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Happy 25th Birthday, Piero!



Buon compleanno!!!

Congratulations on turning a quarter of a century old. We wish you many more filled with lots of happiness.


Ti vogliamo bene,

The Rosas family (Angelica, Ines & Miguel)

Las Vegas, NV

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Buon Compleanno, Piero.  And thank you for all the happiness you have

Jean Haines

Hi Piero.  Wishing you the happiest of birthdays!
Hope you will be able to celebrate your 25th year
with  those people dear to you.  Thanks for another year of beautiful music 🎼, and I am looking forward to next year’s tour.
Janet in San Francisco

My Dear Piero,

I wish you the happiest of Birthdays.  May God bless you and keep you in all your work, and travels.  Thank you for sharing your beautiful voice with the world, but especially for being an inspiration to all the young people who love opera and the bel canto.  When you make your operatic debut, no matter where it is, I will be there to cheer you on after every act.

Love and prayers from one of your Polish-American fans,


My Dear Piero :Time marches by very quickly!! Here you are celebrating a milestone birthday #25. Was it not that long ago you were a young teenager spreading your wings on an international stage?You and your fellow Il Volo Brothers are an inspiration to all. Looking forward to seeing you in concert again and listening to that beautiful voice !
Have a great 🎉 Birthday!! Buon Compleanno  🎂🎂Annette Naples,  Fl & Narr. R.I.

Wishing you a beautiful Birthday Piero. May God bless you always! ~~ Carolina Ogren

Happy birthday to you! You have given me so many beautiful moments due to your beautiful voice, I wish you the very best on this day, Piero. May you have the best birthday ever… XO  Stephanie Bruce

Happy Birthday to a true treasure. Your music brings beauty, peace and joy to my life. May God bless you with many more years. I look forward to enjoying your talents for many, many years to come. Much love from an adoring fan.  Julia NS

Piero, Best wishes and many blessings for a very Happy Birthday. May you enjoy many, many years of great success. You have added another dimension to my life.  I enjoy you guys so very much.  Keep up the very outstanding work. Blanche Graff

Happy Birthday Piero!! I hope have a great tim celebrating with friends and family and of course your two side kicks Ignazzio and Gianlucca! Be safe! .   Elizabeth Meyer

Piero- Happy Birthday ! Don’t forget that I told you it is ” your voice ” that makes Il Volo different from all the other singing trio / groups.  ~~  Rosemarie Ringenbach

Dear Piero
I wish for you a very Happy Birthday! I hope you, your friends and family have a spectacular day.. Thank you and your “brothers” for sharing your lives with us. 2019 is just around the corner and we are thrilled and excited to hear you will be coming to the USA on tour. Never forget that we love you as we love our own family. I thank God that I was fortunate to have able to follow you for the past 10 years. Buon Compleanno to a dear young man. May all of your wishes come true.  Rose Marie Paliobeis

Caro Piero,

sei un ragazzo che mi stupisce sempre,
perchè sai essere gentile , educato, dolce, spensierato,
ma poi se occorre, diventi serio, riflessivo, impegnato.

Lasciati abbracciare da tutti quelli che ti amano,
e non ti preoccupare di chi non ti merita.

Rimani sempre così,
e il mondo ti onorerà sempre!!

AUGURI, con affetto: Daniela

Translation:  Dear Piero,  you’re a boy who always amazes me,  because you can be kind, polite, sweet, carefree, but then if necessary, you become serious, reflective, committed.  Let yourself be embraced by all those who love you, and do not worry about those who do not deserve you.  Always stay that way, and the world will always honor you !! WISHES, with affection: Daniela

Dear wonderful Piero,
we wish you the best birthday ever, full of love, laughter and a tremendous amount of fun.
You give your audience so much happiness and pleasure, and we are very aware of the work and dedication that is involved . The results are magnificent . I have to listen to your music every day, I love it so much and it always makes me feel happy.
Thank you so much for this.
So on your special day we wish you all the happiness in the world
With all our love
Sue and Graham Hemshall 

This is a day of celebration not only because of your special day. It is also the day we give thanks for having you in our lives. You are a blessing. Gina In Texas

Dear Piero:

I wish for you a day filled with love and laughter and music and joy!
Thank you for all the love and laughter and music and joy that you have brought to us!
Happy Birthday, dear one. We love you.

Fort Worth, Texas

Happy Birthday Piero from New Zealand – we came to your concert in wonderful Taormino June 2017 and can’t wait to see you guys in another concert. Il Volo are very special and we love all your music.  ~~ Annette Petroska

An American, Martin Luther King, is famous for his speech, “I have a dream”.  Piero, did you have a dream?   Could you even have dreamed you would be where you are today at 25?  Courage, dedication, and talent made this life beyond your dreams come true for you.

It has also been a dream for those of us lucky enough to wish you yet another happy birthday.   I have been fortunate enough to wish you six of them.

Hanno un compleanno meraviglioso, Piero!
Marie Crider

Dear Piero
Bless you for all you do, and all you are! You are a very special person and I wish for you all the blessings that life has to offer! Can’t wait to see and hear you again soon!
Love from Toronto from one of your grandma fans,
Penina Honig

Dear Piero Have a very Happy Birthday. May you have good health for many many years. You have made me realize how beautiful classic music can be. Keep singing. ~~ Alice Knight

Happy, Happy Birthday, Piero. You are such a fine young man filled with love, kindness and tremendous talent…so special to me!! It has been a blessing for me to be able to attend several concerts and meet you afterwards for the M&G’s. Carry on, Piero, I love the new Latin CD and look forward to meeting you again. Te amo, Nonna Harriett ♥♥♥

PieroHappy Birthday to you ! God Bless you in all your endeavors for He has taken you to your highest expectations. All life’s blessings for you dear golden voice. May your God given talents be used for good. ♥La Vita e Bella! Rose Marie Lomonte

Caro Piero, È un piacere poterti augurare, questa persona speciale, un grande compleanno. Spero che sia almeno una porzione meravigliosa come te e ciò che meriti, quindi sarà una celebrazione indimenticabile di 25 anni !! E che tutti quelli che seguono aumentino la vostra felicità ogni anno. Saluti!! Auguri! Il tuo amico Sharon Bear

Happy 25th Birthday, Piero!

Have fun celebrating with family and friends!


Pat from Missouri

Piero, Wishing you a Birthday filled with happiness, laughter and wonderful memories!
I want to thank you for the joy you bring when I hear you sing and your smile is priceless!  Happy Birthday 🎈🎂 🎈🙋

Birthday hugs,
Barbara in AZ

Happy Birthday sweet Piero, hope you come to NY soon I miss Il Volo ❤  Maureen Perucca

Happy Birthday Piero darlin’
Another candle on the cake!
More hugs, kisses and lovin’ wishes too!
Have the best Birthday ever!

Luv Ya,

Julie Bernache

Dear Piero,

Have a wonder filled and very happy birthday!
Thank you for your music that makes every day in my life a little sweeter. Thank you also for doing so many things for people through charities, benefits and personal contacts. Birthday Blessings. ~~ Jeannette Hicks

Piero, a very Happy Birthday to a special young man. You’ll been blessed with your incredible Dramtic Tenor voice. When you hear the voices of Mario Del Monaco and Placido Domingo you’ll know that your in a rarely class of Tenors. Singing together with Gianluca and Ignazio is something so special. God Bless you! “Buon Compleanno”  Vincent Padovano

Happy Birthday to a smart, handsome and mega-talented young man with the best voice (in my opinion) EVER. ~~ Lynne Gearhart

Happy natal day Piero. You have always been my favorite. Your beautiful voice and equally beautiful personality shines through whenever I see or hear you. Looking forward to your next tour. ~~  Joan Guyon

Happy birthday dear Piero. You are a priceless treasure to us. Wishing you a wonderful year ahead full of blessings and remarkable accomplishments.  ~~ Ineke

Per il tuo importante traguardo del “quarto di secolo”, da sue vecchietti che potrebbero essere quasi tuoi nonni e che hanno assistito a 7 dei vostri stupendi concerti, ti giungano i più affettuosi e sinceri auguri per un felicissimo compleanno . Un abbraccio forte ed un bacio. Laura e Ugo

Best wishes for a wonderful Birthday Piero. Have a fabulous day and following year. Thank you for all the pleasure you give to your fans.  ~~ Marion

Happy Birthday Mr. Barone and wishing you many more and all the joy that you give to those around you. You are truly an impressive young man, to be greatly admired.  ~~ Mark

Happy Birthday , Piero! I enjoy your music so very much. Wishing you a wonderful year. Thanks for being the person you are.  ~~ Connie Bruns

Dear Piero,
Buon Compleanno!!   25 annos.
Have a wonderful day celebrating with Family & Friends!  May all your dreams & desires for the  rest of the year be fulfilled!  Your voice is so beautiful!  It continues to gain strength & power!  I love any song you sing!  Thank you for the pleasure & enjoyment your beautiful music  brings to me!   I love the new video,  Noche Sin  Dia Gente de Zona.  Great  Latin  rhythm!!  Again, let me thank your parents for sharing their precious Son with the whole World!!
Happy Birthday!  Amore to you.    Nonna, Anne

Dear Piero – I want you to know you and your Il Volo “brothers” have brought me so much joy since I first heard you in 2009. My biggest wish for you on your 25th birthday is that you soon realize your dream to sing in an opera (but no leaving Il Volo, please).  And secondly, that you have a birthday full of love and surprises.  A Very Happy Birthday, Piero!  With love from Minnesota – Allene Shipman

Dear Piero,

Sending hugs and best wishes for a wonderful birthday filled with much love, peace and joy.  Looking forward to more beautiful music and concerts in 2019!  God bless you and keep you, your family and friends.

Margaret Ladolcetta

Dearest Piero,

Many happy memories on your 25th birthday!  I wish for you a wonderful, fun-filled day with family and friends. And, I thank you so very much, for your willingness to share with the world, and me,  your exquisite voice.  Continue to work hard, and remain the kind, generous and considerate man you are today!


Sandi E.

Ohio, USA

Dear Piero,
You are and always will be a bright shining beacon of light in this world. Your singing brings a joy that is hard to describe to all who hear you. Your kindness and sincere personality warm every heart who have ever had the pleasure of meeting you. You have such a brilliant future ahead of you. I feel privileged and honored to have met you several times. You are truly a genuine human being. Happy birthday and may you enjoy many years to come!
Jane from Minnesota

Happy Birthday Dear Piero. You are such a special young man. Stay that way and never change. Enjoy your day to the fullest.
  Maria Marques

My birthday message to Piero:

Buon compleanno, Piero! Wishing you a birthday filled with endless sunshine, smiles, and beautiful moments that are as special as you are. Thank you for bringing so much joy into our days. God bless you in everything always. Auguri, amore e abbracci…..Christina (Ontario, Canada)

Happy quarter century!  Tanti auguri!

Jana, Detroit

Happy “25th” Birthday Piero !! Today we are celebrating 9125 days of amazing you !! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for enchanting us with your breathtaking voice, gorgeous smile and big, beautiful heart !!❤️
Last year you performed Notte Magica which was memorable and you sang many classical and operatic songs while standing still behind a microphone so I hope this coming year you and your brothers have a blast and let loose dancing around the stage and in the audience singing your new Latin songs !! I can’t wait !!🤗
Have a GREAT birthday and a year ahead filled with all that your heart desires !! Sending you big hugs !! 🎂💕🎂💕🎂
Lots of Love,Joan Brenin


Bellaria June 1, there is a birthday to celebrate, Dodi Battaglia, guitarist of POOH, (famous Italian complex). In these days from his facebook page, Dodi has advised of this event, completely free, to be held in the evening, on the beautiful seafront of Bellaria, in Emilia Romagna.

Many artists will be present to make duets with Dodi, and among these there will also be our Ignazio Boschetto.

Ignazio 01

In the afternoon, before the rehearsals, Ignazio was interviewed by a local TV station.

In this video, Ignazio says that the Pooh, have made the history of Italian music, for him it is an honor to be there and sing with Dodi, share the stage with Dodi, who besides being a great artist, is also a great friend.

In addition, Ignazio confirms that he was born in Bologna (which is in Emilia Romagna) and therefore could not be present in this event.

And here’s the video with our sweet Ignazio!

So in the afternoon, there was evidence, and there were already people present, and then there are videos that show Ignatius who is trying the song entrusted to him, UOMINI SOLI. (MEN ALONE)

It’s a beautiful song, with which POOH won Sanremo in 1990.

It’s a very difficult song for both the text and because it has very high tones, but this certainly does not worry Ignazio.

Here is the beautiful video of the afternoon tests.

Ignazio 02

Ignazio really good, you’re really a great artist and you have a big heart.

Maybe you in America do not know this song, but believe me, because of the high tones, very few singers agree to sing it.

And here are the photos of the evening. Ignazio and Dodi.

Ignazio 03Ignazio 04Ignazio 05Ignazio 06Ignazio 07Ignazio 08Ignazio 09

And here, finally, the video of the evening. Too bad that it is resumed alongside and only a piece of the song, but we can all hear and see that Ignazio was in good shape, very good!

And here’s a last video, broadcast by a local TV the day after, where this is said:

“THE YOUNGEST SINGER ON THE STAGE, IGNAZIO BOSCHETTO from IL VOLO, great talent, for him a dream to be here.”

Ignazio says: “At home I have a guitar autographed by Dodi.”

Ignazio 10Ignazio 11Ignazio 12

What to say, these guys always amaze us, and leave us speechless.

Bravo Ignazio.

You really are a very sweet man.


Credit to owners of all photos and video.


1 Month & Counting — Piero’s Birthday






Please send your birthday greetings to us at:  ilvoloflightcrw@outlook.com by June 22nd to allow us time to prepare the post.

With your submission, feel free to include your suggestion for a song to be used for the video we will make.  If I choose your song, your name will be added in the credits at the end of the video.



Tanti Auguri, Gianluca!! Happy 23rd!

Ciao a tutti!!

bd gg 1Yes, I know it’s been a little while since Gian’s birthday, just about a month to be exact!  Thought we could use a little party to perk us up, while waiting for their new CD and movie to come out!

Due to various other parties being booked on Feb 11, we had our Gianluca celebration on Feb 10, instead!  It was our 4th annual party at Antonio’s, celebrating Gian’s birthday.  Can you believe it was 3 years ago, that we celebrated on their Sanremo night of honor?

bd gg 2

Our little corp group of six were there, along with Barb from Sterling Heights.  Due to this rough flu season, as well as the Fri – Sun snowstorm, several couldn’t make it.  We missed those that could not make it, especially Magdalena, from Toledo; Barb, from Westland; and Betty, from New Orleans!!  

We met about 5p at Antonio’s in Dearborn Heights – our favorite haunt for Gian’s birthday!  🙂  As always, there was good food, conversation, cake, and lovelybd gg 5 presents from Donna.

We even had a surprise, special guest – Mama Rita!!  We saw her when we met there at Christmas time and told her we’d be back for Gian’s birthday.  She must have seen us on the reservation list, as she made a point of stopping by our table to say hello.   We invited her back to share dessert with us.  We went on our way to eating, drinking, and opening our presents… We saw Mama flitting around the restaurant in her hat and scarf and had to ask the waitress to send her over for cake.  She said she thought she had left.  But we waited patiently and there she was!!  She graciously joined us for cake and sat down at our bd gg 4table for a little while.  She was definitely the “hostess with the mostest” as she offered us limoncello or Sambuca, and cappuccino or espressos!  We graciously accepted both offers!  I have to say, it was one of the best caps I had ever had!  🙂 

Again, it was a lovely evening and we were honored with such a special guest at our table!bd gg 3

We were lucky, the snow had pretty much stopped by the time we had left.  We did get a wallop that Friday before!  I think we did get nearly 6 to 8 inches.  Spring is right around the corner now and we are already planning our party for Piero.

If you live in the Detroit area, everyone is welcome!!  Let’s make some new friends and fans!  🙂


Tanti Auguri!!  Next stop, Piero!  June 24!  Can you believe our beloved Piero will be a quarter century old?  Hey, he’s catching up to us!!  🙂




Picture of Mama Rita used with her permission.



It’s Time!


Piero’s birthday is coming up, and it’s time to start preparing for his birthday post!


Please send your greeting to:


Deadline: the evening before his big day

I know we’ve had problems in the past trying to get everyone’s greeting into the post, and I hope we have fixed this issue.  🙂  If you do not receive a return e-mail letting us know that we received your message, please reach out to someone here in the comments!





We Love You So Much, We Couldn’t Fit It All On One Page…


0096 Happy Birthday Piero - 2015


Happy 22nd Birthday Dear Gianluca,
I wish you the happiest of birthdays filled with your dear loved ones family and friends.
You should receive back many times over all the love and enjoyment you give so freely of yourselves to others. You have a beautiful voice, heart and soul. May God bless you always in your personal and professional life.
Il Volover and Fan for Life,
Margaret D. Mirailh


 ***May God bless you and keep you in His care on your birthday and always, Gianluca.  We were so concerned for you and your family during the earthquakes, and we are so sorry that you lost friends because of them. I pray that you will be able to look forward to each new day.  Can’t wait for the concert in Las Vegas in March!
Brenda Hall, grandmother in Texas who prays for you. (Hope you enjoyed the Paul Anka CD!)
Happy Happy birthday to the smoothest voice in the world. Love and hugs from me for enriching my life. Joanie Guyon in California
***Dear Gian Luca,  Wishing you a happy Birthday with many more to come!   Love from Joyce Bond, San Antonio Tx🎉🎂
Hi Gian,  Your fans all over the globe are celebrating your birthday today. I wish you HEALTH, HAPPINESS, and LOVE my dear. I have followed your career for 6 years now. You have grown to be a wonderful caring and loving individual and the three of you have had such a great affect on my life. You make my life happy with your music and I am forever thankful. Enjoy your SPECIAL DAY with love ones. We ADORE YOU GIAN. HAPPY BIRTHDAY.Regards,Prese PascoAll God’s blessings to you,  Gianluca!  Thank you for your dedication to your music, your fans and your family!  You have inspired me to learn Italian, reconnect with my Italian roots, and play my ukulelele and sing Italian songs!  Have a grand birthday and we’ll be seeing you at the meet and greets in Detroit and Chicago in March and in Taormina in June!  Lottsa Ilvolove! -Ms Betty!
***Gianluca – Happy Birthday, , happy birthday, happy birthday, Happy birthday and may you have many more.  Celebrate, have fun and enjoy yourself.  Sorry, I’m not there to celebrate with you – maybe next time , sweetie!!
Anne Deehan

Sincere wishes  for a very happy birthday, Gian  !!!!  ~~ Mary Anne Sutton






Dear Gianluca~~I wish you a wonderful birthday and the continuation of making your dreams come true!
You are a wonderful young man with a fabulous talent and a sweet personality that we love for your kindness of heart, your thoughtfulness and caring.
It has been a big year.  I hope the next one has much happiness, success and personal fulfillment.  Penina Honig,  Toronto,  Canada


***I want to wish you the happiest of birthdays.  May you have as much joy in your life as you bring into my life. Gianluca you are much loved by so many people.  May God bless you and your loved ones.  Rose Marie Paliobeis
Dear Gianluca!  I also wish you a happy 22 birthday and I send you some  pictures of your heart female – NP.  I wish you only the beautiful sunny days in your next life. Good luck! Zdena.

***Dear Gianluca,  Happy 22nd Birthday!    Buon Compleanno!    Your beautiful music makes me smile & feel happy! Love all the new songs you sing!  ❤💖. Have a great 2017  with all your dreams  & desires fullfilled!  Looking forward to the March Concerts! ~~ Ann Quinto

***Happy 22nd birthday Gianluca, enjoy your big day! I can’t wait till march 14th when I get to see my favorite group in person for the first time in Boston, I hope I get to see you three close. You have a really cute girlfriend and make a cute couple, it is good to see you smile all the time you can tell you are happy. I hope you can celebrate yours with her.  ~~ Elizabeth Meyer
Happy Birthday Gianlucca. Wishing you peace, love and joy for the next year and the rest of your life. Thank you for the peace, love and joy you have given your fans around the world. With love, Jan Bolin Kansas, USA
gianandjoan Dearest Gianluca,
The past seven years have been one of the greatest pleasures of my life watching you grow from an adorable young teenager into a handsome,kind,loving and extremely talented young man !!!
You are loved so much and wished all that your sweet heart desires and more in the coming year and forever after !!!
Have a GREAT “22nd” Birthday with your beautiful family and friends. !!!
I can’t wait to see you at Radio City Music Hall March 4th !!!!  All My Love, Joan Brenin
***Happy Birthday Gianluca!   I hope you enjoy your special day with those you love.  You are such a talented man with a heart of gold.  Keep smiling and loving your life.  Jane Ceminsky–from Minnesota!

“May God Grant you always…… A sun beam to warm you, a moonbeam to charm you, a sheltering Angel so nothing can harm you, laughter to cheer you, faithful friends near you, and whenever you pray, Heaven to hear you,  -An Irish Blessing-  A Happy Birthday wish from Gina in Texas



***Dear Gianluca,  This has been a year of great highs and lows for you.   The biggest high has to be the amazing performance of Notte Magica.   It will ever be hard to top that.   Thank you so much for the endless times I can watch it.   We are all so proud of you three young men.  The saddest part is the loss of your friends in the tragic earthquake.   May you find peace in treasured memories.   I hope February 11th is the beginning of another wonderful year for you.   Many happy returns of the day.   My wish is sent with love,  Lesley Newall.



Happy birthday greetings to Gianluca-a great person and singer. ~~ Bob Hahn



Happy Birthday dearest Gianluca.  Sending extra big hugs, kisses and wishes for your health, happiness and inner peace. Looking forward to seeing you at Foxwoods and Boston.  Enjoy your special day.  Luv ya!  Julie Bernache


***A very, very Happy Birthday, Gianluca. Your beautiful voice and those of your Il Volo “brothers” brought peace and happiness into my life when I very much needed it. God bless you for sharing your wonderful talent with the world. Much love from Minnesota, Allene Shipman



Seems like only yesterday Gian was an incredibly handsome youngster with a truly beautiful man’s voice . The boy has become a wonderful young man with a rich and powerful baritone. Happy birthday, Gianluca. May you enrich our lives and stir our hearts as only you can for many many years to come. ~~ Dorothy Shores



Dear Gianluca – I hope you have a wonderful birthday.  I know it has been a terrible few months for you but just know that the love your fans have for you is immeasurable and that we are always thinking of you.  Cannot wait to see you on March 2 in Easton and March 7 in Philadelphia (Meet & Greet) ~~ Camille Greco



***Well young man, I am here ,once again, to wish you a buon compleano.  My pleasure!  Your hard work has brought you the amazing notoriety you deserve.  Just keep singing!  Sending all my love to you.  See you in Detroit!  💋Marie Crider.

*** Happy Birthday, Gianluca!  From Jeanine DuBois ***





*** Gianluca,  I can’t say anything that others haven’t already, so I won’t try.  I hope you feel all of our love in spite of the distance between our countries.  Have a wonderful day!  Tanti Auguri!  Much love, Kelly  ❤



photo credits: Bing Images; wikiblogs







My dear sweet Gianluca, I wish you a beautiful day on your birthday.   I can’t believe you will be 22.  I have been following you since the beginning and watched you grow up into the fine, young, talented man that you are.  I feel like you are family – a nephew!  I have seen your show 10 times and was at the Fan Faire in Vegas and gave you the biscotti from Lisa.  I know you loved them.   She made the nutella biscotti especially for you!  Will see you at the Civic Opera House in Chicago March 18.  Can’t wait.  Ann Scavo
***Wishing you a very Happy Birthday, dear Gianluca.  I think you are an amazing person, so talented and a treasure to this world!  May you be blessed with all the good things you deserve.
Ineke ~ South Africa



Buon 22esimo compleanno di uno dei più dolci, gentili, e intelligenti baritoni sulla Terra. Celebrarlo comunque, dovunque e con chi vuoi. Canta e balla per soddisfare il tuo cuore. Godi ogni momento.  Ti vogliamo bene, Angelica and Inès Rosas, Las Vegas, NV  
***Buon compleanno Gianluca, hanno una splendida giornata e molti altri a venire.  Marion Ferrari.
Dear Gianluca,  How time flies!  I remember seeing you speak for the first time in a PBS special interview. You looked so much like every unhappy teenager in my school.  You were not pleased because you were under age and still needed a parent chaperone.  I thought to myself, how quickly you would grow up and be independent.  It is difficult  to compare that teenager with the handsome, smiling, and confident young adult that you are now. Your accomplishments, along with your wonderful “brothers”, continues to amaze and astound me!  With each passing birthday, you become better and better!  I wish for you a wonderful birthday, full of hugs and kisses and best wishes for another terrific year!  Please remain, in some small way, the hopeful 16 year old you once were.  Your life is yet to be filled with many new and life expanding experiences.  I look forward to seeing all three of you in Detroit.  And, as I already know, you and they never, ever disappoint! Happy birthday, Gian! 

Ciao bello! Happy 22nd Birthday! Hope your day is as special as you are! I cannot wait to meet you at the March 18th concert in Chicago! 😊  Ti voglio bene,  Patricia W. (pitterpat0)

Gianluca, non c’è nessun regalo al mondo che è meglio che il dono che ci darai tutto con la tua voce incredibile.  Vi auguro il migliore dei compleanni, e un bellissimo anno pieno di amore e di felicità.  Ci vediamo a Los Angeles!   Manola

***Wishing you the happiest of birthdays, Gianluca.  You are a very special person who shows everyday how to live a full life with family , friends and fans enjoying your attention and your sweet smile. Always stay as grounded and humble as you are now.  Much love on your 22 year!  Janet

 From Sue Hemshell

Hi Gianluca, Last year (2016)  we ( Las Vegas Il Volo Fan Faire  and our partners,  Flight Crew )  were finally able to bring you to Las Vegas for a concert.  We also hosted you with our 100 fans at our Fan Faire .  You were so gracious to us even though you had a very busy schedule.  We will never forget it.  It is my hope that you remember the event as well.  As far as I know, Vegas was the only place on your tour where you had a large group of fans that came to meet, have dinner and you came to visit.  I have a special reason to celebrate your birthday and that is because you turned out to be even more of a friend to me personally and that feels wonderful. We will see you on March 25 at the new Park Theater at the Monte Carlo Hotel Casino.  Barbara felt that the schedule would not work for a Fan Faire this year so we shall plan for one next time you tour in the USA.  Who knows it might even be at another city.  That is possible.  We can put our Fan Faires where ever we want depending on you.  Gianluca, we all love you.  You show your warmth and caring through your extra wonderful singing ability.  A very happy birthday to you on the 11th.  All my love, Myron Heaton,  Las Vegas Il Volo Fan Faire,  Il Volo Flight Crew 


***Hello from America!! Tanti Auguri my dear friend!! Saying that just doesn’t seem adequate enough for someone who gives so much of his self to bring such beauty and joy into other people’s lives. I don’t think you will ever understand what you, Piero and Ignazio mean to us. My prayers for you are that this birthday your dreams will come true. Have a great time with your family and friends and know that all Il Volovers will be there in spirit. Lots of love,  Denise Spinelli-Mattern 


Dear Gianluca:  Another year has flown by! It seems we were just celebrating your 21st birthday. Looking back, it has been a very busy year, filled with hard work and great success. We have watched you grow up to become a loving and very talented young man. We see in you your love of family, friends and fans, and I am blessed to be a fan. I join with all the others here wishing you a Very Happy Birthday!  Sent with love from Texas, Linda Parks


***Tanti Auguri Gianluca!  Best wishes for a wonderful birthday and another year filled with extraordinary adventures.  I love listening to
my Una Notte Magica DVD and CD and have given a few as Christmas gifts.  Once people see and hear you, they become Ilvololovers also. Thank you, Piero and Ignazio for being so kind outside the Today studio and signing my DVD/CD, and I am looking forward to attending your concerts in Easton and at Radio City Music Hall.  I am keeping you and your beloved Italia in my prayers and God bless you and all your loved ones.  Hugs and thanks for all the beautiful music!  Margaret Ladolcetta
***”Have a happy & blessed 22nd birthday, Gianluca. We all know that the first part of this year has been very tough for you, with all the losses you have suffered. But have faith that God has greater things in His mind for you to accomplish in your life. I hope your tour with Piero & Ignazio will be very successful this year. Please be safe in all your travels. Love from Louisiana, USA. Lynn Gonzales-Balfour”
Buona compleanno Gianluca!!!!!  February 11, your 22nd!  I truly love you and your singing!!!.  Your rendition  of Artranquez con amor and especially La Danza was truly magnificent.  I have all your DVDs and CDs -even those in Spanish-even though I do not know any Spanish– I love the emotions that come through in your singing!!!   I am presently taking a class in Italian for the past three months, but I download the English translations of all of Il Volo’s songs through the web site- Lyricstranslate and so I have reference book as well.  I love you guys and am so excited about. coming to my first concert on March 11,2017 at Foxwoods in Connecticut, USA.  I listen to your music 4-5 hours ogni giorni from pomeriggio to most times until 4-5 in the morning!!  I go to sleep with the Spanish CD of Masque que Amor. I will bring you some Nutella and crackers!   My sincere condolences on the loss of your friend, Roberto!  We all know and understand the grief and loss you feel..  I am totally addicted to Il Volo and hope you guys stay together  to create more musical DVDs and CDs.  You are successfully bringing the Bel Canto to the world!!!  Your music, your choices, your VOICES, are so Great, Luciano Pavorotti would be so PROUD as I know Jose Carreras and of course,, Placido Domingo are.  I feel so lucky to be alive in your time, to  be able to experience you guys, I hope it never stops!!!! with lots of LOVE , Linda Goldblith.


***I will see you and the boys in Radio City March 4th this is my 6th concert I love you and god bless you on your birthday.  Maureen Perucca, Bethpage NY 


Hi Gianluca, sending you wishes for a very Happy Birthday from myself Lynda Johnson and my family. I am looking forward to seeing you all at The Royal Albert Hall in London England on 23rd May this year. Remember I met you all last year at the Palladium and gave you all a pair of Union Jack Cuff Links. I wonder will you wear them this year. Enjoy your birthday Lots of love. Lynda x x x
***Buon compleanno Gianluca. See you in Tampa on March 30.  ~Nancy

Gianluca, I hope this wonderful day will fill your heart with joy and happiness!  Have an amazing birthday and may all of your birthday wishes come true!!!  🎈🎂🎈  Love and birthday hugs,  Barbara in AZ


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