BOIN ~ The Little Band-aid by Susan

When I heard the sad news on Monday that Ignazio’s father passed away, I was shocked! It was so sudden. And of course, I immediately thought about Ignazio and his family and my heart went out to them.
Life is so short and, just when it seems all is right, it’s over! It doesn’t always happen that way but when it does, it creates a silence in us that is almost deafening. Everything goes away and sorrow takes its place!  There’s no trying to explain it. If we could, we would know the secret of life. So, we try to do what we can to help the people we love. And that’s what Fabio did!
When I saw the Heart on BOIN, I thought about Ignazio and Fabio. They have been friends since they were teenagers. I’m sure Fabio was hurting for his friend. He was feeling Ignazio’s pain.  I believe Fabio needed to do something. And he did what he does best, he expressed his feelings in art.

Illustration of a red heart with two band-aids criss-crossed

Look up! That’s Ignazio’s heart. Fabio drew it and then he noticed there was a break in it and, he felt the pain. He immediately drew a Little Band-aid and said, “God please help my friend, he’s in pain!” And for a few moments, Ignazio’s pain was alleviated. Then he thought, the pain will come back and he still will be very sad. Maybe some friends can cheer him up! So, he sent that beautiful Heart to all of us. What was touching about the Heart was the Little Band-aid in the middle. It spoke volumes! It said my, friend, Ignazio is in pain and he is very sad.
I understood what needed to be done! I took the Heart with the Little Band-aid and I sent it with a message to Ignazio friends, you, the fans to let you know he needed our help! And suddenly the break in the Heart began to close. The Little Band-aids were helping the pain.
The space in Ignazio’s heart was rapidly filling with beautiful
expressions of love to comfort him in his time of sorrow.
We are at his side, in prayer, and we will remain with
him for as long as he needs us!
Yes, the Little Band-aids are there but, you can’t see them. They’re invisible! They’re called Words!
When all of you received the message, you immediately responded!  This has been going on for days! Even, now, messages are coming in from around the world on Facebook, Messenger and Instagram! Not hundreds, not thousands but, tens of thousands!  And that’s just what came to me! Messages expressing condolences, sympathy, prayers!  Please send our Condolences to Ignazio and his family. Please send our deepest Sympathy to the family. Please let Ignazio know “we are praying for the family.”
All those tens of thousands of Little Band-aids you sent, they are there on Ignazio’s Heart and they are easing the pain.
We found out Ignazio is a Lion, a very courageous young man. Just listen to his very emotional performance of “Your Love” at Sanremo. Vito that was for you! Amazing strength!  And I must say some of that courage and strength came from all of you.  Remember those six little words you said?  “We are praying for the family!” They gave Ignazio the strength and courage to follow a path he never followed before. Your prayers were with him all the way.
But what will happen with the Little Band-aids? Will they ever go away? Soon, soon the pain will begin to subside and, the Little Band-aids will take on a new role. They will become Memories which Ignazio will store away for those days when he is sad and needs some comfort. Then he will reach into his beautiful head and pull out a wonderful memory!
Now, Ignazio has become the man of the house and we know he will be “a rock” for those beautiful ladies, mom Caterina and sister, Nina!
I would love to be able to reply to all of you, personally, to thank you for all those, beautiful expression of love, which were so important to Ignazio and his family. The fans are an important part of Ignazio’s life. I’ve come to know many of you personally. You are Ignazio’s family and my family because we are all one family, the Il Volo family. And I know Ignazio appreciates what each and every one of you did for him this week. The time you took to write your words of love and all your prayers for his family. He will hold them in his heart forever.
Yesterday, Vito was laid to rest! More than ever the family needs your prayers! Please continue to keep Ignazio close to your heart and in your prayers!
I want to thank Fabio for sending us Ignazio’s Heart so we could alleviate some of the pain and share our love with him.


Credit to owners of all illustrations and video.

36 thoughts on “BOIN ~ The Little Band-aid by Susan”

  1. Thank you Susan for your beautiful words, which I feel in my heart but have a hard time to express. My heart, thoughts and prayers are with Ignazio and his family ❤💔

  2. Merci encore une fois Susan ,tout ce que tu as dit je l’ai ressenti ,et comme toi j’ai été choquée de ce deces brutal !Je prie pour Ignazio ,et sa famille le piler Boschetto maintenant !Un jour viendra ou il ira mieux ,mais quelle force il a ,on a pu s’en rendre compte pendant sa prestation a Sanremo que d’emotions ce soir là comme chaque fois que je regarde la video !Courage Ignazio on t’envoie notre force !

  3. Thank you, Susan, and thank you, Fabio, for this beautiful testimony to your friendship with Ignazio. I certainly hope all this outpouring of love and sympathy brings some confort to him, his mother, his sister and their extended family. I’m looking forward to seeing Ignazio’s dazzling smile again, but in the meantime, I respect their grief and their need of privacy. With much love and prayers.

  4. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful message. My love, thoughts and prayers go out to our wonderful Ignazio and his family. When I listened to the beautiful performance of Your Love on week I began to cry as soon as I saw Gian’s face. It was the most amazing and emotional performances I have ever seen. I will always think of this beautiful song as “Vito’s Song “. May this special and lovely man Rest In Peace and may Ignazio,Caterina and Nina’s hearts begin to heal. ❤️❤️❤️

    1. I also broke down when Gianluca started to sing, the sadness , the red eyes, the holding back the tears, it was very painful to watch , so much pain, Ignazio was very brave
      and you could see the love and support that he has from his brothers. My heartfelt condolences and prayers for Ignazio and his family as well as for the extended Ilvolo family.

  5. I watched the video more than once. I cried and cried. But, in one of my many comments, I said essentially the same thing, Susan. That eventually the pain leaves and happy memories fill the space where pain was. Someone will say, “oh do you remember,” and a smile will appear, and someone else will have a memory, and so it goes.

    Watching all the young faces of Il Volo showed me how much love they have for each other and for the entire Il Volo family. I pray for all of them daily, and I have told Gianluca that I want to meet them in heaven so we can all sing in the angels’ choir. When I get to heaven, I will ask Jesus for this favor and I will be waiting for Il Volo to arrive — many years from now, of course.

    All my love to Il Volo and their families, and prayers as well.

  6. That was a beautiful expression of what we are all feeling for Ignazio and his family. Thank you.

  7. Thank you Susan, I too thought the band aid was a broken heart and trying to hold it together for a while. I appreciate the e mails, thank you

  8. The dear husband and father leaves an indelible mark on his family and the world. He worked so hard to unleash to the world the talent and the
    love that is Ignazio……..He will forever missed and carried in the space inside of each heart reserved for him alone………..
    My prayers are with the entire close-knit Il Volo family and I pray that they feel the love of so many around the world.
    Sheryl Anderson

  9. Thank you for the wonderful thoughts. Sounds are ethereal from soul to soul.
    I wish with all hope of soul healing in the song.

  10. Susan, your words bring me to tears when speaking of Ignazio and Fabio’s friendship. We never know when our dear ones will need us more than before. Thank you once more!❤️

  11. Susan you are a wonderful writer. You express so well what we are feeling but many of us do not have the talent to do. Thank you for this message. I am sure Ignazio and his family have seen the outpouring of love from the world and I hope it brings them comfort. Mr. Boschetto was taken too early, but I am happy he had the opportunity to see and share in the great success of his talented son. Time will heal the sorrow but he will be in our hearts forever. Love to Ignazio, Caterina and Nina.

  12. I am so proud to belong to this group–first because of the guys themselves, of course, but also the wonderful thoughts and words of Susan, Daniela and the rest of the Flight Crew, and also of all the other fans as well. Grazie mille to you all!

  13. I have been watching older videos of our Ignazio, trying to relieve my own sadness. I love this wonderful human being named Ignazio. I too cried watching the amazing video of the three singing “Your Love.” Rest In Peace Vito. God bless Nina and Caterina and Ignazio. We love you.

  14. Grazie, thank you Susan and Pat for this elegant explanation of Fabio’s message to Ignazio. How important it is to have close dear friends like Fabio in time of need. I sense that there are a vast number of admiring fans of Ignazio who have been deeply saddened by the untimely passing of his dear Dad, Vito.I know that I am. My heart just aches for him. He is a very special person. Sending to you Ignazio once again my deepest sympathies and prayers. God Bless you, your dear mom, Caterina and your loving sister Nina🙏🙏

  15. So Beautiful. Thank you for putting into words the pain we are feeling for Ignazio and His family. Beautifully presented. We are feeling so much pain for the family.

  16. God Bless them ONE AND ALL……Ignazio will be fine he had a great role model…He is much loved ……Blessed are they who mourn for they shall be comforted ……Jesus on the sermon onthe mount…..the Beatitudes….. God will see him through…..

  17. My heart breaks, Ignazio, Nina and Catarina. You are feeling pain you never knew existed before now. Losing a father and husband is one of the hardest things to deal with. I lost my husband 2 years ago so I do know your pain. My prayers are lifted to our Savior on your behalf! God bless you and may He continue to dry your tears and give you strength to go on as Vito would want you to.

    Love, hugs and prayers for you three, Sue Hood in ARIZONA, USA.

  18. Susan, your gift of writing spoke to me as my thoughts do. Thank you and Pat and all who make our FlightCrew able to support our “Boys”. As we saw, Gianluca and Piero are also grieving. These families have lived their lives together for over 10 years now. All are affected by the one. My heart is torn also. Fabio knew just what to do. Bless him for that. Ignazio, Nina, and Mrs. Boschetto, my prayers are for Gods closeness and love to fill you with peace and love. I love and support you for anything you need and for as long as you need it.

  19. Sorry for this belated condolence to Ignazio, his family & IL VOLO team, but my tears flooded my eyesight & the keyboard….have you received my son’s 20.21 in lieu of my manners? I especially admire Ignazio’s talent, lyrical gift, charismatic stage presence and extreme professionalism as demonstrated by his recent Sanremo performance, despite the sudden traumatic loss of his dear Dad. Ignazio’s most admirable trait is his deep appreciation of his sister Nina’s, family’s, IL VOLO mates’ and others’ care & concern for him, but his most outstanding trait is his thoughtful ability to reciprocate.

    And a very special Thank You to the entire Flight Crew for translations to enable us to enjoy the stories, histories, events, concert details, happenings of everything IL VOLO. These 3 child prodigies are so heartwarming, precious – they reaffirm our reason to exist during this most disastrous Pandemic time and chaotic political nightmares.

    It takes a long time to lessen the pain & suffering of losing a parent, but Vito Boschetto’s spirit, guidance and love will always be with Ignazio whenever he sings, wherever he goes.

    Our best wishes to the magnetic Gianluca, powerful Piero and the most lyrical entertaining Ignazio.

  20. Couple days ago, our dear Igna walked the hardest walk of his life, behind his beloved father….
    His brothers said he is strong as a lion, but we all know, he is also the most sensitive of those three. As you said, now, he is a man of the house, must be strong, because his dear mother and sister suffer as much as him, and they will need all the support. Hundreds of thousands of people around the world has their hearts broken, praying for them..
    Hope time, loving support and work will ease the pain a little little bit.
    Beautifully written, Daniela, thank you,

  21. Beautifully said, Susan…thank you! I feel such pain for this family who I don’t really even know. We all have such strong feelings for this young man who we have seen grow and who we love so much. May God be with Ignazio and his family and all of us who hold him dear to our hearts.

  22. Susan, thank you for such a beautiful post. You put into words what all of us feel. It has been such a sad time There is no time limit to grief, and I know Ignazio has the music to help him through his. I love Fabio’s heart with the band aid. What a beautiful word picture! I have added a couple of small bandaids…..sent messages also to the Boschettos and posted several little tributes to Vito. Many of us met him , if briefly, and have seen what an encouragement he was to all three of the guys. Our IlVolo family is really special and many of my friends roll their eyes. 🥺 They don’t understand. …….if you see this, Ignazio your sadness is our sadness, and we are always with you if even by distance with notes, and messages and prayers. …I will be praying for your family. Your Dad,s body is not here, but his spirit is alive. He wants you to have more adventures, and keep using that sunshine personality and that talent. That Tribute to your Dad at SanRemo was THE BEST. He IS with you! ……..Love Donna

  23. Carissimo Ignazio,
    sei un’anima pura che non poteva che scegliere i genitori meravigliosi che ha scelto…non ci sono parole per alleviare il tuo dolore ma spero che tu possa sentire nel tuo cuore le migliaia di persone che connesse a te, ti trasmettono tutto il loro amore e la guarigione che porta con se’.
    Riconosco in te e nella tua famiglia quella unicita’ e bellezza che solo le anime posseggono… Il tuo dolce papa’ esiste ora come e’ sempre esistito perche’ l’ anima non muore mai e l’essenza della sua consapevolezza rimane intatta. Sono sicura che con la tua sensibilita’ sentirai sempre la sua presenza dentro il tuo cuore che sara’ li a guidarti, confortarti e sorriderti, ogni volta che lo vorrai.
    Ti ringrazio per tutte le volte che sentendo la tua bellissima voce mi hai confortata nel mio dolore… spero tanto con queste mie parole di potere ricambiare anche minimamente, tutto cio’ che ho gia’ ricevuto da te.

    Dear Ignazio,
    you are such a beautiful soul, no wonder you chose such wonderful parents! No words can lessen your pain but I hope you can feel in your heart all the thousands of people who are connected with you now sending love and healing your way.
    The beauty and uniqueness of your family is expressed by every single one of your kind souls… your sweet Dad is still here and always will be as souls never die! I am sure your sensitivity will allow you to always feel his presence in your heart, guiding you, comforting you and smiling at you, anytime you wish to.
    I would like to thank you for all the times just listening to your powerful and unique voice, you brought comfort to my soul… hopefully I can give some back to you now.
    Please always remember what an extraordinary soul you are!
    Much love to you and your whole family.

  24. The heart is beautiful! We’ve sent the words in more than one way:We sent a sympathy card to Ignazio’s family via the pizzeria. We thought it was the least we could do. The lady at the post office said it will take at least a week. We even used Google Translate to write it in Italian, because we were not sure of Caterina and Nina’s English. I hope it helps to bring them some comfort.

  25. Cara Susan, your story is so heart-warming and consoling. I’m pretty sure it helps us all to think our expressions helped Ignazio during this devastating time, I know it means a lot to be connected to so many people who truly care. Thank you for your warmth and eloquence. Thank you.

  26. I have been thinking about Ignazio every day ,and sending prayers to him and his family. Ignazio just remember you have a lot a fans praying for you during these difficult times. 🙏❤️

  27. May blessings fill the remaining years for the Boschetto family. Ignacio is so much loved. I know his family made him into the wonderful human that he is. His gorgeous voice is so much enjoyed by all his fans. May he feel the love sent to him always. Thank you Susan, for writing such a wonderful article for all of us. Dena Pitchfork, Mercer Island, Washington U.S.A.

  28. Thank you Pat and Susan for expressing the love and sympathy so many are feeling for Ignazio, his family and all the Il Volo family. They know they have the support and love from good friends such as Fabio. May they find comfort in the prayers of so many and in their beautiful memories.

  29. Dear Susan! I am so happy to have you, Daniela and the fans! This comforts me in the bad times of malice, fear and disease. Ignacio will do it !! He has his family, us – the fans who support him and the power of friendship !! Pope Vito died happy! Now everyone has to go their own way! alone! but we are together with Ignacio, Katerina and Nina. Love is eternal and is a great force !!

  30. Susan, thank you again for your beautiful sentiments which fill our hearts with even more love for Ignazio and his family. And thanks to Fabio for his heartfelt artwork, which touched all our souls. I will continue to pray for Ignazio, such a courageous young man, and his family. I will soon be having a Mass said in remembrance of their beloved Vito.

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