A GOOD FRIEND by Daniela

Who am I talking about?

But Fabio Ingrassia, one of the dear friends of Il Volo.

Fabio was born and lives in Marsala and became a friend of Ignazio, but soon he also knows Piero and Gianluca and becomes their friend. Many of you know who I’m talking about, but maybe not everyone knows about him. 

Fabio is also an artist, but another genre of art, Fabio is a contemporary artist, always looking for new artistic expressions. Fabio and Il Volo’s road intertwines several times, not only from the point of view of friendship, but also from the artistic point of view.

Friend 01

On March 5, 2016, in Miami, there was a concert by Il Volo and Fabio Ingrassia, during the song “SMILE”, makes a beautiful performance, painting, on the stage, a picture which appears as a subject of modern art, but at the end materializes as a beautiful portrait executed upside down, of the faces of Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca.

Too bad that the video of the evening does not do justice to the event.

Here’s what the finished picture looks like.  

(Please click on each image below for a larger version.)

Of course Fabio has made many beautiful portraits of our boys over time !!

Fabio, aka FaoDesign, completed his studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Palermo.

(Please click on each image below for a larger version.)

Our friends Deborah, Jeannette and Judy (pictured with Maria, Fabio’s partner) have also been at Fabio’s house and have appreciated his works.

Friend 17

Here is Judy, with a copy of Fabio’s painting.  

Friend 18

And this is the beautiful picture of Deborah.

Friend 19

Friend 20

And this is the original painting purchased by RoseMarie Paliobeis.

Rose Maries IL VOLO Painting cropped

RoseMarie with IL VOL Painting

She also purchased this robin print which Fabio later posted on Instagram.

Rose Maries Robin Painting cropped

RoseMarie with Robin Painting

How wonderful these paintings !!

In September 2019, there was the Il Volo concert, at the Arena di Verona, I was present, a magnificent concert.

During the evening Fabio also showed his art, while Il Volo performed “SMILE”, but this time, the portrait performed by Fabio was a splendid tribute to Chaplin.

The soft voices of the boys filled the air and delighted our hearing, but our gaze was captivated by what was taking shape on the canvas, a fantastic atmosphere, beautifully managed by four great artists.

This time the video perfectly captures every moment. I assure you that it was a very exciting moment and until the end you did not have the perception of the finished picture. Very beautiful!!

One of the latest works done by Fabio for our boys, concerns a single portrait, made for Piero’s birthday.

Friend 21

Friend 22

Friend 23

Friend 24

But how beautiful is this portrait of Piero?

Fabio completely captured Piero’s beautiful smile.

Looking at this portrait, one has the feeling that the image speaks ………… rather that he sings !!

Wonderful, associated with Piero’s beautiful voice, it makes the image of the painting even more real.

Some time ago, on the blog, “HARDCORE ITALIANS,” a nice article about Fabio Ingrassia was published, here he is.


Fantastic video dedicated to Freddie Mercury, which I propose here.

Fabio’s Freddie Mercury Tribute – Click Here


In private life, Fabio lives happily with Maria, and this year they were planning their wedding.

Unfortunately Covid19 has blown the plans of many couples, and so it was also for Fabio and Maria, who have postponed their event to next year.

But there is a beautiful event, which will not be postponed, Fabio himself made the announcement a few days ago, a nice baby is coming.

What wonderful news! Best Wishes, to the whole family!!

Friend 25

Fabio, I loved your works from the first moment I saw them.

You know how to bring your portraits to life, and this is not possible for everyone.

You can also be a very good friend, because I remember that, at the moment of Ignazio’s fall in Tampa, you were close to him, as only a true friend can be.

The news of the baby arriving only adds positivity to your life.

All the Flight Crew, wishes you, Maria and the baby every positive thing, a lot of success in your life as an artist, and that your friendship with Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca will always last over time.



Friend 26

Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

32 thoughts on “A GOOD FRIEND by Daniela”

  1. Thank you for sharing another talented 👩‍🎨 artist.
    GREAT portrait of Piero!!

    1. Piero’s portrait is truly beautiful, and to see his image taking shape with his voice in the background …. priceless.

      Fabio is a great artist!

  2. Wonderful article about Fabio. 💖 We love him and Maria as much as we love “our boys”!! 💖💖💖 Grazie Daniela for including us in your article…..and…..We love you just as much as them forever!! 💖💞💝

    1. Deborah, it’s true, Fabio and Maria are special people. They got a lot of affection from Il Volo fans.

      Thank you for the affection you also have for me and which I reciprocate with equal enthusiasm. 🙂

  3. This is a beautiful post Daniela!! I was at the Miami concert when Fabio created that amazing painting and finished it during one song!! Afterwards they presented it to one of their fans who they knew very well and was in a wheelchair. It was a beautiful moment. Our dear Fabio also created a masterpiece of the guys for me that I will treasure forever!! I have no idea how to post it!!😜 I was also very fortunate to be able to attend two of his magnificent shows in Miami with many of our Il Volo family. He is an extraordinary artist!! Fabio and his Maria are beautiful people and I wish them all the happiness in the world with their blessed event and always.❤️😃❤️

    1. Joanie, how nice you saw the portrait moment in Miami.
      I remember that they gave the painting to the girl in a wheelchair, very sweet, and I think I am not mistaken, saying that it is the girl who in the photo is embraced by Ignazio’s mother.
      If you want, you can send the photo with you and the portrait by email to this address: stefyspose@gmail.com
      This way we add it to the post !! 🙂

  4. I was not familiar with Fabio before reading this website, but I must say that he is a fabulous artist! What a wonderful gift from God to have such a talent😊. Also, how can I become a member of Daniela’s Il Volo fan club?

  5. Once again you make your words come alive with so much heart for the subject you write about… The fact that you research your subject and add pictures and videos for us to enjoy makes all your articles outstanding… But this one is special, maybe I feel an extra tug to my heart as I read this because Fabio and Maria are special to me… Thank you again for a beautiful article…❤🇮🇹❤

    1. Thanks Jeannette, dear friend, for the nice compliments you always give me.
      As I have already said, Fabio and Maria are two special people, even more so for you, who have known them personally, there is a lot of affection that binds you.

  6. To Pat, Daniela, and Jo Ann…

    Thanks for taking my idea and running with it! Lol! Awesome and beautiful job, ladies! The story flies off the pages in true Il Volo style!

    From the comments from Deborah, Joanie, and Jeannette, it certainly made lovely memories for them!!

    Brava! 😍🍾🥂


  7. Beautifully presented. Yes, Fabio has entered our lives through his performances with Il Volo. One more of the things we love about our connection as an Il Volover.

    1. Such a talented artist. I too was lucky enough to be in the audience for the concert in Miami when Fabio did the portrait of the boys.The audience truly did not know what was going to come out of his work until the end. As I was sitting in the 2nd row right next to the girl in the wheelchair I know she was truly delighted with the gift of the picture, and he and all the boys greeted her.They really made her day!! Looking forward to many more portraits.Congratulations to Fabio and Maria and expected baby.

      1. Marion, Fabio showed us some beautiful moments of art, during the concerts of Il Volo.
        Anyone who could have been there was fascinated.
        I remember the girl in the wheelchair well, she was very happy with the gift.

    2. Kay, sometimes I get the feeling that everything around the world of volovers is beautiful, sweet, clean.
      In these times of ugliness, it’s nice to be able to breathe fresh air.

  8. Thank you, Daniela, for posting this amazing article. I had never heard of Fabio. Now I know about another extremely talented person. Also, I just love the way he paints each one of Il Volo. He really seems to catch their personalities and to me, they come across as very sweet. Also, I wish Fabio every happiness with his new little one on the way and a wedding in the future! Dena Pitchfork, Mercer Island, Washington, U.S.A.

    1. Dena, the purpose of this post, was precisely to make Fabio’s skills known to those who do not know him.
      He is good and we, as good fans, never get tired of seeing the faces of our boys !!

  9. Thank you once again Pat and Daniela for this latest posting on the very talented Fabio!! What a gift he has to be able to paint under extrodinary circumstances as was seen in Miami. I especially like his latest painting of Piero on his birthday. Italy certainly has an abundance of talent. Best wishes to Fabio and Maria on soon to be parents!!

    1. Thanks Annette, as I am Italian, I feel involved in your compliments !!
      I would say that these four young people are excellent artists and to be lucky enough to see them at work is a beautiful event to remember !!

    2. Daniela, thank you for the nice article on Fabio. I saw the beautiful portrait of Piero posted after his birthday, but I had never heard of him. He is extremely talented. I love the pictures of the boys where he blends their faces together. Incredible. Of course what more beautiful subjects than the three handsome faces of Il Volo! Best wishes to him and
      his new family.

      1. Cathy, I’m so happy to have introduced you to Fabio, such a talented artist, he portrays our boys in such a real way!

  10. Thanks Pat for showing my prized possessions. Fabio is a wonderful multimedia artist and he and Maria are a fantastic couple. Congratulations to them both on the upcoming event.

      1. Thanks Jana, they are my pride and joy. After my family of course. Fabio really did a wonderful job getting the Il Volo canvas mailed to me. He invited me to his studio to pick it up if I could but I was on another tour in Sicily and couldn’t get there.

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