pleasure to help Daniela publish her stories! It will be three weeks since my surgery this Tuesday. My knee and leg are still a bit swollen and pretty sore, but not bad. Thanks for your well wishes! 😘

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