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When good articles are published about our guys, we all enjoy it and this is a really nice article published by IL CORRIERE DELLA SERA in the section: The beauty of people – The interview. The article is by Maria Egizia Fiaschetti.

I will translate for you.

Il Corriere Della Sera Article – Click Here

Il Volo: “We are antipathetic? Who insults is perhaps ashamed of his origins.”

Interview 01

Irritating, snooty, bimbiminchia (a really bad word that means so many bad things about the guys) …. The “tenorini” del Volo, have received so many criticisms – Piero Barone, Ignazio Boschetto and Gianluca Ginoble – up to the insults in the press room in Sanremo while they climbed on the podium, behind Ultimo and Mahmood, with “MUSICA CHE RESTA”.

More mud in 2015: from a hotel in Locarno they accuse them of having devastated a room. The manager of the structure denies, but the online shaming machine, the web lynching, has already been set in motion. Yet, looking at these three boys in their twenties with the face of those who have learned to manage success but not to the point of not caring about the attacks, one wonders what causes such dislike.

Why do they have it in for you?

Boschetto: “Many do not know us, but in Sanremo we had lunch with some journalists and they changed their minds. We tend to label a person, a bit like judging a book from the cover. We are aware that our music is not in step with what Ghali, Sfera Ebbasta, Frah Quintale do … perhaps we are unpleasant because we propose a genre that pleases, but is not fashionable”. Barone: “Our manager (Michele Torpedine) launched Andrea Bocelli and told us that, at the beginning, he also received the same criticisms”.

As the trappers advance, don’t you fear being anachronistic with your lyric pop?

Barone: “It is as if those who call us ancient are ashamed of their origins … At World Youth Day in Panama we sang the “Hail Mary, Mater Misericordiae” before Pope Francis and a million people. We respect any musical genre and we are happy for the trappers because we do not take anything away from them, nor we from them”. Ginoble: “We make popular national music which has now become a derogatory term, but is rooted in the most authentic traditions of our country”. Barone: “We are unique, we propose a genre in which none of our peers has tried. We do not enter the radio, and we suffer a little, but our strengths are others. We offer the most symphonic version abroad because we are the ones to bring the Italian tradition to the great American arenas after Modugno, Pavarotti and Bocelli”. Ginoble: “But the new album MUSICA is dedicated more to the Italian public thanks to Sanremo, where we proposed a song with contemporary sounds, less set. For our country we have chosen a modern repertoire, which is reflected in the vocal evolution: it is the proof that we are able to excite even with different things”.

Interview 02

You are still boys, but you find yourself already celebrating ten years of career: do you ever think that, after such an unstoppable rise, the public can lose interest in your music?

Barone: “We must know how to reinvent ourselves every day, but without losing our identity. Then, of course, we are mature enough to recognize our limitations. We can’t do reggaeton if we’re IL VOLO.” Ginoble: “It is one thing to manage the career of IL VOLO in other countries, another in Italy. Here you eat pasta every day, in America one evening out for dinner. Our music abroad is a bit like gastronomy, but not only do emigrants like it … (Gianluca says this, because critics have said that IL VOLO’s music abroad was heard only by emigrants = Daniela) Heads of state also come to our concerts, I would like to tell that journalist who, years ago, claimed that we sang in American pizzerias … maybe he doesn’t know that we performed at Radio City Music Hall.”

After ten years together, how can you keep the ego and the ambitions of soloists in check?

Barone: “Fortunately we all come from small towns with a few thousand inhabitants and this has helped us maintain maturity in the group. Then every now and then the spark escapes us, but … ” Ginoble: “The whims are there, especially in times of stress, but we have the strength to look at each other and admit mistakes.”

Interview 03

What are you fighting for?

Barone: “Today, for example, this individual (Ignazio) woke up at 11:30 am while we were already in a meeting at 9 am. He didn’t know anything, he says, but why doesn’t he care? He doesn’t have a secretary, I’m a colleague of his …”.

Have you ever had a fight before a concert?

Barone: “For that matter, even on stage, it happened last year in Taormina. Ignazio is a Juventus fan, who lost 4 to 1 in the Champions League final. To tease him I kept repeating: ‘Mamma mia, how hot it is today’.”

And he?

Boschetto: “I told him: ‘Out do what you want, but, on stage, don’t break the cabbasisi.’ (Sicilian dialect word, the meaning of the sentence is “do not break the balls” – Daniela)

Do you recognize yourself in the image of ancient boys?

Barone: “We are very responsible and disciplined. Gym, healthy food … This generation, on the other hand, scares me. I am worried about the lyrics of certain songs, too explicit, which do not convey positive examples. Once the messages were ‘I’m not worthy of you’ by Gianni Morandi, ‘red roses for you’ by Massimo Ranieri … I don’t say we should go back to that language, but neither boast of not using condoms or taking drugs.”

The transgression, however, has always characterized a certain way of making music.

Ginoble: “The artists of the Sixties and Seventies based their career on transgression, it was a lifestyle. Today it is a fashion. Vasco’s reckless life is true, he had it ….” (Vasco is an Italian singer – Daniela)

Boschetto: “Getting close to hard drugs scares me, I get anxious just thinking about it.”

Are fans writing to tell you about their problems?

Boschetto: “Yes, I remember a girl in Argentina full of scars, she cut herself. She said to me: ‘Thanks to you I don’t do these things anymore.’ Today, they almost instigate you to do it ….” Barone: “It strikes me that many teenagers, when we take a selfie, stay out of the frame, we only see the eye … I ask: ‘Why don’t you enter the picture?’ They answer: ‘No, I’m ugly.’ They fear the judgment of others.”

Interview 04

Yet on social media it’s all a show off.

Barone: “Social media is the spectacle of nothing.”

The old-fashioned air, the antithesis of the beautiful and the damned, does it work?

Ginoble: “At the age of 15 they were already knocking at our hotel rooms in three, four. We watched from the peephole and, if they were not to our liking, we asked the reception to call security ….”

Did you do it even with the prettiest?

Ginoble: “Do you think that three teenagers who are a little unlucky, who find themselves performing all over the world from the country, have had problems getting them in?”

In short, gentlemen or conqueros?

Barone: “The only important story I had was recently closed, it lasted seven months …”.

Why did you leave?

Barone: “I don’t talk about this, but I can say that I’m looking for a simple, dynamic, sporty girl … one that when I call her from the other side of the world and ask her what she’s doing, don’t answer me: ‘I’m bored.’” Ginoble (the only one of the three with a girlfriend): “The woman to marry must be elegant, sensitive, intelligent.”

Like your Francesca?

Barone: “At every meeting he makes video calls, in fact why don’t you call her now?” Silence. A hint of blush, while showing a picture of a bunch of flowers on the phone.

Is that your gift?

Ginoble: “Yes, for our anniversary, on the 13th of the month, we got together in July.” Boschetto: “We are still at the ‘mesiversary’ (month anniversary) … I, on the other hand, have always been afraid of a relationship, if I am not one hundred percent convinced I prefer to stay one step back. I’m not the type who uses women in a relationship, I always put the feeling.”

The next commitments?

Boschetto: “In May the tour in Japan. In summer we will be all over Italy, then in Europe, the United States and South America until 2020.”

Interview 05

Finally a nice interview in a newspaper.

Yes, I must say that something has changed in the critics, towards IL VOLO, after the bad episodes of Sanremo.

Our boys have not changed, but the negative attitude that many journalists had towards them in an absurd way has changed.

And we are happy with this.


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

THE RESULTS by Daniela

First of all, I wanted to thank all the people who responded with the list of the most popular Italian singers abroad. 🙂❤️

I asked you to do this “experiment”, because an Italian newspaper published the list of these singers, but in my opinion it was not very correct.

Of course it was logical that Bocelli was at number 1. His success and popularity are indisputable.
But I wanted to know the position of the remaining singers, which logically varies according to the country, where a singer can be more or less known, if he has been in that country to do concerts, or if the radios of that place broadcast his songs .

This is why I asked for a list that did not take into account the affection you have for singers, (it was logical for us it was IL VOLO), but only for the success, their popularity.

Of course this experiment was only useful to understand in what position was IL VOLO, after the first place certainly by Bocelli.

As I expected, the results were these:

2 IL VOLO for most of you

In short, IL VOLO ranks second, if we consider those who live in Canada and the US.

It can also be in third place, if we consider part of South America (where is very well known Ramazzotti and Pausini).

All other singers are little known or even unknown, by most of you.

The situation is different if we take Europe, those who live in Europe know the other singers and IL VOLO is only from Eurovision that has been known in Europe, therefore for a short time. Moreover, singers like Albano, Cutugno, Zucchero, known in Europe, have for many years been in their careers and are even older than our boys, so it’s been more time since we’ve heard of them.

Therefore, I would conclude that by mixing everything, the result can be this:

IL VOLO for popularity among those who answered, is positioned between the seat n. 2 and the n.3.

Now I publish the list as required by the Italian newspaper.

01 – Laura Pausini

02 – Andrea Bocelli

03 – Eros Ramazzotti

04 – Marco Mengoni

05 – Al Bano

06 – Toto Cutugno

07 – Il Volo

08 – Tiziano Ferro

09 – Zucchero

10 – Adriano Celentano

I tell you right away that the newspaper says “Ranking of the best known Italian singers abroad”, do you understand? Writes “abroad” ….. if they had written Europa, maybe I would have accepted the ranking, but abroad ???

Bocelli is not even at No. 1.
AND IL VOLO at no. 7 ??????

For me, those who have written this ranking do not have exactly the right vision.
Your lists confirm this.
Some singers who have been listed before IL VOLO are almost unknown to most of you.

For those who want, here is the link to the original article.

Investireoggi Article – Click Here

Ok, we played and it was fun too.
Did you like being able to say your opinion freely?
What do you think of the newspaper’s ranking?
Thanks again so much for participating.


Credit to owners of all photos and article.


Piero, Gianluca and Ignazio arrived in Japan, the tour begins and it starts from the east.

At the airport in Japan, they were greeted by fans who kindly waited for a welcome.

Always followed by the inevitable, sweet Barbara, who does not abandon them for a moment.

But there is also another female presence, Mrs. Lenora, Gianluca’s mother, followed her son in this oriental adventure.

And because today is Mother’s Day, let’s talk a little about the mothers of these fantastic boys.

Here they are:

Eleonora, Caterina and Lenora, are three very sweet women, not at all intrusive or obsessive with their famous children.

Surely, at the beginning these women suffered the distance and all the worries, for these children, little more than little boys, distant thousands of kilometers.

At home there were other children, and the presence could not be divided, but the maternal love, that one, could overcome the enormous distances and make itself felt strong and vigorous, always.

For this reason the role of their fathers, associated with that of the extraordinary Barbara, was also fundamental.

Lenora,  Gianluca’s mother.

Caterina,  Ignazio’s mother.

Eleonora, Piero’s mother.

Mamma Eleonora, mother of Piero, has a big problem, she has the phobia of flying, so on tours abroad she didn’t follow her son, except perhaps rare cases.

For this reason we have often seen photos of Lenora and Caterina together, that during the tours of the children, they keep each other company. 

Do you recognize Piero’s gaze in Signora Eleonora’s eyes?

For this reason Eleonora  was not there during the special PBS, when the boys sang and were filmed with their mothers.

Really sweet this video !!

But let’s also see the splendid concert in Taormina, where Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca sang “MAMMA” clutching their mothers warmly.

Fantastic, what adorable kids.

Who wouldn’t want to be in place of those three moms ??

They will be very proud to huddle with their children, in front of all those people.

Really beautiful images, which move us and prove the great love that binds these guys to their mothers.

An interviewer, one day asked the boys, if they considered themselves “mammons” (very close to their mother, often said in the negative sense) and they answered, “What is wrong with loving their mother?” We have to admit this is a sign of a great son’s love.

We owe a great thank you to these women for having raised children with sound principles, with great education and respect. 

A mother’s love goes beyond time and circumstances, and is forever.

Naturally we are all linked to our mothers, certainly is not a party to remind us of them, but it serves to make us linger a little and distract ourselves from the daily life of this frenetic world and send our thoughts, to the one who created us, our mum, wherever she is.

I think of you too, mum, and I know you’re always here with me.

Happy Mother’s Day to everyone !!!


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.


After waiting for them, the tango has arrived. The boys were guests at Ballando con le Stelle (Dancing with the Stars), but let’s review how the facts took place…

Milly Carlucci (program presenter) sends us a video from the backstage, before the beginning of live TV.

MC = Il Volo, sing, we know, Il Volo, dance !!

Piero = Embarrassing.

Gianluca = Again, after 5 years.

MC = But with another dance.

Ignazio = Absolutely, but with another elegance and bearing.

Gianluca = You will say it, hopefully good.

MC = A kiss, see you later.

But before we see them dance, and after a good two hours of waiting, here come our darlings.

Below is the video that summarizes all the moments of the evening with IL VOLO.

MC = We have announced them several times, even during the week, because it is always a pleasure to embrace these guys who have conquered our hearts already many years ago, even if they are very young, but then they really managed to conquer the world, because they brought the Italian voice, the Italian song everywhere, from the US, to Japan, to Australia, everywhere.

Gentlemen, it is a pleasure to welcome, here in Dancing with the Stars: IL VOLO.

MC = How nice to have you here and how nice to see the public, who not only did the “ola” but sang with you, with a blissful face that meant “how nice”.

Ignazio = Yes, but when they see us dance they will change their mind.

MC = But it is not true.

Meanwhile, let’s talk about your immense success, because we have just heard “A CHI MI DICE” that it is your last single just released.

Piero = It is part of the last album called MUSICA. A tour will follow, now we leave for Japan, after tomorrow, but in June and July we will be in Italy with 17 dates.

MC = The beautiful thing is this, they have conquered the Italian public like a hurricane, but then they have conquered the public all over the world, everywhere. Actually there is a warmth around you, it is very beautiful, because music is a universal language, so if it comes so powerful, it means that you did the right thing.

Gianluca = We want to say that we are celebrating our 10-year career.

MC = Yes, of course.

Gianluca = We also wanted to thank the public that supports us every time, and we can’t wait to go back on tour in Italy too to bring our music to the most beautiful places.

MC = But you have two important appointments here in Italy, soon.

Ignazio = Yes, there will be Matera which is very important for us. Matera is the city of culture 2019 and we are very happy, but with the tour we will also be here in Rome

MC = And then also Verona, so there is really a way to follow you and support you.

You, who through this 10-year friendship, have brought Italian music all over the world, and it’s not easy, because we export little.

Gianluca = We do our best to continue to bring this kind of music, not only to those who like it, to those who grew up with this music, but also to the youngest, trying to do something unique.

MC = Sure, then now, we come to this evening’s story, because they are magical when you see them and listen to them, but they must prove to be magical even when they dance.

Piero = Can we leave?

MC = NO! Meanwhile, can we let your teachers enter?

Ladies, please sit down and take your partially protected place.

We have formed new dance couples.

Our three heroes will now have to fly, even in tango, so this is the challenge.

Gianluca = We will try.

MC = I saw them try this afternoon, they will make it.

Gentlemen, we look forward to seeing you on this track with a magical tango: IL VOLO.

MC = Dancing with the stars and we are waiting to see IL VOLO, this time, not as singers, but as tango dancers, and meanwhile we tell these three wonderful Italian boys.

(moments of the 2015 Sanremo Festival)

Ignazio = We met 10 years ago.

Piero = We are celebrating 10 years of career.

Ignazio = We are three very different people, one from the other, with three different ideas, three different ways of thinking, sometimes it is not easy to reconcile ……

Piero = For example, today we said that we had to come dressed in black, with gym clothes, and look at him (Ignazio) as he arrived, blue.

With the song, we engage, with the dance ….. you know, three tree trunks ??

Gianluca = I am the worst of the three to dance.

Ignazio = I have the pelvis movement, guys !!

Gianluca = But I’ll try.

Piero = This year we decided to dance tango, because we have grown physically, mentally, so tango is more passionate.

Ignazio = Growing up …… you are always the same height, not that you have grown, the tuft of hair is higher.

Piero = Come on, lately I’ve also lowered the tuft.

Gianluca = Getting in the game is always nice, and then it is really a game, we have fun, we come here with great pleasure, we will surely have fun, you will see some good ones.

Piero = At the disco, do you know how we dance? So (rocking on the feet) all the time.

Ignazio = He doesn’t go to the disco.

Piero = At the disco, I go there, not every week, but when I’m with friends, I go and dance, and when I watch videos while I’m dancing, I’m clumsy, I can’t move, and I laugh.

This is the truth.

I’m worried about this evening.

Ignazio = Can I tell you a secret? There was a time when I went to the disco and dance Latin American on Sunday evening.

Gianluca = So are you ready for the challenge? Tell the public.

Ignazio = But that was salsa, not tango.

Gianluca = So you will give us the advice.

Ignazio = Absolutely boys.

Piero = So if we take bad grades it’s Ignazio’s fault.

Ignazio = I take the responsibility, for me, but not for Gianluca, for him I don’t take the responsibility exactly.

Piero = Gentlemen and ladies, a Dancing with the Stars, a dance at IL VOLO

Ignazio = What a bad thing it is ??

Ladies and gentlemen, with “MUSICA CHE RESTA” in tango version, IL VOLO.

Gianluca = Not bad.

Ignazio = Other than Pippo Baudo (presenter).

MC = So, I am very satisfied, then now you tell me (addressed to the judges).

Carolyn Smith = Can I say something? I am moved, really moved, because Gianluca last time (5 years ago) was a disaster, I must say that the other two are already fantastic, because in concerts, they dance, I am a witness because I go to their concerts and I have them seen, but I must say that you learned something, good, but you have to dance more.

Gianluca = Have you seen? The look, sensual!

Carolyn = Passion really, you’re good.

Ignazio = Nureyev in tango version.

Carolyn = Let’s not exaggerate.

Gianluca = It was cool, we had fun, I danced twice in my life, the salsa the other time and the tango this time, so I’m happy with the result.

MC = (addressed to the judge) So, Mariotto?

Mariotto = I love IL VOLO. He (Gianluca) was the one who promised less but did a nice tango, certainly with that teacher!

I saw them here behind the door, she instructed him, “You put yourself like that, I put myself like this.”

MC = But it wasn’t like they were touching, they were trying tango.

Mariotto = Yes, but they did it very aggressively.

Piero = More than anything else they seemed like foreplay.

Gianluca = We were passionate, the tango must be passionate, we must have the look, enter into passion.

Ignazio = Being passionate is one thing, playing the playboy, another.

Gianluca = See, everyone makes fun of me.

Mariotto = But no, you were really passionate.

MC = Jury, we give this score to IL VOLO.

10 + 10 + 10 + 10 + 10 = 50 points, the maximum.

In live video, Paolo Belli (coach of the national soccer team singers), greet the boys and announces that soon there will be the charity football match which should also be attended by Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca returning from Japan.

MC = So gentlemen, it was a real pleasure to have Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca with us, that is IL VOLO.

P + I + G = Goodbye, see you next time.

Il Volo and Milly Carlucci.

Some shots of the evening.

(A new feature has been used for these photos. Please click on one and it will show as the full size image. There are arrows on both sides of each photo so you can scroll through them all!)

(photos by Deborah Georgini Beaupre and Il Volo Sicilia Fanpage)

Ok, and so after a long wait we admired our beloved boys, try a tango.

They were good, during the evening they sang their new single, with an informal elegance (Ignazio do you want to stop wearing baggy pants?).

The tango was nice, but too short, maybe because the expectation is high and the moment passes too fast, we would like an entire program with them.

Nice show, but time is short, in two days …… Japan they arrive.


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.


The news has been circulating for some days, but today there was official confirmation: IL VOLO will be at Dancing with the Stars.

Here is the announcement given today by presenter Milly Carlucci which I translate for you:

Saturday night at Dancing with the Stars: IL VOLO.

They came a few years ago, they danced a salsa, this time, as they grew up, they matured, their style will be tango, and I’ll wait for you guys here, we’ll see what you’re made of here!

It will be a good challenge: kisses.

But who does not remember the last edition of November 2014, when IL VOLO participated?

If someone does not remember it we immediately propose the video of the evening.

Really fun, also the guys were great, but let’s also review the dance rehearsal video.

Furthermore the boys will still meet their great friend Carolyn Smith, who has always been very fond of great affection for them.

It will therefore be a wonderful evening, all tuned to RAI 1 at 9.30pm (Italian time).

Also this time I think they will surprise us.

I can’t wait to see Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca commit to dance tango.

And you?


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.