Despite the period and the dangers of new lockdowns, in Monte Carlo, at the Opera, there was a concert of Il Volo.

The announcement had already been made for some time.

Here are Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca, reunited, as they fly to Monte Carlo.

We thank Gianluca for his videos!

Good guys, you are all wearing a mask, but it’s better to protect your eyes too, like Gianluca does!

MC 01

And here they are in Monte Carlo.MC 02

The concert is sold out (according to the Covid19 rules), as this nice article by Monaco Tribune writes, and which I translate for you.

MC 03

Monaco Tribune Article – Click Here


All seats are now sold out for the concert at the Opéra Garnier in Monte-Carlo in honor of the ten-year career of the trio that has become the pride of Italian music

After postponing the Italian stages, Il Volo returns to perform in the Principality for an evening of Monegasque elegance. Tickets sold at 283 euros each are now all sold out. The Monte Carlo Opera House, which is located in the casino complex, was designed by Charles Garnier, the famous architect of the Opéra Garnier in Paris, and seats 524 people.

The Best of 10 Years!

The tour is entitled “Il Volo – The best of 10 years”. Indeed, in 2019 the group celebrated ten years of career. Piero Barone, Ignazio Boschetto and Gianluca Ginoble met in 2009 during the TV talent show “Ti lascio una canzone”. They will become a trio, nicknamed “the tenorini”, even if, while Boschetto and Barone are tenors, Ginoble is baritone.

It was in 2015 that they confirmed themselves as ambassadors of the Italian musical tradition when, after winning the Sanremo festival with the song “Grande Amore”, the same singing event that revealed, among others, Eros Ramazzotti and Laura Pausini.

To celebrate their ten-year career, the group released the album “The best of 10 years” in 2019, with which it is preparing to kick off the new world tour, which started in Japan, touched Europe, North and Latin America and will not fail to stop in Monte Carlo for a memorable evening!

MC 04

MC 05

There are rehearsals for the concert and our guys, like good professionals, are always there to optimize their performance.

As you can see from the next short video, the theater is really very small, a small chest, a treasure.

But here we are at the time of the concert.

Unfortunately,there are very few and incomplete videos, but even if we can see and hear very little, what we can get makes us understand that the boys are in excellent vocal and physical form!!




Between one song and another, Piero Ignazio and Gianluca entertain the audience with some chat, but very nice things have also been said that I am now translating to you. Sorry I didn’t attach the video, but they can’t be viewed in the US.

Ignazio = We have always said that for us, singing for 10 thousand people or for 300 people is the same thing.

And today, now that we are OBLIGED to have smaller capacities (due to Covid19), we can really live what we said.

Piero = Because there is no such gap between audience and stage …

Ignazio = … it’s like we were in the family, (addresses the audience) and sometimes, you know, singing in front of a few people is more difficult than singing in front of a lot of people, the emotion is different.

Gianluca = Let’s say that, wearing masks, we don’t see your expressions, but we see your eyes, and we hope to fill you with joy. (applause)



MC 06

Here they are arrived at Palermo airport, the voice on the loudspeaker recommends maintaining the interpersonal distance of at least 1 meter and wearing a mask ………. good guys, observe the rules!!

But why did all three boys return to Sicily?

What other news is there?

We see from the photos published Gian and Piero in Selinunte, places full of history, will it be only for vacation???

MC 07


MC 08

But then, we find Piero Ignazio and Gianluca in Polizzi Generosa, a Sicilian town, where the designer Domenico Dolce (D&G) was born.

Why are they in Polizzi Generosa?

Sicily 01

Sicily 02

Sicily 03

On 13 August was Domenico Dolce’s birthday and today, 16 August in Polizzi Generosa, is a Sunday of celebration, there are stalls and tonight, the film by D&G Devotion will be screened in the square and at the end there will be the fireworks.

Our boys will easily be present at the film screening.
It will be a good party, too bad not to be there!!

Here are some moments of the typical party in the streets of the small town.
How many people, there is no social distancing, beware guys!!


Well done,  you guys stay on Domenico Dolce’s balcony, away from the crowd.

What a great celebration, and the boys are so happy.


Sicily 04

Il Volo and Domenico Dolce, Music and Fashion at a high level. 💜


(Click on each photo below for a close up view.)

Here is the promo of the film at Polizzi Generosa.


Sicily 12

The fireworks at the end of the documentary film.

Your voices in Monte Carlo were perfect, and seeing you so happy in Sicily fills our hearts.

But we, who feel like yours, mothers, grandmothers, sisters, recommend you: “Stay safe.”


It is true that in Sicily the infections have been very limited, but why risk it? The Italian government, seeing the trend of the last days of the people in Italy, has again imposed, from August 17, the closure of discos and the obligation of the mask, even on the street from 06:00 pm until 06:00 am.


Sicily 13

This beautiful painting given to Domenico Dolce during his birthday party is made by Fabio Ingrassia.

Here’s what Fabio wrote on his fanpage:

“I made my first trousers when I was 6 with the help of tailors in my father’s tailor shop.”

This sentence was my starting point when they commissioned me a painting for Domenico Dolce.

I had to somehow represent a concept, stop for a moment, right where the magic was born, a child prodigy who for the first time discovered his world … those little hands sewed a dream that would soon become a fantastic reality!

Baroque and revolutionary like Caravaggio, traditionalist and elegant like Black and White. ❤️

THE CREATION oil on canvas 70×100

Thanks IL VOLO!

(Click on each photo below for a close up view.)

Wonderful work: Congratulations to Fabio Ingrassia! ❤️


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.



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  1. Grazie! It was great to see the events in Europe with our beloved Il Volo—appreciate you all very much!

  2. Thank you, Daniela! I live to see the boys and what they are doing as much as possible!! Love from America!!! Eleanor

  3. Thank you, Daniela. I love reading your newsletters because the information is so valuable and interesting. We have been hungry for current information (although we certainly enjoy tremendously the repeats).
    You are appreciated.

  4. Daniela, thank you for this informative letter.about IL Volo performing in Monte Carlo. I agree with ignazio no matter 10,000 or 300, people love them. I remember your site was the first time I ever posted and I raved about Piero because whatever I wrote someone liked and write his name. I hope it was Piero for all that I said was true. He is magnificent and his voice is awesome. I am a fan for life for the three of them. I cannot choose one over the other bc to me they are three in one as well as individuals. Glad they got to perform. I wish I could see them in Italy, would love to see their country as it is beautiful to look at the pictures they post. Thank you my dear lady for your posts and my joy in reading them. Gianluca, Piero, Ignazio are the crown jewels forever and I will hold them in my heart. I never knew I could become a fan so quickly and I will love them to eternity and hope in heaven we have song fests often. God Bless them and you for you story telling and keeping us up to date on “my guys, somethin about my guys.”

    1. Jackie, your story is that of many of us, it seems incredible, but it’s true, when you start to know Il Volo, you have to know everything about them, start a great job of research on the internet, we are interested in everything, from their first days together, up to to date. And then you immensely hope to be able to see them in a concert and, when this happens, you are already madly in love with them!

  5. What a wonderful time after so many months of waiting. I loved the festival, the people on the balconies and in the streets. It is like one big joyful family. Thank you for sharing it all with us as well as the wonderful concert in Monte Carlo. It was lovely to see Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero enjoying it all so much. Thank you Daniela for putting this together.

    1. Jeanette, you said well, the party in Polizzi was like a big family party and I think that those who were able to be present enjoyed beautiful images, beautiful music and a lot of joy.

  6. Thank you Daniela for the translations and the lovely videos. It is nice to see the boys performing again. They looked and sang so beautiful. Even though the concert was technically sold out it looked so strange to see all the empty seats because of the virus. I’m just glad they were able to do it. The festival looked like a lot of fun and I’m glad the boys are enjoying themselves. I loved how you told them to stay safe. You are right. We think of them as our children or grandchildren and always want to protect them. Also, the painting by Fabio was beautiful. He is a amazing artist.

    1. It’s true Cathy, it seemed strange to see so many empty seats, yet it was sold-out, according to the anti-covid rules, there must have been about 300 people.
      Yes, Fabio is an excellent artist, did you see that he also painted himself in the picture?

  7. I enjoyed this so much Daniela. First the fabulous concert in Monte Carlo. Then the holiday in Sicily. The people there are so colorful and happy. I wish I could visit someday. All the videos were wonderful. How kind of Gianluca to share them with us. I wonder where their adventures will lead them next?

    1. Laura, I tell you with all my heart, I would have liked to be there in Polizzi and enjoy that party, but in particular that joyful atmosphere.
      Gorgeous and unforgettable.
      Who knows what else they will have in store for us !!

  8. Lovely post, Daniela–thank you! It’s so much fun to feel like we’re part of their lives! Nice that the timing worked out so that it was convenient for Gianluca to be with the other two in Sicily again. I was surprised to see in Monte Carlo that the drummer (only) was behind plexiglass. Do you know the reason for this?

    1. Being to a former musician, the drummer was always surrounded by the plastic walls. This was years before the current pandemic so it’s not related to it at all.

    2. Judy, many times drummers play behind plexiglass. I have never searched for the answer but I think it has something to do with muting some of the sound from the drums so as not to overpower the performers……maybe in smaller venues and the particular acoustics of certain venues? I have seen this kind of thing before.

    3. It has nothing to do with the pandemic. He is always behind that partition. I don’t know the reason, but you can look at videos of concerts from way back and you will see he always is behind a plexiglass fence.

  9. Thanks Vicki and Pitterpat0. I was also married to a big band drummer, plus am still a big band singer with several bands, and I’ve never seen it before either. So, I assumed it was something to do with the virus. But maybe it was the smaller venue, as you said. In fact, just sometimes (this is a heresy for me) I do think the drums with Il Volo are a bit too loud.

    1. Judi, Pat and Vicki answered you very well, it is precisely so as not to interfere in the microphone of the singer, that those panels are added.
      You’re not the only one who thinks that sometimes the drums are too loud and drown out the voices of the guys, but it’s often due to where you listen to and the proximity of the amps.
      Thank you for your compliments!

  10. Daniela, your research and attention to detail is wonderful as always… You not only tell the where our guys are, you go into great detail with your words, pictures and videos to create an illusion that we are right there with Il Volo and part of the moment… When I am done reading your article I feel the enjoyment of being with Il Volo even though its only for a few minutes while reading your story… That is the magic of a great writer…

    1. I thank you infinitely for your compliments Jeannette, I just try to reconstruct the facts, as if we were there to admire our dear boys ……….. but we are always there, with our hearts! 🙂

  11. Jeannette, you said this beautifully–and I so agree! Also, I wanted to mention Daniela’s wonderful reply to Jackie (Sassylady). It was exactly the way I’ve felt and behaved about them. Plus, I have to apologize for being so blind about the drummer’s plexiglass–my excuse is probably that I am always looking at Ignazio!!!

    1. Judi, you flatter me too much !!
      Do you know why I wrote Jackie’s answer well? Because we all felt this way, it’s incredible but true!
      Always thank you .

  12. Thank you very much for the beautiful post and for keeping us updated about our guys. It’s so good to know they are in good shape and have fun. I miss them and look forward to concert whenever it will be. Grazie

  13. Jolanta, we all miss them. We will have to wait a long time, but I hope there are events that we can follow. Of course everything is fine with us, just see and hear them and know that they are fine!

  14. Thanks for the wonderful article. I know the guys have been all around the world and done many great things but this seemed so special. I am sure it will be a memory that they will treasure for a long time. Their concert in Monte Carlo was certainly applauded with such deserved enthusiasm. I love when the audience shows so much appreciation for these three super-talented guys. Please keep up the good work keeping us informed what is happening to our guys.

  15. Thank you so much, Daniela, for the wonderful article. I am happy that our gorgeous singers are having such a happy time. And thanks to Gianluca for his videos. For us who cannot be there, it is so great to see it. The photos of Monte Carlo and the theater and of course the music were so enjoyable. I am slowly building up my library of their CDs and DVDs. I most recently purchased the CD Grande Amore . I have quite a few to enjoy yet, after not watching them for several years. So long as people love their exquisite music, buy all their music, and are quite willing to make quite long journeys just to see and hear them in person, their future is secure! I understand the comment by Judi Edwards that she was always looking at Ignacio. All of the singers are very handsome, but Ignacio is just incomparable! And I really liked the coverage of Domenico Dolce’s birthday celebration (with the lovely painting).

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