IL VOLO to Marostica by Daniela

Every day, there is a special announcement that makes us happy.

After the news of the participation in the


we hear of another very important date:

The trio, IL VOLO arrives at the Marostica Summer Festival.

IL VOLO 2016

Marostica – The billboard of the fourth edition of Marostica Summer Festival is still enriched. After the announcement of the presence of Alvaro Soler, on the stage on 18 July, the next day, Thursday 19, in the chess square, IL VOLO will return. Ignazio Boschetto, Piero Barone and Gianluca Ginoble, will in fact present their project, on tour since 2016, which is titled “NOTTE MAGICA – A Tribute to the Three Tenors”. After the two lucky events of 2014 and 2015, sold out in every place order, the three tenors, who in these years have won successes in all corners of the world, with their typically Italian voices and a repertoire ranging from Opera to pop music, thanks to Due Punti Eventi they announce a new concert, in the Scaliger town, which has always responded with generosity and affection.

Piazza degli Scacchi
The beautiful Piazza degli Scacchi, where the concert will be held.

The one scheduled for July 19th, beginning at 9:30 pm, will be a show in which the successful melodies of the Neapolitan, Italian and international repertoire will alternate with pieces taken from great musicals and with the most famous opera arias.

On the stage with the orchestra, the trio will also present some pop-inspired pieces and other surprises.

Pre-sales of the “IL VOLO” concert will be available shortly online and in the Ticketone and Vivaticket circuits.

On 1 July 2016 in Piazza Santa Croce in Florence Il Volo brought on stage for the first time “NOTTE MAGICA – A Tribute to the Three Tenors”, broadcast in prime time on Canale 5; the show has seen the participation of Placido Domingo and marked the beginning of a world tour that debuted on March 4 at the Radio City Music Hall in New York, registering sold out. After 15 stages in the United States, the tour arrived first in Europe (29 dates) and then in Latin America and, finally, in Japan.

Marostica Summer Festival

Marostica Summer Festival is organized by Due Punti Eventi, with the artistic direction of Valerio Simonato, in collaboration with the Municipality of Marostica and with the patronage of the Veneto Region and the Province of Vicenza. The event supports Woman For Freedom, donating a number of tickets to the shows to support the association’s activities.

Here the original article:

Vicenza Report – Click Here

Ok, I think it’s great news, a whole concert, I think I’ll do everything to go there.

There will be Magic Night songs, but also pop songs and some surprises (maybe the new single), moreover, from Roncadelle where I live in Marostica, it’s only 100 miles, and then I’ve never seen Marostica and the famous Piazza where every year plays the Chess Game with real people.

No, I can not miss, Marostica, wait for me!

How many of you would like to be here, at that time ??

Meanwhile, as we wait on 19 July, we enjoy this piece of concert taken at Marostica in 2014, beautiful CARUSO.


Il Volo returns live in Italy in July with five dates in the following cities:

July 15 – ASTI – Piazza Cattedrale
July 16 – CODROIPO (UD) – Villa Manin
July 19 – MAROSTICA (VI) – Piazza Degli Scacchi
July 26 – CERVIA (RA) – Piazza Garibaldi
July 28 – TAORMINA (ME) – Teatro Antico


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21 thoughts on “IL VOLO to Marostica by Daniela”

  1. Hi Daniela, It is 2am here in Hawaii and I can’t sleep. I knew today you would give us the information on the concerts in Italy. Even though I can’t be there I am still excited that they will be doing a short tour.
    Ok Daniela, will you be seeing them in Marostica or Codroipo ? I think I am right in saying that both those places are about a 2 hour drive from Brescia?

      1. Thanks for all the news Daniela and congratulations on getting tickets for Il Volo’s Marostica concert! It looks like another beautiful place to see them in Italy. I would love to be there with you but know you will share your experience with us. I imagine at this time, they probably are looking forward to performing a few concerts and especially in their beloved country.

      2. You know Margaret, not even I have ever seen Marostica and the square, from what I see is beautiful. Of course I would have preferred Taormina, but I’ll settle!
        I will do a long report, I also hope that you can participate in the soundcheck.

  2. Good news that they are doing a few concerts. Unfortunately i will be in Sicily but leaving before the concerts. Bad timing but I have previous commitments. Also, according to the official fan club notification the single titled Noche Sin Dia will be released on May 25th.
    Daniela, any thoughts on that?

    1. RoseMarie, the news is true and looks just below that there is the advance of the single.

      1. Yes Jill so do I. I was surprised at first then saw they were having so much fun & the song was so catchy I realluy enjoyed it. So this is somethng new to look forward to. Now I know what Gianluca was saying that they have surprises. I am going to find a store selling CD’s to get anything new of Il Volo I can find.

  3. So happy the boy are starting to sing in various concerts. Missed hearing them.
    The “Noche sin Dia” sound is like you hear from the Latin artist in Miami. Do not care how they sing I just want them to sing and for me to be able to hear them.

    1. Gina, it was a surprise for us too, this series of concert dates. I’m very happy to be able to resent them and I think there will be a mix of music.

      1. Daniela I did get the list of concerts. I meant I missed hearing the boys sing. It has been a long break between concerts. Thanks for your postings and information from Italy.

      2. You’re right, Gina, we never get enough of these guys.
        Thanks to you, Gina, a kiss

  4. The people who live in the States are so lucky because that is where Il Volo go. I presume Canada doesn’t have the people to fill their bookings when Il Volo comes here. I am feeling extremely sorry for myself & Italy is too far & costly. At least I am glad I have this computer so I can try to follow where they are going. Guys I know your concerts are going to be successful. Good luck. I’m looking forward to catching a glimps of some of your concerts.

  5. Daniela from what I am reading in these pages the concert in the States is fast selling out & i can’t find what theatre they are going to be in. Can you help with this poor soul. Can you get any information as to what the theatres in the States are I don’t know who to call.

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