Sometimes, it happens that you receive an e-mail like this, which makes you understand many things, which make you feel emotions and see reality, through the eyes of those who cannot see.
Today I present Milagros to you, indeed I leave the introductions to her.
Hello girls,
This message is going to be a little strange, I really hope I don’t bother you with it.
My name is Milagros, and I am an 18 year old totally blind girl. I’m from Uruguay, and I’ve been  following  Il Volo for more than four years. I even traveled to Argentina to go to one of their concerts. The boys came into my life at a very difficult time, when I was dealing with many things, among them, my uncertainty for the future (people with disabilities…basically we are second class citizens in my country, and the most that is expected of us is to graduate from high school, and even that is considered too much). In some strange way, perhaps, Il Volo’s music gave me some of the strength I needed to keep going.

Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero on stage in casual clothes

A month ago I was notified that I had just received a full scholarship to study at Harvard University. I am the second Uruguayan person in history to be selected to study at the college.
Harvard is crazy!!!
My parents never graduated high school so even the idea of going to college seemed far away for me. When I was completing the application (with their music in the background, of course) I realized how much things had changed since I started listening to them until today – and when I got the news…it may not seem to make sense (in the end, many might say it’s just music) but I believe that music, just like words, also has the power to change lives.
In this video, Milagros has just received confirmation of admission to Harvard studies !! 
And this past year I worked reporting for foreign media (HuffPost, The Telegraph, Foreign policy etc.) And this may sound silly, but I am sure I could not have made it if it were not for the strength that, although from afar, the music of Il Volo gave me.

Milagros holding the Harvard certificate of admission

I even traveled to Argentina to go to one of their concerts.
That concert was magical. I don’t consider myself a very emotional person, but that day I ended up crying while listening to them sing. I had connected with a couple of girls from Argentina, too, and at that time we could access the sound check with the Il Volo card, so I went with these girls…and I don’t hesitate to say that it was one of the best moments of my life.
I can’t wait for this pandemic to end and see them live again (hopefully in Boston, haha).
Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca, I like them all, but Ignazio, his singing, his life story, everything, always made me lean more towards him. I think that, in this world, there are very, very few people who sing like him, at that age. When I went to see them in Argentina (Noche Mágica) listening to him moved me to tears… and that’s not easy.

Ignazio Boschetto on stage holding a microphone

Yesterday I was listening to music and came across  “The Best Day of My Life”, which for some reason of fate, was the song I was listening to when I finally decided to send in the application to Harvard. Now I think about it and it’s crazy, haha.

Anyway. I just wanted to thank you because this website was (and is) the place where I was always informed of  their updates (besides the guys’ social networks, of course). 
I use a program (a screen reader) that basically reads everything on the screen, except for non-described images.
Your site always seemed  truly accessible to me and since  you usually talk about things I miss (like what they post on Instagram, for example), I love reading it, because Instagram is one of the few networks I’m not on (there are a lot of pictures and I get lost haha) but at the same time it’s the one where they seem to be most active.
I always enjoyed reading you guys and I really admire the work you do on and for the guys.

Milagros in white shirt sitting in a chair

I would love to be able to get these words to them – what they, uh, inadvertently generated, the change they made in me – but that’s impossible.
For a moment I thought very briefly about sending a message to one of the guys on Instagram, but as I don’t use it and I’m sure they will receive many messages per day, in the end I gave up the idea.
So I’ll just thank you. Thank you for everything.

Milagros sitting in front of fence

The good news of admission to Harvard caused a sensation and Milagros was interviewed by newspapers and TV. At Harvard she will study Political Science.
Here is the article about her interview.

Click here to view the article.

A young woman from Colonia (Uruguay) age 18 and blind was accepted into Harvard.
An 18-year-old woman, from Colonia, blind, obtained a scholarship to study next year in the United States at Harvard University. The application was accepted among 10,000 applications. That’s how Milagros Costabel found out that she had been accepted to Harvard. The 18-year-old, blind by birth, was astonished to hear when the software read her notification on her laptop welcoming her to one of the most important universities in the world.
The young woman from Colonia graduated in 2019 from the Liceo N ° 1 de Colonia Juan Luis Perrou and during this year she began working for foreign media as a journalist while applying for around 15 Universities with a clear idea: Go out to travel the world.
During these days, Milagros received a communication from the President of the Republic, Luis Lacalle Pou, to congratulate her. With great expectations, the young Milagros is preparing to begin her career in Political Science at Harvard University next year. Throughout her life, due to her blind condition from birth, Milagros has encountered several obstacles that, based on her efforts, she overcame and today provokes admiration and recognition from family, former teachers and acquaintances.

Milagros on television with her family

Milagros, really many, many compliments, to be admitted to Harvard University is a company to be so proud of.
We are happy that the music of Il Volo has kept you company and also helped you during these years.
We are all very proud of you. Harvard really is an important milestone but how much study commitment still awaits you.
Thanks also for the compliments to our site, we are so happy that our presence on the internet is appreciated by so many people and may also have been of help to you.
What about Il Volo? I don’t know if Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca are fully aware of how much their music, but also their presence, their way of relating, is very important for people.
Milagros, it was a real pleasure to meet you and I assure you that we will do everything possible, so that your story is brought to the attention of Il Volo.

A hug from: Daniela and all the Flight Crew 😘


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

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  1. Wow! Congratulations to Milagros! Daniela, I hope the guys have an opportunity to read her message to you and the Flight Crew and to perhaps reach out to her.

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful story. It is so true that their music and their love and caring for others serve as inspiration for so many.

    1. Milagros what an accomplishment, that is awesome ! I wish you all the best and just reading your letter girl I know you got this. As far as our young men go I love them all but Ignazio has my heart. Be well and safe. 💖💖

      1. Thank you, Donna! Your words make me very happy. I love all 3 but for some reason Ignazzio…I don’t know if it’s his voice, (I pay a lot of attention to voices, instead of seeing faces I identify people by voice haha) or what exactly, but he stands out a lot to me.

  2. Fantastic story!
    I’ll Volo should definitely receive this very inspiring, life changing letter.
    Wishing them ALL the very best and continued inspiring work!!

  3. What an amazing story! Daniela you knocked it out of the box with this one! She is the proof that music crosses many boundaries! Many people have told me that the guys helped them through difficult times! I wish Milagros much success and I’m hoping I will have the opportunity to meet her when she comes to America!

    1. Susan, you’re right, I constantly have testimonies from people to whom music has brought relief, hope and affection. I don’t know if the guys realize the therapeutic effect of their music.

  4. This story will touch the hearts of all the fans. It is a wonderful example of how the boys affect people. We’re so happy for Milagros. We all send blessings and best wishes for her journey in life. Harvard is lucky to get her. Thanks you Daniela. This was a most welcome addition to my day.

    1. DanielaCi, we really hope that Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca will be able to read this story, I think they would be very proud of what Milagros has achieved. A hug.

  5. Congratulations on your admission to Harvard. Milagros, I know exactly how you feel about Il Volo and their music. They sing like angels and their music is so relaxing. I listen to it over and over. Sometimes I cry as well, because I am moved by the words and the voices. My favorite is Gianluca, but I also love Piero as well. During some bad times in my life, I always turned to their music to take me to a place of peace and calm. May your life here in America be joyful and educational.

  6. Thank you for sharing Milagros’s touching story Daniela. I was in tears while reading it and I really hope the guys see it. Our three precious boys have no idea how precious and special they are or how many lives they have enhanced with their music and beautiful hearts. Everyday I love them more and more.❤️

    1. Joan,I expected this story to captivate everyone and I think Milagros will be very happy with your reactions of all of you, she who thought she had told a boring story.

  7. I am 12 miles from Harvard. Maybe that lovely girl could use a grandmother and a dozen cousins? Further info?

    1. Hi! Your comment made me so happy! Feel free to contact me anytime! (milagros.costabel(at) Haha I’m horrible at expressing myself in writing, but really the gratitude and joy I feel is indescribable. Thank you for your kind words.

  8. Beautiful job on her story, Daniela and Pat!! I hope the passing on of her story is successful! She is quite the inspiration to us all…

    1. Thanks Jana……It is a touching story full of hope and I’m glad we could present it to everyone and hopefully to IL VOLO.

  9. Beautiful touching story of an equally beautiful amazing young woman.
    Congratulations Milagros!! Your story was nothing short of inspiring. Il Volo’s music has touched so many in so many incredible ways. Best wishes to you, Milagros, as you move forward down the path life takes you. May you always be surrounded by the love and comfort of Il Volo and the beauty their music brings to the world.
    Thank you Daniela and Pat for this beautiful article. It made my day..

    1. And we’re glad we told you a valuable story, dear Jane.
      You are such a sensitive person, I was sure that knowing the story of Milagros would make you happy.

  10. Thank you Daniela and Pat for presenting to all of us such a heartwarming story. Congratulations to you Milagros! What an accomplishment!!You are going to love Harvard and the Greater Boston area. I grew up in Providence, Rhode Island and would visit the Boston area often . However, I now spend part of the winter in Florida but still spend my summers at the shore in Rhode Island . If you are ever in the need of help while I am in Rhode Island, I would gladly help!! Best wishes❤️!!

  11. Daniela and Crew, This site is proof that there is a universal
    link that the love of music flows through Il Volo, their fans,
    then onto this site, and then out into the universe. Milagros
    is a beautiful example of the inspiration than effects many,
    (some that we will never hear about) but through Milagros’
    we congratulate and celebrate a success story.
    Bona Fortuna !

  12. Thank you for sharing this wonderful story, Daniela. Congratulations to Milagros. What an achievement! It is so heartwarming to hear things like this. I think the fact that she was so inspired by the music of Il Volo and the guys themselves speaks of their effect on people all over the world. They are so sincere, humble and caring of their fans and generous to many in need. I’m happy she was able to attend one of their concerts and hope she can again. It is a joy for me to have found Il Volo when they began singing together. They are the best in the world and have helped many of us through tough times with the beauty of their music. Best wishes to Milagros on her new adventure. I hope Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca hear her story. They will be very pleased.

    1. Yes Carol, it would be great if Milagros could go to a new concert and maybe even a meet and greet, I think the guys would be happy to meet her personally.
      Yes, their music has helped many people.

  13. Dear Milagros, congratulations on this wonderful new chapter of your life. Our boys have touched many lives in many different ways. I hope you will enjoy your time at Harvard. You are a very special young woman. Thank you Pat and Daniela for introducing Milagros to us.

  14. Wow, what a great story. I am so glad you shared. Il Volo, in my opinion, has three exceptional singers with the voices of angels, and they truly are inspiring and comforting and much loved and admired. All my best to you Milagros-college begins the second chapter of your life; enjoy it and keep those Il Volo CD’s playing!

    1. JoLynn it’s true, Il Volo are three fantastic singers. But the three of them also have fans that are too good, exceptional, I think they are the real strength of Il Volo and Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca, know this very well.

  15. Congratulations Milagros. What an amazing accomplishment. I wish you much success. I am not surprised by the power of the boys and their music. They are such very special young men. I’m not sure the boys realize how comforting and uplifting their music can be. They can always make a bad day better. Thankyou Daniela and Pat for this lovely story.

    1. Cathy, I’m sure the music of Il Volo can make a bad day better for you. I’m not quite as sure the three of them know exactly how much comfort people find in their music.

  16. Es una belleza lo que Il Volo inspira en mucha gente, especial como Milagros. La música purifica el alma y activa los sentidos, interpretada por Il Volo con todo ese talento, pasión y ternura es un regalo para todos.

  17. Hello everyone! Reading all these comments made me tear up. It’s so crazy and unexpected all of this for me. The guys gave me so much strength, but I never, in my wildest dreams, thought I would end up making it this far. I truly believe that music has the power to change our lives, and in my case I saw it very clearly. Now I made it my personal mission to thank all those people who, indirectly, contributed to help me get to where I am now, and thanking the Crew, for always keeping me updated and for allowing me to find out things that otherwise I might not have been able to, seemed to me one of the first things I had to do. I hope that, someday, I will be able to tell the guys all that they meant to me, but in the meantime I take this opportunity to thank all of you for your words- I can’t begin to explain how much they mean to me. Thank you.

    1. Hello Milagros! Your story has touched all of us! I admire your strength and courage. Going forward I will try to remember to put the alternate words on the photos so you can get an idea of what the photos look like in our posts. If I have time I can try to go backwards in the posts and tag all the photos. Until then, if there is a particular photo you would like to know more about please tell me the post it is in and I will fix that one for you! I am praying for your success at Harvard! Sending hugs and kisses to you from Missouri, USA. Pat

    2. Dear Milagros, I have already given you the compliments for what you have done and achieved, but let me tell you that your story is anything but boring, indeed it is a stimulus for many demoralized people or who feel alone. Thanks for doing this.
      We are all very happy to have you in our virtual family and we hope you will keep us updated when you arrive at Harvard by writing us your feelings.
      And if you go to a concert, we wish it with all our heart, I’m sure you will meet the guys and then you will write us your impressions of the concert and of Piero, Gianluca and Ignazio, to whom you will give a big kiss (Covid permitting).
      I knew that Flight Crew readers are all lovely people and I think everyone has shown you their admiration and affection.
      Thanks Milagros, a hug from Italy.

  18. Dear Cathy, welcome to Il Volo’s family. I have a girlfriend who has your problem … she lived in an incubator and hasn’t seen since she was a baby. But she’s just like you! She is very active on Facebook, organizes reading competitions with Braille, graduated from two colleges … And she has many friends. A warm hug from me! I feel exactly the same as you for our boys, even though I am a grandmother / 60 years old /. Life is wonderful! When there is music, stylish and intelligently sung, we are in heaven !!

    1. Dear Antonela, you are very sensitive to the story of Milagros, because you also have a girlfriend who has the same problem, and from what you write, she is also very active. Give her a hug and great admiration on my part.
      The grandmothers are the pillars of our era !! 🙂 (I’m a grandmother too !!)

  19. Thank you Daniela and Pat for this heartwarming and inspiring story. Milagros, you are an exceptional and special person. Congratulations on all your achievements and I wish you the very best for your studies at Harvard and whatever else lies ahead. I hope one of those things will be another Il Volo Concert, maybe in Boston. Their concerts are magical. I sincerely hope Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca get a chance to read your letter and understand how much they touch so many people all over the world. Best wishes for a great future, one that will always include the music of Il Volo.

    1. Janet, in certain moments, is really good to read stories like this, don’t you think? They give us a different charge and make you understand many things.
      Milagros did a great feat and I hope Il Volo can learn about it.

  20. Congrats to you Milagros and thank you Danielle for sharing with us she sure has a great outlook on life . Good luck to her !!! Marie

  21. Congratulations on being accepted to Harvard. I also am an avid fan of IlVolo and listen to them everyday They help get me through all the trials that life throws at you Best of Luck at Harvard

  22. What more can I add? Heartwarming success story that inspires and uplifts us all! We all appreciate Il Volo’s magical music and here is concrete proof! I love the offers of support offered to Milagros; that will enrich her Boston experience so much. Let’s all give her a group hug in Boston at the next Il Volo concert there!

    1. What an extraordinary and beautiful young woman. Her life and her story gives us all a reminder that in the midst of the craziness of our world right now, something wonderful is happening to this lovely and deserving girl. I know that when Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca meet her, she will feel their love and she will shine forever. Like Milagros, Il Volo inspires me and brings beauty to my life. I send Milagros hugs and best wishes and hope that I get to meet her someday.

  23. Milagros and IL VOLO have a lot in common. They both achieved success with determination, discipline and a lot of hard work. She may never be a world class musician, but you can be sure she’ll be a world class woman.

    I’m feeling cheerfully opinionated today – I had the vaccine shot!!

    1. I’m very glad you got the vaccine.
      And you are absolutely right, Milagros and Il Volo are united by hard work, discipline and strong determination, they are three excellent ingredients to be successful.

  24. What a wonderful article! I think the music of IL Volo is inspiring. It is, to me. I truly hope this young woman achieves great success. Dena pitchfork, Mercer Island, Washington U.S.A.

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