ROMA, MUSICA TOUR 3 by Daniela

Here we are at the third concert: Rome, Cavea della Musica, a beautiful outdoor space in the Eternal City.

Roma 01

Here are the boys signing the wall of the participants of the Cavea.

Roma 02

Roma 03

P = Guys, we have just arrived at the Auditorium 4 of the Music of Rome.
G = The MUSIC TOUR continues and we have arrived, finally also here in the capital city.
I = They said everything, so …… hello !!

But let’s go immediately to the photos of the evening, by Ercole Ginoble.

Roma 04

Roma 05

It is sold out! Really nice to see how many people are waiting for their songs.

In the left corner, we can see Grandfather Ernesto, who has come to see the Volo and in particular his beloved Gianluca.❤❤

They interpret songs belonging to the classical Italian and international tradition, with modern style and arrangements, and pop songs in a classic key … they are @lvolo and are live from the Cavea of the #RomaSummerFest!






CORE N’grato



VICINISSIMO (how sweet this video is)














Roma 06

Roma 07

Speaking of Alessandro Quarta, here’s what he said in an interview, talking about IL VOLO:

“It is very rare to find artists in the non-classical world who have a great mastery of multi-style, musical and major important stages, and I believe that Ignazio Piero and Gianluca are part of those rare artists who help art and musical culture to make it loved and wanted by everyone. And that’s exactly what I do in my music through the violin, undressing it from the tailcoat to embellish it with emotions, art and culture and innovation.”

Roma 09

What a great concert, and other songs, there are no videos.

This meeting instead took place before the concert.

In this short video, you recognize Nonna Maura, in the middle of the Japanese couple.

The couple came from Japan to attend the concert. They also went to three concerts in Japan.

At the end of the video also Xinjie (the girl from the Capri video) is added with a friend, who is one of the three selected to watch the preview of the concert with the boys.

Roma 10

On the sheet it says:


Roma 11

Some beautiful photos of the evening. (Click on each photo to view a larger version.)

























I sense that it was a fantastic concert.
There was a strong pop footprint, but how much talent, how much love, how much interpretation.
Lots of interaction with the public.
They love people and people love them.
I read a short comment from one of our crew, she wrote “the best concert ever”.
Guys, but this way, how can you resist until next year ???
The next appointment is in Palermo for the great concert of Radio Italia.

See you soon.

Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

28 thoughts on “ROMA, MUSICA TOUR 3 by Daniela”

  1. I was one of the lucky one to be at the concert, excellent seat in the center so close to the stage! What the concert it was!! To see our precious boys in such a close encounter, the electricity in the air, the live performance so different than DVD, such a trill, lifetime experience..
    I also had a chance to meet Barbara Vitalli, she so sweet, She was so happy to hear I came from Fl to see the concert.
    I met other Americans, like family of 10 from California and others. I would like to know, if that beautiful girl sitting next to Gianluca’s grandfather is Francesca.
    Dear Daniela, even I was at the concert, it is so wonderful to read and hear at least part of it again and again, thanks to you.
    Next concert will be RCM in NY !!!
    Thank you again,
    Irene from Florida

    1. Dear Irene, I was waiting to read your comments, I knew you were in Rome, you told me.
      I am very happy to feel enthusiastic, your journey has been rewarded. Was it the first time you saw a concert in Italy? Did you find much diversity with a concert in the US? Also I’m glad you had a nice place near the stage. But did you go under the stage at the end of the concert? How nice you met Barbara too. Yes, the girl is really Francesca.
      Of course it’s always nice to review the images and think “I was there”.

  2. Does anyone know how many attended this Rome concert and how big it is? I am wondering if the United States has a concert hall that will hold all that I saw in Rome. IL Volo is adorable both in song and personality. I am so glad that I love their music even though I don’t understand Italian language, but the melody is beautiful. I look forward to seeing them in 2020 in Americq and I’m hoping it will be in the Spring when warmer weather comes instead of bitter cold. I am going to join the fan club next month as my friends and I want a Meet and Greet with them, plus I’d like to have seats close to the stage if not so expensive. As stated before, this is the only thing on my bucket list is to see them in person… I have lived 82 years and this will be a most memorable occasion to look back on and enjoy for many years I hope. IL Volo is known world wide and at their age that is a remarkable honor. How many times can I say I absolutely love them? LOL. They are sweet, mannerly, and I’m going to choke on this one, but I’ll say innocent as far as the opposite sex is about. It is okay, only kidding because we all have red blood and sometimes it boils hot and heavy. They are loved and respected and I’ll be first to stand in line and say this. Good luck IL Volo, your Rock the World with your singing…Gianluca, Ignazio, Piero… we love you to the moon and back. Thank you for your love of music and people. <3

    1. Hi Sassylady, the Cavea della Musica in Rome contains 3,800 people sitting, standing up to 5,000, so there were 3,800 people.
      If you sign up at the official fanclub, you have the option to buy tickets 24 hours before the sale to everyone, you can also buy the seat you prefer (here in Italy it is) and you can participate in the soundcheck. Remember that the fanclub card lasts a year and then you have to renew it, so think carefully about the period you want to do it.
      What about the beautiful and sweet video of VICINISSIMO? They are really sweet boys and we love them for that too.

    2. The United States has many theaters that hold thousands of people. Radio City holds over 6,000, Madison Square Garden holds over 20, 000 people, Barclays Center holds 19, 000 and Wells Fargo holds over
      21,000 people just to name a few in my area. I know many other states have very large theaters as well.

  3. Natalia tengo mis boletos para Octubre 5 ENSENADA, BAJA MEXICO
    Espero una noche inolvidable con tan bellos intérpretes.

    1. Natalia, buenas noticias, irás al concierto el 5 de octubre.
      El día anterior, es el cumpleaños de Ignazio, así que tienes que cantarle la canción de feliz cumpleaños, incluso en Roma, cantaron la canción para Piero.
      Será una noche inolvidable.

      Natalia, good news, you will go to the concert on October 5th.
      The day before, it’s Ignazio’s birthday, so you have to sing to him the happy birthday song, even in Rome, they sang the song for Piero.
      It will be an unforgettable night.

  4. Daniela, Pat, Thank you, thank you, for all the work you do to make us happy. I am counting the days to Verona. If you are a member of the Fan Club you are able to print your reservation to the sound check of concerts in Italy that are listed on the Fan Club site. You must also have a ticket to the concert to be admitted to the sound check. The Meet and Greet tickets are bought separately. I hope to see some of you in Verona.

    1. RoseMarie, have you already printed your entry to the souncheck of Verona? I still don’t, because my husband’s card has expired and I have to renew it, but I wait after summer to do it.

  5. hi Great videos and summaries! so glad it is in English. can I ask what Fan club must I join to receive benefits. Thanks!!! one minor correction the song title is Core ‘ngrato. ungrateful heart.

    1. Ciao Chris, here is the link to the only official IL VOLO fanclub.
      You have seen the shirt that Piero wears, with MUSICA written on it, you can buy with a fanclub.
      Thanks for the correction.

  6. Thank you Daniela and Pat for all the great photos and videos. It must be wonderful to see them perform in Italy! Seeing so many of the videos makes us almost feel like we were there. I especially enjoyed Vicinissimo with the young girls. It is one of my favorites on the Musica CD. Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca love children and the children also love them!

    1. Margaret, that video is just great.
      How much sweetness with those children and also with that woman.
      I thought that I will make you a little post to translate what the kids say, that people are so funny. It will make you understand even more, how good and nice these guys are.

  7. Thank you so much Daniela and Pat for sharing. All the videos and photos are great but Vicinissimo with the girls and the woman I could watch over and over again, just love it. The boys are just amazing. How beautiful the world would be if all the young people, and not only the young, be like that. They really make the world better. Thanks again, I’m happy I can watch and read all these wonderful posts.

  8. Dear Daniela,
    Yes, this is my first time in Rome, how beautiful City, what a ancient history, Vatican, StPeter basilica, colosseum , pantheon, Fontana de Trevi, Pompei, Positano, Amalfi coast, on and on…. and Il Volo concert on top of all this beauty! I will be back!
    I bumped into group before concert and I recognized Barbara and Mr MT, so I introduced myself as from America, shake hands with Mr.T and hugged with B.
    As far if I met them after the concert, oh no, will be sorry to end of my life, I was so nervous and shy, afraid I might faint when talk to them, no, really…. I must admit I never sew them in live concert, know them so close just through you, PBS, and all theirs DVD and CD. But I ‘m planning to go to as many concerts next year in US, and will let you know, if I recognize any basic difference between concert in It and US.
    Thanks again for all you work,

    1. Irene, I’m very happy that you liked Italy. How nice that you could meet other American fans.
      You did very well talking to Torpedine and Barbara, they would have liked it.
      I feel very happy with this concert, and I’m happy for you.
      Grazie dei complimenti!

  9. Thanks Daniela. Since I have watched the boys from day one I have watched the growth of each one. The shy Gianluca now a confident young man, l”big ears” Piero turning into such a confident and handsome man and “my boy” Ignazio still after ten years pulling up his slacks and like quick silver constantly moving. The change in their voices is so beautiful. i watched my first concert in a haze but really enjoyed my trip and the boys in Las Vegas. Too late for me to make it to Italy but I do have a big imagination and can live thru the videos.

    1. Regina, it is true, they have grown, but, deep in your heart, you always see Gianluca’s shyness, Piero’s big ears and Ignazio’s boldness.
      Their voices have become more and more beautiful, it is a reality.
      I will always look for so many videos that will keep you company.

  10. Daniela .. I can’t thank you enough for all the news & videos! So much emotion … my heart is full … my niece is doing a college semester in Rome this Fall & got tickets to the Verona concert … she is beyond thrilled!!! Thanks, again.


    1. Thanks for the compliments Stacey, and you have to tell your niece that in Verona, we will be really many and it will be nice to meet.

  11. Daniela and Pat, thank you for your input/articles which are getting more and more detailed feedback with every new post!!!! So very much appreciated.
    These three talented and handsome young men of us are Simply the Best!!!!

    1. Grazie mille Ineke.
      What about Gianluca’s two new solos, beautiful songs and how much feeling.
      I bet you’d like to hear them live …… patience and he will come.

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