June the 26th 2019

after months of waiting,

finally, this day came.

It was very hot the weather. And because I need to go to the soundcheck and my home is not a little near the Auditorium Parco della Musica, so I had to depart early. I was worried but everything went well I got the train->metro->tram smoothly and arrived at the place without trouble.

As I arrived early, I had time to greet a lot of Volovers that I met on the internet, on official FC, Twitter and Facebook. Moments full of love.

Then finally we could enter for the soundcheck! When we were still waiting outside, the soundcheck was already began! Heard the voice of Ignazio, then Piero, then Gianluca, from the stage not so far away, I was already so excited, almost to cry.

Then we got in. I got me a seat at the right side of the 1st row. Then sun saw almost gone but at my seat there was still sunshine! So, thanks to the sun I think maybe I was the shiniest one in among the fans XD. The position was like: me->stage->the sun, almost the same angle of the pictures Piero and Gianluca put on the Instagram. you can imagine how splendid the scene was when I was looking at the boys on the stage! Alessandro Quarta arrived later, so we were able to watch him play violin too!! For me, my seat at concerto was a little far away so thanks to the Fan Club I could watch them at a place close like this…

It was my first real concert, literally, not only for Il Volo, but the first time in my life. I had no idea what would happen but I made a fan with messages, precisely, it’s a 团扇(in Chinese “Tuán Shàn”, in Japanese “Uchiwa”, that means rounded fanBecause I think it is much more beautiful and easy to take in hand than a paper. (a designer’s insist) One side is “Io Sono Il Volover”, a message for all people, and another side “Piero❤26”, yes, it’s for Piero’s birthday.💕

Xinjie 01

It worked well I think! Everyone saw it, and many told me it was beautiful! And during the soundcheck, Ignazio asked the foreigner fans where are they from, I said I’m Chinese, and he began to talk to me in Chinese “你好!你好吗?” (Hello! How are you?)I was so happy (and amazed by his Chinese pronunciation, again) so I was smiling and nodding to him. Ignazio: “Why you don’t talk? You don’t speak Chinese?” At this moment, arrived the voice of Piero from another side of the stage: “She wrote Piero! She does not talk to you!” You two are fantastic!!!! I thought maybe Piero did not see it, but in fact he saw it clearly!

The soundcheck was short, they sang some songs, had fun, and then when they were done, the greeted each one of us and then left.

I was able to give Piero my little drawing as his birthday gift!! He took it, smiled (you all know how beautiful his smile is!), and carefully read the little message I wrote in. Liked it (?? maybe, I was too nervous to catch his reactions, but I want to believe…) Softly he said “Thank you”, then kindly asked the staff to take a picture of him, my work, and me! Ohh maybe he liked it!!

Xinjie 02

(me, my work. I hope Piero looked into the details, so that he can know how much love is inside…)

Then we got out, waited to re-enter. And I found the official shop! And when we got in I went there immediately! So I got the lovely designed T-shirt! Which Piero wears at every concert! I loved it when the first moment Piero posted it in a story on Instagram.

Xinjie 03

(I got two T-shirts, one for me, one for my dear Japanese friend. She got me a cap from the Japanese concert too!)

The sunlight turned gold, and we went in the Cavea Arena.

Xinjie 04

I thought my seat would be far away but in fact it was not! Cavea Arena is a lovely place that every seat is never too far! I can see the stage very clearly. Then the lights were on, and they started to test them, wonderful!

Xinjie 05

(Do you see the three rounded lights? I was so excited when they began to appear there!)

Lights on, then came the familiar sound of airport, it was so emotive, it was “Il Mondo”!! The first song of the first album, a flashback, it is absolutely the best song for the beginning of this 10th anniversary concert.

The setlist of the concert is perfect! As I imagined before, it was a Musica + 10 years best setlist. I felt many times during the concert that this list was designed for me. Many old songs, I dreamed many times, but never expected that I can really hear them live. For me, they are “Io Che Non Vivo Senza Te”, “Ancora”, “No Puede Ser” etc. Now when I think of it, I’m really not sure if it was my illusion. And the collaboration with Alessandro Quarta was obviously epic! It was the best performance at Sanremo, so great that they do it again at the concert! They really know their fans well.

Solo songs! Solo songs are more than wonderful! Their choices really fit them best. Their characters, their voices, their worldviews…And it was deluxe to have 2 solo songs for each one. I waited to hear the solo songs, and then I heard them, so beautiful, I cried.

It was absolutely a very special concert, with a special date and special location. So we heard Happy Birthday to Piero in their beautiful harmony and “Arrivederci Roma”, in Rome.

I really want to mention the scenography. We all agree that Il Volo’s performance is always perfect. Just like the boys say, it’s not only they three that do this job. And the part of scenography, sometimes mentioned less, is a very important. I always love their stages, not exaggerated, not noisy, simple and elegant but with carefully chosen colors emotional lights, everything is just right for them.


(When they sing, every color of the world turns beautiful…)

And the most important part…the Voices!! I knew…I knew they would sound much greater than the videos and CDs, but they still gave me this huge impression and emotion… All their voices in that night were in gold condition! For the first time I really realized how beautiful human voices (maybe I should say angels’ voices) can be… There’re something very special, powerful and magical that touches your heart softly. And I found out again how I am addicted to these beautiful voices. I held my breath, I heard, I shed tears.

Xinjie 07

(I didn’t take videos, but some photos, maybe this is my favorite shot.)

A very short night. For every fan like me, it would be always too short. It was a date that finally came after loving them for more than six years. With every song, my memories of the days with the songs and with Il Volo flashed back. But everything passed too fast. When it ended, I didn’t feel so sad but only amazed at that moment. But now, the date that I works hard and waited for months became the past, I feel some empty in my heart. It’s cruel that when a concert ends it ends. But I believe we’ll never stay too far, because we are always “Vicinissimo”. Also I have another date to wait, beyond the summer, in Verona…then all these sweet memories will revive.

Xinjie 08

30 thoughts on “ROMA, MY FIRST CONCERT by Xinjie”

  1. Thanks so much for your beautiful review of the concert. I am so happy for you!!! You made me feel like I was there. And you put into words many of our exact feelings!! I have been to Verona. You will again feel like magic!! It is beautiful!! Thanks again. Hope yo meet you one day!! Donna

    1. Hello Donna! Thank you very much!! It’s my pleasure to share my feelings💗
      I thinks when the day of Verona comes, I’ll get more ready for catch the details(even though I can’t never get ready enough for them 😍💗)

  2. Xinjie, it’s beautiful, I’m very glad I asked you to do your review.
    Your gift for Piero is very sweet, and even with your hand-made fan, you have done some good work.
    I’m glad you enjoyed the concert so much.
    I hope you write other times for this site.
    Thank you for sharing this event with us all.
    See you in September in the Arena !!

    1. I’m so happy that I can share my emotions with others! I was really not sure how to do it but now so nice to see so many people liked it! I’m already get excited for september!

  3. Xinjie,like my two friends said before me,it was a beautiful review.
    I know what you mean when you said after the concert your heart felt empty. For me, the only downside to a concert or meet and greet, is a sadness that I won’t see them for a while.
    You are a very talented young lady, and I hope we will meet one day.

    1. Thank you very much Jill! I’m happy you liked it! And I believe one day we can meet🤗💗

  4. Awwwwwwww….!!!!!! ❤️🍓👍🎈🍒🍏😘🍎🙏☺️❤️😘🍎🎈🍒😘😘😘

  5. Awwwwwwwwwww!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️😘👍🙏☺️🍓🍎🍏🍒🎈🤗🥰😉🎁🎉🍏🍎🍓🍒❤️❤️❤️😘😘😘

  6. Xinjie how beautifully you have described the concert and your emotions😍. The concerts are always too short, that’s right, I know what are you talking about. When my first one, last year, ended I was suprised how it’s possible, the end so quickly, but two hours past and that was really sad. Now I impatiently wait fot September and I’m very excited especially reading such beautiful report from the concert like yours. Thank you. Your drawing for Piero is fantastic, you’re very talented.

    1. Thank you Jolanta, I’m happy that you like it. How I wish also a concert could be replayed to check all those sweet details…
      And so September we can meet in Verona too🤩💕
      This September will be very colorful😍✨

      1. I wish I could be in Verona but I will be in Gliwice Poland. Some day I hope it will be Verona or other place in Italy. It’s my dream 😍

  7. To our new friend Xinjie, what a pleasure it is for us to have you here. I was so excited with anticipation waiting for your review and you did not disappoint us! Your fan and your drawing of Piero were so sweet and unique, and made with lots of love. The feelings these young men ( no longer boys) bring out in us are so difficult to explain but you did a wonderful job because we all feel like you. Thank you for taking us with you to the concert in Rome. I am looking forward to meeting you and our dear friend Daniela in Verona in September. Ciao!

    1. Thank you Rose Marie! It’s my pleasure to share these emotional memories💖I’m already excited when I think about September!Can’t wait to enjoy the concert together!

  8. This is beautifully written and sums up so well our experiences and emotions at this wonderful concert, thank you Xinjie.
    It was also lovely to meet you and admire your work.
    Ciao Sue and Graham UK

    1. Hello Sue and Graham! So were you that greeted me at the sound check😍💗
      It was wonderful to meet you at concert!! I’m grateful for your words! Thank you!

  9. So happy for you Loved your article Hope one day I get to experience the thrill of seeing them live in Florida

  10. Dear Xinjie, I dream of attending one of their concerts. But for now I am so grateful to read your experience! You write beautifully and I can identify with your words. Thank you so much for your story.

    1. Hey Vicki! I love the boys for more than 6 years but only in this year, I finnally met them and went to the concert because before I didn’t known where to got their informations, where to go tomeet them…and now finaly everything begins to happen💗 Many dreams begin to realize…
      So I’m really sure also your dream will be come true bealutiully…💗

  11. Xinjie, thank you for sharing your concert experience. I feel like I was there myself. It’s really hard to explain what their music means to us fans.

  12. Xinjie, your story is delightful! At my age (a grandmother) I could relate to every emotion you experienced even the tears. The Verona concert will be magical. I have been there and share your anticipation! Unfortunately I won’t be in Italy this year. So I hope you will write another review after the Verona concert. Seeing it through your eyes will be beautiful! ❤️

    1. Judy thank you! Go to the Arena di Verona is one of my dream for years, and this year, with Il Volo finally it will come true. It will be fantasic!! I’m already excited about it!

  13. Xinjie, you are truly an artist. Not just with your hands, but also with your words. His is a beautiful memory of your concert. I felt like I was right there with you and I’m sure everyone else did too. His time was from a first time concert but after Verona you can write like so many that have seen many concerts. And each one is as wonderful as the first, special in it’s own way.

    1. Thank you Laura! I was not sure if I can do it well but then I enjoyed to express my feelings like this! And I’m happy that I like it!

  14. Xinjie. Thank you for your precise explanation. It recalls memories of the wonderful concert and the soundcheck. Yes, the sunshine spotlighted on you as a valuable person for Il Volo. Your hand work must inspire Piero.
    Looking forward to seeing you.

    1. Ciao Kobayashi san! I’m so happy to meet you and your wife at the concert! It was a wonderful experience! I hope you enjoyed your Italy trip! And I’m looking forward one day we can meet again at their concert in Japan!

  15. Scritta meravigliosamente! E mi aspetto il concerto di Il Volto del 18.09. a Sofia, in Bulgaria, e per me sarà un concerto Sono molto emozionato !!! Li sto guardando dappertutto, sono cibo italiano, ascolto musica italiana (solo Il Volo), insegno italiano … questa è la mia vita Grazie per il meraviglioso articolo! Hai il talento di un giornalista, l’amore per i nostri ragazzi ci avvicina!

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