Our Piero, a few days ago, woke up with the desire to make a joke on someone.

And who could it be, if not poor Ignazio ???

P = Igna, do me a courtesy ….. since Marta from the Press Office called me, and I had to do a video interview, you can do it, which I took this morning ….. I fell asleep …..

I = (Ignazio is very amazed, but he still hasn’t realized what happens, he doesn’t see Piero entirely).

Can you ask Gianluca to do it? Today I have to finish one thing.

P = No, Ignazio, Gianluca cannot. I fell asleep in the sun this morning.

(At this point Piero shows his face, greets Igna with his hand. Ignazio says an exclamation, then and Ignazio’s face is a mixture of amazement and concern 😁)

I put aloe vera ….. (Ignazio doesn’t know what to say, he’s open-mouthed) …. and now my skin is burning, it’s burning me.

I= But why can’t Gianluca?

P = I don’t know, Igna, in your opinion, with aloe vera, it passes.

I = Yes, yes, it must pass. Damn I had to finish one thing.

P = It is important.

I = Who is it with? (the interview)

P = Bho, I don’t know what to do. (Piero laughs, and bring his face closer)

I = Why are you laughing? (observes Piero’s face) But you are crazy.

P = I don’t know what to do “cumpa” (word in Sicilian dialect that is addressed to a friend). I have all scrapes.

I = Of course. But did you wear sunscreen?

P = The oil.

I = Then the oil reacted to you.

P = Sure !!! Good this face mask that I put, I recommend it.

(Piero laughs but Ignazio has not yet understood but begins to suspect).

I = But are you taking me for the bottoms ??? (big laugh by Piero) “Che facisti”. (Sicilian dialect to say “what have you done?”)

P = It’s the face mask. (keep laughing)

I = Bip Bip Bip  (series of censored words)  But is it a face mask?

P = Yes

I = You made me “scantare” (Sicilian word to say frighten). Cretin

P = Bye, bye, I love you!!

I = Bye.


Piero Burn 01

Piero Burn 02

Piero Burn 03

Piero Burn 04

Piero Burn 05

On Sunday there was a call between Piero and Anastacia. I think you all know the good singer Anastacia.

Their dialogue is very beautiful, and this time no translation is needed, but for those who haven’t seen it, here is the video.

At the beginning Piero says: “Hi everyone, how are you and happy Sunday. Today is a beautiful sunny day. Today I will do a live with a special friend that you all know, but many do not know the human side of this fantastic woman, we have been friends for a long time and I wanted to share a Sunday chat with you. Many know who I’m talking about, here she is” :


Really interesting what was said by Piero and Anastacia, and as I’m curious, I went to look for the video of Budapest where Piero said he lost his voice. 

Poor Piero, in the first verse, Ignazio came to his aid, and more ahead,  played only the orchestra. Who knows what fear Piero had, and here it is the video:

And here is a video of a performance at the Arena di Verona, by IL VOLO and ANASTACIA.

Really fun.

Ignazio’s face was an open book, with his faces.

But be careful Piero, Ignazio will surely devise a way to return the joke to you. 

Very nice live between Anastacia and Piero, two good artists.



Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

26 thoughts on “PIERO AND A JOKE ON IGNAZIO by Daniela”

  1. Daniela, as always, I am very grateful to you for the recent updates and photos and videos. Our guys, Gianluca, Ignazio, Piero are wonderful, I consider them my best friends because I know they love everyone.

    Because I am not feeling well, I decided to distract myself from my pain and sorrow about COVUD19. I do not have the virus, but I do feel sorry for those who have it or those who have passed away–too many people all over the world–just tragic.

    ***I wrote a tribute to everyone helping out during this tough time. I want to send you a copy but I don’t have the proper email address.
    I am not on any social media sites.

    God bless,

    Love, Elisa Marie from Warwick, NY

    1. Dear Elisa Marie, I was sorry to hear that you are not very well. It’s true, the virus has brought so much sadness and so many people are gone. But we must look forward.

      You did well to write your tribute. Feel free to send it to the email of this site, write for Daniela, so Jana or Pat will send it to me, thanks.

      A hug from Brescia-Italy.

    2. This interview would have been better if she had let Piero talk more! Goodness that woman is a talker and she practically interviewed herself!

  2. Thanks Daniela for translating the joke Loved the live conversation between Piero and Anastacia Did not know who she was but was very impressed with her Here I find she lives in Florida not that far from where I live So I did look her up and listened to her sing in a concert inSwitzerland Hope things improving in Italy Been hard for everybody around the world

    1. You really didn’t know Anastacia, she is very good and highly appreciated here in Italy. She is also a beautiful person, as Piero says. She admires Il Volo very much and loves them very much.

  3. Thank you Daniela! That joke was perfect!😂😂 Watching the video I understood without understanding the language, by just watching expressions on Ignazio’s face 😃 but your translation sure helps. Stay safe.

  4. This was fun, Daniela! And interesting to listen to Piero’s story about the vocal problem in Budapest, and then see the video and watch Ignazio trying to solve it. I’ve noticed in all Piero’s interviews that he really listens to what the other person is saying–he’s really interested. He seems like such a nice guy, in addition to the immense talent.

    1. Judi, I too was surprised by the history of Budapest, that’s why I looked for the video of the evening and, in fact, that’s what happened. Who knows how worried Piero was.

  5. Ignazio used some colorful language with Piero. I got the “pazzo” and some of the others. When Igna says these things I don’t find it offensive just very endearing. I have always liked Anastacia’s unique voice, but I wish Piero could have spoken a little more. Does anyone know if Piero continued with the Budapest concert!

    1. Yes, RoseMarie, the concert had a half hour break but was then completed, avoiding Piero to expose himself in the high notes.

      I also don’t find Ignazio offensive, but none of our three boys are

  6. Thank You Daniela for the great live joke!
    I remember when Gianluca said in another interview,
    that he knows if his voice is not strong, Ignazio will back
    him up. The intuition they have with each other is
    evident again in this great clip of Budapest show.
    Sweet !

    1. Martha, I also find it very sweet the way in which, when one needs the other, they come to the aid. I really like this collaboration, it shows a true union.

  7. Awesome Ignazio, Gianluca and Piero’s relationship throughout the 10 years gas truly grown into a brotherhood so when they pull off a hoke on each other they truly have to be on there A game as they truly know each other so well. That was was a classic one Piero did to Inga. Loved your photos and breakdown it was even funnier with your interpretations. Thanks so much Daniela. Loved it all.

  8. Franny, their affection, proves to be true, and when these little unexpected things happen, it’s nice to see their collaboration.
    Thanks for the nice compliments.

  9. Thanks Daniela! Wish I had a video from an Italian concert where Ignazio was not feeling well vocally. He and Piero switched, with Piero taking the higher notes and Ignazio the lower tenor notes. All three work beautifully together.

  10. Thank you Pat and Daniela for the videos and translation. I pretty much had an idea what was happening with Piero and Iganazio. It was sweet that Ignazio was so concerned about Piero and also that he had something he had to finish that day. I believe that Piero will suffer
    consequences at some point!
    I very much enjoyed the video of Piero and Anastacia. They seemed to really like each other and we learned some interesting things that have happened. It had to be so frightening for Piero when he couldn’t sing! And to see the concern on Gianluca and Ignazio’s faces. They are so tuned in to each other and through the years have become increasingly aware of each other and quickly try to help. You can see why they really try to live well and do all they can to maintain their beautiful voices.
    I’m not surprised because they all are so kind and thoughtful, but to hear Piero say he is really worried about the musicians and all the crew that work with them at their concerts was another example of their innate goodness!
    I was surprised that Anastacia didn’t know how Piero, Iganazio and Gianluca first got together. And I had to laugh when Piero asked her how long she had been performing in Italy and apparently knew little of the language.

    1. Margaret, I too found Piero’s speech with Anastacia very interesting, and it is simply adorable that he worries about all his crew.
      Here there was nothing to translate and so I thought you would have gladly seen the Budapest video Piero was talking about and then that Ave Maria is wonderful. And then, for those who had never seen it, I also attached the video of Anastacia and Il Volo. They are artists who respect each other very much and love each other.

      Ignazio will return to the attack with a joke to Piero !!

  11. I’ve seen that video before when Piero had not able to sing his part. Now I have an explanation . That must be frightening for him. I also wish that Anastacia had allowed Piero to talk more. Thank you for the videos, translations, news, and also updates. It’s very much appreciated.

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