BATTITI LIVE 2019 by Daniela

And the BATTITI LIVE show has also been archived.
But what a splendor, at PUGLIA, that with its people has participated in a very affectionate way, as regards the performance of our boys.
They only sang two songs, “A CHI MI DICE” and of course “GRANDE AMORE”.
But here immediately the video of the participation of IL VOLO.

We have to thank Xinjie who managed to record this video, then published on our fanpage.
The exhibition is wonderful !!!!

The boys have been stellar, but I want to bring to your attention their words at the end of “Grande Amore”, when they are joined by the presenters.


PR = Wonderful !!! Guys, you’ve made me shudder, you’re PAZZESCHI (extraordinary).
G = Thank you
PR = Il Volo in Battili live, the heart of music.
G = It’s always nice to hear our songs sung by heart!
I = It is the first time we have come here, especially to Vieste and we will return to Puglia on 27 and 28 July, to Barletta and Lecce. We can’t wait, because in any case Lecce is wonderful and maybe we do even a little bit of the sea.
PR = We will certainly come to hear you.

Piero, Gianluca and Ignazio, we immediately hear Maria Sole (their delegate among the people) and your audience, you can talk directly with them.


MS = Guys, what to say, congratulations for everything, really. For us it is a great pleasure, to have you here, for the first time at Battiti live, not only for me, but also for Alan and Elisabetta (the presenters on stage), but especially for our audience, and I bring them to you now.

GIRL = Guys, you were crazy, I ask you this question, you are always traveling around the world, how do you find the time to do your things?
P = We don’t find it.
G = It is not true, there is always, because fortunately the important thing is to have next, A FAMILY, FRIENDS, AFFECTION, and when we come back, we can’t wait to be with them.

MS = Very true, and we have another question.
BOY = You are three, how do you come to an agreement, even when you don’t have the same ideas?
I = Just beat them (Piero and Gianluca)
P = This year we are celebrating 10 years of career, being together is like a marriage, if all goes well, you are happy, fortunately we are celebrating 10 years of music but above all of FRIENDSHIP and we thank each other every day, because WE WANT US WELL.
PR = These are universal values. Thank you. IL VOLO.
G = Thank you.


Guys, I have no words, you are really great artists, but also guys who give really positive messages, during these performances, where there is the maximum presence of your peers.
Really, all of us, your fans, we are very proud of you.

Thanks: Daniela

Some shots

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25 thoughts on “BATTITI LIVE 2019 by Daniela”

  1. I loved Il Volo on stage last night and reading the words translated by you so that I could understand how the presenters felt about Il Volo just warmed my heart… The audience loved them and sang right along with them and that made me so proud of our guys… Thank you Daniela for a wonderful detailed article…

  2. Jeannette, they were fantastic and the audience loved them.
    Their words spoken in front of so many young people of their age, are very important, in a period where they exalt other things, often negative, they are a breath of pure air. I too was proud of them, so I wanted to translate their words. 🙂

  3. Daniela is a gem! Many thanks for all the translations! Battiti was a marvelous performance! Love the Italy Concerts with the audience participation!!! They are absolutely Unique young men!!! ❤️. ❤️. ❤️. 💕. 💕. 💕.

  4. Another wonderful performance 😍. The audience is so enthusiastic and so many young people, fantastic. How beautiful celebration of their 10th anniversary on stage. We are really very proud of our boys, always the best. Thanks for sharing and translating. You’re great

      1. Excuse me: Jolanta, can I tell you that many more guys would be like this, like Ignazio Piero and Gianluca?

  5. I love their music, their wonderful voices, but I’m very proud because also their are a powerful great message to the new generation…we need more young peoples like Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero..
    Thank you Daniela..for always sharing, you are great.

  6. I love Ignazio, I love Piero, I love Gianluca. I am thrilled to see the reception they are receiving on this tour. Maybe now their critics will finally stop with the negative, hateful comments.
    Like the boys say, three voices, one soul They will be a part of each other forever no matter what paths they may follow.

    1. RoseMarie, I can tell you that these two concerts in contact with the very young, that of Palermo and that of Vieste, brought to light that IL VOLO, is listened to and loved even by the very young. I can tell you that the visualizations that have got our boys’ videos, tripling the best video of the other singers and the comments below the videos are all positive. I don’t know if journalists are changing their mind, but young people, yes, and this is what interests us.

  7. Thank you for bringing such a fun video to us.I wish I could see them this summer but alas this seems to be as close as I will come. Thank you all the same!. They never fail to amaze and excite me! Via IL VOLO!

    1. Connie, this period will pass quickly and then they will be there with you, meanwhile I keep you company by showing you their concerts and their holdings.

  8. have watched hundreds of the guys videos and still sit here amazed
    the video was so perfect as was your article never get tired of seeing all the pictures and listening to them

  9. Daniela;

    Thank you so very much for bringing us videos and translations such as this! It makes us all feel so connected and a big part of the Il Volo family even though we are thousands of miles apart. Thank You


  10. Daniela, thanks for all these recent posts. I am playing catch up on your translations, videos, and photos. So happy that the guys are having so much fun and feeling the love from their Italian fans and interviewers.

    After 107 days, 4 countries, 2 IL VOLO concerts in Matera, 1 spiritual pilgrimage on the Camino de Santiago in Spain, and 1 fan pilgrimage to Gianluca, Piero, and Ignazio’s birth villages—I have returned home to Oregon USA as of July 1. My body is still living in 3 time zones and my spirit is still recalling the amore from my time in Italia.

    I am very thankful for all the work you do for the English speaking fans on the Flight Crew.

    FYI— I am preparing to lead a tour to Italia/Sicilia in Autumn 2020–visiting IL VOLO birth villages along with other cities. The focus will be culture, cuisine, and countryside. More on this later as dates, itinerary, and price are determined.

    Looking forward to the PBS DVD promotion and the announcement for USA tour dates.

    1. Hi Cystaldawn, at last you are at home, even if you are still upside down thanks to time zones.
      I like it when you say “fan pilgrimage to the houses of Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca. 🙂
      The program of the tour in Italy in 2020 seems really interesting.
      Welcome home!

  11. Daniela..very much appreciate your efforts with keeping us current with our precious boys.

    Question: Are the boys allowed to shake our hands at the sound check?

    Planning to go to Verona..will you be there?

    1. Ann, for what I remember, the boys cannot be filmed or photographed during the soundcheck.
      Contact with the fans depends on the type of stage. For example the first time I was at the souncheck I was at the Arena and the stage is distant and much higher than the seats, so the boys, as soon as the rehearsals were finished, greeted everyone with their arms.
      The second time I was in Marostica, the environment is much smaller and the seats immediately close to the stage, I saw some fans who approached and talked to them. One was in a wheelchair and they went down to greet her.
      Yes, I will be in Verona on September 24th.

  12. These boys are remarkable and I love all of their comments about each other. What a pure pleasure to read about their tour. They are just fun to watch. They don’t disappoint.

    1. It’s true Victoria, they are good to listen to and beautiful to look at, not only because they are beautiful boys, but also because of their ways of being 🙂

  13. Daniela: I can’t stop watching this video!! The boys look so happy to see the audience interaction, so many young fans! They sound perfect, as usual! Many thanks!! 🙏😇

    1. Stacey, rightly so, this video expresses so much enthusiasm and a lot of love, impossible to resist re-watching it over and over again

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