#FBF ~~ What The World Needs Now….

Hello, Everyone!

You’re probably wondering how we can have a Flashback Friday when The Guys never sang the song that inspired today’s title.  I apologize; sometimes, you have to be in my brain to be able to follow along….  :p

I was going through various social media/news feeds last night and was again saddened at the amount of fighting, dissent, hate and general discord that pervades it all these days.  I think our world is in turmoil, and everyone feels very strongly about what is wrong, what is right and what needs to be done to fix it.  But along the way, we are forgetting how to be nice.  I miss the times when two people could disagree and it didn’t mean that one of them was any of the number of popular names and insults that we hear thrown around; it didn’t mean that your friendship was in jeopardy.  I wish there was a time when more people believed that we have more similarities than differences, and that we could treat each other with a little more respect and understanding.

I wished that more people could believe that WE ARE LOVE.

I remember my first Il Volo concert in Chicago.  I remember how my heart nearly burst when this song started to play.  I am sure that not every person in the Chicago Theater agreed about politics, foreign policy, or was raised with the exact same core belief system, but for that night, we were one.  We were all enjoying the same music, and being equally blown away by The Guys.  There was love among us that night.

Won’t you flashback with me?  What are some of your favorite memories/feelings of your first concert with Il Volo?



~~  Kelly

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  2. My first concert was in Dallas and it was so strange to see them LIVE. The boys have been a great source of joy for me in moments when things where tough.
    My husband died this Sunday and the moment I had a chance to sit down I listened to the boys while trying to figure out my new life.

    1. Gina, I’m so sorry for your husband.
      Losing a loved one who has been with us all of life is a truly incredible pain.
      Even if I’m far away, my hugs come to you, and when you’re sad, listen to a CD of the guys and think that we are all here and we love you.

    2. So sorry Gina for the loss of your husband. May Il Volo continue to give you joy and some peace. I will keep you both in my prayers.

    3. Losing the one you have spent building your life with is the biggest heartbreak … My heart goes out to you my Il Volo Sister… I lost my husband five years ago and I was lost… Then my sister in law sent me a few videos of Il Volo, she thought the Italian songs that my dad used to sing would help me through the darkest time of my life… It did that and so much more… As you work through the pain of your loss, let Il Volo help you with songs that will warm your heart or bring back happy memories… God bless you and help you through this time of your life.

    4. Gina, I am so sorry to hear of your husband’s passing. I lost my husband five years ago and was really down and lost until I discovered these three young men. Their songs lifted my spirits, got me through that difficult time and brought some joy back into my life. Their music has changed many lives including, of course, their own! 🙂

  3. Thank you Kelly for your article and that beautiful song. Many people are feeling as you do. Il Volo is a refuge from the vitriolic comments and behavior that are so common. We owe them much.
    Gina, I am so sorry for your loss. May you be comforted and know peace in this transition in your life.

  4. There is nothing better than to listen, and watch, Il Volo – they always brighten up any day. Our first concert was in Taormina Sicily June last year in the fabulous Teatro Greco . We had flown non stop from New Zealand the days previously. Absolutely everything about seeing and hearing first hand Il Volo was wonderful. We were blown away by it all – the venue, the excited audience, the atmosphere, the scenery with Mt Etna smoking away in the distance, overlooking the blue Sicilian coastline, the huge orchestra Taormina on stage, and then IL VOLO – everything was amazing. We got tickets for the next day as well. Going to Italy to see Il Volo was the best thing we have ever done. If you can get to a concert in Italy we highly recommend it. We would do it again and again!

    1. I was there in Taormina last year as well, and we went to two of the three concerts… You painted the perfect picture in words… There is nothing more beautiful than being in the Teatro Greco Arena… Il Volo was at their very best because the audience was lifting them to new heights… In all the concerts I have had the pleasure of seeing Il Volo in, the ones in Verona Arena and Taormina Arena were the absolute best… Maybe it is because they are able to feel the acceptance of the people of Italy when they peer out and see a filled arena… Taormina is the Jewel of Sicily and visiting there was the absolute best way to finish our tour of Il Volo Concerts in Italy and London…

  5. In fact Kelly, you’re right, if you look at the news, they fill you with negativity and hate.
    I think sometimes, we all look for an ideal shelter to rest our mind.
    A safe place where there are no transgressions and insults and where our thoughts relax.
    I believe that many of us have found this ideal place, when they listen to IL VOLO, it’s not just for the wonderful voices, but also for their messages of friendship, respect, kindness and education.
    In this regard, yesterday I read an interesting article on the role of music and I think I will post it.
    Thanks for posting IL VOLO to the Nobel Prize, that video is fantastic.

    1. Anyway, my first gig was in Brescia and it was great, I never expected it to involve me like that.
      I remember that I was literally shocked by the high notes and the voice of Ignazio.
      To hear their voices live was the thing that struck me the most. I remember having had a few steps from me Mr. Ercole and I thought he was a photographer.

  6. I still remember the first time I watched the video of that performance at the Nobel Peace Prize concert. They were truly magnificent. And still so young. Hard to believe that was 5 years ago. How the time has flown. I wish they would still sing We Are Love in their concerts. It is beautiful.

  7. Kelly, thank you for posting this article today… It really is a troubled time … We are all looking for ways to bring a little calm and peace into our lives… I, like so many of us turn to Il Volo to wash away the negativity of the day… We all have our favorite videos of Il Volo … Our favorite songs that we love… The very first time I heard them sing O Solo Mio, it brought back the memory of my father singing it and that brought so much comfort to my saddened heart as I was trying to heal from the loss of the love of my life, Don… I needed to learn more about Il Volo so I got on the internet to find out more about these young teens that sing like grown men with beautiful voices… I came across a group called Il Volo Flight Crew… OMG, not only did I find out about Il Volo, I found a family which embraced me at the time I needed the comfort of friends the most… That was in 2014…The Il Volo Concerts in the USA would be in June and I knew I had to see Il Volo in person…My first concert was at the Greek Theater in Los Angeles CA…. I totally fell in love with those three young men that night… My life totally changed that night… Their music, the friendships that I made and the planning of concerts since then with the friends I have met through Il Volo, meeting Myron and us putting together the Fan Faire in 2016… Going to Italy last year and attending almost everyone of their concerts and seeing the beauty of Italy thanks to Il Volo… Yes, they truly changed my life and so did finding the Flight Crew… Thank you all for lifting me up at a time I needed it the most… And thank you Il Volo, “YOU ARE LOVE” for all of us…

  8. Thanks for this nice flashback, Kelly. We Are Love is one of my favorite songs by IL VOLO!

  9. Thank you for sharing your stories and your love here. It warms my heart to hear this site referred to as family for so many people. ☺️

  10. Hi all
    I have two seats in the 4th row from the stage to see Il Volo at Villa Manin in Codroipo (close to Venice) on Mon 16 July. I am happy to give them to anyone who is able to get there. Sadly we were unable to arrange suitable flights from Auckland NZ to get to Venice at such short notice. Since the concerts we went to in Taormina Sicily June last year we have been wanting to see them again. As soon as we hear of another lot of concerts, especially in Italy, we will book again and hopefully with a bit more forward notice. I listen to them every day – I don’t have a favorite songs – I love love love them all.

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