During the concert in Rome, the boys sang, among the many songs, also “VICINISSIMO”.


Piero Ignazio and Gianluca,  sang this song, with the company of some children and even a not-very-young person.

A very sweet video came out, which perhaps not all of you have seen, also before the song there are some nice dialogues, which I now translate to you.

Here is the video.

G= Hello baby, what’s your name?
S = Sofia
G = Are you happy to be here?
S = Yes
G = Love (meanwhile Ignazio raises a very small child on stage)
Hello baby, what’s your name?
E = Emma
G = Emma !!
I = Emma, who is your favorite? Don’t tell me Piero, otherwise I’ll go. So who do you like?
P = (only Piero’s voice is heard) Emma, Emma …… (everyone laughs, I think Piero shows Emma a sign to say his name)
I = (imitating the child) ACHILLE LAURO (Achille Lauro is a young singer who has been in Sanremo 2019, he is very disputed because it seems that in his songs he praises drugs.) (people laugh)


G = It’s nice to see people of all ages at our concerts, this is beautiful, and our goal is to get to everyone’s heart, especially even small children like these, we fell in love with this music when we had the their age, and it’s nice to see them here at our concert.
I = (to Emma) But do you want to stay here during the next song?
P = (Piero’s voice) I remind you that the last time you sang with a child next to you, you fell off the stage.
G = Come and say hi to Piero, give Piero a little kiss.
P = (he is sitting) Love, I do not move, otherwise I break my pants.
G = (to Sofia) Do you want to be close to Ignazio?
I = (to Emma) Do you want to stay here? (she says no, with her head), do you want mom? (Emma says yes with her head)
I = (to Emma) But do you want to stay here during the next song?
P = (Piero’s voice, in a tone of playful reproach) I remind you that the last time you sang with a child next to you, you fell off the stage.


They start “VICINISSIMO” and the two babies remain on the stage between Gianluca and Ignazio, while Ignazio makes Emma sit, some of the people tell him to be careful, so he makes a face that seems to mean, don’t bring bad luck. (remembers Tampa)

The video moves on to Piero, who is a little further away and while the image shows us Piero, a woman with dark glasses, approaches Gianluca and Ignazio, and will remain close to the boys for the rest of the song. Ignazio and Gianluca are very sweet, both with girls and women.

Eventually it will be discovered that this woman came from England to see IL VOLO, she made this trip because, for now, there are no scheduled dates in England. She is 99 years old, walks little and often uses wheelchair support, was accompanied in Italy by two other women (who are also seen on video) who take care of her.

Ignazio holds an arm around the woman’s neck affectionately, while Gianluca is always close to the two little girls. Piero is joined by two other little girls.



It is really a video of a unique sweetness, both for the words of this song, and in particular for the beautiful and spontaneous images.

These beautiful moments make us admire your personality even more.
Impossible not to be fascinated.

A hug to you!


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

33 thoughts on “A REALLY SPECIAL VIDEO by Daniela”

  1. Thanks Daniela for helping us understand this video. The boys are always ready to show their affection for their fans.

  2. I am most happy for the elderly woman of 99 years, who not only made it there to see the whole concert , but was essentially serenaded by Ignazio. No doubt it was one of the truly biggest highlights of her long life. Ignazio comes through once again.

    1. You know Mark, I didn’t know that that woman was 99 years old. Nonna Maura told me that she was present at the Meet & Greet in Rome, where she saw the woman and exchanged some information. I too was so happy for her, she got to attend the concert and also to approach these good guys and listen to a song embraced by Ignazio ….. what to say, I think she was very happy.

  3. Thank you Daniela. their sweetness and kindness is so beautiful to see and melts my heart! I’M waiting for them in South Africa. PLEASE!!! <3

  4. Thank you Daniela for that heartwarming video Just love these guys more everytime I watch them They are so down to earth

  5. Thank you Daniela for translating. The guys are wonderful, so sweet😍
    It’s nice to understand what they say. Imposible not to love them. The video is just amazing ❤❤❤. Grazie mille

  6. This is a beautiful and heartfelt story. I love these three guys for many reasons and one being how much they care about people. It shows in their songs, on stage, traveling. I myself am old and I truly hope and pray I am able to see them when they come to the United States. I live in the midwest and I heard it will be around the first of the year or so, we have bad winters, I pray 2020 will be a mild one. Thank you Daniela for sharing this. I absolutely adore IL Volo and never knew of their existence until about 2 months ago. How lucky I am now. See you Piero, Ignazio, Gianluca and may God bless and watch over you when you visit us in America. Much love to you IL Volo.

    1. Sassylady, you say you’re not young, but you’re a new fan. As has happened to many, you will be devouring every news and every video of these guys, and everything you discover, you like. It happened to everyone, including me. 🙂

  7. Daniela, Thank you so much for the translation. It makes he concert and their exchanges meaningful.

  8. Dear Daniela, Thank you, once again, for your wonderful translation. I’ve always loved it when the guys would have little girls, teenagers and women, join them on the stage during their concerts. Such warm and tender moments shown here, it makes my heart melt too. So touching to see the senior lady all the way from England, how filled with happiness she must be. God bless our boys!!! Can’t wait, but we must, for their USA concerts in 2020. Thanks so much, sweet friend. ♥

    1. Dear Hariett, this video really demonstrates, how much, IL VOLO, likes, to every type of age, from the little ones to the adults.
      You must absolutely be there at one of their American concerts, otherwise you will regret not having gone.
      A hug.

  9. This is such a lovely video and thank you Daniela for translating! It is always beautiful to see how kind and loving Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca are to children and people of all ages. And at the same they are singing one of my favorite songs from “Musica”. They are beautiful in so many ways!

    1. Margaret, this song is really beautiful and full of meaning, I really like it too. As for our boys, they show more and more, their good nature, and we love them more and more.

  10. Thank you, Daniela for such a beautiful post. This time I was touched to tears. This short video is so touching. It shows to all just how loving and caring these boys are. They are such compassionate human beings. Some day, when they are ready, they will make the most loving fathers. God has blessed them in so many countless ways, not only by giving them such outstanding talents. But their talent is only a vehicle to show the world that love, kindness and compassion is God’s will on earth.

    1. Toni, I was also moved when I saw this video. I believe that the boys will really be excellent fathers, for now, as a poet has said, speaking of them, they are dispensers of good feelings, and this like very much, to us.

  11. Daniela! Grazie! Sono molto felice della tua traduzione La traduzione automatica è brutta, ma la tua è chiara e vedo come ha senso nella mia visita di 24 ore ai gruppi di fan! Arriveranno il 18.09. a Sofia-Bulgaria! E io, se sarò vivo, sarò al concerto, probabilmente avrò un battito di eccitazione :)) Seguo la tua pagina regolarmente! Saluti dalla soleggiata Bulgaria! Amiamo tutti i grandi cuori di Piero, Ignazio e Zhang-Luka.

  12. OMG Daniella this is sooo special.,thank you so much. They are so amazing. Why we love them!!! That 99 year old will take this memory to heaven with her!!! What a precious thing!!!! ❤️

    1. Donna, I believe that woman will have a very sweet memory in her heart. Whenever she looks back on that evening, a smile will appear on her face, I’m sure. 🙂

  13. Ciao Ahtohena, ti ringrazio per i complimenti, sono felice che ti piacciano le traduzioni e anche di sapere di essere seguita dalla Bulgaria.
    Certo che sarai al concerto del 18.09 a Sofia e , naturalmente ci farai sapere le tue impressioni.
    Un abbraccio dall’Italia! 🙂

  14. Thanks Daniela, for this wonderful heartwarming video and story. Happiness just flies freely around when IL Volo steps onto a stage. They touch so many lives and made us all proud and happy to be a part of this wonderful Flight Crew.

    1. Thanks Vincent. Perhaps for them they are natural attitudes, but it is certain that to all of us, they fill us with love and pride.

  15. Many thanks for this video and translation Daniela and Pat.

    Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero are so adorable and sincere!!

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