LAST CALL!! Tanti Auguri Gianluca – 26 blessed years! – Birthday Wishes Reminder!

Ciao – just a reminder to send in your wishes for Gianluca.  Please send in no later than Monday, Feb 8, 2021.


Ok folks, our little one is turning 26!  Can you believe it?  

So, it’s that time again…. it’s time to send in your wishes.  A reminder,  please do not post any on our Facebook  page, they will not be collected.

Gian’s birthday, is, of course, on Feb 11.  So, please send your wishes to our gmail account: by Monday, February 8, 2021.

Looking forward to your greetings for 2021!


(again, please do not post any wishes on the FaceBook page, as I do not check FaceBook)


Thank you –

Jana and Kelly  🙂

24 thoughts on “LAST CALL!! Tanti Auguri Gianluca – 26 blessed years! – Birthday Wishes Reminder!”

  1. Happy Birthday Gianluca may you have a wonderful day anf thank you for making so many people happy listening to you, Piero, and Ignazio. God Bless, stay well & safe

  2. You will always be my sunshine and I know everything around you will shine on your birthday because of you

  3. Gianluca, Just so you know. I was a Sinatra fan B/4 you were
    born 26 years ago. His baritone hit my heart and made it
    quiver. Your baritone has the same effect !!
    Have the happiest of birthdays and thank your mom and
    dad for the creative environment you were raised in.

  4. Happy Birthday, Gianluca!
    I’m one of your “old lady” fans, and I have been so thankful for your music as the Covid pandemic has changed so many things in our lives. Your music remains beautiful and comforting, and it helps me deal with the many changes in my life.
    I thank you for the happiness you have added to my life, and I wish for a very happy year for you!

  5. Hey ! Gianluca. Long time no see ! I do wish you a very happy birthday. This has been such a rough and difficult year for you guys. I am looking forward to the new album. Then, after that, everything will, I hope, clear up so that you guys can do concert tour. Remember that when you guys cut out on your last tour one concert was in Las Vegas, Pearl Theater – March 15 – 2020.
    So in Vegas we charge interest. You owe one concert but the interest added means you have to do two concerts .

    I have a better idea (the interest is building day by day) why don’t you guys do a Las Vegas residency for a week ? Now that sounds better.


  6. Dear Gianluca
    Happy Birthday
    Today is your big day!
    I wish you a happy and
    fun Celebration with lots
    of Love great treats, Enjoy!

    Thank you so much for
    the Wonderful music
    give so much joy and
    happiness in my life.
    I really hope to see you
    soon in Frankfurt, Germany.

    May you treasure your
    Birthday as the bright
    beginning of a Wonderful
    year and may you know
    How Special you are to Me!
    Wishing you a
    Wonderful Birthday

    Stay Safe & Take Good Care
    Sending much Love
    from a distance
    I 💐🎂🥂🎁🎉

    February 11 2021

  7. Buon compleanno Gianluca! Tantissimi auguri per una giornate piena di felicità e famiglia. Non vedo l’ora di rivederti in concerto negli Stati Uniti o Toronto! Sono sicuro che non ti ricordi, ma abbiamo parlato dopo il concerto a Toronto in gennaio di 2020 con i tuoi paesane/famiglia (?) di Abruzzo. Sei un uomo molto molto bravo e gentile. Continua seguire i tuoi sogni. La tua voce è una meraviglia! Ti saluto con affetto.

  8. Happy birthday Gianluca. Thank you for filling the world and our hearts with your beautiful voice. Enjoy your special day. 🎂❤

  9. “The true profession of man is finding his way to himself”. – Hesse
    With every single expression of your musical gift, I believe you are doing just that. Remain well and continue to share your gift with the world. Buon compleanno.

  10. Happy 26th Birthday to you, Gianluca! You have been blessed with a beautiful gift and thank you for sharing that with us. You are an inspiration to so many young people and bring joy, along with Piero and Ignazio, to the world, the weary world at this time. I wish you much happiness and good health. Thanks also to your parents for guiding you to be who you are.

    I look forward to your return to the USA soon! Milwaukee maybe?

  11. Happy-Happy Birthday, Gianluca. Thank you for sharing your amazing music talent. A God gifted voice. It was such a wonderful experience to be in New York City/ Radio City Music Hall on February 6, 2020, for IL VOLO ‘s fabulous concert and at the M&G. (Nice Young Men) I hope the world will heal and you all can travel. Stay well and keeping singing. Much appreciation!!!! Have a very blessed birthday!!! Sending Love and Prayers!

  12. Happy Birthday GianLuca. Wishing you a lifetime of love, joy, health and happiness. Looking forward to Il Volo returning to the USA again so I can attend another wonderful inspiring concert. Much Love..

  13. Happy Birthday,Gianluca and God Bless You. May this year and all the years to come be the healthiest and happiest you deserve.

  14. “The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched…they must be felt with the heart.” Helen Keller
    Its because you sing with your heart that we are blessed by your beautiful voice and we are forever touched by your passion. Thank you for being such a thoughtful and sensitive young man.
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Gianluca!

  15. Buon Compleanno Gianluca., I hope you have a great celebration on your 26th birthday with your family and friends now that your quarantine is over. May all your wishes come true. and may you have much happiness and pleasure in all the kind things you do, and for all of us to possibly see and hear a new concert.

  16. Happy birthday and have a wonderful year ahead, hopefully with many concerts, in person!! Thank you for sharing your golden voice.
    Dena Pitchfork, Mercer Island, Washington, U.S.A.

  17. Happy Birthday and wish you the very best in 2021 and hope that I will get to see another live concert in Florida. Thank you for so many hours of entertainment that have certainly helped get me through the past year

  18. Happy birthday dear Gian, I remember you in one of those early interviews when somebody ask you how you feel, you said so modestly ‘ I think I’m dreaming, but if this is a dream, please do not wake me up’, and oh God, it is not a dream, you are the most beautiful man in the world inside out, you are the best baritone voice in the world, and you singing the most beautiful song ‘Amame, which shall be your signature song…
    I saw you live in four concerts, you even held me around shoulders in MG, we miss your concerts I’m sure as much as you missing the adrenaline of live audience.
    Be safe, we love you,
    Irene from Florida

  19. Happy 26th birthday to a very modest, gorgeous, and talented young man. I looked into your mesmerizing green eyes at a Meet and Great after your concert in Indio, California, on March 7, 2020. You were so sweet to acknowledge a 70-year-old fan, and I shall never forget your kindness.

  20. Happy Birthday Gianluca… Wishing you a wonderful Birthday, a fabulous year and a beautiful life…I miss not seeing you in concerts but I know you will be back in concert soon… I’m looking forward to the new album and looking forward to seeing you in person too…
    Big hugs to you on your special day…

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