August, a month of holidays. It’s very hot.

This year, due to Covid-19, everything is different, but a semblance of normality seems to be returning here in Italy.

Let’s try to follow the traces left by our boys:


We find Gian, engaged in a canoe excursion on the Tirino River, in the company of friends, family, and the guide.


Guide = Hello everyone from the valley and the TIRINO river, from Capestrano.
Today we bring you the greetings of a special guest, one of the most important ambassadors of our land in the world

G = This way, you get me excited, (laughter) are we already connected ??

Guide = Yes Gianluca.

G = Hi, good morning everyone, today I am spending this beautiful day, with my family, in this wonderful place.

For me it is the first time and I am in the company of special, professional people, I am very happy, please, you must all come here.

Guide = Thank you!!

G = I’m honest, that’s not so much to say !! These words come from the heart.

Guide = Thanks again, we are all waiting for you here on the Tirino.

G = Greeting on the fly.

Guide = Greetings from all the Bosso staff, bye!!


G = Il Bosso profile.  (He is recording the video for the Facebook profile IL BOSSO)

We are here together, and as I said before, I’m having one of the best experiences of my life and I’m not kidding.

I am from Abruzzo DOC (it is the brand that means Of Controlled Origin, 100% from Abruzzo), proudly from Abruzzo, proud of my land and of our places, unique in the world.

Look, I’ll show you the water, look how wonderful.

Then, having these early morning experiences, regenerates, you start the day differently, and it really reminds you, how beautiful life is, right?
Then you do this job, since when ???

Guide =“For more than fifteen years”.

G = So I can imagine, for me it’s the first time and I’m crazy, you who practically live this life every day …

Guide = “I’m crazy”…..

G = You are crazy  !!

I really wanted to say hello to everyone, maybe I’ll come back soon and see you here.

Greetings, I wish you a good day, that we are having a truly beautiful day.

Where 01

Where 02


Piero is in Sicily, enjoying the sea in Taormina.

Where 03

He is in the company of his brother Francesco and  his sister Mariagrazia and with them he went to visit Aci Castello, where an ancient Norman castle stands.


Where 04

Where 05


Ignazio is in Sicily, but he is driving fans and gossip crazy.

New love for the beautiful puppy owner?

Perhaps, but for the moment we are content to see Ignazio so happy.

Where 06

Where 07



Whenever possible, Gianluca and Ignazio sing some songs.


“Bruises,” a song by Lewis Capaldi is really beautiful. 



How beautiful are the words of this song “Fino a quando fa bene”? ❤️


Piero …… not received!

But surely all three of our guys will be training their voices, there is an appointment at the weekend, Monte Carlo awaits Il Volo !!

Where 08

Perfect, guys, you have enjoyed the holidays, the sun, the sea, the rest.

But now, work commitments are looming, and we can’t wait to hear your voices again and see you back at work.

See you soon:


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

25 thoughts on “WHERE ARE THE THREE OF IL VOLO? by Daniela”

  1. So lucky we are to be able to see what our guys are doing during their August vacation. Daniela, you are such an angel from heaven.

    We also in the US are having an unusually hot and humid summer. Working on my dual citizenship through descent. Should have done it years ago. I could be there RIGHT NOW! Brescia is a definite visit when I can travel to Italy again!

    Thanks so much for all your efforts!

  2. ❤️ Every time I see / look at / watch / listen to Gianluca, MAGIC Vhappens. It’s not because he’s good-looking. As Maura said, that’s a bonus. It’s something else.❤️

    Grazie, Daniela 😘

  3. Daniela,keep doing what you do so nicely,girl.Bring pleasure and joy and wonderful emotions with the boys.Thank you,darling.

  4. Grazie mille, Daniela. I had seen some of these on social media, but it’s so much better to have the translations! (Gianluca is always very articulate, I think.) Looks like they are all having a wonderful time in sunny Italy, and I’ll look forward to hearing about Monte Carlo. So glad that they were able to do another concert this summer.

    1. Judi, let’s hope at least someone present at the concert will send us videos. But I see that their friend Max will be there, (he is in the photo in front of the Monte Carlo poster), so news, photos and videos should arrive !!

  5. Thank you for sharing about OUR BOYS, We are sad, due to not seeing them in concert as we usually did. Happy to hear they are so happy and finally having a long due vacation with friends & family.

    1. It’s true Ariana, this year is special in a negative sense, but we all hope that this situation will end soon and we will still be able to enjoy many good concerts.

  6. Thank you Daniela. It is always exciting to see what the boys are doing with their lives. I love all the pictures and I so appreciate that you make time to share things with all of us. Anne Marie we all wish you well and know you will enjoy your dual Citizenship. That is awesome news.

  7. Very nice to see how much Gianluca enjoys and appreciate the natural beauty of his country. That river has the clearest water!
    I thank you again Daniela for always doing the translations for us and you do know just how much that is appreciated.

  8. Thank you, Daniela. I so enjoyed how these young men are able to enjoy themselves and be with their families. Just thinking about them, they of course all have stunning voices. I have noticed that Gianluca is very fluent and descriptive in his speech, and that he seems to prefer suits in his performance attire. Piero, it seems to me, is more serious and even his clothes seem to reflect that. He must be a very dedicated artist. As for Ignacio, he is stunningly handsome and with enormous charisma and charm. He has a kind of earthy attraction that must draw fans ever closer. I missed following them after the DVD “Il Volo Takes Flight” because I was so busy studying. With your help, Daniela, I am trying to catch up. Dena Pitchfork, Mercer Island, Washington, U.S.A.

    1. Dena, if you scroll through the various posts in the timeline, you will be able to reconnect the good moments of Il Volo that you lost due to your studies.
      I also used the site to inform me about previous periods that I had missed, I only started following Il Volo after the victory in Sanremo 2015.

      1. When things begin to open up and these gorgeous singers can tour again, I would certainly enjoy a live concert, hearing them in person. Also a “Meet and Greet”. It would definitely be worth a bit of travel. Really a super thrill! Dena Pitchfork, Mercer Island, Washington U.S.A.

  9. So happy to see our boys relaxing and enjoying free time. If you allowing me, I would like to go back a little bit…
    My first concert was Rome, than NY Radio city, than Chicago and last Tampa Fl. Something what happened in RCMH I would like to share with you. I took my granddaughter (beautiful 27 year old girl who never heard of IllVolo before) to a RCMH concert. By the way, she loved them so much, especially Igna. Few seats diagonally in front of me, I noticed IlVolo crew, Barbara, Michelle, others. Just before end, they were performing LaTraviata, Michelle got up and was leaving, I had a isle seat, and could not help, when he was bypassing me, I reach out, graped his hand and whispered Thank you, thank you… first he seemed surprised but than smiled and nodded. And I think I made his day, since he knows, all world know IlVolo, but not that many know who is behind all their success, and especially in NY. And I was proud to be able to hold his hand. He is incredible manager and human bean.
    I’m looking for another concerts, in EU or here in US, when all this bad things will pass, I’m sure we will see them again.
    Thank you Daniela for al your writing, keeping us informed about our dear boys.

    1. Irene, what a wonderful experience you wrote to me. Shake Torpedine’s hand, and whisper “Thank you”, he will surely appreciate it. As you say, not everyone knows who is behind so much success.
      My first concert was in Brescia in July 2015, they had just won Sanremo and I practically knew them very little. We were in the fourth row, me my husband and my daughter and while we waited for the concert to start, a man, in the front row and facing us, had a big camera around his neck and was talking to another man. I told my husband that maybe he was a journalist ………. I later discovered that he was Gianluca’s dad, damn I could have had a few words with him !!
      You were very good at bringing your niece, we need to grow the fandom and especially make it appreciated by the younger ones.

  10. Dear Danielle, it seems so ease to talk to you, so here I’m again..
    I also missed few opportunities, in Rome, we were seating in front row, only later I found from some videos, somewhere behind us was Gian grandfather with Francesca! For my G&M I was rehearsing what to tell them ( Piero E lucevan, Igna Una furtiva lagrima, Gianluca Amame) only to be so nervous forgot everything except to thank them… what a missed opportunity..My day starts by calling Alexa: Alexa play IlVolo.. so I have a wonderful company whole day. Also I believe by playing music on Alexa, you contributing to artist’s royalties. Hope it is so. I’m in Europe for extended time every year, this year it is so different, but I hope I will make it there, planning to be there from September to end of January. My question to you, would you know if IlVolo planning any concert in Europe so I can attend? Thank you for letting me to talk to you, you are wonderful,

    1. Irene, unfortunately, in moments that we would like to be flawless, emotion plays tricks on us.
      But sooner or later we will be able to talk serenely with them !!
      For now there are no news for concerts in Europe, but yesterday Torpedine declared that Il Volo will soon be in the Arena, it is not yet known what it was referring to, perhaps to an event with other singers. If there are any news I will let you know.

  11. Hi Daniela. We’ll never meet but I think of you as a friend. Just saw a photo of Ignazio in a Boston Red Sox shirt! WOW! Tell him to come to Boston. Ho degli abbonamenti !!

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