In these days, as you all know, there was Ignazio’s birthday.

Reading among the various loving messages that have been delivered to him from all sides, I found this by Melina, who is really special and I translate for you.



Ignazio, today is your twenty-fifth birthday. What to say that hasn’t already been said? Instead of the usual wishes, I would like to make considerations that go beyond the praise of your wonderful and amazing voice and your intense, expressive and emotional interpretative ability.


There are those who are convinced that you are a buffoon, superficial and light, not understanding – that this is just a stage costume, that you wear for the show. The reality is quite different! In life you are serious and responsible in professional work. Humorous, profound and reserved, as you are easily embarrassed, you can sometimes seem overly shy, maybe even if you love your art immensely, the thrill of the stage and of the audience, sometimes you would gladly do without, of the exhibition that accompanies success. Your subtle intuition masked behind an apparent light-hearted nature, everything understands and warns, sees things that escape others and those you meet immediately perceive the affection or aversion and act accordingly. You are also cheerful and playful, your smile lights up around you, but always in you that bit of intimate melancholy, for those who knows how to look beyond the facade.


You have many defects like every human being, however there are some that in the world where you work and live (and not only in that) are truly unforgivable, such as not knowing how to pretend, lack of hypocrisy, spontaneity and too much sincerity, not measuring gestures and words, for the use and consumption of those who observe you, always saying what you think, always showing yourself for what you are, without seeking admiration at all costs. Furthermore you are overly modest in hiding the charity you do, it would be all good publicity, my dear, realize it! And then there is also the tendency that you have, to reveal the emotion … well of course, some might say that: “Tears do not show the fragility of a man, but the greatness of his heart!” But anyway, you could avoid it. You know, basically you are too “normal”, you should give yourself more tone and more importance, as befits an international star. Less confidence with every guy!


It has been said that you were supposed to be a technicolor film and instead you are a black and white film: it’s true! Because the black and white films are the most refined and sought after, they are soft, shaded, they are not aggressive, they leave room for imagination. In conclusion your being “normal”, your strengths and all your faults, preserving the child’s soul, which is the prerogative of great men only, are the things that define you and make you authentic, are what we love you for and we appreciate. Never change your essence, especially not to please the right-thinking people who will always have something to say, so keep yourself, the good man, who you are!

Happy birthday Ignazio, that love and joy will accompany you every day of your life.


Melina, let me tell you that you sent a fantastic dedication to Ignazio, you interpreted the feelings of many fans.

Surely Ignazio was enthusiastic about these sweet and sincere words of yours.

Grazie Melina 😘


Ignazio, you are unique and incredible!


Credit to owners of all photos.

41 thoughts on “A SPECIAL LETTER by Daniela”

  1. Beautifully written Melina. But I don’t agree that Igna is shades of “black and white”. He wears a coat of many colors, he is my renaissance man. He makes me cry and he makes me laugh, he makes my heart burst with his talent, he has a great sense of humor, and he has never acted like a “buffoon,” I am so proud of the man he has become, I wish that all of his dreams come true.

    1. Thank you for your appreciation. I never said that Ignazio is “shades of black and white” but that he is a refined black and white movie. And, of course he is not a “buffoon”, he is a comedian for the audience.

      1. Melina, I know you didn’t call him a buffoon. I believe someone may have called him a jokester or funny boy in the past and it got translated into buffoon. I don’t think it was ever intentional just one of those quirky translations. Excuse me if I misspoke about shades of black and white.because I agree with all you wrote about Ignazio, it’s only that when I look at him I see a man of many colors. I wish I could express myself better.

  2. Thank you Daniela for the translation of this lovely Birthday letter to Ignazio! It was well written and expressive! I wish I could write my thoughts as well, they would be a bit different but heart warming as well!! Thanks again! ❤️🎶🌹🇨🇦

  3. Thank you Daniela for sharing this. You are our angel. We can’t believe he is 25. We’ve watched the boys almost since they started and it’s been a pleasure to watch them mature and find the fame they sooo deserve. I hope Ignazio had a spectacular birthday.

    1. Victoria, these thoughts were so beautiful, that it was a pity that you could not understand them, so I translated.
      Surely he will have had a nice birthday! 🙂

  4. Ignazio is the real deal. He is a wonderful man who wears his heart on his sleeve. You can see it in his many talents like his singing, personality, expressions, humor, humility, family ties, seriousness about his craft and most of all his beautiful brotherly relationship with Piero and Gianluca and his kindness to all of his fans of any age. As a mom and grammy, I would be very proud if he were my son or grandson. Never change Ignazio! We love you just the way you are. You make us very happy!!

    1. Actually Carol, I believe that all of us would like to have these three boys, like children, brothers, grandchildren.
      Surely they will have many flaws, but they also have many fine qualities.:)

  5. well… I thought I loved Ignazio the most 😉 😉 😉 beautiful words Melina, truely beautiful and wise. Hope Ignazio got them

  6. Melina, thank you for your expressive letter, and thank you, Daniela, for translating. I’m sure Ignazio was touched by your sentiments. He is one of the most multi-talented people we know. Is there anything he can’t do? How do we even begin to thank him for the years of entertainment he has provided and with G0d’s help will continue to provide. He is like a polished diamond – sparkling. We all wish him personal growth and professional success. I am anxiously waiting to see you in San Diego.

    1. Thank you all for your compliments and thanks to Daniela for the translation. This letter was written with the heart.

    2. Doris, how beautiful your comparison, “is like a shiny, sparkling diamond”.
      In San Diego, it will be fantastic.

      Thanks for sending me the video, but I can’t see it. 🙂

  7. Thank you all for your compliments and thanks to Daniela for the translation. This letter was written with the heart.

    1. Melina, it was really a great pleasure.
      You wrote very sweet and true words.
      Thank you for giving me permission to translate it. 🙂 🙂

  8. A beautiful tribute to a complex and wonderful young man. I, too, observe these elements in Ignazio. If we allow ourselves to look past his beautiful talent and good looks, there are many times we see his pain, quiet joy or pensiveness. The problem with show business is that once a lovable/likable (marketable) trait is identified, that expected trait is always to continue. We love Ignazio for his renegade, funny man behavior but, that is a very small part of who he is. The eyes are the window to the soul. He is all he should be, just as he is. ♥️♥️ Thank you Melina for the beautiful, insightful love of Ignazio.

  9. Some of this I have said before. All of my dealings with Ignazio (loved-one’s funeral, set-up for Il Volo Fan Faire, talk with him about his new composition, etc.) have always shone to me that he is very smart, very talented, very nice and down to earth , not to mention the fact that he is one of the best lyric tenors in the world. ! !

    1. Myron, you were really very sensitive and generous during Ignazio’s mourning.
      For the rest, all three are special guys and we’re really lucky to have met them. 🙂

  10. lovely words but one thing i do not agree with is your comment about him being overly modest in hiding the charity work he does it would be good publicity NO NO NO then all would think he was doing charity work only for the publicity and lose all respect i love him for being so modest and have so much respect for him as i do all the other stars who do charity work without publicity your fans should be so proud of you

    1. Tina, I agree with you, especially here in Italy where there are many detractors, they would immediately think that Ignazio advertises itself with charity

  11. A very nice tribute to Ignazio for sure. Asking out of curiosity does the guys read our comments here on this site? I’m on other sites and I’ve been told IL Volo never sees or reads our comments. Thank you Daniela for taking the time to give us updates and if you know our guys please tell them I’ll see them on March 1st in Mesa, AZ and that I love them to the moon and back and everything in between….lol! Seriously they are the VERY BEST!

    1. Sassylady, I don’t think kids read everything that is written about them, they wouldn’t even have time.
      But there are some of their relatives, who sometimes read, don’t comment but they like, so I think they report what they read.
      For the rest, if I have the opportunity to talk to the boys, I will definitely report your message. 🙂

  12. Thank you Melinda for your special birthday letter to Ignazio and also Daniela for the translation. It was a lovely tribute as were those of so many who responded. Ignazio is a kind, tenderhearted young man who is loved by so many!

  13. That is a beautiful letter to Ignazio on his birthday. Melina Everything you said is so true. I hope he has read the tribute and understands how special he is. I love them all dearly, but Igna has a special gift of putting so much real feeling into his singing. He is willing to show us his heart and emotions when he sings. He showed that to us in Verona with his solo that brought a standing ovation before he had actually finished the whole song. He has a voice full of color and nuances which mesmerize me. And yet he can be so light hearted and funny and playful with his partners. Thanks Daniela and Pat for letting us see this lovely tribute.

    1. Yes, Janet, in Verona Ignazio was superb, he showed us his heart and the audience reacted, a beautiful moment that will remain in our memories.
      Too bad that Melina did not come to Verona, but there will be a next opportunity to introduce you to her. 🙂

  14. Thank you Daniela for this beautiful and accurate Special Letter to our dear Ignazio. You put into words what we Ignazio lovers have always felt about him since we first saw him.! He is truly a UNIQUE and LOVED INDIVIDUAL. GOD SMILED ON IGNAZIO when he created him and gave him his fabulous talent! LOVE THIS YOUNG MAN TO PIECES.
    Thanks again Daniela! Hope he reads your letter!

    Sue Hood in AS in the USA

  15. Melina did a wonderful writing about Ignazio.
    I thank her and you Daniela for sharing this
    with we fans. This is just how I picture him.
    He is a talented, loving, great person that is
    able to translate these feelings to his audience.

  16. To all you wondeful ladies & Myron who have poured your hearts of love to Ignazio as I see him also. As I have said he is my heartthrob forever when he saw I was limping & asked me if I will be able to get home alight. I was born with a disocated hip & that is why I walk with a limp. I treasure his caring shown years ago which I will never forget. If I could show him how much I love him & I wish so much I could work with Barbara & Mr.Torpidine I would be on cloud 9 forever. Ganluca & Piero are lucky to have a singing partner wIth a sense of humour & who treasures the partnership. Happy birthday my precious Ignazio I love you forever.

  17. Ignazio is the Robin Hood of our time he with his two brothers captured all hearts. He’s the Pirates Of penzance looking to help all in need. An exceptional talent, a very handsome young man with a heart of gold. God watch over the IL Volo team.

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