Bellaria June 1, there is a birthday to celebrate, Dodi Battaglia, guitarist of POOH, (famous Italian complex). In these days from his facebook page, Dodi has advised of this event, completely free, to be held in the evening, on the beautiful seafront of Bellaria, in Emilia Romagna.

Many artists will be present to make duets with Dodi, and among these there will also be our Ignazio Boschetto.

Ignazio 01

In the afternoon, before the rehearsals, Ignazio was interviewed by a local TV station.

In this video, Ignazio says that the Pooh, have made the history of Italian music, for him it is an honor to be there and sing with Dodi, share the stage with Dodi, who besides being a great artist, is also a great friend.

In addition, Ignazio confirms that he was born in Bologna (which is in Emilia Romagna) and therefore could not be present in this event.

And here’s the video with our sweet Ignazio!

So in the afternoon, there was evidence, and there were already people present, and then there are videos that show Ignatius who is trying the song entrusted to him, UOMINI SOLI. (MEN ALONE)

It’s a beautiful song, with which POOH won Sanremo in 1990.

It’s a very difficult song for both the text and because it has very high tones, but this certainly does not worry Ignazio.

Here is the beautiful video of the afternoon tests.

Ignazio 02

Ignazio really good, you’re really a great artist and you have a big heart.

Maybe you in America do not know this song, but believe me, because of the high tones, very few singers agree to sing it.

And here are the photos of the evening. Ignazio and Dodi.

Ignazio 03Ignazio 04Ignazio 05Ignazio 06Ignazio 07Ignazio 08Ignazio 09

And here, finally, the video of the evening. Too bad that it is resumed alongside and only a piece of the song, but we can all hear and see that Ignazio was in good shape, very good!

And here’s a last video, broadcast by a local TV the day after, where this is said:

“THE YOUNGEST SINGER ON THE STAGE, IGNAZIO BOSCHETTO from IL VOLO, great talent, for him a dream to be here.”

Ignazio says: “At home I have a guitar autographed by Dodi.”

Ignazio 10Ignazio 11Ignazio 12

What to say, these guys always amaze us, and leave us speechless.

Bravo Ignazio.

You really are a very sweet man.


Credit to owners of all photos and video.


20 thoughts on “IGNAZIO and UOMINI SOLI by Daniela”

    1. Yes Janet, we are all waiting to hear the beautiful voices of our boys.
      Tonight in Italy, there are the Wind Music Awards, but the episode will be broadcast in RAI1 on June 12th. From indiscretion it seems that the boys sing “L’Amore si Muove”

      1. Daniela, I’m seeing on Il Volo Facebook that they have just won Platinum at the Wind Awards! Doesn’t indicate for what song/music? They sure look happy!

      2. Mark, the “live platinum” award, is recognized for having exceeded over 100 thousand people during the concerts of the year (from June to May of the following year).
        Naturally, only Italian concerts are counted.

  1. Beautiful article and photos! It never ceases to amaze me at all the gorgeous cakes the Italians have on hand for every occasion! They really do it up nicely when they celebrate anything. Spectacular cakes and bubbly…now that’s the way to celebrate!
    Ignazio looks as if he is really enjoying himself. What an honor to perform with people you admire so. Simply wonderful. (Jane)

    1. Jane, yes, we are a little exaggerated.
      But when it’s time to celebrate, it’s nice to be happy and positive.
      Ignazio is happy and also the youngest of all the artists present.

    2. Seems like yet another dream come true for Ignazio! I love this song and the way he sings it!

      Sweet to see the colleaguial camaraderie!

      Love all around,

  2. Ignazio did a great job singing and the song sounds lovely! It’s so nice to always see the respect and affection that Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca show to those singers who came before them and have had very long careers.

    1. I totally agree with you, Margaret, the boys give respect and are respected for this way they do. I always repeat that the boys are true jewels of education.
      Yes, Ignazio was very good at interpreting this difficult song.

  3. Your Grande Amora, Daniela (next only to hubby of course)…. looking very good…. soundlng very good…… and more;-)

  4. Daniela, thanks for clarifying. I was guessing (hoping) the award was for a specific piece of music. Is this award they now have, much sought after-does it carry weight in Italy? Is it considered a big deal? Trying to gauge the importance of the award for those who receive it. It would seem that for the over 100 thousand who attended, the Trio is a big deal. Thanks.

    1. Si Mark, is an important award in Italy. means that the boys are very popular, because we remember that the concerts that they held last year were about MAGIC NIGHT, so a very classic repertoire and certainly not very topical among the young that fill the stadiums.
      So congratulations to the guys who have been able to bring so many people to their concerts, where they were not just radio songs, to be heard.

      1. Additionally, I for got to mention that the song (Uomini Soli) Ignazio sings above is really pretty to listen to and has, I think, a haunting melody. I’d love to hear the guys sing it together on a recording or concert. I don’t know any of the words, but the tune keeps appearing in my mind. Thanks.

      2. It ‘a very difficult text, which speaks of men left alone for various reasons, this is a verse:

        “There are, men, alone
        for the thirst for adventure
        because they studied as a priest
        or for twenty years in prison
        for mothers who have never weaned them
        for women who turned them over and lost them
        or just because they are different ”

        and this is the refrain:

        God of cities and of immensity
        if it is true that you are there and you have traveled more than us
        let’s see if you can learn this life
        and maybe a little ‘change before she changes us
        Let’s see if we can make ourselves love as we are
        without rape more with neuroses and jealousies
        because this life stretches, and who is lying
        he sleeps or dies, or makes love

  5. Interesting, I would still like to hear all 3 give it a try, unless, of course, it’s written to be specifically a solo piece-Ignazio’s voice seems to be just right for it. Thanks again.

    1. Not at all Mark, UOMINI SOLI was made for the Pooh who are a group.
      Here it is when they won Sanremo 1990.

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