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Well, I guess we have controversy.   And perhaps I started it.  I was trying to give our Guys a feather in their cap with the rise in the sales of Jackie Evancho’s Christmas album.  It wasn’t until Natzio1 gave me a real round-house punch that I realized I opened the wrong door.  My post ran prior to any knowledge of the Boys refusal to perform during the inauguration ceremonies.  None-the-less I have been inundated with emails asking how I really feel about the boys refusal to sing.  I have, for the last day or so, been uncertain how I feel.  Should I be offended?  Then this morning I saw that Myron, Patricia (pittypatO) and Laura were commenting on my “With Every Fiber” piece from the other day.  They reminded me of a line I wrote in that piece about loving our Guys “unconditionally”.  I do and I always will.  I did not vote for our soon-to-be President.  However, he will be my President and I must support him.  Like Jana said in her email, I might be surprised.  I am hoping for surprises.

I do not pretend to know why IL Volo refused the invitation.  I have, of course, heard reasons, but not from them.  I have to trust the advice given to them by their team.  Like Daniela wrote in her email, they would have nay-sayers no matter what their decision was.   Here is what I do know…This had to be a tough decision for the Guys.  They said recently that they really want to sing at the White House and I believe they do.  I also know they have great friends and fans they truly care about in this country.  I am sorry they have been thrown into this countries politics.  I am sorry that politics have interfered with their goals.  I will always love them unconditionally and back their personal and professional decisions.
🎶 Marie

Now…Here is something much more pleasant from Daniela.

Hello Flight Crew!  Guess what? Dario has published an essay on Ignazio.
Get it here translated.  I find it very beautiful.

(All translated from Italian)


As a graceful and soft cloud spreads good mood today.
Beyond the Sicilian humor, real consistent with that which is pure.
Actual capacity of nice diffusion of joy, all his pores bursting with energy.
Magical component of a fantastic trio where everything is expressed with such panache.
Great humility, just as his subject with a real dignity,
thanks to its big smile everyone sooner or later he will notice.
Booming voice enriches even more songs from the soul already significant.
From the Port of God or good wine country boy with a big heart and superfine hand.
Love of nature, passion for life, enchants many people with the microphone in his fingers.
Good art he is part of it, with a suitcase …
Maybe part of his fame will come even on Mars.
With the joke he prepared the boxes around the world with sympathy tackles …
in music history will be engraved its mark.
After all, many people know to dream …
so many I would like to embrace …
Simply thanks Ignazio.
~Dario Gerardi


Bursts of energy …

How voices thundering immense and beyond expand in the hearts
and minds of those who want to dream a lot.

The power, the strength, beyond the speed of light,
hearing them you can not help that fly with the Fantasy
in a different dimension so majestic.

The diversity makes it unique the combination of three sources
where the artistic awareness of his immensity he is master …

Where the power of music intoxicates those wonderfully sound is not never satisfied.
Believing in the power of love … Where it all seems like a dream with open eyes …
Words filled with sweetness as if to listen to them
if they hide all the bitterness of this world.

His voice has conquered the world with the love you could conquer the universe,
never disappear emotional gratitude from which of them they never forget.
~Dario Gerardi

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  1. I Will withhold my opinion until I know the facts – please let us know when you find out the real reason the boys would not sing for the inaug. Bet their agents and handlers had something to do with it. There – I’ve epressed an opinion anyway!

    1. Bubby, I agree. I don’t believe it was really their decision. It’s an honor to be asked to sing for another country’s leader. One of them said on the today show they wanted to sing at the white house. How did that wish change so suddenly in 3 weeks? And why? I’m pretty sure they don’t know what xenophobia and populism mean? Even I had to look it up!

      1. In fact, Jana, that song is great, and the guys perform it very well, and yet so many people have had the courage to express very negative comments in that video and there were no political issues them.
        Unfortunately IL VOLO in Italy unleashes ALWAYS for better or forworse negative comments and us fans we are tired of this situation, I can only imagine their families.

      2. Jana:
        well, here is the person who made everyone mad, or not and opened a can of worms!! I agree it was not their decision. They are TOO young. They are told by their managers or who they listen to about politics. I am 66 years old and at the age of 21, I listened to my parents or the mainstream media. At the age of 59, I started to get “into” politics and research any “nominee”, whether for President or city council or Govenor. That’s when I learned their “policies” and what they believed in for Our Country. I cannot, also, give my opinion on any other Country’s Policies. (Margaret, I agree) I said I would not “comment” again, but I renege my statement. I can comment, as we all do, and I will continue to comment, if I feel I want to. Thank you Jana and Margaret and LYDKA!! I loved your comments. I was going to stop commenting, but as you say, Jana, I have the right to comment. It’s unfortunate politics has come to Il Volo. I will never stop listening to them or loving them. I have EVERY CD AND DVD of theirs.

  2. What about Marie, I am deeply sorry that the guys are stumbled in a matter of policy, also because they have always said that politics is not for them.
    They always claimed that music must unite, and that’s what I take into account, their being artists, their being excellent singers.
    Who knew them personally knows them “way of being”, always available, always affable, always attentive to people.
    As I have said before, always take it with pliers what is written by the Italian press, has never been kind to them, they’ve never forgiven their success.
    The Italian press is massacring them fomenting obscene comments from those who in Italy call “rosiconi” people who do not accept their success, first of all Italian people who do not agree that other Italians have a skill that has led them to have known elsewhere, instead of being proud, they’re jealous.
    Since yesterday’s comments are wasted on the refusal to sing for Trump, but two days ago, going to see the comments under the video for “Somebody to Love” who have recently published, I reported numerous comments offensive to the competent authority, and even Trump here nothing was known.
    This is to clarify that here in Italy is valid for any excuse to rail against the boys, which is why, knowing how much love you have always shown to them, I think that you will see beyond the written words.
    Marie I always love them beyond their personal and professional decisions

    1. Daniela
      I am a little confused with the articles posted by Lydka. Was Bocelli actually boycotted? and by Italy or US?
      Thank you

      1. Linda, in fact when you heard the news that Bocelli would sing at the White House for Trump, here in Italy was born a movement by his own fans who claimed to boycott her concerts and do not buy his CD, it seems that these protests they did change his mind Bocelli which did not respond to the invitation. Bocelli, however, is a close friend of Trump and played on other occasions for him, so it seems that Trump will not be offended.
        As you see in Italy if you say yes, no good if you say no, not good. The difference is that the Bocelli question is closed fast enough, while for the IL VOLO will talk about it for months.

    2. Had not seen the comments on that song. I thought it was awesome! Love your comments daniela, I agree! Maybe since Bocelli and il volo are friends, he can convince them to sing in the future.

  3. Dario beautifully written & wonderfully poetic you have an amazing talent I can see Ignazio in every in every sentence


  4. As I posted on Facebook, I’m very pleased they are not singing at the inaugeration. My opinion of the amoral trump goes beyond what I will post here. The guys are so morally superior to him, don’t tarnish their reputation by being associated with him.

  5. Same here Daniela. l willl never listen to or bother to read jealous garbage coming from someones little brain. Our guys believe in what they say, passion for thierr singing, & genuine love for their fans, I want to pound some sense into those idiots who are so jealous that they can only think to destroy what Gdd has sent us to listen to perfection & I thank God every day for this wonderful gift. I love them they are part of my life & I will protect them as much as I can.

  6. Dario, thank you so much! A wonderful post!!! I will always love love them unconditionally!!! I have interacted more with Ignazio! He was the one close to me at the Gibson M&G 8/28/13. I told him I was celebrating my 85th birthday! They sang Happy Birthday to me! He has always made me feel extra special! I & three friends were able to attend the Prromo taping at my PBS before the airing of Notte Magica Dec 5!!! We had a great time with the three of them. I told Ignazio I was getting older & had to use my walker all the time. I am really slowing down! I got much sympathy with hugs from all three. Encouragement also! Unique young men, I have many beautiful Concert memories also. I will see them in LA & Vegas in March!!!

  7. Yes, marie, I hope he fools the world. We are a world divided now, because we are fans of il volo, not just a nation divided. Many are applauding the guys for the decision that was made. Yes, I say “the” not “their ” decision, because I don’t believe it was entirely theirs, despite the tweet/instagram post by piero. They are too young to understand.

    Let me say this. I think people are afraid of trump because he is already doing what he said he will do. If anyone saw the announcement by Ford to pull out of Mexico, this is just a start. Go Ford!

    We will always love our guys because we will always think of them as our guys! There is no denying their talent, how they make us feel when we hear their voices, or see the joy on their faces when they smile.

    Whether or not we agree with the decision, we need to respect the decision that was made. I’m sure the decision was made to protect them; and with love, not malice toward the American government. Whether or not it was the right decision, only the future can tell.

    No matter everyone’s feelings here, our nation and the world, will be denied another opportunity to hear our beloved guys sing. Have you all heard them sing our national anthem? It blows you away!! I only hope that if they are invited to sing again, they reconsider and accept.

    1. I don’t think there would be a problem if Il Volo just declined the invitation. I think it has become an issue because of the comments attributed to them about our President elect that half the people who voted in this country could find troubling. It seems unusual that they have said they don’t get involved in politics and then make these statements. Maybe they weren’t even reported accurately. I know I believe very little in our newspapers and media unfortunately.

  8. I am sorry the guys got embroiled in US politics. this was a no win situation for them. If they said yes there would be unhappy people. When they said no same thing. There was no response possible that would make everyone happy. So they apparently decided to try to stay out of this country’s difficult political situation. I support whatever decision they make, and I remain a devoted fan. They are singers, entertainers, and what they seem to want is just sing beautiful music that makes their fans happy. Doubt that they ever wanted to be implicated in political controversy, especially a country not their own.
    Dario’s essay is beautiful and fits Ignazio very well. Thank you for posting .

  9. Thank you, Daniela, now I understand. Our news only said Bocelli, among others, would not appear and I hadn’t heard anything about a boycott.
    When I heard about Jackie singing at the Inauguration, I thought that Il Volo should have been invited. It would have given them some great US TV exposure. Now, I am saddened that they will not appear. I love when they are in the US and on TV.

    1. Sincerely Linda, I when I saw the show with Evancho I hoped that Trump does not invite them, because I knew that whatever had been their response here in Italy would have been adversely commented upon.
      A year ago they did a selfie with Renzi our (then) Prime Minister, I’m not to list the insults they received.

      1. Daniela
        We have all heard the advice to not discuss politics or religion. It is true, especially of this election. It is too bad this has happened as we would all love to see them and they would have loved to gain more fans here in the States. I thought they should have been on Tony Bennett’s 90th birthday special. That would have been great for them – with no controversy.

  10. I stand by the boys in the decision, whether it was theirs or their management. If you have read Piero’s comments, I think it was theirs. I don’t necessarily agree with it. My thought is that they would have added something very beautiful to an occasion that needs something uplifting . Politics aside. I’m sorry they have been affected by negative, and nasty remarks. It certainly is a win – no win situation. May God bless them.

  11. I. Agree. Rose. Marie. They. Certainly. Would. Have. Added. A. Great. Deal. Of. Pleasure. To. The. White. House performance. May. God. Bless. Them. And. Keep. Them. Safe. Who. Is. The. Girl. With. Ignazio. In. The. Group. Picture. Might. Have. Been. In. Italy. Love. These. Guys. God. Bless. Them

  12. Daniela yes I thought it was poetry especially for Ignazio beautifully done.
    What has always really bothered me & can’t figure why Italy is against these precious young men. Doesn’t Italy realize how they are proud of being Italian & always speak well of Italy & are always promoting them. Is it just the media? I can’t see what these guys could have done or could have possibly said to anger them so severely. Our guys are only 22 years old. They are just starting their lives. They promote good will & also give to charities etc. Where is the anger coming from?

    1. Loretta, I do not know why these attitudes. From the beginning of their success, the boys have NEVER been supported by the press. Sometimes even seem bothered, they say they do not feel represented by these guys “old” in the ways of being, in the manner of singing and also in the way of dressing.
      The real problem is that the press, promotes many negative comments from people who do not follow them and do not know it they do their songs.
      They describe how obnoxious guys mounted, who believe they are superior to all, abrupt and rude, what more than wrong because we know that they know that they are not at all like that, because the exact opposite.
      Who admires them has even ashamed to admit it, Marie and Jane, who have come here, have seen that outside of their countries where people know them well and defends them, they are hardly recognized with pride, because who appreciates them also ashamed to admit it.
      And an embarrassing situation because they are good and famous and do not deserve this treatment.
      Now I also have to say that some of the press is defending them, like P. Ciava who also posted here and others. For us fans read their comments it is a breath of fresh air.

  13. I heard the US nation Anthem sung by therm a few years ago when they were younger & it was so beautifully done I was crying. This is Trumps loss & I am sad they have to deal with this negativity. i’m glad that they said they wanted to sing their songs although them singing the Anthem is beautiful as usual. I have always said they can do no wrong

  14. Well Daniela I hope things improves for them & the ones who have no backbone to admit Il Volo’s excellence wont have to hide behind others shirttail.
    The sound of Il Volo’s voice is magnificent which they will eventually hear & we already know. Our gain.Also sad to hear that they werernt on Tony Bennets special He likes there singing I would have loved to have heard that. Tony”s voice was spectacular one of my favourite singers.

  15. Marie, for my part I always understood your reasons for posting and your innocence in starting what turned out to be a controversy. There has been so much written and said, so much innuendo and blather, that I think we all just have to sit back and see what happens and not rely on what is being said on the media.
    They don’t have a great track record this year–so why believe any of it?
    That goes for what they write about our guys as well!
    We always give them the benefit of the doubt and wait until things become clearer.
    So let’s extend that generosity to all the protagonists in this situation.

  16. I need another main floor ticket for Chicago Civic Opera on March 18 for our Boys if anyone has one. I guess only balcony seats are available.

    1. Ann
      I don’t have a ticket but wanted to know where your seat is. I will find you this time, so we can meet.

      1. Good Linda, I will let you know. We can probably meet some of the other Flight Crew too. There are a few others coming to Chicago.

  17. Marie, I know I have been lacking in writing here lately… But I try to keep up on the news here… This choice of Il Volo and or their management has taken on a life of its own… I had to say a few words to all Il Volo fans… I did on my time line on facebook and I hope you do not mind if I say a few words here … I, like you am and will always be an Il Volo fan…

    Here in America we are guaranteed the freedom of speech … For those who will sing at the inauguration ceremonies they do so to share their art with the people of the United States… We as a nation should respect that… For those who refused to sing at the inauguration ceremonies, that is their right to freedom of speech as well, we as a nation should respect that also…You would not want anyone to tell you that you cannot think or act the way you choose to, that you must think or act like I choose you to.. So as intelligent adults with a mind of our own, lets give respect to these artists no matter what their choices are, just like you would want people to respect you for your choices .. Please spread the love not anger and hate…

    I have spent about three years supporting Il Volo… I have enjoyed sharing my love for Il Volo everyday of the past three years that I have been here with the Flight Crew … I have felt that the Il Volo family that I have met here is the most loving, kind and supportive people I have ever had the pleasure of kibitzing with…
    But today this loving place that we all call Il Volo Land has become a hotbed of anger and unkind words toward each other and certainly not supportive of Il Volo… I have read angry words, calling people ignorant, others not wanting to see Il Volo’s concerts… And so many other unkind things were said…
    That is your choice, if you choose to be angry, your choice to voice your opinion on a site that is here to support and share love of Il Volo… It is your choice not to go to their concerts… But it is not your choice to tell these three intelligent and loving young men what they should think, what they should do, what they should say or not say, or where they should perform…
    It is their right to do and say what’s on their mind to us.. .They give us so much love and share so much of themselves that we feel like they are family… In my family there are people who do not have the same religious beliefs as I do, or the same thoughts in politics… But I love them and commend the for having the integrity to stand up for what they believe, and I support them even when I have a different view… Just as I support Il Volo… This is a place of sharing love, lets get back to that please…
    From Il Volo: I vostri sorrisi…la nostra gioia!!!
    “Your smiles … our joy !!!”

  18. Like I said 2 nights ago, politics should NEVER be brought up on this website. Just our love for the “guys”, their concerts, interviews, etc. Only that!! If politics are brought up in any way, it might make anyone make a comment that could upset any one of us!! If you look at my 3 comments, I did say that! Look back on my comments on 1-5-17. I said “politics should not be a part of this website!”

  19. I who became a citizen of US have strong feelings about the respect we all need to give our country. So I feel that some other people might feel the same and had a moment of hurt when they read about the boys statements. I believe that no one would have objected if they just said “Thank you but we can not”. The added reasons put us back into the hurtful things we have been throwing against each other. I think we need to go back to the old fashioned civility and stop demeaning each other.
    The boys are Italians and their base is Latin America and Mexico fans and due to the immigration issues raised in this elections they could not win if they said yes or no. I am sure the management weight the pros on cons.
    I read that Andrea Bocelli had accepted but withdrew because he was criticized by some people for accepting.
    I care about the boys and love their music and will continue to be their fan. They are like my grandsons whom i love but I do not always accept their decisions.

  20. Marie,

    Thank you for starting this post so we can all express our opinions if we choose to do so. A few of my own thoughts:

    It is without any doubt that I can proclaim that all of us here on the Flight Crew are a passionate bunch. We are passionate about our guys – what they sing, what they say, what they do, and what they think. Because we share such a deep emotional bond to these three men from Italy, sometimes this passion can spill over into other aspects of our lives and this probably can explain the intense feelings being shown on these pages. Unfortunately, the state of politics in America today has evolved into a situation where 49% of the population is in one corner, 49% is in the opposite corner, and about 2% either don’t know where they stand, they don’t care, or they are totally unbothered in any way. Complicating this entire scenario is the personality of Mr Trump, which by almost everyone’s standards has served to polarize this nation (and maybe the world) in such an unprecedented manner. Whether you see this as a major strength or a pending catastrophe is a topic for another forum and not appropriate for discussion here.

    I believe that a distinction has to be made with regards to the arena where the performance is to take place. By arena I do not mean the physical location, but the stated purpose of the event itself and of the participation of a given artist. A political rally or fundraiser where the main goal is for a candidate to convince others of his/her views, or to raise money in support of those views is very different from an inauguration celebration which occurs with each transfer of power regardless of the candidate’s views. It should be up to the individual artist to decide for themselves in which of these “arenas” they want to participate and they should feel no need to justify their decision to anyone, even to paying fans.

    In the case of Il Volo, we have been told that they considered their invitation and have publicly given some reasons for their decision to decline. Publicizing this decision gives us all the right to discuss and comment on it, but not the right to refute it as that right belongs only to them. What would we all do if they decided to perform in North Korea or at the invitation of the Syrian government? Would we see it as an implied support of a regime that we do not agree with or as a wonderful humanitarian gesture on behalf of peoples who could probably use some of the joy and love that our guys spread throughout the world? Should Americans boycott them for performing in Germany or Japan simply because 70 years ago those countries dragged us into World War II? It’s never black or white, but dark gray, medium gray, and light gray and every shade of gray in between. It’s never easy.

    I wholeheartedly support Il Volo’s decision not to participate. I also praise Jackie Evancho for her decision as well; if that is right for her, go for it. I can choose to buy or not to buy their records and tickets but I cannot choose to exercise their conscience for them as they see fit.

    Ladies and gentlemen, there is enough discord and anxiety and sadness and hate in this world. Stand up for your political beliefs. Exercise your right to free speech. Practice the religion of your choice. Love the person you want to love. But if any of these things create conflict with your neighbors, please take that conflict and pack it away in a little box and leave it at the door of the concert hall. Because when we are all sitting in our seats listening to our beloved three Italians, the only things that matter are the joy and love and emotion and respect that we owe them. And to each other.

    Happy New Year!

    1. John, you have such an eloquent way with words… You were able to show both sides of the coin without prejudice or judgement of the controversy… To see both sides clearly is an ability that many people do not take the time to pursue… Il Volo has shared love with us through their music and we all can agree on that sincerely…That is all that is needed to be focused on in our groups that support Il Volo… The Flight Crew is a place for us to share our love for these three young men and their music… That is something we can all agree on…

    2. Dear John, here’s what I think happened. The boys were probably told not to perform by their manager considering that Bocelli had already been ostracized and threatened for expressing his intention to perform at the inauguration. A lot of Italians are unfortunately always looking for a pretext to pour hatred on them because as Daniela rightly pointed out they feel envious about others’ success and always try to demonstrate they didn’t deserve it, maybe it makes them feel better about their own failures. Some critic suggested that they weren’t even invited, and claims he has proof, and that they made it all up to have some publicity. That’s because a lot of people in Italy still don’t realize how world-famous they are. As for the reason they gave for their declining the invitation, it was probably extorted from them, because journalists are a treacherous bunch, they might have told the 3 boys to talk freely about how they felt and then manipulated their answer to incite hatred on social networks. Which is exactly what happened. They are now being viciously attacked as we speak (or rather write) by the right-wing movement exponents and sympathizers. They are always accused of being arrogant and conceited, which is the opposite of what they really are, and now the social media are flooded by posts and comments about their alleged arrogance. The truth is that journalists take advantage of their modesty, spontaneity and good-nature and write things about them they would never dare if they had been more presumptuous and haughty.

  21. Hello everyone, here to me it is morning and I just finished reading all your comments.
    This is why I love to be in this group, because all of you will never denied, because your love daily demonstrate our guys, it goes beyond the barriers. Because we can all express our opinions politely that must be respected.

    Here in Italy the controversy has not yet subsided, it will go again for days between insults and profanity directed at IL VOLO.

    Good Sunday to all!

  22. I debated with myself about whether I should add this here, as I, too, don’t desire to alienate any one here because I am fond of all of you. May I just say that I feel/think that ‘our’ guys might be feeling what a European friend who lives in the U.K. wrote to me recently which is that: ” The U.K. and the European Union are feeling very scared since your U.S. election. I’m sorry to tell you that they now hate and despise Americans for who they elected, not only because it is him, but because of his choices of appointees in his Cabinet who will be advising him. We are all terrified of what they might cause to happen in the world and to the world’s environment, the world’s animals, the United States’ democracy, etc.” My friend, who is a Climate Scientist, doesn’t hate Americans at all because he is too intelligent and caring a person to not understand people and what happened during our election and afterwards. I offer this information here only to offer a possible explanation that if IL VOLO did, personally, decide to not perform at the inauguration, maybe it is because this is how they are feeling, too, living in Europe and also being young, with their whole lives still ahead of them. (Just a thought).

    1. I need to make it clear that I’m excluding the possibility that Il Volo, individually, are likely to be feeling animosity towards the American people because of the fact that IL VOLO are, likewise and as has been described in above comments, too smart, loving and spiritual to feel animosity towards the American people because of their country’s future Government, regardless of how they, personally, may be feeling about it.

      1. Two last things for clarity: My UK friend had also mentioned in another letter re/ our U.S. election that “Many in the UK and The European Union countries are expressing great concern now for what it might mean for U.S. foreign policy and the future of the world’s climate….”. I made a mistake in copying his words up above re/ where I wrote that “We (are all terrified of…”): HE wrote “They (are all terrified of…”). A small error, but I want to copy exactly what he wrote in order to be accurate, as I didn’t realize that many people there feel that way now. He also feels “sad for America” because of what many people feel towards our country( U.S.A.) now.

  23. John from CT and Jeanette, thank you for your posts. I agree. I respect Il Volo’s decision not to perform but I am disappointed because I think that a lot of Americans who would be watching this event have not heard of them and would miss the opportunity to hear their beautiful voices.

  24. I doubt that they would perform at Vladimir Putin’s Inauguration, either. Appears to be a matter of personal conscience, as I see it. Godspeed, Il Volo. Godspeed, the United States of America.

  25. il volo—come back to america, specifically, new york. you have not been here for over 2 years. WHY////……….?????????

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