Joy in Accomplishment ~ Gina

Such pride in acomplishments!  

(All comments translated from Italian)

 Ignatius has it all figured out”



  A simple photo and is now ~ OMG Gian asking someone to marry him ~ too soft cry. “



  but take it easy. Ahahahah  “



 For me the winners are.”



  “There are some nice #LatinGRAMMY faces here”



  “Your hug after the goal of @GianGinoble was the prettiest and sweetest of all game.”



 Roseto degli Abruzzi, Abruzzo  You have been the best ever! Proud of you, proud of you buddy!”




“I am very happy to be with Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca conducting them on this magical night under the stars in such a beautiful city, Florence! I really love these guys. They are performing such great repertoire around the world – the same music I’m singing at my own concerts,” says Plácido Domingo.






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  1. I just find pictures I like and keep sending them to Marie. So far she has been too polite to say STOP. Comments are credited to Marie.
    There are moments when I wonder what did I do with my time before I became IL VOLO obsessed.

  2. To Jana or Marie on my theatre Detroit ticket for Il Volo i cant find the name of the Theatre can either one of you girls please tell me what it is. All it says is venue

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