Ignazio’s participation in Red Ronnie (Barone Rosso) was really nice.

He was also connected with Lidia Schillaci and Nico Arezzo.

Their performances were beautiful and Red was very happy to have them as guests.

Red = I can’t wait to start this live. There will be many guests tonight. The first person I share contact with is Ignazio Boschetto from Il Volo. (here Red asks to share the live broadcast, and makes a long speech that the internet is trying to limit the connections and he is against this thing.) Then he says that Ignazio has joined the live, also Lidia Schillaci and also Nico Arezzo and then there will be many other guests.

Initial theme plays of the Barone Rosso Solo Flight show.

Red = Let me immediately call Ignazio. He has just returned from a tour, so now let’s see if I can find him ……. “are you there?”

I = Maybe, I’m here.

Red = Here you are, listen to Ignazio, will we call your friends immediately?

I = As you wish, yes.

Red = We start first with the young ladies and so with Lidia.

“Are you Lidia?, wait because Ignazio was vertical.
(Ignazio turns the video horizontally), well that’s better.

Meanwhile Ignazio, welcome back from your tour.

I = This time I don’t have the chance to break anything (he refers to the first time Il Volo was with Red Ronnie and Ignazio broke the juke box.)

Red = In fact, the juke box, it is still here and still suffering, if I put a record in, it does not go and you know why.
(Ignazio laughs). Maybe it’s better if you stand vertical, so Nico is there too. (Ignazio returns to vertical). While I call Nico, explain to me why your friends are involved, are they only Sicilians?

I = No, there is nothing patriotic, it is a question of relationships, with Lidia there is a great friendship that binds us and with Nico, there is a friendship but also a working relationship, because as you know, we are preparing Nico’s CD and I can’t say anything anymore because he’s here.

N = I’m here, I arrived on time.

Red = Let’s explain well, where are you, from Sicily, Ignazio?

I = I was born in Bologna, but my family and in any case my Sicilian house that I have is in Marsala.

Red = Lidia instead you are from Palermo?

L = I am from Trapani, born in Palermo but I live in Trapani, from Castellammare del Golfo and then I live around Italy.

Red = Is Nico from Ragusa instead?

N = Yes, I’m from Ragusa, Ragusano, point down (in the sense the lowest point of Sicily)

Red = So we have Sicily, here, of the excellence of Sicily. Lidia I have to tell you one thing, I saw that you are on all platforms, even periscope, because your friend was responsible for periscope, and she is also called like you.

L = Livia, her name is Livia and not Lidia. (Lidia’s image appears) I was doing these crazy live shows, but now I have stopped, now I’m more on Facebook.

(Finally there is the image of all three.)

Red = Now all three of you are here, stay in that exact position because you are at the center of the image.

N = But is it okay horizontal?

Red = Okay, now you are all vertical because Ignazio dictated the rule

I = But I have the phone like this.

Red = But you could turn it.

I = I did, but then you said to go back vertical.

Red = Okay that’s fine, you all are so beautiful.
Listen Ignazio, let’s start from Il Volo, how did it go in America?

I = It went very well, we were lucky enough to bring the tour almost to the end, we only canceled three concerts. Without talking about what happened in the end, we had a lot of fun, because it was already a year and a half, two, that we were not returning to America, and it was nice to come back with the tenth anniversary, because we celebrated 10 years. However, we are used to taking nothing for granted, and receiving people’s affection in that way, after 10 years, has been surprising.

Red = And after that you came back, you had the greatest contrast, a tour in America and then armored in the house.

I = Think what luck (ironic).

Red = It went well because you have almost finished the American tour.

I = We canceled the last concerts, when the decree arrived, which canceled flights to and from Italy, we looked each other in the eye and we said to each other, we have people who work with us and have families, small children, it is it’s just that we make a serious decision and go home.

And that was it.

Red = How many dates have you canceled?

I = Three

Red = And how many dates have you had?

I = About twenty.

Red = How did you meet Lidia?

I = I remember Lidia, when I was a child, at the time of “Operazione Trionfo” (Star Academy talent show), and I was extremely in love with her voice, obviously and I don’t go further because it would be obvious.

After years, we met personally through a mutual friend, guitarist, right? (Lidia nods), Gino De Vita, in Sicily and so this friendship was born.

Red = But will you do things together?

I = We have already done something.

Red = But something more substantial, now let’s see something, because you sent me some wonderful videos. At two in the morning the videos arrived, I downloaded them and I thought, now I go to bed and then tomorrow I watch them and instead I started to watch them, beautiful, with a fantastic technique, besides, very beautiful. I don’t like to make people sing live, because in the end, there is no synchronization, the audio is bad etc., instead your videos are spectacular. (certainly all Ignazio’s work)

L = Ignazio is very good, he does the editing, he does everything , it’s crazy,  I have to say it’s all thanks to him.

Red = Having had him in my studio, I don’t know how he does things without breaking something though …….. Lidia and Nico, you must know that when Il Volo came here, he went to the Juke Box and started to push and remove at the same time, the buttons …… Lidia you are gone, what have you done? (there is no longer Lidia’s image)

L = But do you hear me at least? Maybe it’s my connection, I try again.

Red = You are there, you are there. Ok. No, you went away again.

N = Red, as soon as you spoke of Ignazio who breaks everything, the connection was automatically dropped.

Red = But do you see the coincidences? I said “Ignazio who breaks” and immediately see what happened !! (everyone laughs)

Here you are Lidia ….. no you are no longer there.

Wait until I attract positive energy: “Ignazio doesn’t break anything, Ignazio is a good boy, Ignazio brings Lidia back in connection …….”

I = But what have I got to do with it ???

(Lidia’s image comes and goes.)

Red = So Nico, I was telling you that Ignazio came here and started pounding the buttons on the juke box, like a computer …. tac tac tac …. and the juke box went haywire. They have already come twice to fix it ….. today I reminded Ignazio of this and he said “reset”, but it is not a computer !!!!

That juke box is from 1956.

N = I saw you in the next phase, (means the second episode of Il Volo da Red), when you had already placed the prohibition signs for Ignazio.

Red = But look, I didn’t put those signs, it was my staff.

I = There is Lidia doing ping pong (Lidia’s image appears and disappears)

L = I don’t know what to say, I don’t stay connected.

Red = I take advantage of it to put up one of your videos, I will put up ENDLESS LOVE ?? What do you want to hear?

I = As you want, if you want to put a song made by all three WHAT FOR FRIENDS ARE FOR.

Red = Yes a song made by all three. Look at the technique, I don’t know how Ignazio did it, in my opinion there is some dwarf who works or some worker who does everything for him.

It’s a beautiful song, are Ignazio Boschetto, Lidia Schillaci and Nico or Nico Arezzo?

N = For today Nico Arezzo.

Red = Not for today, it must be forever. OK, then WHAT THE FRIENDS ARE FOR, Nico Arezzo, Lidia Schillaci and that wretched one !! (everyone laughs)

Red = How nice guys. I don’t know how you did Ignazio, you were really good, I must say that it’s done in an incredible way.

I = But it’s simple ….

Red = How simple, how do you do it?

I = It’s simple, I make my video, then Nico does his, Lidia his part and then I assemble everything.

Red = I hear your voice coming and going.
Even Nico, feels bad, I do something, I call everyone back, let’s see if it works.
I will call Ignazio back.

I = Can you hear me?

Red = of course I hear you.
(Ignazio appears with the golden tapir in his hand, which is given here when there is a situation of particular embarrassment.)

I = As the best phone call of recent times !!! (Red laughs loudly, amused)

Red = But when was it given it to you?

I = When there was the history of the hotel.

Red = It’s true, when they invented that you had destroyed the hotel. Also this story, in your career. Wait I add, first Nico, that we are sure he has a good connection …… nice tapir ….

I = Yes, one never thinks of receiving it, but it is cool.

N = Here I am.

Red = Here you are, Nico and we also call Lidia, but where does she connect from ???

I = She is in Sicily.

Red = She’s in Sicily, that’s why the connection is hard. Here is Lidia.

L = Do you see me?

Red = Yes, here are all three. Listen Lidia, but where are you now in Palermo?

L = I’m in Castellammare del Golfo, do you know these areas? In short, San Vito lo Capo, these areas here, are beautiful.

Red = Do you know that I have never come to San Vito lo Capo? I was hoping to come this year with the festival, with a project, but then it didn’t go well, so …….

I = I invite you.

Red = Why are you down (in Sicily) in the summer?

I = Always, I always spend August in Sicily.

L = See you all, this summer, come to visit us, Red.

N = Sorry, we make a midpoint.

I = Sorry, you come to Marsala, we all meet in Marsala.

Red = Yes, then maybe we will cross the sea and go to Favignana or …….

I = Favignava is in front of my house, so …..

Red = Now I am sending another video of yours, because the songs you have made are very beautiful, but the concept is this, since your collaboration is very beautiful, as soon as the borders reopen (intended as the quarantine ends), as soon as they let us leave the house I wait for you here.

I = Of course.

Red = You should have already come, in the last episode (of the Barone Rosso) available before you went to America, only that I was already full of guests and instead I wanted to give you the necessary time.

So, Ignazio we all know him, Lidia, you did OPERAZIONE TRIONFO, so Ignazio saw you too, then what did you also do?

L = I was on tour for a long time, I was on tour for a few years with Ramazzotti and others and then I have dedicated myself to many things, soundtracks, I have written a lot. I did TALE E QUALE SHOW (she played a copy of Lady Gaga, very good), and now I’m in the process of processing, and writing.

Red = But does Ignazio also have something to do with your project or not?

L = No, I don’t know.

I = I have something to do with friendship, we give each other advice.

L = Exactly, I’m working on my own. I am writing many things, let’s see what happens.

Red = You Nico instead, you did XFACTOR, if I’m not mistaken.

N = Yes, Xfactor from three years ago, I think.

Red = And then you did Sanremo Young.

N = Yes, last December, therefore more recent.

Red = But did you show up with your own song? Or didn’t they let you do your own song?

N = Yes, a song of mine that I wrote about two years ago at the beginning of my writing phase. I introduced myself and …. we chose this song because it was the one I felt the most and therefore it was the right one.

Red = Now I would like to put up a video, what do I put up Ignazio?

I = What you want.

Red = But they are all beautiful …. there is Shallow with you and Lidia (Red mispronounces Shallow, and the three laugh a lot, because as pronounced by Red it seems a forbidden thing.)


Red = Wow, Ignazio I want to know what the word means, you could explain it with words spoken well?

I = I am a lively, spontaneous boy, but I have a certain dignity, so I don’t say it, and you go look for vocabulary. (everyone laughs)

Red = Let’s give some dignity.

I = Let’s hear the song. (laughs)

Red = Watch how they laugh, shut up I put the video.
ENDLESS LOVE Ignazio and Lidia Schillaci.

(after returning from the video, Red’s voice is not heard)

I = Let’s say that after this video a particular love was born between me and Lidia.

L = Yes, incredible.

I = A crazy professional love, there is a great esteem between me and Lidia.

L = But the esteem has always been there.

Red = I forgot to turn on my microphone.

I = So?

Red = So, nothing, I’m doing some chaos.

I = I know that I made you anxious.

Red = Look, when I deal with Ignazio, I sweat. Even when he arrived with Il Volo at the Red Ronnie studio, I expected him to sit down to the piano, instead he immediately went to the drums. Luckily Torpedine was there and took him away.

Listen Ignazio, what does it mean that your love for Lidia was born, does it mean that you will make children together?

I = No, no, only that professional love was born.
You know, when I came from America, I thought what I can do, to be close to the people who follow us and who love us? And I thought about making videos, but I thought it would be fantastic to do something like a collaboration, a duet, something …. and I immediately thought of Lidia. Because thinking about ENDLESS LOVE I thought that Lidia was perfect , and she immediately made herself available, just as when we thought of What The Friends Are For, Nico made himself available immediately.

All this has been done to give a message of hope, to remain close to the people who are forced, like all of us, to stay at home, to live a life they were not used to.

Red = But, what to say Ignazio, that with this speech, you made sense of this live?
Now I’m serious too.

I = Wait for me to turn the page to the talk. (jokes)

N = Do you know that I have never felt Ignazio so serious?

Red = But neither did I, in fact, amaze me, because he has an incredible ability, because he is from Il Volo, the funny boy, the jester of the three, then, this guy here, seats on the piano, he sings and you think but is he the same person that was around here before?  Because he is completely transformed. It’s a crazy thing, understand?

I = I can say, singing is a little like making love, when one makes love it’s like entering another world and for me, singing is the same thing.

L = He enters another dimension, understand Red?

Red = You Ignazio, you told me that, with Nico you started your own project, your label.

I = Yes, we have been talking about this for a long time with Torpedine. In our group everyone has roles and certainly Piero and Gianluca are the ones a little closer to Michele for some decisions, I too say my opinion, but I always give my ok. I do the recording studio part more, I play. It’s been a while since we’ve talked with Michele about doing something, producing guys. We had started with a girl named Shari, but then we took different paths, we were busy doing other things, so it was a mess.

Then, the other two (Piero and Gian) said that they were not so interested, instead I wanted to have my record label, and so I told Michele that I would like to produce Nico, who had already been seen by Michele and Ciotti (Il Volo press office manager) and so Floki Production was born.

Red = What does FLOKI mean?

I = Floki is a Viking character, he was a ship builder, so behind Floki there is the genius of the builder and also hope ……. and then why Nico and I are passionate about the TV series that  is on Netflix, where there is Floki.

Red = Here is the reason.

I = Now I tell you, Nico has been waiting for a long time to go out with the new CD, we had to go out in May …. what could have happened ??? World pandemic !!!

N = You must know that I had had several projects, which for one thing or another had never started, now this year finally in early January, we closed ourselves in the studio every day and at the end we already had the CD. We wanted to publish it for May then it was ready and we wanted to anticipate and instead ….. the decree of the pandemic. Maybe it was all, because the album  was supposed to come out.

L = Too bad all this.

Red = In my opinion it is a pandemic-juke box, which has come at the right time.

Ignazio, there are a lot of people, from Salvador, Brazil, Morocco, Miami, Rome.

I = But what is behind you – the mask of THE PAPER HOUSE?

Red = Yes, I also have a sweatshirt, I’m a friend of Helsinki, I did an interview with him in Venice, very beautiful, it’s on my Facebook.

I = I tell you the truth, when it all started (his career) for a young age, I didn’t know you, then when I did some research I discovered everything, but the pinnacle, for me, was seeing you with Pavarotti and Bono, in the film by Pavarotti.

Red = But you know that critics have criticized that documentary but they say that’s that is the most important part. I haven’t seen it yet.

I = They do it on Monday it seems to me.

Red = Where?

I = I don’t remember, but on the main TV channels.

Red = Then I see it. One day, Ignazio, you and I go to dinner and I’ll tell you everything, because they are good adventures, understand?

I = Absolutely.

Red = So, I salute you, I hope you will come here when you can. Nico, I hope your CD comes out soon.
Tell me Ignazio.

I = Do we say goodbye with the medley made with Nico?

Red = Yes, do you want to teach me how to make TV? I don’t teach you to make songs.

I = Also because it is better not.

Red = No, I’m out of tune …..  greetings also from Bolivia, from America …..

I = Do you know how this medley was born with Nico? Because when there is a certain type of music …. even with Lidia, we love Pino and then we decided to do a 4/5 minute medley of Pino Daniele.

Red = This medley is amazing. I greet you, you have an appointment here. Lidia, you are very good, and then you and Ignazio are well together, he looks like D’Artagnan and you sweeten things a little.
Nico, a question, in Pino Daniele’s medley, you play the guitar, but do you really play it then?

N = Yes

Red = Good.

I = He plays very well, like it was from God, heavenly.

Red = Ignazio greetings from Detroit, Mamma Mia, what a great success Il Volo has had.

I = We have been so lucky and it is nice to bring our culture.

Red = Ignazio is no luck.

I = Also

Red = Luck does not exist, remember, they are always merits.

I greet you guys, I love you.

I + L + N = Final goodbyes.

Red = I put this video, which I find amazing, is a medley of Pino Daniele.

I must also say this that, when there was a tribute to Pino Daniele, made at the stadium in Naples, Il Volo’s participation was criticized, in reality, as Pino Daniele sings, Ignazio, I believe that nobody sings it like this.
I don’t say it because I have him here, live, but because it is reality, because he is simply magical.

This is a Medley, with QUANDO – QUANDO PIOVE – CHE MALE C’E’.

Red Ronnie 01

Below, instead, I publish the video of the song that Nico presented in December at Sanremo Young.

The title of his song was “VOLO”.

And here the magical interpretation of Lidia Schillaci TALE E QUALE, after which every singer had to imitate a famous singer.

Very good Lidia who imitates Lady Gaga.

I must say that here too there is a lot of talent and skill.

Very beautiful both the duet and the trio, and then Pino Daniele medley, really strong.

Lidia you have a beautiful voice and Nico you have many skills.

Ignazio you are a boy who has many facets, you know how to be funny, but also serious, you are bright and romantic and you also have an entrepreneurial soul.

What can we say again, we wish everyone a lot of luck for your projects.


Red Ronnie 02


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

38 thoughts on “IGNAZIO to RED RONNIE by Daniela”

  1. I woke up this morning on 4/23/20, and I found in my email inbox a new post with videos of Ignazio performing duets with Lidia Schillaci and Nico Arezzo.

    How romantic the “Endless Love” duet was! I felt that Ignazio and Lidia are really good friends, and maybe some day will be together. (Ignazio won’t admit it, but I believe it’s going to come true.) If it’s meant to be, it will be.

    The duet with Nico Arezza–a tribute to Pino Daniel–just wonderful–sharing the love.

    Thank you. Daniela and credits to everyone for the video setup.

    God Bless, Good Luck.

    With love from Il Volo’s fan in America,

    Elisa Marie

    1. Elisa, I confirm that Ignazio, Lidia and Nico, are really very good, they have talent and, apart from Ignazio who is already very successful, I hope that Lidia and Nico can also have a good success, even outside our borders.

      I hope you are better.

  2. I’ve been sooo waiting for this translation! My dear Daniela, thank you!!! It’s so obvious that Red Ronnie has full understanding and he shows his admiration for Ignazio’s many deep layers, he sees beyond his funny part that some people get fooled by. Ignazio is incredibly multi talented, and also such a beautiful and nice person. This interview was special. Duet with Lidia is outstanding. I also love the Pino Daniele medley with Nico. I think Pino is smiling down on Igna and showers him with blessings. I see great success for Ignazio with the Floki production. Ignazio has my heart 💗

    1. Anna, I knew that many of you were waiting for the translation, for this, immediately the next day I started to do it, because it is long and I didn’t want you to wait too long.
      Ignazio has many arrows at his bow, and Red appreciates talent very much.

  3. The guest appearance of these three on Red Ronnie was so entertaining Ignazio is so talented,he is excellent at everything he does. I thought Lidia was amazing when she did Lady Gaga’s Shallow Also so good when she did the duet with Igna Nico also did a good performance Wish all three much more success Thanks again for such a perfect article

    1. Beverley, I had seen Lidia in the Lady Gaga version and I liked her very much, but then, when I heard her in the duet with Ignazio I hadn’t recognized her. He has a beautiful voice. Yes, Nico is also pleasant and is very young.

  4. I wholeheartedly agree with Elsa Marie and Anna – they said it best.

    Also, commend Ignazio for mentoring and developing Nico – sharing his gifts with care.

    Appreciate your taking us on this great ride. It’s always delightful to see and hear Ignazio and Lidia together–they really shine bright!! Grazie.

    1. Diana, Ignazio could certainly also be a good entrepreneur.
      I have to tell you that I agree, Ignazio and Lidia, really shine in the duet, even Red appreciated a lot.

  5. Daniela, will you also be translating Ignazio’s interview with Stefano Sorrentino that I just watched on IL Volo Fanpage? As you know, I don’t speak the language, but it seemed that they must have touched on far more substantive topics than the interview with Red Ronnie. The three guests singing was great, however. Ignazio seemed so much more engaged, and talkative and overall having a good time with Stefano. Maybe I’m wrong? They talked almost non stop, as though trying to get as many topics discussed as possible in the allotted time. It just seemed more interesting than with Red Ronnie and all I have to go on is facial expressions and body language. Thanks very much.

    1. Mark, in fact, I had no intention of translating Stefano Sorrentino’s interview with Ignazio, but since you asked me, I listened to the live again and will give you a summary.
      You certainly noticed that Ignazio was very involved in the speech, you saw his face light up, but maybe you don’t know who Stefano Sorrentino is. He is a Serie A footballer, he is Sicilian, a friend of Ignazio, I immediately summarized the three topics of interest of Ignazio, in fact you know that Ignazio is a great Italian football fan !!!
      But let’s get to the translation.

      70% of the speech concerns Italian football, they talk about the various teams, the momentary situation of football, the future of Stefano who would like to enter the managerial sector. They talk a lot about Totti (a good Italian footballer who no longer plays now).
      Then they talk a little about cooking, because Stefano the next day would have interviewed a cook and Ignazio likes to cook.
      They talk about Stefano’s daughters, he has 4 little girls.
      The questions Stefano asks Ignazio are, how did they get back from America, and the only new thing he says is that the airlines have taken advantage of this sad moment by exponentially increasing the cost of tickets and it is not fair.
      Then he asks Ignazio what he does, the day of the concert and he replies that in the morning he goes to the gym immediately, because for him it is like warming up for a workout and then he is calm, then on the stage he releases energy.
      The place where he prefers to sing in a particular way is the Arena di Verona. He sings to make his voice heard. He says that when he goes to Asia he has trouble sleeping for jet lag but not on returning.
      He says they do a lot of promotion because their genre is rarely passed on the radio. Talk about the atmosphere of Sanremo which is stressful for all the interviews they have to undergo.
      He often connects collectively with Piero, Gianluca and Torpedine to update himself and for the concerts that are suspended for now. They are preparing a video for Mexico.
      And in the end he says that his dream is that his Floki label can be successful (FLOKI is written on his hat).

      That’s all, I hope you enjoyed it.

      1. Daniela, thanks for taking the time and trouble to translate what turns out to be not what I thought it might be after all, I really appreciate it. Going by their enthusiasm and none stop chatter, I thought they would certainly be discussing a lot of IL Volo related issues. I was way off on my suspicions. Sorry, but thank you again for summarizing for me. Red Ronnie’s interview didn’t seem very in depth with Ignazio, who is really an in depth kind of guy I think-a lot there to him to explore, aside from his comical antics, but I enjoyed it anyway.

      2. Mark, it was a pleasure. You must know that Red Ronnie is an excellent connoisseur of all music and his opinion is held in high esteem. Certainly the three-way connection did not work well, but I think that when they are in the studio with him, they will deepen many topics. Red was not very favorable to Il Volo before knowing them and seeing them now, his respect and the affection he has for them, is heartening for us. Red’s last words to present Pino Daniele’s duet, after the connection with Ignazio was closed, are really very important.

  6. Many thanks yet again Daniela and all who made this come to us. I really enjoyed both the Italian version and the English translation version. It was full of interesting conversion. Yes, Ignazio has many facets that that are not shown on the stage. To me, he is well rounded and so curious about life that he just keeps developing new parts of himself. He can’t seem to keep his hands, mind and body off of things and sometimes they break. Red Ronnie should have Ignazio come and fix the Juke Box. My bet is that he can. I absolutely enjoy all that the 3 are doing to keep engaged with us. I would really enjoy it if Ignacio and Gianluca gave us a singing lesson and singing warm up like Piero did.

    1. Kay, you know I hadn’t thought about this eventuality? Maybe you’re right, Red should have Ignazio repair the juke box !!
      As far as music lessons are concerned, I would like, once they let us virtually enter the recording room and listen to them while rehearsing a song, it would be wonderful.

  7. I have hoped you would translate this interview for us, Daniela. I had already enjoyed the songs and caught a few words here and there, but was really wondering what was so funny! (Still don’t know, except that it was naughty, I guess.) Thanks so much and also thanks for adding Nico and Lidia’s past solo features. They were both terrific and should be big stars, especially with Ignazio’s help.

    1. Judi, it was not possible that all of you friends and lovers of Il Volo could not understand what they were saying, they were funny and also serious at the same time.
      Of course, the connections were not perfect, but I think Red will invite them soon, because Red is a connoisseur and does not miss certain occasions. But do you believe that, until a couple of years ago, Red was not very inclined towards Il Volo? But then he met them and now he admires them a lot.

  8. Ignazio is so talented. I wished him luck with this new venture at the concert in CT. 2/3/2020. I love the songs he has chosen. Thank you, Daniela, always a great translation.

  9. Thanks Daniela and Pat for translating this interview. It was long and it was a really big job for you. And I loved the interactions and the duets.
    They are all Beautiful singers and sound so great together. Igna is not only a great musician but apparently a whiz at technology. also quite the entrepreneur with his Floki production business. Nicco will learn a lot and benefit from his work with Igna. What a smart, funny, romantic, serious and expressive young man. He indeed does have many layers, and I have more respect and admiration for him all the time. I hope he does find love and maybe Lidia is the one for him.

    1. Janet, thanks for the compliments.
      You wrote all the things I fully share. Ignazio can be many things, and all done very well, in reality even if he sometimes “seems” a bungler, he is a perfectionist, in fact, the proof is how he developed these videos, with careful technique.
      I also wish Ignazio a love, you say it could be Lidia? It is true that our boys are very mature, but Lidia is 10 years older than Ignazio, perhaps too many.

      1. Daniela, You are right about the age difference.
        They met at the talent show when he was 14 and she was 24.
        Of course boys are smitten with beautiful women, and in his
        case, her rare vocals.

  10. Thank you so much for all this translation. I never saw Lidia before. She is awesome!! I hope Ignazio sings again with her. Her interpretation of Lady Gaga is magnificent. All 3 so talented. Nice interview. I shared the video. ….I hope all of you are well and safe………. Donna.

    1. Hi Donna, yes my whole family is well and all of your knee recovery, I hope it goes better.
      Yes Lidia is very strong, I hope that Torpedine can insert her in a beautiful duet or even in a song together with all three of our boys, in a concert. Would be great.

  11. Another great thank you to you, Daniela! The time and effort you put in is extraordinary and we are grateful. Red Ronnie’s respect and affection for Ignacio is obvious. But how could he not feel those things? What a talent. So versatile. And smart and funny and big hearted, His interchanges and songs with his friends Lidia and Nico seemed sincere and comfortable. How nice for all of them. Again, thanks for the translations … they so enrich our understanding and bring such pleasure. We owe you big time.

    1. Thanks Nancy for all the nice compliments that I really appreciate.
      You’re right, it is evident that Red has a great respect and also affection for Ignazio. For those who do not know Red well, he is a true connoisseur of music, but not of a style, of all musical genres, he ranges from rock to opera, pop, heavy metal, as long as there is talent, the real one , and I think Red saw that Il Volo has so much talent.
      Very good also Lidia and Nico to whom we wish a lot of success.

      1. Hi Daniela,
        What would be funny if the next time Red Ronnie invites the guys to his studio, Ignazio arrives with a tool belt around his waist and walks towards the jukebox with a hammer, and saw( nothing that could possibly fix the juke box, but only do it more harm) and watch Red’s face😳

    1. Jill, great funny suggestion and I bet Ignazio would actually do it as a joke, Maybe add some screw drivers and wrenches to that belt. I have wondered if Ignazio has actually offered to have the Juke box professionally repaired or is it now beyond repair. I don’t understand what part he actually damaged.

      1. Mark, I think he was playing with the buttons on the juke box and it jammed.
        In this latest interview with Red Ronnie when Red mentioned the juke box, Ignazio said just hit reset.

      2. Mark, I think he broke the connection with the arm that holds the stylus that makes the disc play, because by pressing the button, Ignazio saw that the arm did not move and he continued to press the button and then he took the arm manually and the placed on the disk. The juke box is from 1956 and the reaction times of that time are not the same as today, where if you press a button, the command immediately starts !!

  12. Daniela, You know I love Il Volo and now I am in awh of the beautiful voice of Lidia Schillaci. So much talent.

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