The well-known Italian magazine SORRISI E CANZONI TV, has dedicated the cover photo to a beautiful image of IL VOLO, taken in Budapest.

Inside, a really nice article dedicated to Gianluca, Piero and Ignazio and which I translate for you.

Sorrisi 01

Budapest, night interior.

Stained glass window of a room overlooking a square in the historic center.

Inside, in a slightly secluded area, a strange group of people is laughing, to tears: Ignazio has just hit the mark, on the third attempt, throwing a bottle cap with his thumb, inside a mug of beer, on the opposite side of the table.

Gianluca, between a miso soup and tempura shrimp, interrupts the river of jokes, to greet a young Greek tourist, who came over to ask for a selfie (during the day it was a continuous pilgrimage of fans of all ages and nationalities).

And while Ignazio sings the tune of a Robiola spot (an Italian soft-ripened cheese), and Piero is chatting with Priscilla (his friend, as well as Elvis Presley’s ex-wife), the manager Michele Torpedine uses the chopsticks of the Japanese restaurant, to give us a proof of his first life as a drummer.

All crazy for us, all normal for IL VOLO guys.


Il Volo celebrates their first ten years of career: while the tour that will take them to Latin America in October and to North America in February continues, on November 8th the collection of “10 Years” hits will be released worldwide.

Canale 5 will celebrate the anniversary with a great evening of honor, dedicated to the three stars, which will be broadcast in November.

And we, from Sorrisi, also reveal that Il Volo is preparing a surprise for all the fans: the appointment is November 10th in Piazza Duomo in Milan, for an extraordinary event, which will see their three incredible voices, and which will continue with the signature of “10 Years” at the Mondadori Megastore.

“We like to say that it is ten years of friendship, music and loyalty, the most important thing,” explains Gianluca. “We are three leaders and sometimes it is not easy to live together, but we have grown together and we have helped each other, both professionally and humanely. We are like brothers”.

The exact day, in which their partnership was born, is well printed in the memory of Il Volo: “It was April 25th 2009, third episode of TI LASCIO UNA CANZONE, Roberto Cenci, (director and creator of the talent led by Antonella Clerici, ed). He put us together and we sang ‘O Sole Mio’. From there it all started.”


How have you changed since then?

Ignazio: In addition to being physically, we have grown professionally. On stage, however, we feel the same adrenaline of the early days. Singing for us is not a job, but a passion, a fun, a way to feel complete.

The first time you met, what did you think of each other?

Piero: Ignazio was unpleasant to me. I remember him on the bus he was singing, but he was also the first one I tied with. Gianluca, instead, was in the group of dudes ……

Ignazio: I never thought about this, Gianluca was on the sidelines, but then it was natural to be together.

Gianluca: When you’re small and you’re on Rai1, you do everything they tell you.

The program lasted nine weeks and we were rivals, a bit of envy was created, and in those days we exchanged only a few words. But the success we received was incredible.

What’s left of those kids?

Piero: Everything. We are always us and we have fun at every concert. We have the same passion and spontaneity of those times. Before going on stage, we laugh about anything. We do not follow a script, we help each other and we get excited a little.

We are not spoiled. We have certain needs, just because we need them to stay healthy and do concerts well. The responsibility we have towards those who work with us, and the public, is enormous. If one of us gets sick and misses two or three concerts, it’s a disaster. So, to avoid the risk, maybe we avoid going to the disco.

Ignazio: Also because we always sing live. This summer, for example, after the concert in Palermo, I didn’t go out with friends, because the next day we had another concert in Taormina.

Gianluca: Musically speaking, we are always in search of perfection, and we strive to grow and make people understand who we are.

Sorrisi 04

How can we grow as brothers without being brothers?

Piero: It was difficult, but lately our relationship has improved. Before, we did the spite, now we openly say to each other, what is wrong. There is no grudge between us.

Gianluca: There is a difference between being together for work, or by choice. In the first case there is a little tension, when instead we are together to have fun, it is another thing, indeed we should do it more often.

You have very different characters. What is your way of living love, family, friendship and social media?

Ignazio: I am the least social of the three. I know it’s important to keep my private for myself. A little privacy, it takes. My character is particular, I am sensitive, but very strong and hard. I do everything, but you must respect me.

Gianluca: I am a little narcissistic, because I need confirmation. In kindergarten, I always asked the teacher twice if I was good. And this insecurity, I brought it with me, until today.

Every day I hear my parents, my dearest ones, my girlfriend. I vent with them, as well as with Piero and Ignazio.

We love each other. On social media, if I put lots of photos, the fans are happy, the haters are a little less, but I continue to be myself.

Piero: We can’t hide anything between us. If I lie, they notice it.

With the people I know and choose, I am very generous, open, sunny. But I only trust my best friend, my brother and my sister. I have a big flaw: for me, either it’s white or it’s black, I give you my heart, but if you do me a wrong, you’re dead.

Gianluca: I have learned that we must try to understand why a person behaves in a certain way. I never hold a grudge. Piero instead gets angry, for the criticisms and the free offenses.

Piero: In fact, before I used social media so much, now only for work things.

The secrets of your success?

Piero: The first is that we study a lot. The second is our manager, Torpedine, who has been following us for years. The third is the music we sing.

Gianluca: But talent and work alone are not enough, sometimes timing counts. To be recognized, you have to be special, and we were the first to perform at a very young age, in bel canto: this struck people’s hearts.

Who are the hottest fans?

Gianluca: Perhaps the South Americans. (Torpedine told us that in Mexico, fans broke through the window of the hotel where they were staying, ed)

Piero: But even in Bulgaria, they showed us unexpected affection. And the Japanese, apparently so rigid, go wild during the concerts and come to the front of the stage.

Gianluca: Let’s say that with our performances, we help the public to free themselves. We tend to make a very engaging event, not a serious concert.

How can you not let this go to your head?

Gianluca: With intelligence you cannot get carried away by the wave of success, but the people who follow you and the support of the family matter a lot. Staying attached to the origins is the most important thing. If you let it go to your head, then people will notice it.


What are you missing when you’re on tour?

Gianluca: Normal life.
Ignazio: Waking up at home, carrying the dog around, everyday life.
Piero: After the concert at the Arena di Verona, I went home one day and enjoyed that moment, like never before. I felt an immense pleasure in going to the laundry and to the yogurt shop: it was how I did it for the first time.

Do you want to try your hand at some other musical genre?

Gianluca: If we changed genre, we would no longer be us and people would no longer recognize our music. In ten years, how do you see yourself?

Ignazio: Ten years ago, they asked us the same thing and we didn’t know what to answer. Our way of thinking has changed: so I would have answered married, with children, today not. Situations change.

Piero: I don’t know, new artists are born every day, the future is a question mark. We hope not to disappoint the fans.

Who do you want to thank for what you are now?

Piero: If today we celebrate ten years of career it is thanks to the fans, we have grown together and we hope to celebrate with them 50 years of career!

Gianluca: We thank the musical heritage we have, the bel canto, which has allowed us to travel around the world.

Ignazio: Words are not enough to thank all those who deserve it.
I say thanks to those who believed in us, Michele Torpedine, our manager, and those who work closely with us. And thanks to life, for what he has given us: voice and luck (word that has been tattooed on his arm, ed).

Piero: And thanks to Sorrisi for this cover and for having always supported us.


Sorrisi 06

Piero: In the room I always ask that they cover the carpet with sheets, because I am allergic and I must preserve the voice.

I always have two suitcases, a big one with all the clothes and things I need (including Sicilian vacuum-packed almonds and natural tuna in a can) and an emergency trolley, with a second dress for the concert, for safety. And an agenda on which I record the commitments. Including this interview for Sorrisi.

Ignazio: When I’m on tour, in Italy, I always carry my guitar with me, abroad, unfortunately not.

I go to the gym, in fact we only choose hotels with a fitness area. In the room I relax as much as possible, maybe watching a soccer game on my mobile (I support Juventus). I also play football, as an offensive midfielder, and I’m pretty good. In fact, when I’m at home, every Wednesday, I go to play with friends. And when I can, I make two tennis matches with Piero.

Sorrisi 07

Gianluca: I have no special requests and I adapt easily. I am very tidy, almost maniacal, I keep everything perfectly folded and I even line up my slippers. I am lactose intolerant and pay attention to what I eat: rice, fish, vegetables, protein snacks and for breakfast pancakes with egg whites and peanut butter.

Once a week we “go” with a pizza. I don’t smoke, I don’t drink and I have never got drunk in my life, because I don’t like losing control. I train early in the morning and go for a run. Sport has changed my character, I have become more willing and disciplined.

BACKSTAGE: How do I shoot a service for the cover of Sorrisi? Here is a nice backstage with the guys from Il Volo directed by our photographer Pigi Cipelli.  


I = Hello everyone we are IL VOLO.
G = From Tuesday on the newsstands our cover on Sorrisi e Canzoni, which celebrates our 10-year career.
P = Don’t miss it, a hug from Budapest.

Sorrisi 08

Really a beautiful article and beautiful photos, the boys responded with sincerity.

But how beautiful and natural they are in the backstage video !!

They are loving.

But what will they be preparing for Milan in November? I really hope to go there!


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

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  1. What an awesome interview! They were so open and honest. Thank you Daniela for your quick translation!

  2. I very first watched you guys with Barbara so fresh and young but I would really like to know in ten years why you have only been to Canada? Ontario would be great. But I am tired of asking, so I will follow you from the true North America A PLACE CALLED CANADA. Oh yes we’re are good guys here, but you like Mexico more not that you can compare as you guys have been there numerous times.

    1. Yvette, there are so many places where guys have never been, but I don’t think it depends from them, there must be a request from those who organize events in the cities. If there are so many fans who are pressing to see IL VOLO, the organizers will call them.

  3. Oh wow what an intimate interview. The boys are so honest and open. What insights into personalities and personal lives. The boys are certainly growing up.

  4. What a great article. Thanks for translating Daniela. I always wonder how they manage to do so much in one day.
    You must go to Milan in November to see the surprise🚂

    1. Jill, I wonder too, how they manage to do everything in such a short time, they are really incredible.
      I want to go to Milan, fingers crossed. 🙂

  5. There are not enough words to describe “my guys”! I think of them that way because of a song called “my guys”! I love to hear them sing, I love to see them have fun, but most of all I give thanks to their wonderful parents for teaching them to be kind, gentle, giving! I am a great grandmother and the love I feel for Gianluca, Ignazio, Piero is exactly the feelings I have for my great grandchildren. I never knew they existed until most recently, and then it was Fireworks over and over each time I heard them sing. I am going to Mesa, Arizona in March to see and hear them perform… never had a bucket list… but now they are the only thing on it. I adore them and I pray I get to see them at the sound track if the theater has one. They are a shining example of what human beings should be. Magnificent singers and entertainers. I enjoy being in so many IL Volo clubs and hear others say what I feel. I truly do love them and I’m glad they have each other and respect each other. I could never choose one over the other, they are all unique in their own way. Let me count the ways I love them…. to infinity and beyond. Hugs and kisses to Gianluca, Ignazio, and Piero. May you enjoy life to the fullest and may God bless you with health and happiness for the rest of your life. See you my sweets in Mesa, AZ on 1 March 2020. <3 <3 <3 A hug and kiss for each of you. Thank you for being so down to earth.

    1. Sassylady, you’re so sweet.
      After you have seen their concert and you have heard the power of their voices live, you will give me an account of your impressions.
      A hug 🙂

  6. Daniela, you amaze me… This article was so long and so filled with the honesty that Il Volo always gives to their fans…Without your translations most of us here in America would just be enjoying the pictures and videos you provided…. Thank you Daniela for the time and effort you always put into every article you translate…

    The interview was fabulous… Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca were so open and honest in every answer they gave…It is this honesty and the love they have for family, friends and for us fans that make us love these three young men and follow them on social media and go to their concerts…Ten years ago many fans would say, “I hope they never change, they are so sweet and so loving”… That is impossible, time and growing up has to change them… The best part of the changes that have come in ten years is more magnificent voices, bigger hearts and more love in their hearts for all… Happy Anniversary Il Volo, we loved you then, we love you now, and we will love you always…

    1. Dear Jeannette, thank you for your compliments.
      Yes, the boys “have got naked” (here, say so, when you tell the truth), and it is precisely because they are “without filters” that we like them so much.
      In ten years, they have certainly not lost their spontaneity.
      Il Volo forever!! 🙂

  7. It’s all been said in this fantastic article. Thank you to Sorrisi magazine for being so supportive of our boys during their career.. You can tell the respect that Sorrisi has for these special, talented young men. The maturity of our boys during this interview and at their young ages has left me speechless sometimes. Thank you Daniela for a job well done!

    1. Yes, RoseMarie, there has always been a good relationship between Smiles and Songs and Il Volo, also because, whenever there is an article on IL VOLO the magazine is very sold !!
      Yes, it’s a really nice interview, and it was a pleasure to translate it for you. Grazie a te, cara RoseMarie 🙂

  8. Thanks Daniela for giving so much of your time bringing us the translations. I just watched a video a fan made. It showed the boys thru their 10 yeas. Enjoyed seeing them when they were young and sang so seriously. They were always grateful for the support of their fans.

    1. Sure, Regina, they know very well that it’s thanks to the fans, their success.
      And their attitude, fans like, indeed they would like to see and hear them even more, we never have enough of them. 🙂

  9. Thank you for the translation. When you hear them speak about their lives – makes me love them even more

  10. Thank you for an awesome translation of this great article! Really enjoyed the questions asked and their honest replies! I love it when I get to learn a little more about them, their attitudes, their families and their hopes! So thankful they have the support from their loving families and close friends! I respect and love their differences and their wonderful musical talents! So excited to see them in Las Vegas in March! Thanks again for your time in this translation! Love you all!!

    1. Linda, every time we learn something new about them, but we also always have so many confirmations of their behavior.
      We know them more and more ….. and we like them more and more.
      I’m glad you’re going to Vegas 🙂

    2. I really look forward to your translations of all the articles about Il Volo – their concerts, their interviews, and any other news. Thank you for the translations, Daniela!
      Linda, I’m also going to the Las Vegas concert, alone, so I would love to meet you there , and anyone else from the Flight Crew. I am new to the
      Crew, but I feel I know some of you already from reading all the posts and comments. I’m also going to Chicago in February, and am so excited to hear two concerts in two months!

      1. Many thanks to you Maija for appreciating what I translate.
        Stay tuned on our site, because in Las Vegas, there will be many fans from Flight Crew and maybe even a convention !! 🙂

      2. Maija I am also going to Las Vegas with my daughter-in-law. But you will not really be alone, there are always many of us that go. Especially if Myron does the Fan Faire again. I am staying at the Palms, so just make sure that we wear our Flight be Crew badges to make it easier to recognize each other.

  11. Thank you Daniela for translating. This interview is so beautiful, such a pleasure to read. The guys are fantastic and I hope they never change. I wish them the the best, they deserve it. Thanks again

  12. What would we do without you Daniela to translate all these articles for us I agree with everything that was said in the article and the above posts from the fans So excited to see them in February in Florida
    Can’t wait

    1. Beverley, I believe these guys know they are worshiped by all of us. They have tons of grandmothers, mothers, sisters ……. from all over the world 🙂

  13. Daniella, Jeannette said it perfectly about your translations. We so appreciate all your efforts so that we may learn so much more about their personalities. Thank you again and again! Wish I lived close to Milan as you do!

  14. Daniela, many thanks for translating this very long and beautiful interview.
    I am so impressed with our guys and to me they are unrivalled!!!
    Also, I agree with you Daniela, Il Volo forever!!!

  15. This interview shed more light on our guys. Thank you for all your translations, Daniela. We all appreciate your time and talents. I expect to attend the San Diego show in March. How do I found out if the public can see the sound check? I’d sure like to watch it. The M&G is beyond my budget. I am enthralled with these guys and have followed them about two years now. I hadn’t yet heard of them when they were in San Diego in 2016 or I would have attend that show. I learned so much more about Il Volo from this interview. They bare their souls and have nothing to hide. Obviously we’d all like to know more about their personal lives but respect their privacy. They are super duper good actors because when they are on stage they fool around and tease and just appear to enjoy themselves so we never know when they have disagreements. They are simply a joy to behold. May they continue to enjoy professional success and personal fulfillment for decades to come.

    1. Doris, to access the soundcheck, you must have the registration to the official fanclub. You must enter this site:
      going to fanclub, signing up, and buying the card, costs 19.90 euros and is valid for 1 year. (just register online) By registering for the fanclub, you will be notified for the free soundcheck. 🙂

      1. Daniela, there have never been sound checks in North America—only beer and greets. I don’t know if that has changed but there was no mention of a sound check when I bought my ticket.

      2. Spell check is wonderful! I didn’t check that before I sent it. Should be meet and greets! And Penina.
        Very funny!

      3. Penina and RoseMarie, make me laugh with beer !!
        Penina, I asked the fanclub if in Canada there will be soundcheck, let’s see if they answer.

  16. Gianluca is not narcissistic–not sure he knows what this word means. He knows the fans want to see pictures of them. Both Gianluca and Piero post pictures of themselves–Ignazio not so much.

    1. Kaye, I think Gianluca, has meant “narcissist” because he needs constant reassurance about himself. Certainly not to understand that he thinks only of himself and not of others.

  17. I think this is one of the most interesting stories of their life and how they live and relax. Each is his own person and it shows, together they shine and that also is obvious. I enjoyed this article very much as it showed they have fun, they are disciplined when they have to be, and I’m glad to know they don’t party as some do. They are happy when performing and relaxed when not traveling. I appreciate them and I love their music and their style. I wish them a long and happy life. Thank you Daniela for this story of how they live and play.

  18. Once again. thank you so much Daniela for translating this great interview of Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca with Sorrisi e Canzoni TV. It’s nice to know that they appreciate them and continue to support them. We all know and appreciate their incredible talent but their maturity, wisdom and love for their family, fans and each other is very much apparent. They truly are wise beyond their years and have a tremendous work ethic! They always strive to be the best they can be and they obviously love singing and sharing their beautiful music!
    I hope Daniela that you will be able to see them for the special event in November in Milan.

  19. Hi Rose Marie P. and Peninsula lol,
    The guys do drink beer because on one of the videos from the competition in San Remo they said they were going to have a beer with friends, but Ignazio made it clear it would just be one otherwise it could effect their voices🍺
    I’ll see you in Vegas Rose Marie

    1. Hi Jill, ok then Beer and Greet it is then. We should wear our badges and name tags too. Looking forward to seeing you and our handsome young men.

    2. Gianluca according to this interview don’t drink and there is a video where Ignacio said that Piero is a teetotaler ( I believe the boys were invited in a wine vineyard show). So I assume, Ignacio drinks.
      Please correct on this if I’m wrong.
      As to their having disagreements, I saw a video in the English translation Facebook, where Ignacio was really getting annoyed with Gianluca. It was an interview about the incident in Miami when Ignazio was robbed and beaten up. But that was when they were younger and it might be because Ignacio is Sicilian.

      Thank you Daniela for this translation. I really appreciate it. I’m really excited and can’t wait to see them perform in MGM on February. Been so busy at work.

  20. Daniela thanks for your great work with translation. Its so nice to learn more and more about “our boys”. I knew many things written in that article but still enjoyed a lot. I can only confirm that their honesty and purity in all they do, make us so crazy about them 🥰 I found out I could not wait that long for next EU tour and bought ticket to Las Vegas 😁 yeah… I know I need shrink 🤣🤣🤣
    Btw beer and wine is not really alcohol correct??? 😂😂😂

    1. Alicja, thanks for the compliments and I must tell you that I am very happy that you go to Las Vegas, you will have fun and you will meet many people from the other side of the world, who share our same affections for these 3 treasures. Pat can’t wait to meet you !!! 🙂 🙂

    2. Alicja, happy you are coming to Las Vegas. And beer and wine made from grains and grapes so they are very healthy for you.

      1. I’m so happy Rose Marie 😉 il Volo brought back smile to my face and I want to keep that smile as long as possible.

  21. You are right, Daniela! I am over half Eastern European and can’t wait to meet my new Polish friend! 😁 Who knows? We could be cousins! 😊

    1. hi Pat.. it might be… my great great grandparents had 12 doughters. They ware very beautiful and rich. They got married easily and had at least 6 children each. SO practicaly half of Middle Europe are my relatives 😉 😉 😉

      1. Alicja, RoseMarie and Pat, I predict beer and wine in rivers, you will have a great time.
        I am so happy for you, IL VOLO COMBINES FRIENDSHIPS..

        Keep your smile, as much as you can Alicja, there is always time for sadness.

        Nice way to repopulate Europe, thanks to your relatives !! 🙂 🙂 🙂

      2. Alicja, I, too, may be related to you because my mother had cousins who were half Polish, the other half Latvian. i hope I get to meet you too in Vegas. This is all so exciting – new friends, good times, and the best singers in the world – what a combination! Il Volo truly brings people together!

  22. Hi Daniela…
    I must thank you from my heart for sharing this time with the boys. I love them so much…they bring me so much joy with their beautiful voices, their antics and the beauty and passion in their hearts. I am totally smitten with Gianluca…he has no idea how he fills my heart and makes me so grateful that I am alive to see and hear him. I love his persona, his manner, his poise and the openness of his beautiful heart. I pray he never changes and remains the beautiful man he is, inside and out. My heart was broken for many years as a result of a loveless marriage, and Gianluca has filled my heart more than he will ever know. I’m not in a relationship now, but my heart is so filled with love from this beautiful, talented man. I hope he continues on just as he expresses himself now…Amore Mio!! 💙🇺🇸🇮🇹

  23. Daniela or Penina I have been trying to find out if our precious treasues are performing in the States soon because I have looked all over & so far no luck. Penina if you will call me at 5198024983.& I will pay the charges gladly or if Daniela wants to call me I will pay the charges as well this is Loretta Foley in Chatham Ontario canada

  24. I am going March 1, 2020 to Mesa, AZ to see IL Volo. I know there are dates posted on another site IL Volo We are love. Might want to check that out. Linda, Donalee, Ellie are administrators and dates are posted for Feb. These guys are so easy to love and enjoy. I am a great grandma so my love is that of family love. And I do love them. Wishing you all a very great New Year 2020. Keep me updated on the latest please. Does anyone know if IL Volo has sound checks in the US? I would love to go if they have one and my understanding is if you are a fan and have their card you can go if the venue permits.

    1. Sassy lady, as far as I know from the concerts I have gone to in the USA there have been no sound checks. I hope that changes. To attend a sound check when it is offered, you must be a member of the official Il Volo fan club. They notify you by email and you print out the pass, that is your ticket to be admitted to the sound check. It costs 20 Euros to join, good for one year, you can either get a card (pay the postage too) or get it digitally. You do not need the actual card to enter the sound check only the ticket from the fanclub. If anyone has more info please tell us.

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