Featued image: Ignazio singing with and image of Vito behind him. The words are SEMPRE VICINO A TE PER SEMPRE

Sanremo ~ A Tribute but, to Whom? by Susan

If Sanremo was meant to be a tribute to Ennio Morricone it certainly didn’t turn out that way.
When the guys walked out on stage it was to do a tribute to Ennio Morricone but, when they walked off the stage, they had given the most amazing tribute to Vito Boschetto.
I can’t even imagine how they got through that very touching song. So appropriate! If Ignazio wanted to tell his father how he felt, he certainly couldn’t have said it better than with that song.
You could feel the emotion! You could feel the support for Ignazio!  Many times, Ignazio had to hold back tears but, so did Gianluca! If ever there was a question of how these guys feel about each other, the question was answered at Sanremo. True brothers!

Isn’t it fitting that they began their wonderful journey on the Ariston stage and, they showed their true love for each other on that same stage? These three, amazing, young men poured out their hearts for the love of Vito.  And Gianluca and Piero showed their love for Ignazio in their support for him in one of the most difficult times in his life. These guys are so strong for one another!
Ignazio is a, true, showmen! He knew the show must go on! And he knew that’s how his father would want it to be! No question this was a very difficult decision for Ignazio to make but, he knew there was only one answer. Yes, the show must go on! And when it did it was with such dignity, that it left us all speechless. Every performance they give is exceptional but when it’s also emotional it goes to another level.  I don’t know about the rest of you but, I was in tears.

We have to remember these young men have been together for 11 years and so have their families. So, the loss goes beyond Ignazio because Gianluca and Piero are also his family. They were teenagers when they came together and, they are used to having each other’s parents traveling with them. They traveled for very long periods of time with Mr. Boschetto. He was a part of the Il Volo family so it’s only natural that they are also feeling the loss.

Vito you will be missed by your family but, you will also be missed by your Il Volo family with whom you shared many wonderful moments! And, the Il Volo fans, will miss you too!

Ignazio you made your father very proud. His love will always shine in your heart!

Your Love (Once Upon A Time In The West)

Ennio Morricone

I woke and you were there
Beside me in the night
You touched me and calmed my fear
Turned darkness into light

I woke and saw you there
Beside me as before
My heart leapt to find you near
To feel you close once more
To feel your love once more

Your strength has made me strong
Though life tore us apart
And now when the night seems long
Your love shines in my heart
Your love shines in my heart


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34 thoughts on “Sanremo ~ A Tribute but, to Whom? by Susan”

  1. I was sobbing after their performance. It brought to mind my own loss. My beloved mother. The pain of loss fades, but the memories do not. One day, Ignazio will smile at the fond memories of his father on tour with Il Volo. Someone will say, “do you remember….” And the smiles will begin. I love Il Volo before. Now, they are in my heart forever, on my prayer list daily, and I feel as if I have 3 beloved grandsons to listen to, watch, and love. (I am a grandmother, so I have room in my heart for 3 more grandsons). All my love, always and always, is what I say to my grandchildren. I say it to Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero today, all my love, always and always. Your pain is my pain. Your joy, my joy. Grandma Karen

    1. Karen, I feel the same way. I have no children or grandchildren, but I look at Il Volo as my grandsons. Their music goes to my soul. I pray for their salvation everyday! I love them so!❤❤❤❤❤

  2. Susan. Thank you for putting this perfect tribute together, for you and for us. I write this through tears. Oh how these 3 young men have touched our hearts, even our souls. Thank you Susan, you expressed perfectly what I know so many felt. Grazie mille 💝

    1. Thank you Susan you put in words how many people feel for this emotional moment. Their soul goes to my heart and I felt pure love in this tribute Ennio Marricone and intimate to Ignazio father, Ennio Marricone with this master piece make it more special, the love from Gianluca, Piero and Ignazio to each other, the respect was clear. Il Volo not just have the angelical voices, they are heart, family and great example for young people. Love the 3 young men’s

  3. Well done dear young men, well done. Your fans love you and the Il Volo family. You will always have a special place in our hearts. As Piero said in the interview after the performance, Ignazio has the strength of a lion. Well, so do you Piero and Gianluca.

    1. That’s what makes us, the il volo family. Whatever happens to any of these sweethearts or their friends and family, we laugh and cry, we suffer with them. They’re in so many hearts and prayers every day, all over the world. God bless these young men keep them as they are, humble, hard-working with so much love to give. We are il voloers and we are love!

  4. And p.s. ~ how does a young man, so close to his dad sing the words he sang? What character lives inside that funny, creative genius? How did he do it? With two brothers, right there, encouraging him by singing through their own pain. We all witnessed the power of music, of friendship, of family and of love. Thank you Il Volo🥺💪🇮🇹

  5. Susan, I was thinking the same thoughts as I sat there lost in the beauty of this song…this song is for his father. I listened to it over and over it was so moving. They really were performing on a different level that evening. Music touches us in places we can not see…our very soul…and yes, in Heaven.

  6. Susan it was a beautiful tribute to Ignazio
    Losing someone you love is hard but his Father will always be with him. His father will be his guardian Angel.

  7. The strength of these three young men is unbelievable. How they were able to sing this song and give such support to Ignazio was fantastic , the emotion was so strong. How fortunate they are, at times like this , to have each other for support and comfort . How thankful we are for the joy you bring to us Ignazio and may your many memories of your father bring you much joy, in the days and years to come. Stay strong, and Peace be with you, and all your family.

  8. Till end of my life I will not forget that face, that beautiful, smiling face now in such a pain and agony, my heart was breaking for him, wanted to help somehow, but there is nothing anyone can do, just praying…..

  9. My heart is heavy with sadness for Ignazio and family, Gianluca, and Piero as well. It is not easy to live with knowing a loved one has an illness that will take them away. To Ignazio, God Bless you dear one and to your family. You came thru like the trooper you are, but all would understand if you hadn’t. You never let anyone down and certainly your Dad was with you in every song sang. God bless IL Volo and may the sun shine upon you giving you peace. One for all, all for one! This is how I think of you three gentlemen. Thank you for all the songs and performances you do. For me, it gives hope for the entire world when you sing. With a song in my heart for the Boschetto family, may you soon know comfort and that Vito will always be with you in thoughts, words, and deeds. I wish I had a magic wand and make all bad things go away and keep you well and safe. I have much respect for the three of you and will always love you and your songs. Aside: To Vito, you have every reason to rejoice and be proud of your family and you know Gianluca and Piero will keep watch over Ignazio and get him thru sad moments. Blessings and safe journey to “my guys” somethin about my guys! Hugs and love always and forever. You touched my heart and soul with your manners and style of singing.

  10. Susan, I write this with tears in my eyes.
    Wholeheartedly agree with ALL the wise and loving comments above.

    Thank you so much for sharing this video with your eloquent words, and the song lyrics.

    I hope Ignazio receives this as it will give him comfort.

    Thank you for your great care of the Guys, and keeping his dear fans informed. With deep appreciation.

  11. Susan, your reflection is one shared by all of us, but
    you delivered it so beautifully. I thought of the mamas,
    papas and children all over Italy who lost a loved one
    during this year-long pandemic, and missed them deeply.
    The song lyrics could not have been more timely for
    the loss of Vito, but also felt by all Italians, and also those
    Il Volo fans all around the world who watched and felt
    the deepest emotion presented by these strong
    and sensitive young men.

  12. THANK YOU, SUSAN❣️ Yes, I was also sobbing, and still cry when I watch that amazing performance. Actually, I feel it was not a “performance” like we usually think of, but a sincere and profound expression of grief and deep love! I’ve always kept the Il Volo team in my prayers, but now I pray even more for them, especially Ignazio! He could not have made any of us AND his dear father more proud❣️ 🙏❣️😢🙏❣️😢🙏❣️

  13. Merci Susan tu nous a encore fait un récit parfait et émouvant !Je crois bien que je n’ai jamais été autant émue par une prestation !je regardais le debut avec Gianluca et j’ai vu ses yeux gonfles et embués et cette voix profonde ,apres Piero que je n’ai jamais vu aussi serieux et triste lui aussi m’a emue avec sa belle voix d’opera puis est arrivé le tour d’Ignazio avec sa voix si pure et ses notes qui peuvent monter si haut j’etais subjuguée et je n’ai pas pu m’empécher de pleurer en voyant son visage si triste ,ce visage qui fait passer tant d’emotions ! Dans quelques jours , quelques semaines il ira mieux il pensera a son papa plus sereinement ,on oublie jamais mais la vie continue ! Je souhaite beaucoup de courage a Igna ,Nina et leur maman !

  14. I don’t know how many more tears I have. Every time I think I’ve straightened myself up, I read something or see another picture; Niagara again. The love these three young men have for each other is the most beautiful relationship anyone has ever seen in the entertainment industry. I think it’s safe to say it’s beautiful, period. I am moved, heart broken, proud, excited and a million other emotions. The mom in me wants to wrap my arms around Ignazio and hold on until he’s whole again. He is a very strong young man with convictions and principles that Vito helped instill in him by example. My heart aches for the whole family. They are in my prayers. Thank you Gian and Piero for staying close and strong for your brother.

  15. Thank you Susan for showing us this beautiful and touching video. Your Love is the most beautiful song and our guys were singing these words right from their hearts. I too was watching through my tears hearing the deep emotion and pain in our guy’s voices, especially Ignazio. Ignazio was supported through this song by his dear Brothers Gianluca and Piero on either side of him giving him all their love and strength. My heart wishes I could reach out to all three of them during this very sad time. I pray that when Ignazio looks upward to the Heavens he will feel his Papa’s love for him shining down on him each day. May God bless the Boschetto Family, may God bless Gianluca, Piero and their loving families and may God hold them ALL in the palm of His hand. Rest In Peace Papa Vito 😢👼🙏

  16. Will we be able to see a video of this very special performance by these three beautiful amazing young men

  17. This was so touching. Thanks you for sharing this with us. You could feel the emotions coming from all of them. I listened to the song several times and wonder how the boys performed after such a loss. It goes to show their commitment and also the love of a wonderful Father. We all have tears in our eyes I’m sure.

  18. my sentiments are all in the above Every time I watch them sing I cry as I did yesterday when I watched them live. I have watched it over and over and how they kept it together I will never know and as i was watching the tears were falling and still are as I read your article. They are all in my prayers, Mother, Sister, Ignazio and Piero and Gianluca. Thanks for all your beautiful words

  19. Another day starting with tears for me .. I just cannot believe the amount of beautiful comments showing the love for “our boys”, and Susan thank you for this lovely article. I too have been crying and continue to do so each time I watch their performance .. the strength shown by Ignazio is amazing and my heart warms to see the love and support given to him by Gianluca and Piero. The road ahead will not be easy, but in time I hope we can see Ignazio’s gorgeous smile once more. His dear dad will remain in his heart for eternity and our love for Ignazio and his family (and Gianluca and Piero) will never fade ❤️

  20. Beautifully stated Susan. I can’t get thru their performance without crying. How they did it is a testiment to these three extraordinary young men and their love for one another. As some have stated I think our instinct is to wrap our arms around them, hold them tight and tell them everything is going to be okay like we do with our own children and grandchildren. There is so much love for the boys. Ignazio, Piero, and Gianluca you and your families you are in my thoughts and prayers. I think that your performance in the face of such sorrow shows what incredible and loving young men you are.

  21. My heart hacked as well as theirs. However, their performance was one of the most amazing, beautiful, emotional, sensitive, touching performance they have ever done. The tears were running not only from their eyes, but i believe from everyone who watched the show. They were superb, extraordinary. Mr. Vito Boscheto will live in the heart and memory of Ignazio, Gianluca and Piero as well as in the memory and heart of Il Volo’s followers. Thank You Susan for your wonderful input. Blessings!🖤🖤🖤

  22. Susan you give us so much, thank you. This program has lingered in my heart as well as so many Il Volovers. As the days have gone by, it has affected me more each day. I recall that all 3 believe in reasonability and it really showed up at this presentation. They were so vulnerable. You mentioned that messages of condolence should be sent through this page. What I want to say is; Ignazio, Nina, and Mrs. Boschetto, My heart is with you in these days of sorrow. Your Dad and your husband will always be in your heart. I’m keeping my prayers, mind and thoughts with you. I hope that somehow you can find some peace and comfort as the time goes by. Only time can help with your great sorrow. You don’t know me, however I’ve known your family since 2010. I am at your service. Kay Roseff, Rancho Mirage, California.

  23. J’ai eu la douleur de perdre mon mari en 1998. Il n’avait que 56 ans et notre fille 20 ans. Il a fallu continuer d’avancer pour elle.malgré tout le chagrin. Cette chanson si bien interprétée par ces3 magnifiques garçons à la voix d’or m’a fait pleurer. Et je me doute du courage qu’il a fallu à Ignazio. On n’oublie pas ceux qui nous quittent, ils restent avec
    nous à tout jamais

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