Ave Maria and the Duchess

Well, America now has a real live Duchess.   What a beautiful wedding!  What outstanding hats!  Besides the dress (!) and that Tiara (also a !) was some magnificent music the last number, performed by Cellist Sheku Kanneth-Mason and the orchestra, was “Ave Maria.”  That, of course, reminded me of when our Guys sang the hymn in 2014 at the Senate Christmas Concert.  Remember?  We wish Harry and Meghan (The Duke and Duchess of Sussex) lots of love and laughter.   We wish our Guys the same.  Here is what I was dreaming during that hymn…


How about an even more recent Ave Maria?  “Ave Maria, Mater Misericordiae”…Appropriately performed at the London Royal Albert Hall on May 23, 2017.

Again, Magnifica…Always Magnifica!


18 thoughts on “Ave Maria and the Duchess”

  1. Marie. I bow to her kingship, the duchess.
    Beautiful wedding.
    Did you know that the detail of the hats was an “obligation” imposed on ladies?
    The bride was beautiful, and tiara and veil framed the face beautifully.
    Very beautiful the musical performance of the cellist, yes Ave Maria, brought us in particular, to a special atmosphere in the Italian Senate.
    If I think that at the marriages in Italy, now the execution of this Ave Maria is often forbidden, because it is not part of the clerical repertoire, I do not agree at all.
    And what about the AVE MARIA MATER MISERICORDIAE, every time I listen to it, it gives me shivers, goose bumps everywhere. It’s magnificent, and the guys interpret it very well. I hope for the next concert to be able to listen to live.

  2. HI Marie. Glad to hear from you. Love both the “Ave Maria” renditions.
    Daniela and Marie I hope both of you do a post on the new style the boys chose to do in their new CD. I have already red so many comments regarding a short clip of the new single that has been released. In our lives we have changes in our jobs and lives and we should allow an artist to try various musical avenues.

    1. Dear, dear Marie, so wonderful to see you in print. You are so “right on”….no one can do the honor and justice to both of the Ave Marias as well as our boys do. Love you, and hope that you will continue to grace our pages often in the days to come.

      1. My dear Mary, good to hear from you too. I hope you are doing well. I really miss seeing you. It has been too long. Love you back.

  3. Hi Marie, Yes the Royal wedding was beautiful. The cellist was wonderful and only 18 years old! When he started playing Ave Maria I thought wouldn’t it have been perfect if our guys would have been there singing it!
    I wonder how our friend Bernard held up with the influx of people that invaded his village during the days before and after the wedding.

  4. I think i might understand what Marie was dreaming about, seeing our guys singing that sublime song at Christmastime in 2014. It’s definitely ‘a singer’s song’. I’m sure lots of even ‘vocally challenged’ people have felt an impulse, at least once, to sing “Ave Maria” in the echo chamber of their shower stalls.😆 Both versions are very beautiful, especially when sung by Il Volo, and maybe even a little heart-tugging to those of us who’ve been ‘walking along with them’ through this collective, rather mysterious journey we call “life.”🌱

      1. Yes; indeed we are, Marie. We must pity those whose ears (and eyes) haven’t been regaled by the celestial beauty of our “Il Volo”.😇

  5. My, my, my! I could listen to both of these songs over and over again! The touching Ave Maria and the powerful Ave Maria Miseridoriae! My mind went instantly to IL VOLO when I heard the very talented young cellist play Ave Maria it at the Royal Wedding.

      1. Pat, you are correct, of course. However, I may have chronic case. I even think about them when I’m eating at Olive Garden. Sheesh.

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