July 1, 2016 ……… I can not believe it’s already been two years since that fantastic night, where in the warm sunset of Florence, you could feel in the air the magic that these three young boys were giving, at the public present.

It was wonderful and I was there.

It was my second concert and I was very excited, it was also the first time I used my daughter’s camera, I made videos that re-post to you, sorry for the various tremors and my voice in the background.

The magic was, that no one knew what to expect, we all know that the boys have incredible voices, but when they started with the Nessun Dorma, I think all those present held their breath to the end.

“O my God, it’s very difficult”, I thought, and even the boys were very emotional. There was a palpable tension in the air.

At the final note, we could not believe our ears, we all got up in a very long applause and a few teardrops wet our eyes. They were very good, we were all very proud of them, and they were tighten their hands, hugging each other, moved to be successful.

The various songs went by fast and the evening was beautiful. The muggy heat of the afternoon had given way to a nice evening temperature and Piazza Santa Croce was truly magnificent and the public really very much involved.

Between one song and another there were presentations made by the boys themselves, repeated twice, one in Italian and one in English and this was funny because Piero said: “Rewind everything and repeat because the grandmother in the front row has not heard well.”

There were also strange moments, because it was full summer and it was hot and yet, because the CD would come out at Christmas, they also sang a Christmas song, which was not added on the CD.

And Gianluca occasionally said, “Congratulations, Merry Christmas!”

The boys were really elegant, and the stage was huge, with a large chandelier that came down from the roof and emanated lights of many colors.

People reacted with enthusiastic applauses for their great affection, but also because they recognized the skill of the boys of IL VOLO.

But why in the title of today I wrote “Everything happened for a truly magical night”? Because of the videos I had taken that night…. once I returned home, I wanted to share them with someone.

It was about a year that I was following the IL VOLO FLIGHT CREW website, but I had NEVER commented, I read the various comments that I liked so much.

In fact, at that moment, I took courage and made a comment, attaching one of the videos.

Immediately Marie contacted me and told me to write my impressions on the concert and to attach all my videos that today, I’m re-posting.

I received so many very beautiful and enthusiastic comments of the videos, even if they were shaky and with background voices.

I immediately felt accepted by the group, indeed part of the group.

After three months I was able to meet Marie and Jane personally, what a wonderful meeting.

A few days before going to Florence I read that even Jana would be there to see NOTTE MAGICA, but I still did not make direct contact with Jana so we could meet and get to know each other personally. There will certainly be a next time.

Since then, every day I check the page of our beautiful website several times, and I always feel very close to all of you, even if you are on the other side of the world.

By now I have learned to know most of you. I have so many fond friends, I’m lucky.

The architects of all this are three boys of gold, our dear Piero, Gianluca and Ignazio.

Their wonderful voices console us and their family affairs, into which to our great joy, they allow us to peek, make us proud and also very united, as if we were all part of a large family.

This beautiful magic was also repeated in Verona, where I got to know other members of our crew, such as Mary and Mark Minton, Sue and Graham Hemshall, Jeannette Giglio, Susan Tafanelli, to whom I send a big hug.

Within a few days I will go to the concert of Marostica, and I am sure, it will be a beautiful concert.

I will try to get as close as possible to our boys, to whom I will certainly bring the affection of the whole crew.

I hope to be able to make good videos that I will certainly send you with a detail of the whole concert.

This is the whole story, for now, of how I started writing for Flight Crew, all because of a Magic Night.

Here is the photo of our arrival in the beautiful Florence to attend the concert, my husband and I.

Did you see that beautiful shirt I was wearing ??? I took the first shirt on the fly !!

Daniela and Husband 2015

I send a hug to the whole crew, and I hope I have not bored you too much.

Kisses: Daniela

All videos and photo credited to Daniela!


  1. Daniela, we are also so happy to have met you, although both our meetings were too short!!
    Hugs to you also and hopefully we will meet again sometime soon!!❤️

    1. Mary, am I wrong or have we already promised to meet in Taormina???
      But if you still pass by Brescia, do not hesitate to call me.

  2. Daniela, I hope you have a wonderful time at the concert and look forward to any pictures and thoughts that you can post for us Flight Crew members, who will be very envious of you seeing the Boys.I wonder what the selection of songs will be , and will there be any surprises.?

    1. Marion, just yesterday in an interview that I will soon translate for you, have promised for Marostica, “a unique, magical concert”. It will surely be beautiful! I can not wait.

  3. Daniela…this is just wonderful. You give so much joy and happiness to this site. I am so glad you were at that concert and took the step of posting your thoughts and video. We’ll never forget the pure joy of meeting you and Beppe in person and time spent together…all because of three handsome young men that share talent, creativity and themselves with us…their devoted Flight Crew and the world!
    Forever friends,

    1. Dear Jane, our meeting was perfect, and I will always carry it in my heart. Even my husband was so hesitant to meet you, then he was very happy to have met you.
      A big hug

  4. Daniela, thank you so much for all the videos and information you send us. I really appreciate all that you do. Have fun at the next concert and please keep us informed on what the Boys are doing. Thanks again for everything and look forward to hearing from you soon.
    Alice in Florida

    1. Thanks Alice for your compliments.
      I will do everything to have fun at the concert, I will savor every minute, so at the end of the concert, I can report everything to you.

  5. Hi Daniela. First let me say how much I enjoyed your videos. I felt like I too was at that concert. The guys were so wonderful and as the concert went on your videos show them relaxing, smiling and really enjoying their time on stage. We are so lucky you found the Crew, and you bring a bit Italy to us when you write. With any luck I will have a chance to meet you sometime next spring or summer if our home exchange to Brescia works out. I really look forward to your pictures and description of their concert coming up soon. Wish we could all be there! Grazie!

    1. Hi Janet, but have you heard my voice in the videos? I could not shut up, I was too excited, I had to sing !!
      We hope that your home exchange goes well, so we meet in Brescia.
      Fingers crossed.

      1. Daniela , your sing along was fun , and I could picture myself sitting with you humming (because I do no know Italian lyrics) along. Maybe next summer the guys will be back in Verona and we can go there. I can dream anyway.

    1. Thanks RoseMarie, you’re too good.
      Where are you? Have you arrived in Naro?
      I’d like to be there too.
      Give a kiss to Piero if you see him, that is, I meant when you see him, without the IF.

  6. Wonderful , Daniela! I think we all eagerly read anything about our Boys ( Now handsome men)! I love them so much it is a long time to wait until 2019 when they will teturn to the USA! At least there are these. Summer Concerts in Italy. We will get pics & videos! Also some friends are in Italy or will be going soon! So beautiful that you were actually at the Notte Magica Concert!!!

    1. Ann, you’re right, a year is long to pass, but you know, between one news and another, an event and a concert, and the year has passed. Here on Flight CRew, we will always try to keep you up-to-date on what our beautiful and talented young men do.
      I know that many friends come to Taormina, I would like to be there with them, but for this time I have to settle for Marostica.

  7. Wow Daniela I am so envious & aso happy for you that you saw our precious Il Volo & you are so lucky to be able to go to their concerts & also follow them to whearever they are going.

  8. Danila you will never be boring talking about Il Volo. The next concert will you give Ignazio a hug from me in Canada which he will not remember me anyway. Thanks

    1. Yes Loretta, I was lucky to be able to go to the concert in Florence.
      Now in Marostica, I really hope to be able to talk with the guys at the soundcheck, because here there will not be Meet & Greet.
      Maybe Ignazio will remember you!

  9. Daniela : What beautiful memories you have not only of the Magical Night spent listening to three young men with incredible voices but to have met fellow flightcrew members in person. I am sure the Marostica concert will be as memorable. I look forward to similar experiences. Best regards,Annette FL & RI

    1. You’re right Annette, knowing so many people that you would never have imagined and who live in the other part of the world is magic inside magic.
      I am very grateful for this to Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca.

  10. Daniela, You bring back memories for me. Notte Magica was the first PBS special that we just happened to catch by chance and we sat mesmerized the whole evening and the love affair began. It would be a while before I discovered the Flight Crew, but have lived vicariously through those of you who were actually there and can describe the whole evening in such detail-it must have been a thrill, just Nessun Dorma alone, had us hooked.
    Grazie, Marchio

    1. Mark, we too that evening in Florence, we were crazy after the Nessun Dorma.
      Now we hear it often from the boys, but that night, nobody knew anything about the program so it was a huge surprise and I can tell you that the video does not do justice to the public reaction, in the video the reaction is very measured, that evening the applause is erupted and did not end anymore.
      There was a moment when Gianluca was only on stage because he had to perform a solo, directed by Placido Domingo, but Domingo did not find the musical score and Gianluca started looking for him with him, it was a delicious out-program. Now I’ll send it to you.

      1. Too cute Daniela. We did not see all this on the video that we purchased or on the PBS video shown on the TV. Poor Gianluca , this must have been very unnerving for him as he was probably very nervous, but he carried on as if nothing had happened. The mark of a true professional !!

      2. Not only that, Marion, to raise the situation, Gianluca at the microphone said “They are looking for Christmas gifts” and so all the people laughed, too cute.

      3. ha ha ha… i was just about to ask you what was that Gianluca said… and you answere it already.

  11. Thank you Daniela for your article and all of the videos that go with it. It was lovely to see your picture at the end with that wonderful shirt! Thank you again Daniela.

    1. Thanks Jeanette, think that because of the t-shirt, the afternoon of the concert I was in Piazza Santa Croce to see where were our seats at the concert. Suddenly three men came out of a house and one of them was the master Grani, he saw me and said “nice t-shirt”, so I took courage and asked him for news and he told me that the boys would have made a spectacular concert, and he was right.


        now, he does look familair, but with his shades (sunglasses) covering part of his face, i am not certain…. (is he their pianist?)

      2. Yes Cynthia, he’s their pianist.
        The T-shirt, I bought it from the fan club official, to access you must have the card. The card, with the card holder, is the last photo of the post after this, that of Golden Boys.

      3. i thought their pianist’s name is Gianpiero….
        and wow! you got to meet him! oh wow!

  12. Daniela, your description and pictures warm our hearts. You write so beautifully that we feel like we are there with you. I just went back and watched the video I took at the Rome concert in 2017. They sang Grande Amore and I wish the video was better. Everyone had their phones up in front of me. The sound was perfect. I will always treasure the video and audio of that concert and hope we can return soon. Big hugs and thanks for all your translations and contributions. We would be lost without them.

    1. Hello Victoria, I too, like you, I care a lot about my videos, rekindle in my memory beautiful moments that sometimes I seem to have only dreamed of, and instead I was there.
      Although it will not be perfect, your video of Rome is the testimony that you were there.
      Thank you for your congratulations!

  13. I too would like to add my heartfelt THANK for your “Tribute” to IL VOLO’s Tribute! I remember their Premiere well! It was a Saturday morning of Canada Day when Luana’s live Video of Una Furtiva Lagrima began! That concert and their Tour in 2017
    give vibrant memories over and over! THANK YOU! Laney

  14. Thank you Daniela for your translations and for keeping us informed about Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca and what is going on in Italy. We are so lucky that you decided to post your videos after that “magical night”. When I heard them start the concert with “Nessun Dorma”, I was very surprised but it was a great idea. It is one of my favorites and they sang it beautifully! Seeing them perform that “magical night” in Florence had to be an amazing experience for you. Having seen them twice on their “Una Notte Magica” tour, I thought they were their best concerts. You do write beautifully and have such a warm and lovely way of writing and responding to people. Looking forward to you sharing Il Volo’s concert in Marostica. I am sure it will be another beautiful and magical night! Hugs and a very sincere thank you again for all you do.

    1. Hello Daniela, you could never bore us!
      I lost the Flight Crew for about five days. Every time I would go on to the website, I would only see the first few lines of the post, then it wouldn’t go any farther. Safari ( my internet provider) kept saying that they were continuously having problems with the Il Volo website. Thank God that today everything has straightened itself out, and now I have to catch up.
      The picture of you and Beppe is beautiful, and now I can watch the videos, and hear you singing!
      Did anyone else have any problems in the last few days with the website?
      I sure missed all you guys 🙁

      1. Jill, you read me in thought, last night I thought ….. “it’s a bit ‘of time that I do not hear Jill” ….. and today here you are!
        Yes, I think Kelly has had problems with the updates and now they are providing.
        I hope it’s all right, while you recover the backlog, a hug!

    2. Thanks Maragaret, but how many compliments you make me blush.
      Sometimes I think ….. what can I write today? Then I read a news and I think “nice this, I have to tell my friends” and that’s how often the topics are born, I’m glad you like them.

  15. Thank you so much for your words Daniela. How lucky you are for being there. How sweet you are for share with us this wonderful moment.
    Big hugs.

  16. Ohhhhhh…. Daniela… Daniela… Daniela…!
    You share from your heart and it comes to my heart.
    This post is very special for me… it is magical… as the night was/is magical (present tense). Present tense, because whenever I view the DVD of Notte Magica, or listen to the CD, I am transported to that magical night. … beyond space and time. In a true and vivid experience. Not a dream. It is real. Crisp. Clear.
    Definitively real.

    I was not physically in Firenze.
    I had only come across our guys shortly prior to Notte Magica.
    They were promoting it at that time.
    I recall vewing their press conference with Nicoletta Mantovani…their visit to her home….
    … the giant poster of the guys with Maestro Placido Domingo at the Milan Train Station. I recall asking you about it, where it was, that giant poster that enthralled me. and it was you who told me it was at the Milan Train Station. I would watch that clip over and over again. captivated by it. As with their clip at Firenze with the press.

    I didn’t understand all of it really. Perhaps not even a little of it. I didn’t understand what was going on. Did not realize it was a big concert, a big project for the guys.
    A very special project.
    Just that I was captivated by these 3 young men. I knew nothing else about them. but at that time, intensely viewed any video about them. (as I later came to realize was pretty much how most of our friends at Flight Crew started.)

    I had not come across Flight Crew yet at that time. Thus have not seen your first publishing of this post (you said it’s a repost). I had seen your videos at youtube, not knowing you then. But I viewed all your videos here again, of this post. One by one… enjoying each and every one of them…
    They are sweet. Sweeter even, now that I know you…. and they come straight to my heart.

    No, you do not bore me (us) at all. I savour every morsel that you wrote here…. that you write.

    That Magical Night, Notte Magica, lives in my heart. It is an immortal concert.

    Grazie, Daniela. From my heart. HUG HUG HUG.

    (And the Armani suits are impeccable. Suits them well. They carry Armani’s suits well. they are the best models for Armani. wink wink wink)

    1. Cynthia, thank you for the words that came straight out of your heart.
      We have learned to know each other, and it is always nice to share our preferences and our doubts.
      Deep down, the world is small, if a thread like this of the music of IL VOLO, keeps us all united.

      I knew that Armani still struck you !! I approve.
      Kisses and hugs

      1. Daniela and Cynthia, can’t help but comment here that I still think Notte Magica is, thus far, the Apex of their career and abilities. The splendor and perfection would be hard to beat, but I believe they will eclipse even this performance at some point in the future. And those Armani suits didn’t do a bit of harm either! Thanks for listening.

      2. Mark, I’ve only seen three concerts so far and I have to tell you that the concert in Florence was the best, but for many reasons, we did not know what to expect, it was a surprise, the guys were great and for what concerns elegance Armani has done his part.
        You’ll see, I’m sure they will still amaze us, I think there will be some beautiful things for the tenth anniversary.

      3. Oh Mark, so nice that you respond here.
        Yes, NOTTE MAGICA is more than my words can describe.
        And yes yes yes to Armani’s suits for our guys. So well-cut, so impeccable. .. Also the casuals of Armani which our guys wore at other concerts (which I’ve seen on video clips online), suit them well too.

        And Daniela, yes. The world is small deep down. We are connected in this way here at Flight Crew. Like family.

        Thank you to you both.

  17. Thank you, Daniela. You made me feel as if I was there with you at the concert when you first posted these videos. Mille Grazie!

    1. Eileen, thanks to you. I’m glad you liked it 2 years ago, I hope to do the same to Marostica.

  18. Daniela, the videos were really great, but your story from start to finish was fabulous… You always deliver your feelings of Il Volo in the most passionate and exciting ways… You add so much to the Flight Crew with your articles about our precious boys… Nottie Magica was an enormous project for Il Volo and they delivered with grace, style and perfect voices… You brought back all the memories and all the concerts I had the privilege to witness in so many venues In The USA, London, Italy and in especially Taormina… My only regret is that we did not have time to visit more in person our meeting was much to short… We will remedy that someday soon…

    1. Dear Jeannette, what to say, two years have passed since that evening, or rather they flew these two years.
      It was really incredible.
      Thank you for the compliments, I just wanted you to know how it all started.
      Italy awaits you. A hug!

  19. Daniela, I remember seeing your videos from that night and thinking how they were the very best of anyone else and I didn’t even know they were yours for a long time. They still stand alone. I really love the one of Adeste Fideles as they did not include that performance on the PBS special, unfortunately. Thank you so much!

    1. Laura, I also particularly like Adeste Fideles, because it was not reported by any official video, so it’s like having it exclusively, besides apart from the Nessun Dorma, it was the only song with the support of the choir, and it was great to see about 130 people on that stage and our guys who were the absolute performers.
      That night, it was hot, but I shuddered as they performed Adeste Fideles.

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