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BOIN-To Follow the Dream by Susan

BOIN ~ To Follow the Dream, You Must Be the Dream!

Week three and finally it’s starting to come together! “To Follow the Dream, You Must Be the Dream!” What is the Dream? What is any dream? Dreams are about our futures! Yes, there are dreams about our past and sometimes bad dreams but, in this World of BOIN, we are talking about a Dream for the future. A Dream of HOPE!

You need a Dream to Achieve a Dream. You need Hope to achieve Hope!

I don’t know when Ignazio and Fabio decided to start this project but, I do know that this is a message that is so important to all of us in our world today!
What have we learned by entering the World of BOIN? The ultimate goal is to make you feel like you are part of the project. They represent style, creativity, sensitivity and an openness to an old idea that needs to be revisited! An idea that there is HOPE for the World!
Through his music, Ignazio leads us to a world where music calms the senses and opens the mind to new ideas! We float on his notes that sail us across the sky following the path of the Butterflies!
The orcas and the butterflies are used to express comparison and emphasis clarity and to make the story more interesting by adding an addition of color and freshness where only black and white exist! This is something that Fabio has used in his art many times. And now he is introducing this new way of approaching art through this narrative in Black and White! Recently I wrote a story about Fabio called “In Black and White Between Colors!” This is what we’re talking about here! Color can be added in many ways. In this story it is added figuratively!
The orcas and the butterflies are “figurative” characters. 

Butterfly balloon carrying an orca through the sky

The Orcas symbolize spiritual guidance. Through spiritual guidance, we confront our emotions.  To do this, we must learn to trust our instincts. Your only limitation is your mind!
The Butterflies signify spiritual rebirth, creativity, joy, promise, and the capacity to experience and enjoy the beauty of life.
Many of you have said you don’t understand what’s going on. You’re lost! I’m lost sometimes too! Soon, Ignazio and Fabio will do a Live and will explain it all!
Some of you have said, you wish it was in English. When they can they do translate to English but, you must understand, that certain expressions do not translate well. That’s why I am following the story and writing about it so that I can fill in some of the blanks and tell, in the best way I can, without losing the feeling of their words, what they are expressing.
So, getting back to this dream!
Ignazio and Fabio want to create a grand family with which to share their values. What do we know about their values?
In the case of Ignazio, we know he is very compassionate and, he has a great love for family, friends, animals, actually, all humanity! Knowing Fabio as I do, I can honestly say, he is always out their fighting for the little guy! He cares about peoples’ feelings and, he wants all people to be heard!
They have told us that they want to talk to as many people as they can. “Every day we grow more and more!” They love your questions! They can’t answer all your questions but, they try to answer as many as they can. And, when you add their story to your story, you let them know that you understand or are beginning to understand their message!
What is Ignazio and Fabio doing for us? Through their visual and musical communication, they are opening our eyes and minds to a beautiful world where there is a lot of sensitivity and a lot of love for family, friends and animals. There’s room for everyone and everything in the World of BOIN.
We are learning “To Follow the Dream You Must be the Dream!”  It is essential to their idea and to attain their goal.  What is that goal? It is a Dream that we will all share a beautiful future! A future full of HOPE!
In their World, the Rainbow that follows the rain does not lead to a pot of gold but to a World full of HOPE!

Good work Ignazio and Fabio!

WE are all BOIN!

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In their World, the Rainbow that follows the rain does not lead to a pot of gold but to a World full of HOPE!


rainbow ending with a cloud and the word hope in it


Credit to owners of all photos, illustrations and videos.

14 thoughts on “BOIN-To Follow the Dream by Susan”

  1. Thanks for this, Daniela!! If we don’t do Instagram, are we going to stay in the “lost” group?

  2. Thank you for explaining the adventure. Both men are so talented, and the music is absolutely beautiful. God has given Ignazio and his brothers so much talent. May God continue to bless them all of their days.

  3. Thank you Susan, this is so helpful. I am in this for all they have to share with us. Hope is a must while we are in this earth life. Ignazio personally has so many followers, I don’t understand why they aren’t all signed up. We love him.

  4. Susan, thank you, thank you, thank you for your explanation. I began to put the pieces of the puzzle together the other day. Your article today confirms my interpretation. It is not surprising that Ignazio and Fabio, who are such caring and creative men committed to improving humanity, would become catalysts in helping their followers to never give up and to always create their own dreams. HOPE is a precious gift to treasured.

  5. Merci Susan pour ce beau recit ,Ignazio et Fabio ont de grandes valeurs et c’est super de nous faire participer a leur projet !Ce que tu as dit c’est bien ce que je pensais ,bientot on en saura plus si j’arrive a tout comprendre beaucoup de mots italien ressemble au francais mais je comprends mieux quand je le lis ,mais je vais bien y arriver !Ils vont nous emporter dans un monde parallele et en ce moment on en a bien besoin !Merci encore et continuons a partager pour faire connaitre Boin

  6. Thanks Daniella, you are a dream for us to explain some of the unknowns, The first thing I noticed about the video of them singing was that Giampiero was not playing the piano. ……but I am definitely into BOIN from day one. Ariana North Jersey

  7. Again, Susan, I appreciate your messages. I think I saw a message from Ignazio and Fabio seeking someone to help translate their Italian words. I was pleased to see that as well as your many efforts to lead those of us who have struggled to keep up. It’s a fun and exciting project. Grazie!

  8. Thanks so much for these messages. I am so happy that they started this project. It also gives more impetus to study my Italian lessons!! They have a lovely idea! Dena Pitchfork, Mercer Island, Washington, U.S.A.

  9. My daughter has such faith, being in head pain with narrowing of arteries for 40 yrs, Cotors cannot cure, I on the other hand have lost faith and hope . She is a living saint. There is nothing left for me to HOPE for except cure. Ariana NJ

  10. Pat and Susan, I am glad Ignazio and Fabio have decided to reach out to the world by asking for help with translations. They have followers all over the world and up till recently we have been excluded because of the language barrier. My/our desire to participate is high.

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