15 thoughts on “INCOMPARABLE!”

  1. Yes, they are a basket full of puppies! Cute, cuddly, adorable and now the early days. Thank you for the trip back in time.

  2. And don’t you love the Armani? They are so handsome on top of being so talented and so very nice.

  3. Well what to say, they inspire so much tenderness in the first video, good even then, but how far they have done, they have studied so much, the talent was already there, but the study has brought more correct vocals and really beautiful sounds. And physically, nothing to say, or everything to say, now they are beautiful young men, elegant and always polite.
    Guys, what a pride !!

    1. Loretta did not understand the meaning, it means that we can rest assured that it will be a good record.
      As we are worried about this change of way of singing, he is reassuring us and thanking us for the support and affection.
      Is it clearer now?

  4. Daniela I feel my comment was taken the wrong way. As I stated before my comment was more to state that they are taking over their careers as they should with Mr. Torpedines & their families help. Even if they change their style of singing that some are so concerned about its not going to change them or their singing but only enhance their voices all the more & I will accept anything they are doing to improve themselves & their voices.
    Good singers are few & far between & I am happy they are on top even if someone comes along to be a mite better than Il Volo they will still prevale to be the best. Perfection is never completely beaten.

    1. Believe me Loretta, Mr. Ginoble has understood well the meaning of your comment, in fact at the beginning he thanks for the unconditional support to the new project, a sign of full confidence towards the boys and also their staff.

      When I passed your comment, I also explained that many fans were worried about this new musical breakthrough.
      The second part of the comment ie the one where he says to be calm, in reality it is a simple reassurance directed to all the fans who are afraid of this new project.

  5. I loved them from way back when and I love them even more now. I am eagerly awaiting the new album release and the new Latin sound.

  6. Thank you Daniela for taking the time top calm me for thinking I was being criticized. You are a special young lady for always explaining & giving us information on our precious young men. Good that you could get through to Mr. Ginoble. Hope some day we can meet.

  7. Absolutely, Marie!

    And on another note…
    It’s been a long unusual few years. I’m always so grateful when I can pop in here!

    Love to you, friend Marie, and all from Jeanine 😊

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