Even Amazon Knows!

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  1. What a wonderful review of the new CD. I acquired the CD a few months back and fully agree with the author of the review. BTW: My son gave me the DVD of Notte Magica for a Christmas gift.

  2. what a great and well deserved review. Which I must say mystifies me when I hear about the negative critics and press in Italy. Seems like two different planets. Well I want to be on the one with Amazon and Il Volo. I hope the guys take comfort in reviews like this when they have to put up with the negativism that is also out there.
    We love and support you Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca!

  3. Is it any wonder they wrote a review? Amazon couldn’t keep enough copies in stock! Bravo, Amazon!

  4. I love the review! Was saying “yea, yea, yea” all the way through! Just a question…I ordered the deluxe edition from Amazon and love it, but all the spoken parts are in Italian! Can anyone tell me where I can get the English version! I’d like to have both! I know there is one! Thanks for any help! Thanks “Crew” for all your support for these dear young men! <3 <3 <3 Dot in Texas!

    1. Hey, Dot! Just turn on the English sub-titles on the main menu. It’s all there. Linda in Fort Worth.

      1. Thanks, Linda! I’m technically challenged! Will get my daughter to figure it out! I do appreciate you’re trying to help! Hey, I’m in Gonzales! Ciao!

    2. Dorothy, there is an option on the DVD for English subtitles somewhere in the lower right and corner. The first time I watched it I didn’t notice it, but the second time I found it. Sorry I can’t be more specific. See if it says anything about subtitles.

      1. I was delighted to find accidentally a “subtitle” button on my remote.When I pressed it I saw in the upper left corner of the DVD “Italian” press again & “English “appeared. Now all was in English. Just thought I add my experience with the DVD. And what a great review!!💕

      2. Thanks all! My tech specialist showed me features on my dvd player that I didn’t know existed! You were all a big help! <3 <3 <3

  5. I had read it and I guess it didn’t stand out to me since I totally agree that Il Volo is wonderful and Una Notte Magica is beautiful and magical! Thanks Marie for posting such a great review and so well deserved, and maybe their sales are telling them something. I too am mystified that there are still music critics and some press in Italy that find fault with Il Volo’s singing and their music.

  6. Thanks for posting this Marie !! It’s an amazing and certainly well deserved review !!! Notte Magica is truly magical as are our guys !! 💕💕

  7. Glad you posted that wonderful to read. Hope there are are more people out there who write beautiful reviews about Il Volo. Thanks Amazon

  8. Amazon review is beautiful and well-deserved,
    The critics and the Italian press are far from understanding the value of these guys, indeed, do not know them at all, is now published an article where Piero is called Paul, unwatchable, our journalists do not even know who they are talking. Luckily there TRISHADRIA that appreciates and defends them.

    But today IL VOLO took his revenge in Italy NOTTE MAGICA has just been certified PLATINUM DISC.
    Ercole Ginoble from his facebook page thanked everyone.
    These are rewards.

  9. Thanks Daniela ecstatic to see that. Maybe there will be other brave souls that will make a comment

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