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West Side Story

A few days ago, this article appeared in the FLORIDA TODAY newspaper.

Florida Today Story – Click Here


Really great news, there will be a casting for the remake of WEST SIDE STORY.

The casting will be for the characters of Maria, Bernardo, Tony and Riff.

Of course, we do not think about Mary, but there are three male characters, who must be between the ages of 15 and 25.

Moreover Bernardo must have Latin features, Tony and Riff, instead, Caucasians.

They will have to know how to sing and dance very well.

IL VOLO has sung several times the spiffy songs of West Side Story.

Here are some interpretations.

Ok, let’s have a little fun, in which part would you have seen, one, or all three of our boys: Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca?

I believe that for the songs, none of the three would have problems, but for the dance, I have many doubts!

Tell me your preferences!


Credit to owners of all videos and to the Florida Today newspaper for their article.

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  1. One is Maria’s brother, one is her would be lover and one is a friend–but I don’t remember whether he is the brother’s friend or the lover’s friend. I think the brother’s friend.

      1. I don’t know! I do have an old LP of West Side Story somewhere. But I actually don’t think any of the roles are particularly suited to one over another–any and each for all of them!

  2. Thanks Daniel for your post on ILVolo and the “West Side Story.”This beautiful music of the past fits so well in the repertoire of IL Volo, “Maria” and Ignazio “tonight” done with class and power. “West Side Story” opened on Broadway at the Winter Garden in 1957. Beautiful Music by Leonard Burnstein, Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim, and Jerome Robbins choreographer electrified the audience great dancing. Others wonderful songs are “One Hand One Heart”, “SomeDay Some Where”. Our guys have a natural feeling for the America Song Book. I would in the future a Cd of IL Volo Sings songs of Broadway and Hollywood. They are the very best no body does it better! IL Volo never disappoints!

    1. Yes, Vincent, I fully agree with you that the music of West Side Story is wonderful and that our guys interpret it very well. I too would definitely see the boys in a whole musical. You never know, maybe one day they could really do it.

  3. I read just recently where Ignazio said he is taking dancing lessons.
    I just watched the boys in their new Video on the Spanish channel. I am anxious to hear from people that have seen it. I know it will upset some people who just want the boys to sing serious songs but I think we need to wait for the new CD before passing judgement.

    1. Gina, I just finished watching and watching the new video. It’s not what we’re used to, but the pace is beautiful, engaging, different. Perhaps this is the message. They can do everything, however it is not vulgar and it does not seem like a reggaeton.

      1. After reading all the negative comments on Il Volo facebook, I am somewhat relieved to read your post-Thanks Daniela. A lot of pessimism out there this week. Discouraging.

      2. Yes Mark, I confirm, it’s daunting for us, I imagine how it must be for these guys. So many people who criticize even before seeing and listening. Instead I think that the guys did not do something that totally alienated from them, because despite everything they gave their mark with a non-vulgar text and an attitude that is joyful and not obscene, as is often seen in many videos of today.

      3. I have to disagree. I did not like the video for several reasons. The first is, I do think parts of it were a bit on the vulgar side. The guys have a clean cut reputation, this video certainly does not promote that image. Second, it appears to me they are lip synching. And not very good at it either! Outside of the opening few bars Gian sings, it is almost impossible to discern their individual voices. I heard Ignazio sing a few notes, but never heard the individual voice of Piero. And as we have all said on this site many times, Il Volo does not need nor are they enhanced by other singers. Bottom line, too much going on in this video, can barely hear the guys, and definitely least appealing video they have made. I listened to the single on Spotify, and I like it much better than hearing it through the video. I will not watch the video again.

      4. Penina, do not be so uncompromising. If you prefer not to watch the video, just listen to the song, me too, many times, with some singers, I do so.
        It’s too different from their style, but they can do that too. You will see that over time you will like it.

    2. is this the video everyone here is talking about?
      anyone, please enlighten me. thank you.

      1. thank you, Laura. i didn’t realize i was helping out. i didn’t know which video you were all talking about so i looked for it and asked if this is the one. thank you for helping me out 😉

  4. Ignazio as Tony… Of course.

    As for the fan negativity goes… It’s expected. Our Boys are very famous now. Unfortunately criticism goes with that fame. Jealousy? Many didn’t care for the opera either. How quickly people changed their minds. I have to say that I will need more before before I decide to really like it or not. It may have to grow on me. That may take 5 minutes or so.

    1. I had no doubt about Ignazio.
      Also his Tonight is beautiful !!

      Marie, but what do you say, it’s too much 5 minutes.
      We are not allowed to see and buy it in Italy, but I like it already !!

  5. Daniela, I can’t offer any suggestion about who could play Maria, as I don’t see enough contemporary movies to know who! Maybe a talented, appropriate unknown, or an actress from a Broadway or off-Broadway musical, …. or…. a singer/dancer/actress from Puerto Rico?! The folks of Puerto Rico could sure still use a big morale boost and a major Spielberg production might help with that.😘 As for which members of Il Volo, I would have to agree with those who suggested Ignazio for Maria’s man. He’s also a Libran. Librans — very generally ‘speaking’ now — can be ‘naturals’ for any public stage! As for the Bernardo character, my only reference is the famous West Side Story film; hard for me now to not picture the particular physical characteristics of the actor George Chakiris in that role which he played in the film. The actor would have to be fairly tall, as there is the scene of a ‘macho’ confrontation, for example. Hmm… maybe Ignazio as Bernardo; Gianluca as Maria’s lover and… Piero as that other guy?? Only if I could actually imagine Piero feeling comfortable… acting! 😟😅 Wait ! I’ve got it: Ignazio as Tony and MARIE as Maria: guaranteed block-buster mega-hit movie with that pairing! OK, everyone: Casting is now closed for the two starring roles. 😃😂

    1. Laura, you had a fantastic resolution, and I think it will please Marie, who better than she could play the role of the girl in love with Tony (Ignazio)?
      Do you think that Piero is not so natural in acting? I do not think so, Piero is the man of a thousand resources !!

      1. Interesting that you feel Piero would be a natural for an acting role, I was thinking he might be too shy to be a convincing actor. 🙂

      1. I think he & thee would be the bomb!! ( In current fad slang, that means something super great, of course). I mean it ! 💞

      2. Daniela and Laura, I always agree with both of you, because you are both brilliant. But… this time not so much. OK… The part about Ignazio and I being the star-crossed lovers in West Side Story is absolutely perfect! That’s definitely NOT it. It’s your opinion of Piero not being a good actor. I know a lot of people who saw the “Grand Amore” video thought his acting was sub-par, however, if you are a fan of the movie “Back to the Future” you would know his performance was exactly right. I often close my eyes and imagine him playing the lead in Tosca or La Boheme. Performed between Il Volo Concerts, of course.

        Love you both!

      3. Marie, I absolutely agree, Piero has acted just like Mr. McFlay before “the dance under the ocean”. Piero was very good at that role, and I think he will be even better in the film UN AMORE COSI’ GRANDE, at least so I judge from the trailer.
        Of course, in the part of Rodolfo or Cavaradossi, it would be perfect …… naturally between a concert and another of IL VOLO !!
        Love you too!

  6. I have watched and listened, watched and listened and I’m trying to get used to it. To me it comes off as a large party where everyone is singing and dancing and having fun and that’s fine, but it doesn’t highlight/showcase the Trio’s considerable talents in a way that we are used to seeing them. The music, beat, rhythm are fine for those who like the genre and that’s as it should be, but for me, I still have my Notte Magica CD and DVD to fall back on, which I think is their finest in splendor and perfection.

    1. Mark, I think exactly like you. Do you think that when Pavarotti sang in duet with pop singers, his audience was not disappointed? I think so, but certainly they could not say it was not equally beautiful.
      I said that IL VOLO has other qualities, but if this can serve to make them listen to more people ……. ok, I accept.
      They have not distorted themselves, and this is positive.

      1. Daniela, Is there a place that I can see what you guys are all discussing, namely a new video with Il Volo and about which fans are divided in their opinion of it? I’m curious to see it. Grazie.

      2. On the official page of IL VOLO, I see the video, but if I open it, I can not see Italian, but you, yes.

      3. Thank you, Daniela, for the info. re/ the (2) videos and kindly posting them for our convenience here. ( I like the second one). I agree with those who think it’s fine, good and natural for Il Volo to be exploring and to enjoy expressing the pleasurable Spanish-style music. I’m not worried about it because I think they’re too wise to ever permanently abandon all of their admirers’,(and their own), love for their beautiful ‘signature music’ that started it all and has maintained it, thus far. It sure has been interesting and enjoyable to see them mature and to discover what they’re up to next. For those who have raised kids and even have grandkids, there could naturally be an added dimension of enjoyment and emotional involvement, as well. 😊

      4. Daniela, After I posted my comment just now, I realized your (2) videos had vanished and that Cynthia has posted the full video of your first one — the one that is disappointing a lot of Il Volo admirers. (I liked your (formerly posted) second video. ( I’m so sorry, but this particular new song, the music, and the video’s performances and frantic, erratic ‘atmosphere’ simply doesn’t resonate with me. I’m very sure it will for many others, however, so Il Volo will be ok financially, etc.. By the way, I sense SONY more than IL VOLO in that endeavor, so far. I still, though, remain open to hearing the entire album eventually, but, for the first time regarding Il Volo, I’ll have to hear a number of samples from this new album before I would consider buying it. Just my own thoughts and feelings; no problema. 😊

  7. Hi again, Daniela ! I’ve always understood that “Latin” people are Caucasians. I think you just mean that the characters of Tony and Riff have “Anglo”- type of Caucasian features.

  8. Daniela, Thank you for the location of the video! I had originally thought to try that page, but I’d ended up somewhere else, so I checked out a video there with Igny instead. 🙂 I was just now checking out the “Florida Today” casting call article for “West Side Story” that you posted, and I see that the writer of the article misunderstands the term, “Latinos.” Actually, Daniela, a very many, many people are confused by the term, so please know it’s a very common confusion for just about everybody! Folks even get into squabbles with each other over the meaning of the term which is saddening.

    1. Laura, why do you say that the term “Latin” saddens?
      Here it is commonly used and not in a derogatory sense.
      I do not understand.

      1. Hi, Daniela! I mean that it is saddening to me whenever I hear or read people arguing over the question of the origin and meaning of the term “Latinos.” I’m not at all saddened by the term itself — which can be very confusing to people, though, and I understand why. I agree with you that It wasn’t used by the writer in a derogatory sense at all. I’m so sorry I caused that confusion, ( I’m ‘on your side’ !). 🌹💓💓

      2. Daniela! I think I can better help clear up the confusion that I caused you by explaining this way: In the Italian language, if I’m not mistaken, you say the word ” Latino” — which translates to the English word, “Latin” . Now, here’s where the confusion came in for you, understandably : Here In the USA, the word / term “Latino” refers to any person of Latin American descent residing in the United Staes. I do hope that I’ve explained better now, Again, my sincere apologies to you for not being more mindful of our language differences! I’ll try to do better in the future.💛😊

      3. Laura, I think the term is not just for those of Latin American descent, as Mexicans are technically North Americans, not Latin Americans, and are certainly included in the term Latino. I think it applies to anyone whose first language is Spanish.
        Even Spaniards! I may be wrong…

      4. Hi Penina! Thanks for your comment! You inspired me to do a little search for an expert’s explanation of the “Latino” questions that many people have pertaining to it. Here’s a good article I found on the subject: “Ask A Scholar: What Is The True Definition Of Latino?” by Dario Fernandez Morera. — @ nas.org There are a lot of articles on the topic ! Here’s another one I found: “Hispanic” vs. “Mexican” vs. “Latino” vs. “Chicano” — @ SpanishDictionary

      5. Penina, The correct address for the second article is as follows” @ SpanishDict.com Personally, I’d go with the first article and also one might check to see how the U.S. Government officially defines “Latino”, as well.

      6. Oh my dear Penina, I only just saw your new comment to me after just posting an address correction to you! 😂 I totally agree with your hilarious response!! Isn’t it amazingly simple ?!! 😱 😂😅

  9. Well Daniela here is my coments.If our guys are going to takle on West Side Story good. They didn’t have any problem a few years ago when they were dancing & throwing they partners in the air & they looked splendid. So I have always thought they can do anything because they put their hearts & soul in into anything new that they want to do. Good luck to them & I will be the first to give them standing ovation for a job well done & I sincerely hope I am able to find where they will be performing.All power to them. I will never think for one minute that there is anything out there they can’t do & I also know everyone have different opinions but at least give them a chance & some positive feed back because if they think we don’t think they can do anything then this will dampen tiher hearts because they are thinking of us to please because we have always approved & enjoyed what they have done before. GO IL VOLO PRAYING ALWAYS FOR YOU

  10. I don’t know about others of you on this blog, but I have decided NOT to read any more comments on the other facebooks. The miserable comments and information being passed around (true or false?) is really getting me down, as much as it would, if they were making these comments about my own children. A lot of dissatisfaction out there about this video/single. This is my first time with witnessing a new project rollout and didn’t realize how mean some people can be in his forum. I’m worried that this apparent turmoil will have some sort of lasting, damaging affect on the Trio’s future career. I don’t think they made a wise decision with this venture and I suspect they may have been somewhat pressured, and, I also suspect that there are other parties who saw lots of $$$$$ signs in having them do this in the Americas. I could also be very wrong about all this. I am a hooked fan and really love the guys music and hope they get back to that which they do best. Had to get this off my chest. Thanks for listening!

    1. Hi Mark! I agree with you. ( I only just now saw your comment here. I never did check out the Facebook sites to read what’s going on concerning the new video/single. Have gotten the news via you fine folks here). Have you read my comment for Daniela today? If you scroll back up, I left it at 3:15 pm today, May 27th. You and I seem to be on the same ‘wave-length’, especially as regards your thoughts about “other parties” being involved who might not have Il Volo’s best interests at heart. Mark, I really do feel that the Trio’s future is secure as long as they stay true to their ‘roots’ of — as you put it, “that which they do they best.” I’m now tempted to go read some of the Facebook comments for myself, but if they have brought someone as caring as you down, then I probably shouldn’t read them. Thanks, Mark. Hope you have a nice evening. 🎶🎵😊

      1. Laura, again thanks for listening to my diatribe and yes, I saw your previous posts and we agree on that. Just a warning, some of the posts on Il Volo Facebook are not nice and some are very nasty.

      2. You’re very welcome, Mark. I’m taking your wise advise and steering clear of the currently hazardous Il Volo Facebook thoroughfare! Thank You, Mark! 😊😘

  11. Laura and Mark, I read your comments, unfortunately, often when you write, for me it’s nighttime. However the discourse on the new record, I knew it would be published today May 28, so postpone the comments under that post. I am very disheartened too of the comments read on the various Facebook pages and I have repeatedly taken the defenses of the boys.

    1. Daniela, Thank you for replying. It’s perfectly fine that you have to wait to reply to us; we all understand there’s the time differences. 🙂 I just read your heart-felt newest post today, May 28th, and I agree with you that the new video and single will attract new fans for them, especially more younger ones, as Il Volo has desired to increase, as well. The fact that their songs will probably be played on the radio is another important factor in expanding awareness of Il Volo. I’m sure that is one of the main reasons for that particular type of danceable music and video concept. I do still hope, though, that the day will come, before long, when women will be portrayed in mainstream music videos with more of the dignity that men enjoy; not have to usually look and act sexy, provocative, decorative. We in America, at any rate, still need more work on improving female self-worth, self-esteem, self-confidence, especially among young women and girls, but we are, over-all, up against a now powerful, corporate-controlled / owned music industry. It truly is all about the fastest, least expensive way to make a big profit; the actual ‘quality’ of our mainstream, popular music and its now-prerequisite music videos is secondary, and too often barely a consideration at all. If there happens to be a new singer or group who comes to the attention of big, corporate label executives, who truly can sing well and who creates truly good, quality music, that singer or musicians won’t necessarily be given the opportunity to be played on the radio and other media, nor receive an offer of a recording session or contract, unless they are willing to concede to most ‘suggestions’ re/ ‘the deal’. (If they are recorded, distributed, and do well- enough on the industry charts (bring in enough initial money), and show promise of becoming a Big money-earner for the label, then that recording artist, eventually, can gain more leverage to control more of the creative decisions, etc.). I’m not particularly worried about Il Volo. I really can’t see them making disastrous musical decisions, or going seriously astray in any way. They’re too grounded in their roots of basic, positive values and they’ve all got tremendous personal support. Plus, as many already suspect: They’re probably only three angels in disguise, anyway. 😊

    2. Daniela, One more thing, I won’t post a comment on your new one. I’ve posted my ‘two-cents worth’ already!😅 Have fun on the new post.

  12. ( correction of my typo: “….especially more younger ones, WHO Il Volo has desired to increase, as well…” ).

    1. I don’t expect there will be more comments on this post now, so I’d like to just clarify something I wrote in my above comment: “….. more of the self-dignity that males generally possess.” (Hint: It has to do with a basic sense of self-worth). Sorry if I’ve offended anyone by my ‘heavy’ comment, but it’s about one of several keys that can unlock an understanding of what’s been going on regarding the way in which young women often allow themselves to be portrayed in….. mainstream music videos, for example. A few have mentioned their dislike of certain elements in the new Il Volo song’s video, so I felt it is important to respond. (By the way, I know that what I’ve offered about it is accurate).

      1. Laura, never say never, I read only your comments here today and I must say thank you that you think like me about the expansion of the new single.
        On the other hand I understand very well what you mean by the dignity of women “object” in certain videos, I think so too!

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