The Morricone Project

How do I begin to talk about what happened over this last week? Every day was a new adventure, a new announcement!
Last week began with talkshoplive
The guys started the week with talkshoplive answering, among other things, our questions about the new album. It was wonderful that the guys took the time to speak to us and tell us something about the album and their plans for the future. Random questions were chosen and answered by the guys! In the end, the guys told us Americans how they really feel about us. I personally loved the fact that the guys never forgot that we Americans loved them first. And we’re very proud that they started their career in America and, we wish they would spend more time with us in the US.

That being said, let’s turn to the Press Conference
This is the scoop by Digital Journal’s Markos Papadatos.
Papadatos said: “During this online press conference, Il Volo premiered their music video “The Ecstasy of Gold,” which was visually striking. They also treated members of the media to a remarkable live music showcase that displayed their resonant and powerhouse vocals.”
Gianluca admitted: “We are living in difficult times and, this is the best way to start again: with a new project, with a tribute to Maestro Ennio Morricone because we want to bring the Italian culture through the music and the beauty of our country.
We recorded the video in Sardinia in a beautiful place, one of the most beautiful places we have in Italy, and this is the best way to show the beauties of our wonderful country.”
On their career-defining moments, Ignazio responded, “We are happy with what we are doing. We will never lose our personality and we really know what we want from our career, and from our music. We will never lose our personalities.
We are following in the steps of our greatest idols such as Luciano Pavarotti and Andrea Bocelli. We are three young men who are presenting this music! Usually, you listen to this music which is sung by adults. It is great and we are proud to say that we are the only guys of our age that sing this kind of music. The Italian culture and the Bel canto are well known all around the world, and the world loves Bel canto and, the world loves Italy.”
“This is why we will never lose our personalities and we will keep singing Bel canto,” Gianluca elaborated.

The Ecstasy of Gold the Video!
We can’t talk about “The Ecstasy of Gold” without first talking about the video. This video is incredible. As Papadatos said, “it’s visually striking.” It was filmed in Sardinia! The scenery is like the old west in America. The guys did a phenomenal job. I don’t know how they got through the filming it in their tuxedos! They had to go up on the sand dunes and walk along the edges! Visually, it reminded me of the Beatles walk on Abbey Lane! It was so creative. The orchestra was incredible. This was difficult to film. The result is it took my breath away! A very intriguing video!

The Release of the Album!
In order to talk about the album, we first have to talk about the project itself!
In an interview, Piero pointed out, “The first thing we did was call the teacher’s family because we knew they were the ones who really knew about him., because before getting into the music, you must know the person, the artist that he was, so we wanted some advice, suggestions from his family. “ 
When the guys presented this project to the Morricone family, they were totally on board with it and, they worked alongside the guys who took the best of Morricone’s music and enhanced it with their voices.
The guys pointed out, in their interview, that they are happy with the result of the work in which they maintained their style and personality within the bel canto that they do not intend to change.
This project had to be a wonderful experience for the guys! It certainly showed their enormous capabilities!  No matter how difficult or unusual a project is, the guys take it on and present it in a most amazing way! There is nothing they can’t do or won’t do to present a project that always exceeds our expectations. They are truly an amazing team!
In these last eighteen months, the guys had an opportunity to do something very unusual, stay home! This project is the result of that rare opportunity! We are so lucky to be the recipients of this rare event! The idea of presenting an album of Morricone’s music is genius. Combine that with the genius of Il Volo and what do you get, an album of phenomenal songs!

And let’s not forget that this music is also part of the Frassasi Caves project! I certainly think that Storaro appreciated the work that the guys did. In an interview last week he said, “listening to that music interpreted by them was exciting.” How right you are Vittorio! Rumor has it that Storaro would like to do another project with the guys! Stay tuned for further developments!
So, on November 5th, the album was released! We have been waiting for a year for this to happen. We knew some of the songs and there were some surprises. All of the songs are absolutely phenomenal! Every song is amazing! Their delivery is so exceptional! Even when you thought it couldn’t get any better it did! Truly amazing songs. Something for everyone!
Come Sail Away

Now I’m not trying to say one song is better than another but, I have to say one song captured me! “Come Sail Away” Why did this song capture my attention? Nostalgia!!! What a magnificent song! This song has such a beautiful way of taking you back to another time. To a place where love is suspended in time and, we can relive beautiful memories! It goes right to the heart! It certainly touched my heart! I can tell you it brought me back to beautiful memories of a long-lost love! It touched my heart in a special way! It’s an amazing, heartwarming song! And Chris Botti’s trumpet certainly added to the beauty of the song.
All the songs on this album are truly amazing. A phenomenal album!
So, let’s talk about some of the other songs!

The Ecstasy of Gold
We knew “The Ecstasy of Gold” would be amazing. Their presentation in Verona set the tone for the evening and for the album itself! And the video set the tone for the North American Tour! The guys will bring all the images and intrigue of this video to the stage for our enjoyment.
This is not just a song; it is a production! It demands movement and strength and, their voices bring it to the level that Morricone envisioned for this piece. In this song and definitely in this album, they have awakened the vision of Morricone! There is power in this song, a power that only our guys can express with their phenomenal voices. The song will go before them on the World Tour paving the way for all their concerts! It makes us wonder how their concert will be different. As the guys pointed out, they do not intend to change the Bel canto it will always be in their concerts! It is their signature! Now it’s left to be seen how they will incorporate these exciting new songs. Only one way to know! Attend one of the concerts!
 Here’s to You

“Here’s to You” is an important song because it represents a historical event! It is from the movie “Sacco and Vanzetti.” Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti were Italian immigrant who were controversially accused of murdering a guard and a paymaster during the April 15, 1920, in an armed robbery of the Slater and Morrill Shoe Company in Braintree, Massachusetts. Seven years later, they were electrocuted at Charlestown State Prison. Till today it is believed they were wrongly accused!
Your Love

When we were introduced to this song at the Sanremo Festival we welcome it in a bittersweet way. Since then, it has almost become a signature song for the guys! It’s a song that will find its niche in their concerts and stay there for a long time!

This beautiful song is the love theme from “Cinema Paradiso.” It is an expression of beauty, love and, ultimately, a love that is lost. It is an expression of a great love of a man for a woman! It makes you wonder “how do you walk away?”  It’s the melody that is played in the romantic scenes with Toto (Salvatore) and Elena. I thought you would love to have the English lyrics!
If you were in my eyes
for a day
You’d see the beauty that’s
full of joy
I find inside your eyes
And I don’t know if it’s magic
or reality.
If you were
in my heart for a day
You may have an idea
Of what I feel
When you hug me tightly
And chest to chest, we
breathe together
Protagonist of your love
I don’t know if it’s magic
or reality
If you were in my soul one day
You’d know what I feel in me
That I fell in love
From that moment with you
And what I feel is
Only love…
From that moment
with you
And what I feel is
Only love…
During talkshoplive the question was asked, “What is your favorite song from the album?” Ignazio answered, “That’s like asking a parent who is your favorite child!” But in fact, each of the guys did chose a song. Piero chose “Se,” Gianluca chose “The Ecstasy of Gold “and Ignazio chose “Here’s to You.” So, you may have noticed that besides “Your Love,” which everyone of us loves, I chose to present the three songs the guys chose and my special song!

The North American Tour
We now know when the North America Tour will begin and where it will go. I know some people were disappointed that their city was skipped but I must reason that (and this only my opinion) the dates they needed in the more popular cities were not available. Keep in mind that we are anxious to see the guys but, other entertainers also had to secure lost dates. I just think that the dates did not fit into the schedule and, they did the best they could with the dates they had!

The Morricone Project
Each of these projects, which form The Morricone Project, are truly amazing. So creative, so intense! During talkshoplive, Ignazio said he would have liked to ask Morricone “Where did your inspiration come from?” I need to ask, “Where does your inspiration come from.” This project has set our guys on a new course in their careers. A new and exciting beginning! A beginning to new stages and projects! A new direction! Not away from Bel canto but incorporating it into their newfound projects!
Everything you guys do is amazing!
Join me next week as I go back Through the Fields of My Mind and open the door to a new adventure!
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42 thoughts on “The Morricone Project”

  1. Se is my favorite. That song is absolutely beautiful and even more so now that I know the lyrics. I do believe this album will appeal to a wider scope of people. Also, Your Love is an ode to Vito and will always remind me of him and Ignazio singing that song a few days after his father’s passing and the tribute by Piero to Vito on June 5th.

    1. The songs are magnificent . The group of
      Il Volo did a fabulous job. All there voices are magical. Congratulations to your new Album.

  2. Thanks Susan! It is not so easy to pick a favorite song this time, they are all just phenomenal and I love them all! Although I’d have to say that Your Love will always hold a special place in my heart because of Ignazio and his dad…. to this day still I have to hold tears when I hear it.

  3. Susan, that was a lovely recap, and I appreciate the lyrics of “Se”, which I’ve loved since the movie. And I too love “Come Sail Away”, but am really crazy about “Amalia Por Amor”, because of its passion and drama. Also, Morricone wrote it for Amalia Rodrigues, a Portuguese fado singer that my husband and I happened to see at an intimate club in Lisbon–quite a few years ago!

  4. Thanks Susan for a lovely article. My favorite is the one I am hearing at any given time. It changes constantly. My only regret is that Maestro Morricone is not alive to hear his music brought to life again by these talented young men. I am looking forward to March and April next year. And, they are coming to Cleveland!!!

  5. Thank you Susan! Like the sweeping scores of Ennio Morricone the guys have reached a new level in this project. Their voices are full and their range amazing! I love listening and like a new song every day. Nella Fantasia may be one of my favorites. They are brilliant!!!! Thank you again,

  6. I will get to see them for the first time at DPAC in Durham, NC on March 21. Counting the days! My 93 year old mother loves them too and will be going with me and my sister. My sister has heard me talk about them so much but is not as familiar with them as I am. The ticket is my Christmas and birthday present from them.
    When will the Storaro video be coming out?

  7. I so agree with Jennt! What a grand job you did with your explanation of each song the boys liked and also yours.
    Also, thank you for your thoughts on why they might have skipped our city this time. I never thought about that and it makes me feel better about it.
    I have played this Album over and over since it arrived. I didn’t think our boys could sound any better than all the albums I have but maturity is so much stronger in these songs I think.
    Thanks again for another informative post.

  8. Another wonderful story … the adventures of Il Volo! I love the details and that’s what Susan gives us. Then she wraps it all up with a bow… the photos and videos!

    1. I couldn’t agree more! 🙂
      Thanks, Susan, appreciate the wonderful insights! 🙂
      Still waiting for my CD to arrive on 17 Nov. 🙂

      1. If you have Spotify on your computer/laptop/mobile/whatever you can listen to the CD for free. One does get the adverts every so often, but I can cope with those.

        Of course I do have the CD, it arrived on the 5th of November, but it is nice to hear it when I am listening to other stuff I am still dithering about buying.

        As I seem to be listening to them far more than Amazon Music, I am seriously considering paying for a subscription, especially as quite a lot I would like to try is not available unless I subscribe to Prime Music. A 30 second preview is not long enough for me to make up my mind when it comes to purchasing a song or entire CD.

  9. I feel like I struck (the ecstasy of) gold today: a front row seat at one concert plus my cd arrived today too! I do have a couple of questions about the cd: 1. it seems odd to me that nowhere on the cd disc or in the included booklet does it identify the boys other than “Il Volo” or “Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca”. Everyone else is identified by first and last name except the three singers. Of course we know their names, but why wouldn’t they want their full names recorded for full credit?
    2. The beautiful song, “Would He Even Know Me Now?” seems like it should be “She”, as the boys sing it, and also “She” makes more sense in the context of the movie’s plot.

    Personally, I love the two songs from Cinema Paradiso best but then there’s the irresistibile Ecstasy of Gold too. It really is hard to choose! They are all beautiful! All the featured guest artists are glorious and add so much to the wonderful result. A fabulous gift to give.

    1. When they became so famous last names were not necessary. They used to say we are Piero Barone, Gianluca Ginoble and Ignazio Bischetti and announce all together Il Volo!!! They don’t do that anymore. You know you’ve made it when the public knows you by your first name like Cher, Elvis, Adele, Selena, Bono etc
      It’s a sign they are known worldwide by the public!

      1. I still say they should have full names on their work (Johann Sebastian Bach would never have signed his work “Johann” – thousands of Johanns in the world.). Then they could have printed their first names under each singer on one of the pictures for those not as familiar with group. Not everyone is an Il Volo Nut (yet) like us!

    2. The original was called Would He Even Know Me Now. Although the boys sing she, I imagine it was felt the original title should be used. As it is I was looking for info about Come Sail Away and discovered a totally different song.

    3. Have you got a different CD package to me? Inside the front cover of the CD, opposite the CD itself, there is a photo of the three of them, with their full names above. Well except Gianluca, his full name is a wee bit of long, but then how many folks actually know the Di Vittorio bit anyway.

      1. I guess we do have different inserts. Mine has two pictures with no names on them. In fact you have to go to the bottom of the back cover to find their names, and it is in the Thanks You section that they appear–first names only. Nowhere else on eith the front cover, inside or on the back of the CD do their names appear.

  10. After yesterday’s ticket frenzy, I vowed to take a break from IL Volo. Then the CD came. The case was cracked and broken but the disc is perfect. I was sure all the tears in my life had already been shed but here I sit in a puddle. Just can’t believe these are the same kids I saw in Times Square so long ago looking like they just came in from the farm. You’re right. “Come Sail Away” hit me like a brick! In its entirety, it’s beyond beautiful.

  11. Susan and Boston girl,
    Your descriptions of “Come sail away” were spot on with mine. I adore the whole album but that song surrounded me with yesterdays and drove them straight into my heart. I was a mess! I’ve decided it won’t be smart to play it in the car for a while anyway. I need a special alone spot if I’m going to dissolve.
    I have heard a lot of music in my years on this planet but nothing prepared me for the reaction to this song and wonderful album. The adjectives that come to mind seem superficial but the strong sensory warmth that floods over when the sounds caress you is what remains.
    Thank you I’ll Volo a thousand times over and I’ll see you in LA and Verona
    Much love

  12. While I love every song on the new album – Amalia por amor is simply outstanding for me! High drama with swirling music and voices that love singing it! Feel like my whole being is being upgraded when I listen to this! High volume on repeat! I don’t understand the words, but the music carries me!
    Booked for Rome and Turin next year already…… want to look at the USA too….. Can’t get enough of their music!

  13. I love the entire album. Usually there is one or two songs on an album, not just Il Volo, that I am not keen on, but this one is the exception.

    My very favourites are Come Sail Away, Would He Even Know Me Now, and La Califfa. Would He Even Know Me Now I have heard before sung by Hayley Westenra in collaboration with Ennio Morricone. The other two are new to me.

    I also adore Nella Fantasia ever since hearing Russell Watson sing it. Love them all really. 🙂

  14. Thank you Susan for this wonderful synopsis and the English translation of “Se”. My CD arrived on the 5th and I have been playing it on Repeat ever since. Our guys have really outdone themselves on this project, it is exceptional. The strength and maturity of their voices, the emotion that comes through in each song, and the guest musicians adds to the magical quality of the album. I hope Ignazio, Piero, and Gianluca see this album climb to the top of the music world charts.

  15. Another great post Susan, the song Come Sail Away gave me goosebumps. I am still waiting for my CD.
    In going back to why the guys missed some of the venues this time,I know that the Pearl theater in Las Vegas is closed right now so they could not go back there. And of course you are correct that some other entertainers have to make up concerts but, I also know that a lot of entertainers are in residency there( meaning they are there for up to three months) which means it’s harder for our guys to find a suitable venue.

  16. Dear Susan, from the bottom of my heart, l thank you for this article. My CD arrived 2 days ago and l’m afraid it’s going to be worn out. If so, l will replace it. I love every song, however, my tears flow when l listen to YOUR LOVE, as l think about Ignazio and his beloved father. I play it for my
    ((deceased) Vietnam veteran husband whom l miss so much. This CD is amazing, brilliant, and Maestro Ennio Morricone would be ecstatic in his praise for our guys. I am so grateful for everyone l have had the privilege to know through these ILvoloflightcrew articles. I wish l could go to the concert that kicks off in New York at Radio City, 3/18/22; but after exhausting every ticket office, l could not get tickets. I wanted to surprise my best friend who is recovering from cancer surgery. Everyone has a challenge, and l pray for them. I have been there. So, let’s spread our love. I love all of you. God bless you and protect you. IL VOLO forever! Elisa Marie

    1. Your comment brought tears to my eyes, Elisa, and I love you, too! I only wish you could get tickets to see our boys in 2022. No other venue available to you?

  17. Gale, think I can desensitize before March 15? Can’t be slobbering at the concert! Have to listen every day.

  18. Remember, they gave out RCMH’s date a long time ago. Must have sold out long before the rest of the tour was announced. Any New Yorkers get tickets months ago? Boston’s only a few hours away……

  19. I am so happy I got my cd other day and tickets to Borgota In NJ only 40 mins away from me. My first time seeing them 3-19-21 can’t wait. I love the cd especially love Your Love Se Telefonado. Se. conradiana. Would he she even know me now. Here’s to you. I colori dell amore. But since I’ve never been at a concert. I hope they do some of their old stuff. Ignazio please Allmeno universo. And Triste. And i of course Il Mondo. Grande Amore. Caruso. Volare. Smile. Quando amore diventa poesia. La vida. Immensità. Piove. Aspetta. I really hope they do my old favorites to. I know they can’t do them all. Ignazio please Allmeno Tu dell’universo. So many. Thanks for your article always great

  20. Another wonderful article I love all the songs but especially SeTelefonado and Colori dell amore . I am very excited to see them again I have my ticket. for the Sunrise, Florida, concert Love reading everything you write.

  21. You ladies are so lucky. I have a notice that my Morricone CD will not be coming to me until mid-December. And, I am still waiting for the DVD and CD of the Detroit PBS Il Volo Verona special of August 26th, 2021!!! I guess they may be in some shipping container on some dock somewhere. I’ll have to be patient, which is not one of my specific traits!!!

    1. I ordered my copy as soon as it was mentioned from Amazon UK. It is the unsigned version, as the signed one is more than twice the price. It isn’t that I am too mean to cough up the folding stuff, but having bought it once, I don’t feel I can justify buying it a second time.

      It arrived round about lunchtime on the fifth of November, so I have no idea why your copy is taking so long. If you download Spotify via Amazon you can listen to the entire album for free, well apart from the occasional advert that is. Failing that you could invest it the MP3 version from Amazon. I can’t remember how much that costs, but it is quite a bit less than the CD, probably because there isn’t any artwork.

      Hugs Roz

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