Golden Boys by Daniela

We are in July and the summer concerts are approaching.

The guys are releasing videos and interviews for the various concerts and I have seen and read what they said about the concerts of Taormina and Marostica and I found them very interesting so I will translate them for you.

This video is dedicated to the Taormina concert.

I translate:

P = Saturday, July 28 we are waiting for you in the splendid setting of the Ancient Theater of Taormina, for a special evening to which we hold a lot, that is fundraising to support the AIRC (Italian Cancer Research Association) Sicilia committee, for research on pediatric tumors.

I = We all want to no longer have to talk about cancer, especially when we talk about the little ones.

This is why we need to support researchers who are looking for the most effective treatments to treat 100% of children.

G = All together we can help AIRC reach this milestone as soon as possible.

We are waiting for you in Taormina on Saturday 28th July, tickets are already available on Ticketone.

We give AIRC researchers an overpopulated Ancient Theater and we all say together:

P.I.G. = Against cancer, I am here!

Golden 01

This article, speaks of an interview made to the boys on the concert of Marostica, published by IL GIORNALE DI VICENZA.

Il Volo a Marostica in Piazza Scacchi

Il Giornale Article – click here

(I translate the most important points.)

On the wave of success that accompanies them for years without interruption, “Il Volo in concerto” will be one of the key events of the “Marostica Summer Festival” in Piazza degli Scacchi in Marostica on the evening of July 19th. The appointment with the three young ambassadors of Italian music is at 21.30 for an evening nominated to remain well impressed in the memory of the public.

Your success is international, but you will also be touring a small town like Marostica.

What is the value of small centers for you? “We were born and lived in small towns where we can truly appreciate the right human dimension, where everyone knows each other and, like in a big family, there can be friendship, solidarity and all those values ​​that have allowed us to face the world together. without fear. So it’s essential for us to return to the atmosphere of the city”.

Golden 02

One of your historical performances was the “Tribute ai Tre tenori”, Pavarotti, Carreas and Domingo. Are you going to be their heirs? “It would never be possible to compare ourselves with the three, unique and true tenors who transformed the lyric into a language for the general public. Ours was a simple tribute. A reminder of our historical moment with our voices.”

Your success is indisputable. Why are the Italian song and voices so loved? “Perhaps because the history of Italian music is fascinating in itself. Or because the music speaks Italian and among the great voices, the most famous are born in Italy.”

And to those who criticize your “lyric-pop” what do you answer? “That everyone has the right to love the music that is most congenial to them. Clearly, not everyone can appreciate such a particular genre. We ourselves when out of the scene listen, love and sing all different music. We only have twenty years. Criticizing is a right. But denigrate not so much. If, then, there are those who do it, we can not but shrug. In Marostica it will be a unique, magical concert.”

In ten years, where do you see yourself? “For the moment we have already arrived, at ten years of career. We hope to go the same way and always have this great audience because everything happens thanks to the people who love you and support you.”

Golden 03 copy

What to say, the video message is admirable, these guys really have a heart of gold.

And the interview in the newspaper? They said that Marostica will be a special concert, I cannot wait!


Credit to Mollysianna for all images.

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  1. Thank you so much, Daniela! I never get tired of hearing about these guys, so your translations are like a precious gift!😊❤️

    1. Thanks to you Barb, boys are our favorite subject, sometimes I realize I exaggerate when my children raise their eyes to heaven, and this makes me understand that I have to moderate myself, but among us real fans there is no such danger.

  2. Hi Daniela, thank you for the translations. I really hope you enjoy the concert and certainly envy you. Hopefully, you will get to meet the guys……such anticipation !!!

    1. Of one thing I’m sure Marion, I certainly like the concert, and I will be in the second row for you too.

  3. My favorite concerts were at Taormina. They seem to get a special energy when there. Hope we get some videos from some fans.

    1. Gina, Taormina would have been the top for me too.
      It must be special to attend a concert of IL VOLO, in such a beautiful environment, full of history and full of people who love them.
      I do not want to say that in other cities are not equally loved or not equally beautiful places, but Taormina certainly has an edge more (so, we say in Italy).

      How are you? I send you a big hug.

    2. I agree Gina. Their first 2 concerts in Italy at Taormina are among their finest performances ever. Thanks to Myron I have a copy of the first one on DVD and I hope it never wears out!
      Thanks again Myron!!

      1. The ones in Verona are also terrific. They must like performing in amphitheaters!

  4. So happy for you ,Daniela, in that you will be at one of their summer concerts! Great interview content you have shared with us! They speak with such kindness and sincerity. Makes you love them all the more. So admirable supporting the AIRC. Love the way they describe being born and raised in small towns where you can truly appreciate the right human dimension.

    1. Jane, I’m not familiar with the expression “the right human dimension”, do you know what they mean by this? Thanks.

      1. Mark, given the context of the rest of the statement…where every one knows each other…family, friendship, solidarity,…values that allow us to face the world together without fear…I just took it to mean by growing up in this kind of environment one can truly appreciate the world and everyone in it. They show this to us constantly in how they treat others with respect and dignity. In my opinion they are wise and mature beyond their years which I think is directly connected to how they were raised. Good solid morals and values. They are such shining examples of “we are love.” That to me is the right human dimension. (Jane)

      2. Mark, the right human dimension, is what you live in small cities, where everyone knows each other, where you are not afraid to go out at night, or if you need help, they are all willing to help you, to support you, to defend you .
        I think that the boys totally relax when they return to their cities, in fact, even in the second interview they emphasize this thing.
        Jane has explained well, what the guys mean, of course, in these small cities it is difficult to talk about privacy, but it is also rare to feel alone.

      3. nice….”the right human dimension”…. thank you for brining it up Mark.and thank you Jane for your beautiful explanation, and Daniela also. Grazie

    2. It ‘s true Jane, me too when I read and saw, I thought, what special guys that are, and this makes them love even more if possible, because in addition to excellent artists, there are young people to admire.
      It would be nice to meet for a concert, what do you say?

      1. Thank you Daniela and Jane for taking the time to explain-I understand now and appreciate knowing even more about their feelings or, as the young folks say, mindsets. They are certainly ALL that you have described.

  5. Hi Daniela,
    Thank you so very much for the translations. You allow us to know what is going on in Italy and that the boys are well. It is a much appreciated kindness.
    I hope, too, you have an opportunity to see the guys in the concert. Lucky, lucky you! Enjoy your summer, you make ours an Il Volo treat!

    1. Hi Sandy, I’m glad you like the translations, thanks to you.
      I will enjoy every moment of the concert, crossing my fingers and I hope to bring the boys as close as possible, I will be in the second row therefore, it could be possible.
      Of course I will take all your greetings and hugs to Ignazio Piero and Gianluca.

  6. Daniela I am excited for you ! Looking forward to hearing about and seeing the concert you will be attending. What will they sing?? New music? Their standards? Bel Canto? Maybe a preview of their new cd or next year’s tour. Have a great time.

    1. I think they will do a mix, surely Notte Magica songs, but also songs from L’Amore si Muove and certainly Grande Amore.
      I would not mind even hearing La Noche sin dia, but here in Italy, can not hear, so it will not be there.

  7. Thank you so much Daniela for your beautiful videos, photos and informative (and translated!) posts. I am sorry I don’t reply that often to all the wonderful and amazing posts you & all the dedicated fans of our Golden Boys keep us up to date with. I do eagerly look forward to every bit of what our guys are up to – I miss them terribly, but thanks to you and our IlVolo amazing team I can see our wonderful handsome men whenever I start to miss them.
    Thank you ALL and God bless you ALL – we have a special bond with the love and caring we feel toward Piero, Ignazio & Gianluca. They certainly were raised with the right values by their loving families. As they celebrate their 10th anniversary may God continue to bless and keep them safe. Even though they are young I have learned so much from them by how they conduct themselves and spread goodwill and love to All.

    1. Thanks for the compliments Margaret D.Mirailh, it’s nice what you wrote that the gestures of these guys can be taken as an example. We hope that so many young people today benefit from it.

  8. Lucky you, Daniela, going to the Marostica Concert…. and second row!!!! wow oh wow! grazie for this lovely post again, and i wish you a sweet time at Marostic

  9. Hi Daniela lucky girl I know you are going to enjoy your next Il Volo concert. If there is a possibility you will get chance to talk to them please ask them if they are coming to Canada. I am champing at the bit to see them again. Thanks

    1. If I have the chance to approach them, I will certainly ask them.
      You’re right Loretta, surely I will enjoy this concert.

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