A beautiful flight of IL VOLO and we arrive in Palermo, there is the great concert of RADIO ITALIA LIVE.

Here, instead, there is the advertising of the concert, really very nice and the boys are very strong.


P = You must come to the Radio Italia live concert, because …
I = Why Radio Italia, it’s just Italian music … and then it’s not an advice …
G = And what is a fennel? However, to get all the information, swipe up. 

Here is the video of the show’s rehearsals.

They try “MUSICA CHE RESTA”, but is someone missing? Ignazio did not arrive, but he will certainly be there for the evening.

Immediately after the rehearsals for the show, Piero and Gianluca are interviewed by Radio Italia.

Radio Italia News Article – Click Here

Radio 01


Gianluca and Piero anticipate a new project.

Radio 02

Among the protagonists of RADIO ITALIA LIVE – IL CONCERTO in Palermo is IL VOLO: Gianluca Ginoble and Piero Barone did the rehearsals and went to visit us at our Foro Italico for a live interview with Mauro and Manola. Ignazio Boschetto is absent, but tomorrow (29 June) he will be on stage. “Sometimes it happens that due to unforeseen events we are not immediately present all three. Once, in 2012, we were guests at The Voice Portugal, but there was a snowfall and I couldn’t move from home,” explained Gianluca.

Radio 03

Celebrate 10 years of success around the world … “For us this is a special year, we were waiting with much anticipation 2019. The first song we sang together in 2009 was ‘O Sole Mio’. This year we celebrate 10 years of music, friendship and loyalty. A project will arrive at the end of the year, the best.”

Radio 04

Did you ever think or hope as a child that this would happen? “The important thing is never to lose being children, which sometimes helps you to keep your feet on the ground. We still have that desire to make music and have fun, especially on stage, where we are still those children who want to break everything.”

Radio 05

Did you ever think about the Japan tour and the Arena? “No, we just sang, just. We didn’t know each other, it was the producer of the program TI LASCIO UNA CANZONE  that has united us. Thanks to our manager Torpedine we are fulfilling our dreams.”

You were small but you already showed great self-confidence “This is a little fun … Have you ever seen videos in Locarno where we forgot the lyrics?”

Radio 06

We are finally in the evening, everything takes place in the beautiful Sicily, in Palermo, we are at the Foro Italico, at the marina. There’s a lot of people.
And here’s the short videos of their performances …




Great people participation!


Immediately after the performance, a small, nice interview.

PR = At Radio Italia Live the concert, IL VOLO, welcome.
G = Thank you, welcome back.

PR = Welcome back, very good, but it is also a welcome home, especially for Piero and Ignazio, because they return to Sicily. What is it like singing at home in Sicily?
I = It is always beautiful, it is always nice to come back to Sicily, our land, our origins, especially to Radio Italia, the people are crazy, in today’s slang “fighissimo”. Then we will be back on July 21st here in Palermo.
P = And also in Taormina on July 23rd.

PR = What did you give Piero for his 26 years?
I = Do you really want to know?
P = You know, they went to the greengrocer, they bought a broccoli and they gave it to me, in Sicily they say “broccoli roses”. (I think it’s a way of saying that they gave him nothing, Daniela)
G = Sometimes we give ourselves little thoughts and gifts, even if there is no particular occasion.

PR = It is the best thing.
(addressed to Piero) but is this really the gift?
P = No, no, they are thinking about it ….. I hope !!
G = First we must have the money.
P = Yes, those of Mahmood.

Radio 18

PR = This year you celebrate 10 years of career, the best moments of these 10 years, maybe one each.
P = When they met me.
I = You know it’s hard to get one, maybe when we won Sanremo.
G = Perhaps our first concert at Radio City Music Hall.
P = I must say, the performance before Pope Francis in Panama for WYD.

PR = Three beautiful moments. You are international artists, we know you well, you are on tour all over the world, who better than you, knows the world.
Three countries, those of your tour are also fine- which would you recommend for the summer 2019.
G = To go on vacation? For summer? I, summer or not, would go to Japan immediately, it’s one of my favorite countries.
I = We Italians, usually, for the holiday, we always try to go abroad, in Greece or the Maldives, but I think that in Italy, there are really beautiful places, starting from Puglia, the coast of Salento, even the Calabria, Sardinia, Sicily.
G = Sicily is implied.
I = Sicily, rightly, is implied.
P = I advise you to go to Google and look for Scala dei Turchi, Agrigento, my house!

Radio 19


PR = Gianluca said Japan. You have great success there too, you have just done the concerts, but do you know how to sing something in Japanese?
(Piero and Ignazio begin to sing a nursery rhyme in Japanese)
G = For two weeks they did so all the time, it’s a nursery rhyme, it would be like ours “If you are happy you know it, clap your hands”. The beauty is that we sang it even in concert, suddenly …
P = After the Nessun Dorma
G = …. and the people … (he claps his hands, very composed, like the Japanese do), beautiful.

PR = Since I see you a lot, the very last thing … I saw that for the advertising of the concert of Radio Italia, Ignazio made the dab (???)
P = What is this dab? (Ignazio and Gianluca do, a pose)
PR = I wanted Il Volo to greet Radio Italia with your dab.
P = Do you know which would be our dab? (He moves his arms as if he were flying.)
PR = You are right there is the personalized one for Il VOLO.
IL VOLO, thanks !!!

Radio 20

And finally the whole video of the evening.

More photos – remember to click on each photo to view it at a larger size.

It was a good concert, the people of Palermo responded with great affection, they all sang “GRANDE AMORE” with every possible voice.
This song has entered everyone’s heart.

Thanks guys: Daniela

And tomorrow in concert at Battiti Live !!


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

22 thoughts on “RADIO ITALIA LIVE, THE CONCERT by Daniela”

  1. Thank you very much Daniela and Pat. Just beautiful. What a joy to see how much people love our boys, all concerts are very successfull. I’m soooooo happy for them. Baci

    1. You’re welcome, Jolanta! I was amazed at the audience singing so loud with our guys! That didn’t happen with any other artist! 🙂

  2. Once again many thanks Pat and Daniela for keeping so well up to date with the Guys. The audience participation is amazing and everyone is having such a wonderful time. I would love to know at the end of the tour how many people will have attended the Il Volo concerts on this present tour……..many other artists must be very envious of the Guys popularity with the general public. Just listening to them brightens my day !!! Bravo and thanks to all three.

    1. Marion, I often realize that not even the organizers of the various events understand that IL VOLO is ALWAYS one of the spearheads of the evening.
      Also in this case, there were many singers, but our boys had the record of visualizations for the videos of their songs, while other singers that we often hear passed on the radio, do not even have half their results.

  3. Great interview. Would I love to interview them in the states…I’m a freelancer, author, photographer and my family is from Tocco da Causaria in Abruzzi!

    I have watched these boys come together, grow into adults – they even helped me through breast cancer. I used to come in here and watch and listen to the Youtubes. Now I come in with my Moluccan Cockatoo who has a major crush on them and sings with them and me – It’s worth a video. I hope to be able to share it with our boys.

    Much love and appreciation for the care you took with this interview. Enjoyed it thoroughly.


    1. Maziel, it would be nice if you could interview them.
      I understand very well, that in the terrible moments of breast cancer, they have been of great support to you.
      Many people have written to me in this sense, I believe that the voices and the presence of the boys has a very benevolent effect on those who are sick, an almost curative effect, I do not believe that Piero Ignazio and GIanluca realize this, once I really do a post on this topic.
      If you can interview them, remember us, we would publish with great joy.

  4. Daniela, I am waiting to hear what happened with the critics of Il Volo who promised to go to the Rome concert. Surely they have written their reviews by now? Have any of them changed their minds after seeing the concert? I am very curious about this!

    1. Penina, I was also expecting a comment from them and I have to tell you that I searched the newspapers for some articles, but there was none. On the day of the concert, a newspaper published a nice article, but the boys had not yet sung. It was however the first time that the newspaper spoke of them, and this is positive. I looked forward to reading some comments from critics who were never kind to our boys and who promised to come to the concert. Unfortunately it was a sailor promise (we say so if it is not maintained)

      1. Do the newspapers in Italy have publish letters from the public? In Canada and the US readers can write letters “to the editor” and comment on any story written in the newspaper. If this happened here, I would write and ask those critics for their response! I don’t know if I’d get one,but it would serve to remind everyone of their promise.

  5. Penina you are right, we can write, but what matters is that the concert has already been done and those journalists have not gone. But there are still many concerts and they could still go to hear IL VOLO, while if we were to complain, we could get the opposite effect.

    1. Not to complain–just to point out they said they would go, and they didn’t!
      Or if they did, they are unwilling to state truthfully what they found out.

      1. You know, Penina, I thought the same thing, that is, that maybe they went but didn’t write anything to not admit that they were wrong.

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