Who’s Going Where ~ 2017

Who’s Going Where ~ 2017 ~ U.S. & Italy

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Here’s the “Who’s Going Where” List so far.  Please update me, in comments, if I have it wrong or your name is missing.  It will live over there on your right under “Topics”.   I will also re-post it here from time to time throughout the 2017 concert season.

Now for that necessary disclaimer: It is not our intent to make any connections with this list.  It is merely to show you where people will be attending.  As always, use common sense.

Last year we sat in 295 seats.  So here we go again…

North America Tour

March 2nd ~ Easton, PA
~Camille Greco
~Mary Ellen
~2 of Mary Ellen’s friends
~Margaret Ladolcetta
~Margaret’s husband or son

March 4th ~ New York, NY
~Vincent Padovano
~Margaret Ladolcetta
~Someone with Margaret
~Barbara Marra Dower
~Karen Froc
~Margaret D. Mirailh
~Maria Leps & 3 Granny Groupies
~The Grannie Groupies

March 7th ~ Philadelphia, PA
~Camille Greco
~Donna Cunnane
~Maria Leps
~Maria’s son Richard
~Mary Ellen
~2 of Mary Ellen’s friends

March 9th ~ Washington D.C.
~Camille S.
~Camille S.’ friend

March 11th ~ Mashantucket,  Ledyard, CT
~John from CT
~Donna Pother
~Julie Bernache
~Julie’s son Robert Bernache
~John From CT
~9 of John’s friends!
~Janis Blank

March 14th ~ Boston, MA
~Mary M.
~Mary M.’s Husband
~Elizabeth Meyer
~Elizabeth’s sister
~Julie Bernache


March 16th ~ Detroit, MI
~ Marie Crider
~The one and only Leelee
~Rose Marie Paliobeis
~3 of Rose Marie’s friends/family
~Loretta Foley
~Jana VandeLaare
~Lucy Hadley Buzzee
~Sandi Eyman
~2 of Sandi’s friends
~Betty Young (Bubby Young)

March 18th ~ Chicago, IL
~Esther V
~Patricia (pitterpatO)
~Patricia’s Daughter-in-law
~Patricia’s sister
~Patricia”s friend
~Jana VandeLaare
~Linda Dawson
~Donna McKune
~Susan’s 2 friends
~Lisa Perrone
~Jeanne Thomas
~Harriett Eckberg
~Betty Young (Bubby Young)


March 20th ~ Minneapolis, MN
~Mary Bohling
~Mary Jane Ceminsky
~Jane’s friend Kathy
~Dorothy Vessey
~Dorothy’s 10 & 12 yr old Granddaughters
~Linda Hoen
~Mike Hoen
~Hoen friend

March 23rd ~ Los Angeles, CA
~Joan Guyon
~2 of Joan’s Friends
~Anne Quinto
~Carl Xaiver
~Marie Brown
~Carol Coates
~Manola DeMunda
~Manola’s daughter

March 25th ~ Las Vegas, NV
~Jeanine DuBois
~Jill Manning
~Patricia (pitterpatO)
~Patricia’s sister
~Jeff Wenzel
~Myron Heaton
~Janet D.
~Janet D’s sister Betsy
~Linda Hoen
~Linda Hoen’s husband
~Anne Quinto
~Elizabeth Johnson
~Michael Wilson
~Bella Wilson
~Sally Garcia
~Marie Brown
~Carol Coats
~Marie Dennis
~Marie D.’s daughter
~Marie D.’s granddaughter
~Rose Marie Paliobeis

March 27th ~ San Jose, CA
~Gerri Carbone
~Helen Tanner
~Janet Pilkington
~Janet P.’s Daughter
~Janets Granddaughter
~Janet D.
~Janet D.’s husband
~Janet D.’s daughter
~Janet D.’s son-in-law

March 30th ~ Tampa, FL
~Rose Marie Paliobeis
~Rose Marie’s FB friend
~Alice White
~Mary H.
~Mary H’s daughter
~Mary H’s sister
~Mary H’s friend
~Mary Strickler
~Mary Strickler’s husband Bob
~Mary Strickler’s daughter
~Sandra Schmidt

April 1st ~ Miami, FL
~Annette Simonini
~Annette’s Friend Karen
~Vivian Liebgold

April 3rd ~ Atlanta, GA
~Lucy Hadley Buzzee
~Renee Bourg
~Anna Breeding
~Charles Breeding


Notte Magica Tour

May 5th ~ Turin, Italy

May 6th ~ Bologna, Italy

May 9th ~ Milan, Italy

May 12th ~ Rome, Italy
~Jannette & Friends
~Sue Hemshall
~Graham Hemshall


May 15th ~ Ancona, Italy
~Sue Hemshall
~Graham Hemshall

May 17th ~ Livorno, Italy
~Maura Siena
~Maura’s husband


May 19th ~ Verona, Italy
~Daniela Perani
~Beppe Perani
~Donna Pother
~Mary M
~Mary M’s Husband
~Susan’s brother
~Jeannette & Friends
~Dorothy Vessey
~Sue Hemshell
~Graham Hemshall
~Maura Siena
~Maura’s husband
~Marie Crider (that’s a lie, but I really really, really want to be here)

May 20th ~ Verona, Italy
~Jeannette & Friends
~Patrizia Ciava
~Janet D.
~Jane D.’s husband
~John from CT

May 23rd ~ London, England
~Bernard Duffy
~Bernard’s wife Rosalba

June 1st ~ Taromina, Italy
~Jeannette & Friends
~Betty Young (Bubby Young)
~Mealani Evensen
~Mealani’s cousin Melinda Walker

June 4th ~ Taromina, Italy
~Kathy Pritchard
~Kathy’s husband


June 10th ~ Naples, Italy
~Bernard Duffy
~Bernard’s wife Rosalba
~Bernard’s sis-in-law, Eleonora


121 thoughts on “Who’s Going Where ~ 2017”

  1. Aloha ladies. No need to post this comment. Just a little FYI. Melinda and I will be at the concert in Taormina on June 1. We’re currently listed with the folks in Verona. I wish. Of course I had to look at a map to see if it was possible to do both. Silly me.

  2. Marie, makes me laugh a lot your name added to the list at the bottom of Verona on May 19, perhaps seeing your name listed you decide to come.
    You could always add 19 May my friend Maura (the letter)?
    I also wanted to tell you that Maura Siena has already told you twice to enter her name and also that of her husband even in Livorno concert, but you have not yet corrected.
    Then I wait for Verona so we go together.

    1. I am pleased to report that Rosalba and I now have tickets for the London concert as well as the one in Naples. I must thank Daniela for her help in buying the London tickets on the day before they went on sale. For those who do not know, the Royal Albert Hall is one of the most prestigious concert venues in the whole of the United Kingdom. Think Carnegie Hall in New York and you will get the idea; but the RAH is slightly older. So, it is a remarkable achievement that our guys are performing at the RAH. We will go to two concerts in 18 days and will have a holiday in Italy, too. So, there is no longer any need to feel sorry for me!

      1. Bernard, so happy you will also be at the RAH concert. I was feeling bad for you only going to Naples for a concert and a holiday. What a relief. Now, I can sleep nights!

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