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The evening before the concert in Ascoli Piceno, there was also another engagement for Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero, the “Partita del cuore”.
The event does not have a competitive response, everyone wins, but the aim is something else, solidarity, in fact the proceeds will go to charity.
Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca were part of the singers’ team, which won the match.

Moments of physiotherapy before taking the field.


In the locker room before starting.
Here is the beginning and the entry of our boys.


As you have noticed, Ignazio was missing the child in front of him and he jokingly knelt down. 😁
A few moments before the start.
Muscle warm-up.
Now a few moments during the match.


Interview with Piero.

These small pitchside interviews are done to get people watching from home to send in a small contribution by calling a pre-set phone number.
SPEAKER= Match of the Heart for Romagna, we are with Piero Barone, already hot!
PIERO= We seem almost serious, don’t we? (He means they look like real footballers).
SPEAKER= You are very sweaty. (like real football players)
PIERO= Already sweaty before starting, water, we are loaded. But I have to tell you that there is great professionalism and I like this a lot, indeed, they are making me too anxious, I have more anxiety here than….
SPEAKER= Do you think you are a football player?
 PIERO= But no, I’m a tennis fan, the sport I practice is tennis, but I repeat, a lot of anxiety before entering the court because I see that there’s a lot of competitive spirit. I’m loaded.
SPEAKER= Of course you’re energetic, do you think you sweat more in tennis or football, since you’re trying it?
PIERO= Tennis maybe, but with this heat, everywhere ….. but tonight we’re all here for a simple reason, you know someone says it to remember this number (for donations), so the goal we have to score today is common to all, it’s a common goal which is solidarity. Some more, some less, were affected by what happened (flood in Emilia Romagna), but I like running and this morning I ran and here they are very pragmatic, here they get up immediately, they give little space to words but much to deeds. (Piero means that after the flood the tourist places were devastated and he, going for a run, realized that people worked very hard to quickly bring everything back to how it was).
SPEAKER= I’ll ask you a question, what is your favorite thing about Romagna?
PIERO= I really like the optimism and personality here in Romagna, they give you a smile and make you forget about life’s problems.
SPEAKER= And it’s a beautiful thing!
PIERO= I think everyone agrees with me, and it’s true, it can’t be hidden.
SPEAKER= Yes, after everything they’ve been through, they’re off to a great start right away.
PIERO= Did you see how they immediately got back on their feet? Chapeau, congratulations!
SPEAKER= Great. Good game!
PIERO = Thank you!
PIERO= What should I say, that we are here at the Partita del Cuore. Tonight we all have a common purpose, solidarity.
We take the field with a smile, without great pretensions of scoring or not, but it’s nice, we need to stay united in these moments and we’re all here.

Interview with Ignazio

(Ignazio was called by the speaker to do the interview, then the team goalkeeper arrived)
IGNAZIO= I want to tell you something, she (the speaker) went to the coolest, the most beautiful to interview them then she said, ok let’s do the interview with you.
Then you came (the goalkeeper is a nice guy), it’s over! 😁
GOALKEEPER = (laughs) It’s better thanks, come on it was a moment of fear, every now and then the blows on the head also create something positive (he refers to the fact that at the beginning of the match, in the action which also involved Gianluca, the goalkeeper received a knee on the head).
SPEAKER= Did they update you on the result, on the score? (His team lost)
GOALKEEPER = Unfortunately yes, we also taken a goal from Moreno (partially from him in the video).
MORENO= You would have taken my goal.
SPEAKER= I’m noticing that there are three of you here, Ignazio are you trying to change your partners?
IGNAZIO= No, absolutely not, I adore them two (goalkeeper and Moreno), but I love my partners (Piero and Gianluca) too much, and then he raps (Moreno is a rapper).  NO, I keep my mates!
SPEAKER= Piero (he can’t be seen in the video) he wanted to replace you….no, I asked him if he wanted to make a change but he said he doesn’t change his two partners.
PIERO= Do you want a serious interview? Do it to me, tell me.
SPEAKER= Free theme.
IGNAZIO= Guys, I speak for everyone, 45597 (it’s the telephone number for donations), today we are all united for a great cause, for Emilia Romagna, I live in Bologna, I don’t know if you know, so it’s something that has touched me closely, and it’s nice that in music there are no barriers, we know it, we are 28 players, we all play different music, and there are no barriers, and that’s the same in football. We are therefore all happy to be together, send a message, donate to 45597. Thank you all so much for your support of the National Singers team and Romagna.
Now I’ll leave you the microphone, you can interview the cool ones! 😁
SPEAKER= There could be no better closure than this.

Interview with Gianluca

SPEAKER= Gianluca, nice to see you, among other things in an almost new guise.
GIANLUCA= Almost, the last time with the National Singers team it’s already been 5 years, but this time its for an important cause, we need to make everyone aware, especially the youngest, not to be indifferent to whats happening, but to make a contribution, this is the most important thing right now.
SPEAKER= Also because you dont live so far from Romagna, so its a situation youve experienced.
GIANLUCA= Yes, we were out, unfortunately (Il Volo was on tour) and this hurts even more, when you know that friends or loved ones are experiencing a period of difficulty and you are distant and you are powerless and this happens because we are often travelling, so I am really close to everyone, it was a difficult moment, but I see that there are so many events that are needed to make a contribution to revive this great region.
SPEAKER= As for Il Volo, Arena di Verona was extraordinary, now there will be a very special concert in Ascoli Piceno and then at the Arcimboldi.
GIANLUCA= There are many projects. Next year its 15 years of career and well come out with something new and youll really see Il Volo in a new guise, maybe like youve never seen before.
SPEAKER= Its a music that remains, what you sang four years ago.
GIANLUCA= But it is also true that we have changed over time, what we would like to show is that we are not just one thing, because we are not three tenors, we can really show something else, building a new repertoire which I believe is the most important thing at this point in an artists career, that of building ones own repertoire, and this will be the “keystone” which we hope will bring us many more years of career.
SPEAKER= What you did in the Arena, we will also see in Milan, thank you very much Gianluca.
GIANLUCA= Thank you.

So, in summary, Il Volo took part in the Partita del Cuore on Thursday evening, on Friday they had the concert in Ascoli…………..but that’s not all!!!!
Saturday they were at the VIP Master!!

But what is the VIP MASTER?

It is a summer event, this year it is the 32nd event (our boys have already participated in 2017), it is a tennis tournament between VIPs. It usually starts on Friday evening at a beach facility, where attendees can take selfies with people in attendance.
There is also a lunch on the beach, where the tables of the VIPs will be separated only by a simple rope, so that people can easily photograph them.
On Saturday  the real tournament begins at the Tennis Club in Milano Marittima (a seaside resort in Emilia Romagna). So people can see their VIP darlings having a real game of tennis and maybe take pictures with them.
This year the organizers also wanted to think about solidarity, joining the fundraising for the flood victims.
Among the various VIPs, this year there will also be Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca.
Access to the grandstands of the central field is – as per tradition – free admission. An important appendix will then be the one in a solidarity key, with a fundraiser for the flood victims.
(Gianluca with Patrick, one of the organizers of the event)
PATRICK= Here, Gianluca from Il Volo is here.
GIANLUCA= A third, but the other two will soon arrive too. Great Patrick.
PATRICK= How are you?
PATRICK= You got some sun!
GIANLUCA= A little, not as much as you.
PATRICK= My goodness, guys!
GIANLUCA= Bye everyone!
PATRICK= Here we are, Ignazio from Il Volo has also arrived.
IGNAZIO= Bye, see you tonight!


(in this video Gianluca is interviewed together with Antonio Razzi ex politician)
SPEAKER= The protagonist is the music, also this time I promised you that I would bring you beautiful music. Antonio has already done the interview with us yesterday as well ….. are there also neighbors Antonio?
ANTONIO= Yes, Gianluca is my great friend from Abruzzo, from Roseto. He often comes to Pescara (it’s Antonio’s city), we’ve been friends for some time.
GIANLUCA= We share the love for our region which is Abruzzo and we try, each in his own field, to take it higher and higher, because Abruzzo is a great land and we must always promote it to the maximum.
ANTONIO= And Gianluca and I always do it, because we are two well-known people, he in music and I in other things, but we always do good for our Abruzzo.
In this case you also have tennis in common. Greetings to the studio.
GIANLUCA= Greetings to the studio, obviously these are events where we have fun, we are together, but the goal is always important to remember that it has not been a peaceful period for many people, who are continuing to suffer and make their economic contribution and not only it is an important thing to support the towns and all the cities that have been affected by the flood.
ANTONIO= And then I was able to see my friend Gianluca, a great footballer (Partita del Cuore), I saw him play and technically he can play in Serie A easily.
SPEAKER= Now let’s go collect the prizes, you’re the line!
Michele Torpedine with Valeria Marini (Italian actress), Eleonora and Gianluca.
Some moments of the tournament.
And here are some photos from the evening.

Il Volo VIP Master 2023 and 2017.

Again guys, I was speechless.
It was a really intense weekend, which started with the Partita del Cuore, continued with the concert in Ascoli and finished with the VIP Master tournament, and two of these events were done for charity.
I am really very proud of everything you do and also of the fact that you always think of people in need.
Thank you guys!!! ❤❤❤
Daniela 🤗



……in fact it didn’t end here, Il Volo has just announced that on August 3rd there will be a concert at the wonderful Royal Palace of Caserta (near Naples) and there will also be Placido Domingo and the soprano Daria Rybak in the event A NIGHT FOR KINGS.

See you soon!!



Credit to owners of all photos and videos.