It was announced about ten days ago by Mario Biondi himself, who is celebrating 50 years, the release of a new CD, DARE, in which there is a song performed featuring Il Volo.
Until about ten days ago, no one was aware of this collaboration.
Mario Biondi is a highly respected Italian singer, with a very particular voice, often compared to the excellent Barry White.

Gianluca, Mario Biondi, Piero and Ignazio share a moment

The CD was released on January 28th and the song sung with Il Volo is called “CREDERÒ”.
Listen to it, and then I’ll write you my impressions.

I’ll start immediately by telling you that I liked it right away, on first listen. New songs often have to be listened to over and over again, but this one immediately fascinated me.
Another thing that I immediately noticed, is that this is not a song by Mario Biondi ft. Il Volo, but rather a song from Il Volo, ft. Mario Biondi!
The initial chorus, almost like a religious song, intrigued me a lot. The mix between the four voices, so beautiful and so different, was excellent, they all kept their singularity, while blending well. I liked the alternation of stanzas in English and Italian.
Gianluca couldn’t use his crooner technique, but he used a higher tonality than usual, well done.
Piero made us hear a full-bodied and powerful voice, very strong.
Ignazio intervened with his ringing voice and with beautiful high notes.
Mario Biondi excellently used his deep “Barry White” voice.
Truly original and successful, the combination of lyric pop and soul, perhaps it has never been risky, but I like it.
The contrast between Biondi’s, so deep voice and the much higher ones of Il Volo, in particular, when opposed to Piero, is strong and very beautiful.
The words are also very beautiful, and I read that one of the authors is Gianni Bella, an excellent Italian singer/lyricist.
In the review on PANORAMA (Italian newspaper) here is what they write: “I BELIEVE with Il Volo, a rhythmic, solemn and full of pathos song …”, and that’s exactly how it is.
My vote therefore: GREAT WORK! 

Left to right: Ignazio, Gianluca, Mario Biondi, and Piero performing on House Party

Left to right: Ignazio, Gianluca, Mario Biondi, and Piero with Gianluca singing, on House Party

Left to right: Mario Biondi and Piero with Piero singing on House Party
We have already seen Mario Biondi singing with Il Volo, who does not remember “MY WAY” during the HOUSE PARTY broadcast.
Furthermore, we remember that Mario Biondi was a guest of IL Volo, during their concert in England.
Last thing, Mario Biondi is Sicilian, from Catania.
But now let’s listen to the House Party performance.

Also in 2018 during the tribute event to Pino Daniele, Mario Biondi sang with Il Volo, “NOTTE CHE SE VA”.

Here is the video with a brief presentation of the Italian actor Marco Giallini.
In short, come back let’s talk about the new song, my opinion is that CREDERÒ is absolutely positive.
Congratulations to all four, a really good job, I hope to hear this song also in concerts.
Now I’m waiting for your comments, even if they are negative, the comparison is always nice and tantalizing.

Credit to owners of all photos and videos.


104 thoughts on “CREDERÒ (I WILL BELIVE) by Daniela”

  1. I absolutely love this gorgeous song. It’s a little different but enchanting. The boys are absolutely amazing as usual. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts.

  2. I loved it. First listen was awesome. The deep vocals of Mario and the vocals of Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca blended beautifully. Well done indeed 👍💕

  3. Interesting. Definitely sounds like Barry White.
    It’s FUN when they collaborate,
    Piero’s part was very powerful.

    But, Il Volo, stands out, as always!
    They are OUTSTANDING, each in their own way, and and together in harmony—simply magical!!!! Grazie.

    1. Love the song, but my taste is a little different and we all have our own likes and tastes. I love the GUYS singing the version , but could not get Biondi even trying to sing in this song. Time to move on…. just giving my opinion and not afraid to say it.

  4. I love it too. I wait for Piero to come in with his magnificent, powerful voice. It knocks me out everytime. Bravissimo to all four guys.

  5. It takes your breath away. I am actually speechless. I usually have something more to say, but I do not today. God bless Il Volo and Mario Biondi.

  6. Simply gorgeous. Dreamy and different. Mario has a very sexy voice and the mixture works brilliant. I too liked it from the start. Il volo can certainly mix with all forms of music and still be current. How I wish I had seen their concert when they came to the UK. Am a big fan and now a big Bond fan.

  7. I.loved this collaboration of this song with the deep voice of Biondi and the magnificent voices of Il Volo… I must say I loved your details even more because reading your article just gives us an education into the music … Your attention to detail is what makes us understand this collaboration of these great artists, not just enjoy the song…
    Thank you Daniela…

  8. Loved the song. Hope to hear it in their concerts. Piero just gives me chills when he sings his parts with that very powerful voice.👏🧑🏼

      1. Totally agree with you 58Daniela A little too old fashion Biondi part, too much for me, love Our Boys, but he was good in his time, not to be mixed with Il Volo. Just my opinion, we all like different music !

  9. I love the BOYS of course have been to see them. but this particular song with the elderly voice is just too rocking chair (ish) for my taste. You said you wanted both types of opinions, that is mine.

  10. Pleasantly enjoyable. The guys voices come through so distinctly, especially Ignazio’s voice is so crisp and clear. It really seems more their song and Biondi is the guest vocalist, rather than the other way around. Their voices seem to me more handsome and rich, perhaps I’m biased?

    1. You’re not biased Mark, it’s reality, we’ve all noticed that the voices are fuller, more full-bodied, perhaps because they are more rested. I think we will see good things in June.

  11. I was entranced by the new sound of Il Volo in accompaniment of a jazz/soul singer. To me, this is a breakthrough event from classical to modern and beyond but never to leave that which made our guys who/what they are. Bravo! More, more, more!

  12. I love this song from the first notes. Il Volo and the record company certainly kept this under wraps and what a nice surprise. The growly, gravely voice of Biondi is a wonderful contrast to the clear and powerful voices of the guys. I have already listened to the song several times and put it into a playlist on my music page. Love your observations too Daniela. You are right on. Thanks again for post

  13. Estoy emocionada hasta las lágrimas, escuchando por primera vez “Credero” es una canción increíblemente hermosa y con mucho mensaje! Fascinada de escuchar nuevamente a mis ídolos❤️Principalmente Ignazio😘
    Y por supuesto espero que se venda el millón de copias pronto.

    Gracia Daniela por toda esta fabulosa información 😍

  14. I loved it from the first time. It was a breath of fresh air and the four different voices blend to please the listener. Il Volo are grand. Thank you Daniela for your interesting information. You always makin things so interesting. Love from Durban South Africa!!

  15. I love it!!!! Put it with my favorites on Spotify@!! Another goosebump song for me. Thanks for the review……Donna

  16. Daniela, thank you for this story. Mario Biondi won me over the first time I heard him sing. His raspy voice is sexy just like Barry White whom I adored. This collaboration with Mario and Gianluca, Ignazio, and Piero is over the top. The melody and lyrics together with the solos and harmonies will push this to the top of the charts. To stay fresh artists have to try new things; this collaboration proves Il Volo and Mario’s professionalism. Can you tell I am biased in favor of Sicilian singers (Perry Como, Dean Martin, Piero Barone, Ignazion Boschetto, and Mario Biondi). I love Italian singers no matter where in Italy they were born. There is just something special about their demeanor, presentation, and their respect for their audiences. This is superbly done so my thanks goes to all the performers – singers, musicians – and everyone behind the scenes who brought this dream to fruition.

    1. Unfortunately Doris, I don’t think this song will be taken to the top of the charts. Here in Italy, no radio has played it. If they talk about the new Mario Biondi CD, they certainly don’t make you feel this, which is a collaboration.
      Even Biondi, who was a guest on a television program last Sunday, did not mention this song. You must know that it is not the only song in which Biondi sings with other singers, and he could not talk about this one and not about the others.
      As for your tastes on Italian singers, I don’t know what to tell you ….. we are the best …. ha ha ha !!!

    2. I so totally agree with you, Doris. When I was growing up my Dad listened to a lot of Perry, Dean and Frank Sinatra so I am very familiar with them. I think Perry is my favorite. You hit the nail on the head with your comment about their demeanor. It is just different for sure! And Barry White……I listened to him too when I was younger. I appreciate them all! Especially a certain three young Italian men called IL VOLO!

  17. I first heard Mario singing My Way with IL VOLO and immediately loved his voice! His unique voice and style somehow fits with IL VOLO.

    1. Sally, Mario’s voice is particular and very deep, but I have always thought that he has no voice for high tones, and this collaboration is really excellent, because it starts from the depths and reaches the top.

  18. Dear Daniela, in this performance the advantage is for Piero. We are used to Igna standing out. Piero shows a big change, a strong, powerful voice, with high frequencies … congratulations !!! 🥇 I love all the boys’ songs, this one is different, although I don’t like Barry White, Mario is great! Thank you again for the material … you don’t forget us!

  19. As usual you have outdone yourselves to present this to us. An outstanding performance by 4 professionals. The song can be taken from the lowest notes to the highest because of the use of these voices with different ranges. Also, 4 different sounds of the voices, bring on wonderful dynamics.You cannot get this with a solo. It is wonderful and we can have it for ourselves from now on. I just love them.

  20. I love it. I think the blending of the four voices was amazing. It’s different but their voices were perfect for this song. All the boys did a beautiful job, but I was really moved by Pietro’s part. The power of his voice really
    stood out. I hope the boys can do another song with Mario. Thankyou, Daniela.

  21. A powerful presentation, especially by Piero. Although I’m not wild about Biondi’s voice, he does add an interesting edge. With Il Volo you have perfection, so I don’t need much variation on that, just every once and a while, just maybe not a whole cd. Thanks, Daniela, for another wonderful bit of news. You always keep us up to date.

    1. I totally agree Sally, and had written so. His Biondi is sooo far off from theirs, ….to me I would not be listening after the first time. We all have different tastes, I particulaly am not thrilled over this one song.

      1. Ariana, you’re right, tastes can be different and respected. This is a song for its own sake, it’s a collaboration. But I will like to hear the solo version of Il Volo, I will be really curious.

    2. Certainly Sally, I believe that the contrast between Piero and Biondi is intentional, because they are the two opposing types of music, lyric and soul, it is not an everyday combination and I do not think there will be further development, but this experiment is successful.

  22. Daniela, I have listened to this song at least a dozen times since the release, and each time I like it more. It is different, but I think that it is good. Our guys are still very young and I don’t think we should be surprised if in the future, we see more of these types of collaborations with other artists. It provides new challenges for Ignazio, Gianluca, and Piero and it give us a little spice.

    Thank you for your interpretation and thanks too to Patti for her contribution.

    1. Mary Jane, our kids can collaborate with all kinds of music and singers, they have already shown it with rock and also with Latin rhythm, now also with soul.
      It’s not for everyone, but they can!

  23. I did like the song. However, I am truthfully not a fan of Biondi, though I am sure many like his voice. It makes me more than ever a fan of the IL VOLO singers. Nena Pitchfork, Mercer Island, Washington, U.S.A.

  24. I did like the song. And our singers did blend in with Biondi. However, truthfully I do not particularly care for Biondi’s voice. I am sure many people do. I am now, more than ever, a fan of our wonderful IL VOLO singers. Dena Pitchfork. Mercer Island, Washington U.S.A.

    1. Yes Dena, as I have already said it is only a collaboration and I am curious to see it sung only by Il Volo, but to be an experiment, it is successful.

  25. Thanks Pat and Daniela for this post on “Credero”. I thought it was very different but liked it as soon as I first listened to it. I also enjoyed hearing Mario and Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca singing “My Way” a few years ago. I agree that it is almost an Il Volo Song with Mario and Piero’s powerful voice makes it very emotional and moving!

    1. In reality Margaret, the collaborations that Il Volo had with Mario Biondi, have always been excellent, they are artists who deserve to be heard. I often come across collaborations that are boring or downright awful, and with them, that’s not really the case.

      But my favorite version of My Way is definitely Gianluca-Piero.

  26. Beautifully done by all four. I enjoyed it a lot. Will definitely be adding it to my Spotify listI! also was surprised to hear the song they did on Pino É. I had forgotten about it. Now I just need to find the rest of their performance from that night. I had it saved but I lost it.

    1. Laura, I’m happy to have rekindled your interest in the PINO E ‘program, where the participation of Il Volo had been heavily criticized before the program and instead after hearing them, many people complimented them and said they were “the only ones , among many artists, to have interpreted Pino well “.
      A really nice compliment.

  27. Daniela …I absolutely loved it as soon as it played! 💖💖💖 ..and you knew already because you were the first person I sent a message to…since it was 3:30 am!! Lol! I first saw Mario Biondi at the IL Volo concert in London in 2017. But with this song, it really made me think of Barry White. Of course all our boys were absolutely fabulous, but Piero really stands out in this one for me!
    Grazie amica mia, for all your articles, translations, photos and videos you give us all! Ti vogliamo bene bella Daniela!❤❤❤

    1. Yes, Deborah, I remember your message so early and I realized you liked the song !!!
      Piero is a lion in this song, impossible not to notice him, crazy voice.
      All very good.
      Thanks for the compliments and you know that I love you too!
      Send me such happy messages at the time you want, always!

  28. Wow, Daniela, from all the responses, it looks like we were really ready for a new Il Volo recording! I bought it last weekend on I-Tunes, and after the shock of Mario’s first rough lines, I loved it too…the melody, the drama, the mystical choir. And thanks also for the Pino tribute video that I had missed. Plus,big surprise–a Sicilian taller than Ignazio!

    1. Judi, I’m glad you also enjoyed the video dedicated to Pino Daniele.
      We were all expecting something new and this collaboration in CREDERO ‘pleasantly surprised us.

  29. J’ai tout de suite aimé cette chanson a la première écoute ,les quatre voix se marient a merveille ! La voix de Mario qui ressemble tant a celle de Barry White ,Gianluca avec sa voix profonde ,Piero et sa voix ressemblant a celle de Placido et Ignazio avec une voix tellement mélodieuse et qui peut atteindre des notes tres hautes et aigues c’est merveilleux de les entendre a nouveau et dans ce registre ! Ils peuvent tout chanter !Merci beaucoup Daniela pour ce bel article

    1. Merci pour les compliments Paule et bienvenue.
      Cette chanson est une fusion parfaite de 4 voix différentes mais très harmonieuses. Nous sommes tous très heureux de ce résultat.

  30. I love the song very much, the best on the CD. The song is beautiful but the voices of the guys have made it so unique. I like the collaboration of the for singers and I agree Piero in this song is amazing. Thank you Daniela, you always keep us update. How good we have you. Grazie mille😍😘

  31. Has anyone mentioned Gianluca? To me, his voice keeps the song from sounding “old.” He has such a nice range, able to cover today’s artists and songs very well. As always, Piero and Ignazio’s voices are amazing, but to me Gianluca adds a little special something.
    It’s a nice song.

    1. Actually, Janice, I immediately listed Gianluca, because I think his was the most difficult task, he sang a higher key than usual and completely left the crooner part to Mario Biondi. In reality I think that Biondi cannot do the same, on the contrary, Gianluca’s voice has this possibility. Congratulations to Gian!

      1. I did notice and appreciate that you mentioned Gianluca, Daniela. And I appreciated what you said about his part not being his usual key. I prefer his baritone voice, but the fact that he can easily reach those higher notes makes him able to sing Coldplay and even John Legend.

        I totally agree about Biondi. Sorry if I sounded harsh; I didn’t mean to. Overly protective. 🙂

        Loved your article. I appreciate your musical and vocal knowledge, which unfortunately, I do not have.

      2. Janice, don’t apologize for the sense of protection towards Gianluca. We all have this protective sense, because we feel like their sisters or their mothers or their grandmothers. Il Volo is lucky to have fans with such good affection for them.

  32. At first listen, it seemed a rough start-then came Gianluca to add balance. Piero was outstanding, Ignazio soared, Biondi provides the basso and Il Volo comes in to layer the rest exquisitely. Such a different format for them and yet it works. I don’t know how the charts go in Italy, but I sure hope this does well for all involved. If not, I hope they decide to keep it on the playlist for concerts-great song! And excellent review 58Daniela-spot on!

    1. Jo Lynn, I also hope to be able to hear this song at concerts and it will be interesting to hear it only from Il Volo.
      As I said, this song will hardly make it to the charts, because no radio or TV offers it, it’s a collaboration, so it’s part of a minor track on the CD. I think they will NEVER hear it here, unfortunately.

  33. Daniela, I find this song very interesting. The flow of the 4 layers of voices is beautiful. Each voice is so fascinatingly different and it makes for wonderful listening, I just love this song! Maybe the intro music takes some getting used to.
    Many thanks Daniela and Pat for doing this post.

  34. WOW, I can’t believe how long Piero held that last note, just beautiful! All the boys voices were prefecto!!!

    1. True. We have already noticed that the boys hold the final notes much longer than before, the rest will have had a beneficial effect, but also the continuous study. Well done !!!

  35. What an interesting song in texture variations. It is obvious our guys have never slacked off in practicing or experimenting with new styles. I am impressed! I do love Gian as a crooner, but this new sound is superb. Piero’s power is amazing. And, my beloved Ignazio…oh my, he never fails to please. Well done to all four!

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