IL VOLO OFFICIAL FAN CLUB PRESALE will run from 11/9 at 10AM local – 11/11 at 10PM local
the members of the Fan Club will be able to buy tickets before all the others!
the presale code MAESTRO22 to unlock the presale links you find next each
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Alas, no Vegas 🙁

Ok, I’m sure most of you have seen the new dates and have already decided which concert/s you will be attending.  I waited a bit to post this as I had a few questions myself and I wanted to figure some things out before I posted it.  I should have looked at my regular email first!  lol!  Oh well, but here you go!

FOR THE FAN CLUB – Everyone is asking!  Yes, it’s simple and yet it’s complicated!  I easily “renewed” yesterday from my phone and almost instantly received the receipt for the payment, etc.  However, likely due to my phone email controls, I never saw the email with the code come through, so I was waiting.  (I looked today and it was in my regular gmail account – very clear)

HERE IS LINK TO SIGN UP: Il Volo Official Fanclub › Sign Up (ilvolomusic.com)

(when you get to the site, when I signed up, the English link was not working, it may be fixed by now, so I clicked on the Spanish link and it worked!)

Oddly, the activation code email comes from WordPress.  Technically, you will get 3 emails.  One confirming your purchase with the invoice, one from PayPal, if you do it that way, and the third is the one that has the activation code in it, from WordPress.  When I actually followed the instructions in the letter that comes with the activation code – it’s in all 3 languages (and finally got into the site) the code was already in there and I just had to click on it to activate it.  Just FYI, you will actually be accessing the Fan Club Site, not just the Il Volo Music.com site.  I would suggest signing up on the site first – that is the trickiest part…  However, once you get through all of that, it’s very quick and easy!

I did find some useful info on there, which I will print below.  Stefania is one of the ladies that runs the Fan Club site and is answering some very important questions a few folks had…. they are posted below:

Stefania Castriota

You will receive your code on November 9th usually an hour to half an hour before on the main page of this site. There is a limit of four tickets per account on ticketmaster.

(just to clarify here – you will NOT get an email with the concert activation code – it will be ON THE FAN CLUB SITE!)


Stefania, this is very helpful. Thanks so much. I do have one more question. When I joined the fan club originally, I signed up as M. However, I have seen comments that if you are lucky enough to be able to attend a sound check before the concert, you must show identification that matches your Il Volo profile exactly. Unfortunately, all of my identification is with my first name as M. Do I need to change/edit my profile to my more formal name, even though my billing info is M? Sorry if this is confusing!! I appreciate all of your help with everyone!


Stefania Castriota

Hi, which pre-order page are you referring too? You won’t be able to purchase tickets until November 9th which is when the pre-sale begins.


Stefania Castriota

Hi no problem. As per your question, if I remember correctly, you’ll just have to edit your name on your profile at the time you sign up so it will match up to your Il volo profile as well as your ID if they ask for it.


Ok, I’m sure you will still have questions, etc.  We’ll do our best to answer.  I did ask on the Fan Site an idea of how much tickets will cost for VIP packages, etc.  I’m anticipating $$$…

So, ladies, and gents, get your credit cards handy and ready for 10a EST and your fingers oiled!  🙂

If you don’t already have a TicketMaster account, they suggest getting one first, and being signed in ahead of time…. 🙂


Buona fortuna a tutti!!  🙂



p.s.  talked to Pat last night and she’s getting better, but it’s going to be a slow process – you may need to put up with me a while longer lol!  😉

109 thoughts on “2022 NORTH AMERICAN TOUR/FAN CLUB”

  1. Yesss!!
    Arizona 2nd row M&G.
    Listening to Our Guys’ new album. Stirring! So grateful!

    Interesting that I had discovered Hauser’s music for relaxing moments when I need wordless music, and then his enchanting cello accompanies our phenomenal guys on Se. I love when that happens!

    Anyone here planning on Arizona?

    I’m hoping to make a side trip to Sedona. Always wanted to visit there!

    Yay!! Been a long time coming!

    Bless the guys on their travels.

    It feels so good to be here. I hope you’re all coming thru this time with silver linings to carry you thru. And that you get to attend the magic of music sometime in ’22.

    Loving grace,

    1. I,too, am in 2nd row center orchestra for the Phoenix concert! Maybe I will see you there. And Sedona is beautiful; do go see it.

      1. Marilyn, that’s so cool! (I’m in seat 1 in middle section A).

        I wanted to “Like” your beautiful sharing about your Gianluca-like baritone husband, but I couldn’t get my WordPress thing to work.
        I feel so touched by your sharing. Bless you.

        My husband crossed over more than a decade ago. It was quite the journey.

        If you go to my website Compassions-Doorway.net you can go to my contact page and send me a message. I’d love to connect and see you at the concert!

        Sweet week to you and all,
        Jeanine (Yes, the same Jeanine, previously jrd1776) So good to be back!

  2. I guess I’m totally confused. I thought I was a member of Il Volo fan club, but I didn’t know about any charge to be a member. Also. I paid Ticketmaster for front row seating, but never received info about “meet & greet” tickett or ID, which was supposed to be included. HELP!!!

    1. Janet, yes it’s roughly $20 to be a fan club member. It’s really not critical to be a member unless you want to do the sound check and that can wait until a few weeks before. As for mg, you will get notified via omgvip group, roughly a few weeks or so before the concert. They will confirm your attendance.

      Frankly, no one is really sure if they will have the sound check or not and some are wondering if they will do the mg. Everything depends on covid, etc.

      Hope this helps.


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