Nonna Maura went to the concert in Rome, I waited for her report of the day, and here it is, read and rejoice.

It is the seventh concert of Il Volo I am about to attend. At the Auditorium of Rome I arrive for the second time. In 2015, my first time, the boys had recently won the Sanremo Festival. I found myself in the middle of a stream of people heading towards the auditorium, and I well remember the feeling of enormous satisfaction I felt in seeing how many people shared my same feelings of admiration towards my beloved Magnificent Three. 

Four years have passed and many things have happened …. But the emotion is always the same, perhaps greater.

It is around 18:00 when I arrive with my friend Patrizia, and already a large group of fans is waiting in front of the still closed gate to watch the tests. In the meantime, we know a Japanese couple, she speaks enough Italian … They came to Rome specifically for the concert, after having participated in three of their concerts in Japan. Patrizia gives us a video in which our young Chinese friend Xinjie, who lives in Rome and we already know, joins us. Among many almond-shaped eyes, I feel transported to the Far East!

Power of Il Volo, more and more … ecumenical! Once you enter the auditorium, the boys are already on stage and I immediately run into grandfather Ernesto and Francesca, Gian’s girlfriend, sitting in the front row. I greet them and … with my usual nerve, I sit next to them. The first is very well known to all, the second not so much because Gianluca administers it very sparingly, I would say with the dropper .. And it’s good! 

Roma Magnificent 01

Despite having exchanged a few words with her, I can tell you my impressions. She is a girl with delicate and sweet features, a discreet beauty, not showy, elegant in the way she behaves. In line with Gian’s tastes. In her features she struck my imagination, something that brought to mind a famous painting by Parmigianino (Italian painter). She is aware of her particularity, even if this artistic combination has arrived new, and, on the contrary, precisely for this reason she is taken fondly around, by those who perhaps ignore that it is a great aesthetic value, a sign of distinction .. She was very hot, and fanned herself with a cardboard. So I give her one of the two hand fans I have available.

The guys on stage sing small pieces of songs and sometimes go down to say hello to those they know. All three of them take turns to greet me too.

Later we settle in the seats corresponding to the tickets purchased. On the ground floor, …. they are not very beautiful, but we have not found anything better.

The lights go out and at the first notes we all recognize “IL MONDO”, one of the three songs, with “O Sole Mio” and “Grande Amore” emblematic and representative of their career, at least in my opinion. The ending of this song is of such beauty that they sing it a cappella whenever they ask it to give an example of their “singing in harmony”. But what does it matter if they sing other people’s songs, if they sing them SO?

Just like King Midas, they turn all the songs they “touch” with their voices into pure gold … The audience, which has already applauded their individual releases, explodes in liberating applause. In fact, it frees us from abstinence from this “soft drug” (cited by Patrizia Ciava .. 😁.) Of which we cannot, indeed we do not, want to do without.

The songs are running away fast, and everything ends too soon, as always.

The participation of the super-violinist Alessandro Quarta is amazing.

The boys are tender and charming, during the interpretation of “Vicinissimo”, for their to the little ones. And as if to close the circle of life, an elderly lady, a little wavering, appears at the same time in the powerful arms of Ignazio.

Only later will I find out that she came from England just for them. You are 99 years old … How I understand her! No concert is expected, at least for now, from its parts, and wanted to give itself another moment of happiness. These are the miracles of Il Volo. The vision of little Emma (the youngest child in Ignazio’s arms), next to the unknown centenary is the perfect demonstration of the transgenerational value of this group.

Roma Magnificent 02

In fact I saw a different audience than the one of 2015. Many more young people, many more children, many more foreigners and many more men … active in the version of convinced fans and not only of passive companions .

In this regard, I quote a middle-aged couple, sitting right in front of us, who at one moment stood up, without sitting down again. Holding hands, they sang and waved here and there to accommodate the rhythm of the music. I, little one, was swaying behind them, but in the opposite direction, to be able to see a segment of the stage …. 😥😥. Less problems for the handsome and high Patrizia!

Final assault on the stage … a déja vu that is repeated always and everywhere and that makes me rejoice even if I can’t participate. An enthusiastic crowd, in a blaze of handshakes, selfies, bunches of flowers and small gifts ..

When we are about to leave, Gianluca gives me a last smile, a hug and a red rose.

And now I’m already waiting for the next big thrill! 😘

Nonna Maura

And here is the photo of Grandma Maura’s living room with the beautiful red rose in the vase on the table.

Roma Magnificent 04

In this photo Grandma Maura with Gianluca, holding a sheet where it was written, to give a kiss to Gian by a fan named Rosanna. This fan published the photo on her Facebook page, thanking Maura with these words:

“Dearest grandmother. Maura, ….. thank you so much for what you did last night at the concert … you made me really happy … A kiss from my tvtb (I love you so much). Rosanna”

Dear Maura, we thank you for giving us your advice and for opening your heart to us.
I bet you will jealously guard that beautiful rose, and in your memories Gianluca’s beautiful smile that greets you.
Thanks: Daniela


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

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    1. Daniela – as a nonna myself, I cannot help but be envious of Nonna Maura. She did a wonderful job of writing her memoir about this wonderful night, and I must thank you for publishing it here. Thank you so much.

  1. Wow! How exciting!
    Grazie Daniela and Maura❤️🍎🍏🍓🍒🎈🙏👍😘🤗🥰

  2. What lovely descriptions of your experience. I’m sitting here smiling at the kindness and respect these young men have for all ages. Such joy they bring to the world!

  3. OMG…Thank you so much…for all this beautiful moments you share with us…🌷❤👍

  4. This was a joy to read! I felt almost like I was sitting right there beside you! Thank you Nonna Maura for bringing this concert to life for us! 💋

    1. Judy, as we read, I think, ideally, we were all close to Maura , even when she did the selfie with Gianluca, I was part of him. 🙂

  5. Thank you so much for such a wonderful, thrilling newsletter. Grandma Maura’s description of her experience made me feel like I was there, and oh how I wish I could have been there.

  6. I hope one day to experience the joy of watching them and meeting them like Maura.. Wonderful story . Bring our boys to USA for us all to enjoy.

  7. Wow! Nonna,You are the reporter of the Il Volo flightcrew. We are so surprised to see your report. We did not notice you took a video. This report give us a good memoy for the Il Volo Rome concert. Thank very much, Nonna and Daniela.
    Kumiko and Yukio

    1. Kumico and Yukio, today when I saw your comment I knew immediately that you are the Japanese couple of the video. I am delighted to know that you have read and commented on our post. You have seen three concerts in Japan and one here in Rome, it would be interesting to know your comments and the diversity of the concerts.
      Yes, Patrizia Ciava made the video, we are all a big family, that of ILVOLOVERS.
      Nonna Maura sends you a warm greeting, she is very happy with all the nice comments she receives here on Flight Crew.

  8. All I have to say is loved the article and Nonna’s feedback Thank you



  9. Beautiful article! Such kindness and genuine love from our wonderful three AND Nonna Maura!

  10. Thank you so much for the wonderful report. Hope Kumico and Yukio would share their feedback and insights of the concerts they’ve attended. It would be very interesting I’m sure.

    1. Thank you very much, Sonia, I hope that Kumico and Yukio, too, can share the differences between the various concerts with us, would be very interesting.

  11. Welcome to Kumico and Yukio, and for participating on The Flight Crew. Many thanks to Nonna Maura for her wonderful reporting and observations. Daniela, I have seen many of her posts but I don’t know much about her background. Can give some more information about her?

    1. Certainly RoseMarie, I write it very willingly so everyone can know a little better Nonna Maura.

      She lives in Rome, and is 88 years old, has 5 children and 10 grandchildren, she is very much in love with IL VOLO, in particular Gianluca, whom she considers his eleventh nephew.
      Maura lives in Rome, near a radio station that hosted Il Volo in 2017 for an interview. Maura went to the radio station to say goodbye to Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero, and from that moment a beautiful friendship was born that continues over time.
      She is a great friend of mine, she and I practically write to each other every day. I had the opportunity in April of last year to go to her house, and I found myself really “at home”, she is just as it appears, she hides nothing, she is nice, cheerful and very affectionate.
      But the particular thing between us is how we met. We were both registered on a facebook page of IL VOLO and, as usual, we exchange opinions and comments. At one point, she writes in a comment, referring to an “American vocal coach” and I immediately answer her that I have read the reviews of Myron on Flight Crew …….. from that moment this beautiful relationship was born , of daily exchange of opinions, news, affection, of everything, in short, it was really admit that, we both met thanks to Flight Crew, and of course the great affection for our beloved boys !!

      1. That is a wonderful story, Daniela! Grazie per averlo condiviso! 😘

  12. Dearest Daniela…..I was just pulled into feeling the emotions and words from Nonna Maura. Her descriptions and elegance in putting this together is magical to me. She is a Nonna in every sense of the word, isn’t she? ♥ I was happy to learn more about her! Our boys have many, many, many Nonna’s throughout the world who love and cherish them for their talent, kindness and compassion to all. What a blessing to have them enriching our lives. Thank you for translating for us so beautifully and Patrizia for the videos. Always with appreciation!! Hugs!!! ♥

    1. Dear Harriet, you are absolutely right when you say that boys have so many “grandmothers”, I think they are very lucky.
      Thanks for the nice compliments, you are very kind. 🙂

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