And the second concert also came. Since the morning, the concert was in doubt, as a strong storm and big black clouds were above the city.

But our boys have brought the serene, as well as a beautiful event.

The concert was held in the beautiful and fortified star-shaped city of Palmanova.

Palmanova 01

Here the first impact with people.

Palmanova 02

Palmanova 03

And here is a beautiful review of that evening.

Hello everyone, yesterday for “Musica tour” in Palmanova, as you know, there was some abrupt interruption coming from the sky that it did not appear at all of a blue, light blue but, in spite of all the forecasts, the work of the evening was continued until when we  reached the soundcheck. The boys welcomed us with their smiles and from there the thought of those threatening clouds dissolved completely.

Among the fleeting notes, they chatted amicably, Piero and Ignazio finally embraced and greeted everyone while Gianluca tried to solve a problem of agreements for his solo …

Palmanova 04

Once the hour struck, between agitation and emotion, the triumph began with “IL MONDO” and from that moment to each of their vibrations corresponded laughter, tears and tremors that had nothing to do with the cold … all exploding in standing ovations impossible to restrain, we should live it to understand … I wonder how some press is so dull, in any case our dear boys continue to conquer with their immensity that grows undeterred, always wonderful.

Luce Blu.

Palmanova 05

Here is Luce holding Piero.

Palmanova 06

Palmanova 07

Beautiful solo by Gianluca who sings “MI MANCHERAI” from the soundtrack of the film IL POSTINO.

And then, the other solo by Gianluca, “SHE’S ALWAYS A WOMAN”.

Here is another review written by Andras Karpati:

“There is no business, like show business!”
We arrived up to Palmanova (Italy) to watch IL VOLO kick off the concert of their latest album: Musica. They will have the last concert of the Eastern European tour in Budapest on September 29th, brought to you by Csimborasszo Production. Some people call this work, I call it “VITA” and I consider it a blessing as I can follow my dreams every day! Two things marked on my bucket list within 48 hours. 😉 I also feel blessed for my fantastic partners / colleagues, who share the passion and show that teamwork and team spirit know no borders.

IL VOLO – these guys are always amazing on and off the stage.  

Palmanova 08

Palmanova 09

Palmanova 10

In the picture, you see Andras with the yellow shirt. I believe I understood that he is part of the accredited press and he made a concert post, for Csimborasszo Production, here it is.

Il Volo, three fantastic voices, three charming gentle and open, inappropriately young and yet incredibly professional. It is always an experience to meet them, even more experience to see them on stage and hear them, but all this in their homeland. In the beautiful village, in the main square of Palmanova, under the sky and hearing thousands of people singing their songs, along with them, is something indescribable. No matter what they sing, opera, crossover, pop, For them all styles are good, “you got it right”.

These three young singers are surrounded by an endless love in Italy.

After their first concert in Budapest last December, we can see them and hear them live on September 29th in the capital of our country.


Palmanova 11


Palmanova 12

And here’s a nice service on the concert, aired on regional television.
Translate for you.

The stars of IL VOLO conquer the starry city.

The new tour of the three Italian “tenorini” has passed from Palmanova, to be precise a tenor, a baritone and a pop tenor, star of world music.

An applauded concert, with over 3500 people, with many fans also coming from abroad, Austria, Slovenia, Eastern Europe and even the United Kingdom.

Piero Barone, Ignazio Boschetto and Gianluca Ginoble, accompanied by the orchestra, gave two hours of great music. In the lineup the classics of Italian and international opera and popular singing, from “IL MONDO”, to “L’IMMENSITA”, from “MY WAY” to “VOLARE”.

Great final with “GRANDE AMORE”, with which they won Sanremo 2015.
For them, standing ovation, for this unmissable tour that will culminate with the show at the Arena di Verona.

A tour and a new album, MUSICA, which kick off the celebrations for the 10 years of their incredible career.

In autumn, they will travel Europe and Latin America, in 2020 the United States and Canada.

The artistic history of Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca, begins in 2009 by TI LASCIO UNA CANZONE, the song talent of RAI dedicated to children. From there, they conquer the world. Average age, 25 years, bols smiles, faces of good guys and talent to sell, Il Volo of the three “tenorini” seems really unstoppable.

And these are the beautiful, enthusiastic words of Maestro Grani after the concert.

Reposted from @giampierograni – A Palmanova è andata benissimo!! La prossima sarà a Roma! ✌️👌🎹#giampierograni  (A Palmanova went very well !! The next will be ROME.)

Palmanova 13

Palmanova has also been successfully archived.

But how much I enjoyed reading the review of a man in charge of the press, who noted, all the love that these three boys dispense, because said by a woman (we are certainly more sensitive) is taken for granted, but it is not for nothing, said by a man.

But the master Grani said well, Rome awaits you !!!


Still, some beautiful photos of the evening.

Palmanova 14

Palmanova 15

Palmanova 16

Palmanova 17

Palmanova 18

Palmanova 19

Palmanova 20

Palmanova 21

Palmanova 22

Palmanova 23

Palmanova 24

And finally this beautiful video that talks about the Bel Canto, recorded in Matera.

Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

32 thoughts on “PALMANOVA MUSICA TOUR 2 by Daniela”

  1. Thank you very much Daniela for sharing these beautiful pictures and videos and especially for translating the wonderful review. It’s so nice to read such enthusiastic words about our boys and watch all that crowd of people, singing and having fun. It is obvious that people love IL VOLO very much, but this is not suprising. Thay have really great contact with the audience. Thank you again Daniela and Pat, thanks to all these great posts waiting for the concert is much more pleasant.

    1. Jolanta, tonight there will be a concert in Rome, your concert is also slowly approaching, and the excitement rises.
      Thank you for your compliments.

  2. Finally they are being appreciated in Italy by the press. I hope the nasty press has been quieted. TI It was wonderful to hear them speaking in English during that great video. Thank you ladies for this special gift.

    1. Thank you so much for this great review with the photos & Vidoes, Daniela & Pat!! Finally Italy appreciates the wonderful Treasure of Il Volo!!! We here in the USA. Realized Musical greatness when the first notes of Il Mondo left Gianluca’s mouth!!! Amazing voices all three!!! 💕. ❤️. 💕. ❤️. 💕. ❤️

      1. You’re welcome, Anne. IL MONDO was the very first song I ever heard the guys sing. I melted when I heard Gianluca’s voice and by the end of that song, even though at that time I never understood a word of Italian, I was brought to tears! The emotion that song evoked from me was surprising! 😍

      2. Anne, the Italian fans have always appreciated IL VOLO, they are the critics and some journalists, who have never had good words for them, and have even tried to mock the fans that followed them. But now we are many and we are not silent, we always react to their unjust comments and people are increasingly associating positively with us who love them.

    2. Finally RoseMarie, but for now they were only compliments from foreign press and local press. This evening they will be in Rome and some critics who have always criticized them harshly, have promised that they will go to the concert. We keep our fingers crossed, waiting to read if they kept the promise and what they write.

  3. Thank you so much Daniela and Pat for the beautiful pictures and videos of the concert in Palmanova. Once again the Guys were superb and to my mind they are always “fantastic” I especially liked Gianluca’s solo Mi Mancherai…a keeper I think !!! Another well attended concert ,surely the Italian press must begin to see how popular and talented the three Guys are.

    1. The way Gianluca performs that solo is fantastic.
      I want to hear it in full. But I don’t want to ruin the surprise, I’ll wait calmly.
      Even Ignazio’s solos are fantastic, two songs that I love very much. And Piero, surely beautiful romances “opera”.
      What can I say, a fantastic trio.

  4. Thank you Daniela for all the pictures, videos, reports, and other information. The last video is part of the upcoming PBS I think. Cannot wait for them to come to the US.

    1. Sonia, I’m not sure it’s part of the PBS video, as Matera is the capital of culture 2019, I knew there would be videos to sponsor Matera, which had the IL VOLO concert as a fast track. However it is a beautiful video.

  5. Thanks so much they have grown and so have their fans. The pictures are wonderful

  6. Geeze, how I would love to be sitting in the front row looking at my guys and clapping for them. Today visited my two friends who are going with me to see them here in the US when they come. We are determined and we pray the weather will not be bitter cold. I do not understand a word of Italian, but my friends speak Spanish so they can pick up easily but I will just hum along quietly . We are looking forward to seeing them and if it wasn’t for these sweet ladies, I would not know of IL Volo…. Love my guys and wish them everything good. They are down to earth not uppity uppity if you know what I mean… just very relaxed and humble. Please never change… we love you as you are. Big big hugs. Thank you for giving your all at each performance.

    1. Who knows Sassylady, maybe you will get a front row seat and you will immensely enjoy the concert and the beautiful view of these three handsome guys who sing in a divine way.
      Meanwhile, waiting for our concert turn, let’s enjoy each other’s concerts!

    1. RoseMarie, when the dates will be communicated, we will make a post to be updated with the names of those who will go to the concerts.

      1. Hi Daniela if you get any information of the Canadian Ilvolo tour I will e going to the Toronto concert or any other concert near Toronto. Thanks

  7. Thank you Pat and Daniela for all the great photos, videos and reviews. It’s great that so many people finally appreciate and respect their incredible talent. I especially loved that Andras said “These three young singers are surrounded by an endless love in Italy.” I would probably add that they are surrounded by an endless love throughout much of the world!
    The interview in English was nice to have and I so agree that these concerts are showing us even more extraordinary places in Italy, We keep discovering and learning more about beautiful Italia! I thought Matera and Palmanova were unique and places we would love to see and visit given the opportunity.
    Finally, I just love and can’t stop listening to Gianluca singing Mi Mancherai! There are many beautiful songs that they have sang at concerts in Italy or just on their own while driving or at home etc. It would be wonderful to have some of these on a new album. Seeing these first concerts on their Musica tour makes me wish even more that we will soon find out when they will be touring in the US.

  8. Margaret, I too have been struck by the same sentence, it is really nice that a man has noticed this, but in the end, I think it is so obvious, that it is impossible not to notice this mutual love between IL VOLO and its fans.
    Very sweet, MI MANCHERAI, I too am of the idea, that they should make a record of unpublished songs and songs that they performed on tour, it would be fantastic.

  9. thanks so much for such a beautiful artlcle and the wonderful pictures
    So happy to see the guys getting such glowing reviews that they so richly deserve and big thank you to you Daniela and the crew for all your hard work

  10. Hi Daniela…I am so thankful that you share the guys with us as you do…thank you! I am enthralled with the guys’ music, their photos, videos and of course their concerts. I love their beautiful, talented voices. I have not had love, true,passionate love in my life, and through the guys I see and can feel what it must be like for those who have it. I see such feeling, passion, emotion and love, especially through Gianluca. To see him express his emotions is so endearing and I can only imagine how he expresses his love to his lady…my heart reaches out as I wish it could be me. It is Gianluca who keeps my heart full and if that’s what my life is, I am forever grateful. I have never expressed myself as I have here, and it’s because of Gian that’s am able to reach way down in my soul to find my true self. I am so grateful and am not afraid anymore to open up and be vulnerable. I have no one in my life, but my dreams are so beautiful…my life is more lovely than ever before. Thank you again for sharing the guys…I am a Forever Follower here in America, and I am a Forever Hopeless Romantic…Grazie Daniella with love from me…

    1. Eleanor, I don’t know what to say, your words displaced me, I’m so glad you found the courage to speak.
      I am also very happy that in Gianluca you found all the love and sweetness you missed.
      In fact he is a very sweet boy.
      All three are fantastic guys, tomorrow you will see a video of the concert in Rome, particularly sweet, they are really incredible.
      I’m really very honored to have been able to read your thoughts. Remember that man who had written the poem about the boys’ concert, he had called them “healthy dispenser of love and happiness”, he was right.
      In the publication of tomorrow related to the concert in Rome, there will be a nice video of Gianluca who sings MI MANCHERAI, a pity it is not whole, but it is very beautiful and Gianluca is fantastic.
      A big hug, Eleanor, and remember that you have many friends here in the crew.

  11. I also love Gianluca singing Mi Mancherai…I had heard it sung by Josh Groban and longed to hear it sung by Gianluca…I am thrilled to hear him now and wish he would record it also…please…

  12. Eleanor, something in your post tells me that you have found your emotional contentment and comfort. And it’s worth more than all the other “stuff” we strive for in life. The guys have found a loving home in your heart and you can listen to your hearts content anytime you want to connect to that emotionality. They are a great source of comfort and enjoyment. I feel happy for you and I’m sure many others can relate to your message. We guys aren’t so good at expressing what we feel when we listen to them, but I understand your expression. Their concert, in this last Fanpage expose, was some of the most beautiful I’ve heard yet. And we all know just who to thank for these wonderful glimpses into their performances, non other than Daniela and Pat. Hope I’m not leaving anyone out. Thank you.

    1. Mark, you wrote some really nice words to Eleanor, that’s exactly what I wanted to say to her, when I told her that there are so many friends in the crew. Thank you.
      And thanks for the compliments, you are all so kind.

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