PIERO and the PROMISES to MAINTAIN by Daniela

June 20 in Italy is the first day of school exams for the baccalaureate.

But perhaps not everyone knows that among the many students, there was a person that we know very well: PIERO.

Piero Scolar

Here is the article that announced it:

Corriere Agrigentino Article – click here

I translate:


Promises are promised and those made to parents must be honored and maintained. For this reason, this morning, Piero Barone, voice of the musical group of “Il Volo” at the age of 25 will sit between the benches of the technical and commercial institute “Federico II” of his country, Naro, to support the first test of Italian in field of the 2018 graduation exams. School that depends on the Institute Galileo Galilei of Canicattì led by the head teacher Professor Vincenzo Fontana. Objective of the artist from Agrigento, – as the newspaper La Sicilia writes today – obtaining the diploma of maturity in Administration, Finance and Marketing, address to which he was regularly enrolled, concluded the junior high school, but who had to leave to devote himself to music with tours and commitments that in recent years have brought him to every part of the world.

Piero Singing

These days, those who know him well, told of Piero engaged in books and exercises. In short, struggling with a pre-exam tension like that experienced by millions of Italian students. But that morning, there is to bet, many tried to capture this event. Many would try to capture selfies, photos, dedications. However, it was necessary that the commission made sure that didn’t happen.

Piero Singing 2

Piero did the first two written tests, then on Friday, June 22 he reached Sorrento for the Agnes Award and while he was in the car, he was studying for exams. Monday 25 he hd the last written test and then will have to do the oral exam.


In fact, Piero has published on the official fan club a video where he talks about the exams, unfortunately the video and the translation cannot be published, otherwise I would have added it.

But the translation of the video to you I can give. Read it, it’s so sweet…..

Hi fan club friends, how are you? As you well know, this year among the work commitments, I managed to take the exams to take the diploma. I did the first two exams. At the first rehearsal, I made the topic about the Constitution, and I think it was fine. The second test, Business Administration, was much more difficult, but we did a team work with the class and we succeeded (maybe it means that the students helped him). Now I’m in the car, I’m going to Sorrento for the Agnes award, which will air on June 27th, and I’m studying for the oral exam. I’m going home in a couple of days for the third test, I’m getting ready for that too. Now I’m reviewing French but I do not understand anything (he says a sentence in French) is difficult, but I will, I will let you know. I to the oral test harbor “the collapse of the Wall Street stock exchange”, interesting. Well, bye guys, I’ll update you. A kiss!!


But I don’t understand why I see you always active in the fan club? Every time I enter the fan club, it tells me that you are online to be able to chat. But I sent you two questions but you never answered, so I thought it’s not true that you’re online.


What to say, Piero is an extremely kind person, sensitive, serious, and I would also say very humble.

I do not know how many people in his place, already famous, would have faced this type of examination, in a public institute.

Bravo Piero, I respect you even more.

I believe your parents will be very happy that you have kept your promise.


“In bocca al lupo” (into the mouth of the wolf) is an Italian idiom used in opera and theatre to wish a performer good luck prior to a performance. It is equivalent to the American actor’s wish “Break a leg”.  The expression reflects a theatrical superstition in which wishing a person “good luck” is considered bad luck.

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35 thoughts on “PIERO and the PROMISES to MAINTAIN by Daniela”

  1. What great news. Such dedication. I can only hope he does well in all his exams and makes himself proud. We already are proud of him.

  2. I have great respect for Piero and for his parents in this endeavor. I hope Piero does very well.
    Thank you Daniela for once again helping us to understand what is going on in the lives of Il Volo.

    1. Jeanette, I think Piero’s respect, of a promise to keep, is also a great example for today’s guys.

    1. And he is not afraid to expose her to everyone’s comment, even this is a great humility, Gina.

  3. It must have been very difficult for Piero to accomplish this goal because of his busy life, traveling so much. In addition he is already established in a great career with a bright future. Reaching this academic goal was not necessary for him to have a productive life, but as a man of his word he promised his parents and followed through. They must be so proud of him. Bravo to you , Piero, I have so much respect for you! Best of luck with the exams.

    1. We are all very proud of him Janet, because we also feel involved as if we were his family (and maybe a little we are)
      Great respect.

  4. Love your comments about our “boys”, Daniela. I don’t know how Piero does it all–and with such good grace. These young men of Il Volo are unbelievably smart and talented. They have it all — and yet are so humble and willing to interact with their many fans everywhere they go. Amazing.

    1. Lynn, I too found it incredible that Piero had the time to devote himself to his studies … but he had to do it, and I respect him a lot for that.
      I’m glad you like my comments, thank you!

  5. As I’ve said before, what an impressive young man. I’m as proud of him as one of my own. His parents must be delirious with pride. Who could ask for more in a son.

    1. You are completely right Mark, with these guys we all feel involved, then their commitment or their result, we also enjoy it.

  6. I’m happy to learn that Piero sat for his “maturità” exams. Even though he’s completing them years after most students, he is fulfilling a promise he made to his parents. . Publicly revealing this information is very brave and shows his confidence in his preparation and in his ability to pass his exams.
    Bravo Piero! You take every challenge with a seriousness of purpose and determination. I’m sure you will be successful in this latest undertaking. Your family and fans are so proud of you.
    Now, what about Ignazio? Has he completed his “maturità”? Gianluca did a few years ago.

    1. I too think that to say publicly this news is very courageous, and certainly not everyone would have done it.
      Emmy, I have to correct you, just yesterday Gianluca in an interview on television said that he has not yet reached maturity, it seems that he misses the final exam, on the other hand said that these days he got the driving license.
      A Sicilian friend of mine says that Ignazio has already achieved maturity, but I’m not 100% sure.

      1. Penina is sure that Ignazio has done some exams, but I’m not sure about the kind of exams, he should have completed the maturity, with which, here, we can enroll at the university.

      2. That I don’t know, as I don’t know your system. But he certainly finished high school exams.

  7. The answer in Italian to “in bocca lupo” (literally, “in the wolf’s mouth, figuratively, “break a leg”) is “Crepi il lupo!”, (essentially “kill the wolf!”). How all these expressions fit together to wish someone Good Luck in their next undertaking or performance is a mystery to me. In bocca lupo, Everyone!

    1. Very well Emmy, but they also explained to me that “IN BOCCA AL LUPO” is considered a good omen, because for the wolf cubs there is no better place than the mother’s mouth (wolf) to escape from predators, in short it is “a place sure”

  8. Daniela how necessary are these exams that Piero is taking? Is this to help him understand finances? I am assuming it has nothing to do with his career. I don’t remember reading that the other boys had taken a similar exam. I know things are different in Italy than Canada.

    1. Loretta, Piero is taking a course in college in Accounting and Finance. What would be called here a Business Degree. He is taking the final exams to complete the course and get his diploma. It is a college degree. The others didn’t take a course like this and that is why they never took these exams. I do remember them sitting for their maticulation exams from high school several years after they were touring.

    2. Yes Loretta, you’re right, Piero did not need this diploma, but he promised it to his parents.
      I do not think the other two have graduated.

      1. Penina you’re right, the others have followed other addresses and for this they do not have the same exams.
        However Piero is not yet at the university level, after this diploma, he could access the university, at least it is so, here in Italy.

      2. I thought this was like a college degree here. Not necessarily a university degree but what is known in the states as a community college.
        I know Ignazio finished high school and took matriculation exams. I remember a picture of him sitting at a table with his examiners.

  9. Thanks Penina good for him which is somethng worthwhile. I don’t remember if the other boys took courses like that. Nice to see your post how are things at home? If we ever hear of Il Volo having a concert in Canada it would be great to meat you there. I’m living in Chatham don’t know weather you know that. My son wants me to move eventually to his home in Dresden but don’t know if that is a good idea. Don’t drive anymore so have to depend on him for shopping etc. Its the pits. So am trying to figure out a way to get around that. Don’t like to bother him to drive me anywhere. I miss the concerts as I am sure you do also.

    1. I thought you were in Brantford. I do miss the concerts and I really hope they come to Canada the next time. And I also hope it isn’t in the middle of winter when they come! We’ll just have to wait and see–first they have to release that album and I wonder what is taking so long.

  10. Thank you Daniela for letting us know about Piero taking these exams. It seems very different from our country. Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca are such amazing men and obviously very intelligent besides being gifted with so much vocal talent. I can’t imagine how difficult it must have been for Piero to be studying while also traveling frequently and also performing occasionally. It was very brave for him to let us know about these exams. I believe Piero would do well at almost anything he set his mind to do. He has always been a leader and focused also on the business side of their careers. I think I remember him saying in an interview years ago that he knew the size audiences many theatres held and other business-like items. His parents must be very proud of him and I know we are also!

    1. Margaret, Piero is just a boy to admire, indeed here we would say “a boy to marry” because it is very serious and if he says something, he does. I think it cost him a lot to do these exams, but his promise is stronger than anything. We are very proud of this.
      However, he was not alone, even his sister is doing the same exams.

  11. Does anyone know if Gianluca and Ignazio completed their “maturità”? I think Gianluca attended a “Liceo Classico” and passed his exams a few years ago. I remember reading that Ignazio sat for exams also in Marsala. But,I never heard any results. Traveling as much as they do, it must be next to impossible to sit for the State Exams on the assigned dates. Even though a diploma is not critical to their careers, I wonder if completing their formal education is an important personal goal for each of them.

    1. Emmy, I already answered you above.
      Gianluca certainly not. Ignazio seems to be yes, but I have a big doubt.

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