16 thoughts on “Happy 26th Birthday, Gianluca!”

  1. Fabulous job. Congratulations to the AUTHORS of this amazing piece. I read every word. Took a while. Gianluca should be sending YOU roses!

  2. To everyone who was involved putting this post together. Bravissimo. I hope Gianluca sees this and feels the love and respect we have for him. I would be proud to be his nonna.

  3. To all the managers here at the Flight Crew, thank you for your hard work on keeping our blog going on a daily basis…

    Special thanks to Kelly, Jana, Pat and all the rest who worked so diligently to put Gianluca’s Birthday greetings together for his special day..
    You all.mean so much to us who enjoying following the Flight Crew blog…

    1. Oh dear, not another one!! 😭 I’m going to have to start putting a disclaimer on there, just in case I miss someone!! It never fails, someone always gers missed!!

  4. Kelly and Jana, thank you for putting these greetings together for Gianluca. You did a great job.🤗

  5. Thanks to everyone who put this together. It was put together with love , respect and hard work. Happy Birthday to Gianluca and I am sure he is very grateful and appreciative.

  6. Ciao a tutti! I am so sorry, it seems I may have wiped out a whole slide somehow and missed a few wishes!! If you don’t see yours there, please re-email it to the flight crew email and I will add it!!!

    Grazie mille!

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