The Magic of Il Volo

I’m happy we were able to get back online in time for the release of the Il Volo Sings Morricone album.

We have been watching the guys, with great anticipation, prepare for this moment! From our first introduction to “Your Love” on the stage of the Ariston Theater which was beautifully presented in a bittersweet moment, to the stage of the ancient Arena of Verona where we witnessed the dawn of Il Volo’s new adventure! We witnessed our guys shaping a new beginning and sharing this amazing moment in time with us.

In my story “Phenomenal,” about the Concert in Verona I said: “If I wrote what I felt, saw, experienced in this concert, I would have to write a book!”  That is just the tip of the iceberg to where we are today!
Speaking about the opening of the concert and our introduction to “The Ecstasy of Gold,” I said, “Listen to the intensity of their voices! What force! Watch their motions. Look at Gianluca! Watch his body react to the music! The fist that comes at you saying this is the punch, just the beginning.  Listen to Ignazio ride the note that guides us into the story! Now we’re sailing on the wind! Piero intensifies the moment with his powerful voice that says the journey has begun! Follow us in this new adventure!

And, so we did, all the way to the Frassasi Caves where we experienced a project of great importance to our guys, Vittorio Storaro and Italy!

We witnessed the events of the Venice Film Festival and cheered for our guys when they won a Film Italy Movie Award.

And we arrived at the Seat Music Awards where they won a DIVA Award for the tribute project to Ennio Morricone.
The major video for the album needed to be produced so we followed the guys to Sardinia for the videoing of “The Ecstasy of Gold” which brought back memories of American cinema in 60’s, 1966 to be exact, the year The Good, The Bad and The Ugly was released! Some of the early American Western Films were made in San Salvatore.
The Morricone project in conjunction with the Storaro film has opened up so many new avenues for our guys!
All of this is a part of our guys lives since the Morricone project began! And now they have found their place in the Golden Age of Cinema.
And let’s not forget while this project was moving forward the guys entertained us on Facebook and Instagram everyday with their music and conversations with their friends. They continued to be close to their fans around the world who have been following them for 12 years.
The guys recently received an award from the Italian Red Cross in recognition of their commitment and awareness carried out and addressed to the public and to the new generation to whom they have dedicated positive messages and hope during the hardest period of their country.

Looking at the picture of Ignazio holding the Red Cross Award, I was struck by something very funny. I remembered the story in their book about Ignazio and his friend Nicholas. It seemed Nicholas was the mischievous one and Ignazio followed him doing a good share of his own mischief. Let me let Ignazio tell you this story.…
In the official classification of the class, I was the second most mischievous. Nicolas was in the first place. But ours was an open challenge, a race to the last red cross. Now the question arises, what are the red crosses? The teachers invented this billboard on which they had written all the names of the students in alphabetical order and, they marked each student, according to their behavior in the classroom and their academic performance. There were two types of crosses: If you got good marks in the task in class or if you behaved well, if you did not run, did not shout, did not disturb during lessons and a whole series of “NOT” you got a blue cross. However, if you got a bad grade or if you behaved badly, then you got a red cross. And evil was everywhere. Nicolas and I were the most popular! Our billboard line was a red fire specimen.
Ignazio did you ever think the day would come when you would want a Red Cross?
Congratulations guys on this and all the wonderful awards you’ve won just in this past year!
All this and, the album hasn’t been released yet!
This album is the genius of Il Volo combined with the genius of Morricone. It’s a leap forward and a throwback to the 50’s and 60’s. A time when musical theme songs and scores from movies where produced. When life was simple and, you put the kids to bed on a Saturday night and had a romantic dinner with your honey while listening to beautiful music on the record player. It was date night for parents! Such a romantic time in our American history! Today so much has changed but not romance. These very romantic songs will be shared between lovers but in a very different way, in a very different world.

These are melodies that are familiar to everyone but with a new energy. When I listen to these songs, I remember that night in Verona when they stepped out on that stage to present the first song of the evening, “The Ecstasy of Gold.” This song will go before them on their world tour leading the way to an exciting new experience for us. It will resonate around the world! Their presentation was the best presentation by far of any song of cinema, EVER! It vibrated and resonated throughout the world!  And it will be talked about for many years to come!
This reawakening of Morricone’s music is truly amazing.  What was missing from Morricone’s music was beautiful voices! Each song brings to life the genius of the composer, writer and singer. Unlike any other album made today this album will stand out because it presents a new and different idea!  The songs are phenomenal. They’re romantic! And exciting! This truly is a leap in a new direction for our guys. Not a movement away from their music but a movement forward, combining all that makes Il Volo superstars!
Going forward, the name Il Volo will always be attached to Ennio Morricone. They will take their place next to one of the greatest composers of our times!  They have taken their place in the Musical History of Cinema and will share their music with a music legend!
All that said, the music and the words are nothing without the voices! This milestone in the life of our guys was realized at an important time in our history! Being forced indoors for so many months provided the opportunity to look to the future and see where their careers were going. There have been so many stages in their lives. We’ve watched teenagers become young men and now we see men who have taken a hold of their careers and catapulted it in a new and interesting direction.
With the release of Il Volo Sings Morricone, all paths are open to their 15th Anniversary together. I’m sure the guys are already talking about an album and a magnificent grand tour to mark the milestone. Perhaps another Notte Magica Tour? What ever it is I’m sure it will be magnificent!
The events of the last 18 months, called for men to reinvent themselves! In the case of our guys, they searched for a way to continue their music in a world that wanted the industry shut down!
When they returned to the stage last year at the Seat Music Awards, they “Turned on the Lights! And Hit the Restart Button.” Making way for the industry to reopen and entertainers to go back on stage.
Their decision to sing “Nessun Dorma” that evening sent a strong message. It said we may have to perform under these new world conditions, but we don’t have to change who we are or why we’re here. In this ancient Arena they looked to the past while following the path to the future.
Our guys did anything and everything to try to keep the industry alive. Their concern for their crew was foremost in their minds. Their people needed to work and through their persistence, the crew was back on stage in June at the Tribute to Ennio Morricone.

This is The Magic of Il Volo. Every song they sing they sing with love! They have a passion for music which drives them to create and recreate themselves time and again.  We never know what project is waiting around the corner and what surprises they have in store! Every song they sing they sing for our pleasure. Not a note will advance unless they feel it will please us! And they will continue to work their magic for years to come!
Join me next week as I go back Through the Fields of My Mind and open the door to a new adventure!
At the talkshoplive Monday night the guys made an announcement that the tour will be called Il Volo Sings Morricone and more….

November 5th is almost here! Time to get your copy of Il Volo Sings Morricone

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73 thoughts on “The Magic of Il Volo”

  1. Great job creating your first WordPress post all on your own! I knew you could do it! It’s been a pleasure working with you and teaching you WordPress! 😄

  2. It is such an exciting time for the guys and their fans. Can it get any better? Absolutely! Live concerts again!!! I Can’t wait for the post of the dates, can you?

  3. Lovely read. Can’t wait until Friday for the new CD. Just hope my Amazon driver doesn’t make me wait until late in the evening before making his/her way to my front door. 😉

  4. Hi cousin Susan
    What a great article so happy that the boys
    Will be back in New York and that their career is back on track
    Love Jenny

  5. Susan, so glad you are back online. This article is wonderful. I have been listening to lL Volo all day including watching the new video, “The Ecstasy of Gold”, which is fantastic. Like so many others I am anxiously awaiting the CD and their tour schedule. By the way, I loved Ignazio’s story of the red cross, it made me chuckle.
    Thank you.

  6. Hi Pat, thinking of you while you heal. Susan, I am energized by your article about our guys. They are indeed special. They have held their direction of excellence. I remember when Covid first hit them, they asked us to donate for their Italy, if we could. And because of Covid, they have distinguished themselves throughout Italy. Yes, they do consider their musical team as family. It takes all of them to make the magic when they perform for us. Think of how smooth it runs, all happening in the background. As for their performance and Morricone songs, the songs are so powerful, that I am very anxious to see how they stage them. Not just stand and deliver. I also hope for some of their fun as though they are older, they are not that old and need to address all ages with some lightness. I can hardly wait to get my tickets. Thank you again Susan.

  7. Hi Pat,
    Glad to know you are recovering well!

    Hi Susan,
    Your contributions have always given me deeper insights. Appreciate that very much.
    I liked the story about the red crosses too. 🙂
    Looking forward to the launch of the new CD on 5 Nov, and receiving my copy around mid Nov.

    Best regards to all,

  8. Thank you Susan for another great article. We can never have enough of IL Volo so please keep writing ✍ . The red cross connection to Ignazio’s story in the book was ingenious and funny 😁😘 . Things are happening-thank God- and the new concert tour is coming closer and closer. For now I am enjoying the new video, watched it numerous times already 😀. Amazon sent me email that new disc will arrive Nov 9-10. So many things go to be happy about, and it’s all because of IL Volo. ❤

  9. Hi, Susan! Thanks so much for another wonderful posting!! You are so right that they “sing every song with love”. And that is how it is received by all their fans.

    Am still debating whether to go to Toronto to see them March 4th, 2022. What with train fare, hotel, tickets, meals and incidentals (such as paying for my daughter to come with me), it will cost close to $1,500.00!!! But, as I will be 90 yrs. old in May, it will probably be the only opportunity for me to see them again (Saw them in 2011 and 2012 when they were just kids). As my neighbour says, “Go for it!” which I probably will.

    1. Go on gal, you go for it. 😉 Wish I could be there, but the way things are going Covid wise, I doubt they will get to the UK, much less my part of the woods. 🙁 At least I know the new CD will arrive tomorrow. Just checked with Amazon UK to make sure. 😉

      1. Wishing so much that they will come to the UK, soon in the future hopefully. Would love to see them. They are phenomenal and bring so much joy to all who love them ❤️❤️❤️Xxx

    2. I also say go for it, as long as you’ve got the cash. and go for the best ticket you can with meet and greet. That’s what I planned in March 2020, when covid cancelled the last three concerts. This time I hope to take my 7yo grandson, front and center, the works, when the guys get the the west coast.

  10. Wonderful article, always look forward to reading them. Looking forward to getting the new album and hoping they will have a concert in southern Florida and I will be one of the first to purchase a front row seat if possible

  11. Susan, appreciated your insciteful article. Our guys deserve every award. Ignazio’s humourous side is so adorable. We all have that childish character that gets us through life’s ups and downs. When we listen to Il Volo, we are happy. Pat, hope you continue to feel well. I have glitches in my PC, so could not comment for a while. My Il Volo Sings Morricone cd is on its way; can’t wait to get it any day now. The guys will be at Radio City in New York City on March 18th. Hurrah!!!! Regards and love to all,. Elisa Marie

    1. You won’t be disappointed with the CD. I have practically worn it out, and it has only been in my hot sticky mitts for less than a day and a half. I now have it installed on my laptop, and two MP3 players, though one of the players had a hissy fit over connecting to my laptop. I will not blame my lappy, it is far too well behaved, says she with crossed fingers! 😉

  12. Well, not great news! I just went onto the venue for the Il Volo concert in Toronto, Canada on March 9, 2022.. It only hold a little over 3,000 seats and looks like the better seats cost from $400.00 to $700.00 each!!!

    I’m sure there won’t be any front row seats available before long even at that price.

    Don’t want to sit in the “nose-bleed” section, so I guess I’ll just have to wait until it comes out on video (not that it’s likely).
    Boo Hoo! and Poopoo! Dolores

    1. Crumbs, that is expensive. Even the dearest seats for Andre Rieu are far less than that, £174 at Leeds, that is less than $300 CAD. I wonder how much it will be to see Il Volo here in the UK. Not that I can see them coming to Leeds, or even Manchester, probably London, which I definitely do not do.

      Fingers crossed that we do eventually get a video from one of the concerts.
      Hugs : Roz xxx

      1. I think many of the seats/tickets may have been purchased for shows were cancelled due to COVID-19 and honored now to anyone who didn’t request a refund. Makes sense??? I going to call Ticketmaster next week to see what’s available. Good luck to everyone. Yes, the tickets are very expensive. Elisa Marie

      2. I was SO disappointed when I saw the cost of the tickets!! Add onto that train fare, hotel (I always stay at the Royal York Hotel in Toronto, which is over $300.00 per night), and any little extras like food, and, even though I have a bit of money saved, I don’t want to spend it all on seeing my boys!!
        I wonder if they are aware of the cost of tickets for their loyal fans?
        I’m sure they wouldn’t expect many of their fans to pay that amount. But, I guess because the venue is small compared to their usual places for concerts, money has to be made up someway.
        Guess I’ll have to be satisfied by playing all their older DVDs over and over. They never fail to make me happy!
        Hugs back at you, Roz xoxoxo

      3. I usually stay in small guest house hotels when we go to York and Carlisle. The cost is normally about £85 a night for the two of us including breakfast. However, the one in York has changed hands, seems to cater mostly for American’s, so have more than tripled their prices.

        Caron has also increased her prices in Carlisle, but as we usually stay for a week, she tends to reduce the cost. Probably something to do with not having to change the bedding/towels every day I guess. Not that we have been for the last couple of years due to ‘you know what’.

        I shudder to think what the cost of a hotel might be in Leeds. As for London, I don’t want to know………..

        I haven’t heard of the Canadian Tenors. I am particularly keen to see Andre Rieu, especially the mad pixie better known as Manoe Konings. She really is crackers, but in a lovely way.

        Hugs xxxx

      1. The Il Volo 2022 schedule shows only one concert in Canada and that is at the Meridian Hall (the old Hummingbird Hall). The concert is on March 9th, 2022. As far as I could see, there were no concerts shown for either Ottawa or Montreal. Could you tell me where you saw these advertised?/ Would appreciate it.

        My niece is taking me to see the Canadian Tenors in December, 2021 at the National Arts Center in Ottawa for my Christmas present. As much as I will enjoy seeing them, it is still a consolation prize for not seeing my boys, Il Volo, as far as I am concerned, but won’t tell her that!!!

        I went on to the Meridian site just to make sure I hadn’t mistaken the price of the tickets, but, no, there they were — $400. to $700.00.

        As Elisa Marie explained to me, some of the tickets are replacing the ones not valid during the Covid shutdown, which makes sense I guess. Good for the ticket holders who get the really expensive seats!

      2. On the concert list on the Fan club Website the first concert listed is March 4, National Arts Centre, Southam Hall, Ottawa. The second one listed is March 6, Place Des Arts, Salle Wilfrid-Pelletier, Montreal, and the third one is Meridian Hall, Toronto on March 9.
        I hope the ticket prices in Ottawa are better than the ones in Toronto!
        Check it out.

      1. Penina, I did look again and there is only one concert scheduled for Canada, which is (as I have already said) at the Meridian Hall in Toronto. You might look again and, if you are right that there are concerts in Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto, I would very much like to hear where you found that information.

      2. Where did you look? I got an email from the fan club with a link to the site. I had to sign in to the fan club site and the link took me to a listing of the concerts on the tour. There is a picture of the cover of the CD on top, on the right next to it there is a list of tour dates starting with Ottawa ON. Below is another listing with the theatres for each date.
        What list are you looking at? Sounds like the list for 2018 to me–only the date of the first concert was February somethingth–26 or 27 I don’t remember which.

      3. I just went to the National Arts Centre webiste and clicked on upcoming events. And there it is, March 4, Il Volo. Go take a look. I am not hallucinating!

  13. Oh, yes, another thought — only one concert for Canada???? I guess we’re being beaten out by our bigger neighbour to the South, which is often the case. Not upset with our American friends (and sometimes relatives), but we are a very large country with lots of people and, I’m sure a lot of them are fans of Il Volo!

  14. Beginning to look like this fan site is just for us, Penina!!

    I googled Il Volo concert schedule 2022 and the following were shown as concert venues: March 9, 2022 Meridian Hall, Toronto, then it goes on to the one night concerts in: Maryland, Connecticut, Mass., N.Y., New Jersey, N. Carolina, Penn., Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, Georgia, Florida, Texas, Arizona and California.

    I also went on to the National Arts Centre page and the one I got shows no concerts for Il Volo in 2022.

    What’s happening>>>> Are our computers trying to fool us???

      1. I usually use Google Chrome, find them pretty good on the whole, pretty speedy at loading too. Internet Explorer (also known as Exploder!) is rubbish, takes forever to do anything. Don’t much care for Opera or Edge either. Can’t remember what it is on my Kindle Fire, but that isn’t bad, at least it doesn’t take forever to load.

      2. Try Firefox. Independent. Doesn’t track you. Works fine. I don’t use Edge or Chrome. Won’t have Chrome on my computer. Edge is there–for the few places that won’t work with Firefox (until I get on the phone and tell them to fix it–and they usually do)

      3. I did have Firefox for a while on my last laptop. When the stopped using the the Nectar toolbar to do the searches I changed to Chrome. The Nectar toolbar is worth £12 a year to me, plus what I earn from eBay and various other sources. It really doesn’t bother me if Chrome tracks my searches. My antivirus protection and my ISP strut their stuff in keeping me safe, which is all I am really bothered about.

  15. Thanks for the link, Penina!
    You were right! They do show an Il Volo concert for March 4th!!!
    The seats are a bit pricey, but as I won’t have to pay for a hotel or train fare, I think I’ll be able to manage it quite well for my daughter and I.
    Thanks again, old girl!!! (from another much older girl).

    1. il Volo had a concert in that hall in 2012. Such a weird venue with no aisles! My sister and I drove in from Toronto and stayed at my neice’s house to go to the concert. She was miffed that we hadn’t gotten her a ticket but we had no idea she would have liked to come.That was my first live Il Volo concert.

      1. I saw that concert, too. I had already seen them in 2011 for their first concert ever, which was in Toronto. (but I was much, much, younger then and could handle the trip).
        I’m trying to get on to the NAC box office, which opens at 10:00 a.m. and, if I can get 3 tickets (taking my daughter and niece, too), I’ll ask if there is a meet and greet available. May as well spend the money if we can meet them!!!
        Thanks, again, Penina for all your help and will let you know if I’m successful in getting tickets.

  16. Love!, Love! the new CD. The collaborations were amazing. I especially loved the Cello. I also enjoyed the songs not featured in the concert.
    The boys are so talented and passionate. I am not able to watch the concert on facebook anymore. It really lifts my mood to watch the funny moments from the actual concert. Does anyone know if there is a way to purchase the video? That is, without paying $200 to PBS Detroit…..

    1. If the past is anything to go by, PBS will have edited out all those funny moments anyway and left only the songs. It’s what they have done for all their DVDs except the first one in Detroit.

    2. I considered coughing up my folding stuff, then discovered they don’t want to know us Brits. At least there is still some videos on both Facebook and YouTube, plus the official videos, so I will have to be satisfied with those.
      Hugs Roz

  17. YIPPEE!!!! This is for Elisa Marie, Colour du jour, Roz and Penina, or anyone else who is interested!!!

    I got my tickets to see Il Volo at the NAC on March 4, 2022. In fact, after I joined the Fan Club, they were so reasonable that I bought five and am taking my daughter, my niece, my girlfriend of 50 years and her daughter! Got three seats in Orchestra BB and two in Orch, row D for my friend and her daughter.
    Now, I just have to live until then!!!
    Lots of love to all (right now I’m over the moon!). Dolores

    1. That is marvellous news love. I am really pleased for you, enjoy yourself, and make sure you give us a blow by blow account. Of course I am dead jealous, but you have earned the pleasure of seeing them. 😉

      Double hugs, Roz xoxoxoxox 😉 😉 😉

      1. Thanks for all the good wishes and support, Roz. Double hugs back at you!!!

        Will get my daughter to take pictures on her mobile phone and will send some to Susan Bartoli, as I have her email address.

        I signed up for meet and greet but don’t know how that will come about. Doesn’t show on my tickets as far as I can see. Maybe I’ll get something later from the Fan Club??? Possibly Penina knows the routine and can fill me in.

      2. It’s been a while. I do remember that there is a desk or a booth that you go to and give them your name and they confirm you have bought the M & G and give you a bracelet for later and some Il Volo swag–a bag, a magnet–something. One year it was t shirts. They tell you where to meet after the concert, and a while after the concert–about a half hour, someone comes to collect you all and take you to where the M & G is taking place.

      3. The meet and greet sounds good. Should I ever get to a concert it is something to add to my ‘must do’ list. I wonder when they are going to announce the European concerts.

      4. Hmmm, I have just had a look, and absolutely zip all for the UK/Ireland. Even France doesn’t get a mention, and I know they were supposed to be there this year. Just a couple of venues in Germany, plus Poland, the rest are in Italy. 🙁 Oh well, perhaps 2023.

    2. I have just had a look on Smile Amazon UK and discovered they now have the autographed version of the CD. At nearly £26 + a fraction (1 pence) under £3 postage I reckon it is something I can live without.

      The normal CD is less than £13, though the original price was over £14, but blessings on Amazon, I received a refund, very quickly too. Being a Prime member the postage was free anyway, and arrived at Walters Towers the day it was released.

      I was the first to write a review, managed to get it slightly wrong the first time, but it has since been edited. I was a wee bit disappointed in a review from the USA who didn’t think it was as good as previous CD’s. To each their own I guess, but I love it. I now have it converted and copied to my laptop, and two MP3 players. Perhaps I should have just bought the MP3 download! 😉
      Roz 😉

      1. Well, live and learn! I finally joined the official Fan Club and was surprised at the difference in the cost of tickets from those of mere mortals!!!

      2. Roz,

        There is a criminal among us! It’s illegal now in England to make a back-up copy of a CD or convert it into a MP3. High Court ruling. You are meant to buy both the CD and the MP3. Not as if anyone is going to comply. Why pay a second time for music you have already paid for?

        The European dates on the website are not part of the current tour. They are 2019/2020 shows that did not happen due to covid and have been rescheduled. The European tour dates have not been announced.

        The last time Il Volo were in London they were mobbed by some nutjob fans and the police had to get involved. Don’t be surprised when London’s not part of the tour. You never know – they may decide to go somewhere else in the UK (but probably not the Embassy Centre at Skeg Vegas).

      3. Oh heck, I didn’t realise it was illegal. I thought it had all changed just before I bought my MP3 player, hence why I bought it. Having checked on t’Internet it was when I was having cancer problems, so wasn’t actually paying too much attention to anything in those days. I know having my MP3 player made one heck of a difference to me at the time.

        Perhaps I had better invest in the MP3 version as well. However, that could be problematic as it will still have to go through the converter to remove the DRM to be able to play it on my MP3 player. I dare say that is illegal too. 🙁 The reason I convert them is because some years ago, in the days before laptops, I lost over £50’s worth of downloads due to the company I bought them from going belly up. No way was that going to happen again. One hopes Amazon wouldn’t do that, but one never knows.

        The weird thing is that my present laptop rips CD’s automatically. Bit annoying that as I don’t always want the entire thing, just two or three tracks. All my downloads are strictly for my use as ‘himself’ doesn’t care for most of my rather eclectic tastes.

        As he was out today getting his Covid booster I decided to download Spotify. Unlike Amazon Music everything is free to listen to, though one does have to put up with a couple of adverts every half hour. I even found a couple of tracks that are not available via Amazon music, even the paid for version.

        I would happily settle for Sheff Vegas. I am sure we could find a nice venue for them in Barnsley, Cannon Hall perhaps. We have had a variety of concerts there over the years, though no mega big stars like Il Volo. Wentworth Castle even, I could just about walk there! 🙂
        Hugs Roz

      1. Thanks for the information about how the meet and greet works.

        Seems I’m always thanking you for something or other, Penina, but you have been a great help! Dolores

  18. Being a born Canadian, who cares about snow????
    When I married my second husband it was the worst snow storm of the winter (trying to tell me something?). But, no he was the best of my three husbands!!

  19. Just another update (which I hope will be the last)!
    My stepdaughter, Susie, phoned me this morning with a great surprise –she had bought tickets to see Il Volo at the National Arts Center to take me and my daughter, Laurie. I had to tell her I had already purchased five!!!
    The funny thing is that she and whomever she takes with her) will be sitting in the seats exactly in front of my daughter, niece and I.
    What a small world!!!

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