So sorry everyone, this is old news by now, but was trying to get through the concert tickets, etc.!  Also, Daniela, please forgive me that I don’t have all the beautiful pictures you sent with this, but I am just exhausted right now and at least wanted to get this post up there!


The new Il Volo CD was presented with a nice press conference in Rome.
Too bad it wasn’t possible to follow her in streaming or there isn’t a video of the entire interview.

Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca welcomed the numerous journalists in the Forum Studios where usually Morricone loved to work with the orchestra.
 A press conference event where journalists took the place of the orchestra listening on headphones, to some pieces performed live by Ignazio, Gianluca e Piero . 

“Il Volo sings Morricone” will be out worldwide on Friday 5th November.

Many articles published on this event, the boys were very helpful with the press.
Among the many I wanted to translate this, published by THE WALK OF FAME  for the beautiful words that Andrea Morricone, who was present at the press conference , said referring to the voices of Il Volo.

In the magical atmosphere of the “Forum Studios” in Rome, under a red and white light, in front of a small stage, dozens of journalists sit in front of their lectern and with their headphones, just like the Roma  Sinfonietta Orchestra during the recording session some month ago. So Il Volo presents the new album: “Il Volo sings Morricone”, out on Friday 5th November all over the world. “Because the world is the territory of Il Volo” – explains Riccardo Vitanza, head of communication – “Their international dimension is now clear and set in stone: every album and tour involves all corners of the planet”.

“Il Volo sings Morricone” is a project by Michele Torpedine: a disc composed of 14 songs, pieces that retrace the legendary melodies of the Maestro, imprinted in everyone’s memory. The repertoire includes several tracks already presented exclusively to the Rai public, in the live “Il VOLO – Tributo a Ennio Morricone” in June 2021, in the first concert “in presence” at the Verona Arena. The concert, which in the live broadcast had totaled a record audience – almost 5 million viewers -, will be broadcast again in prime time on Rai 1 on 10 November, precisely on the anniversary of the Maestro’s birth.

In addition to the exciting reinterpretations, it contains the unpublished “The colors of love”, written for the trio by Andrea Morricone, a song that talks about loneliness at the time of Covid, the constant noise of ambulances “a distant sound serves to live” the difficulty in reacting while looking at the world from a window astonished and finally the feeling of freedom when everything is over and you can embrace your love again.

The album of the three young talents (two tenors and a baritone) is the first recording project linked to Ennio Morricone that receives the support of the Morricone family. It also contains a new version of the masterpiece “The Ecstasy of Gold” taken from “The good, the ugly, the bad” for the first time accompanied by a text, also written by Andrea Morricone, son of the Maestro and composer himself.

What can words add to compositions that have already made history thanks to the universal language made up of only notes and harmonies? Andrea Morricone replies: 

“Words can give a lot and must be right with respect to the performers who choose the pieces. Today I can only speak of the trio which is now totally dominant on the world stage for their uniqueness of expressing a concept of vocality through three individualities.

Thus the very meaning of the text unfolds through this constant dialogue between the three artists. Allow me to underline how important this is to make the structure of the lyrics themselves: the fact that one of the three, aspects that the second enters while the third is singing obviously involves an alternation and also becomes part of the same musical fabric, when speaking then of polyphony. That’s why I feel the seventeenth century a lot in the experience proposed by Il Volo: this establishes their uniqueness. As for the text, I have standardized these qualities where the technical means produce the inspiration. “

“Ennio Morricone’s repertoire is immense and transversal:” – declares the tenor Piero Barone – “as a diagonal crosses music, history, pop, opera, cinema. So we needed a compass and in this project Andrea Morricone was our guideline ”.

The goal of the concerts will be to make everyone relive their past and interpret the songs individually, but also to introduce the new generations to Morricone, the images of Clint Eastwood and the music that have been part of our past but are very present. The singers of “Il Volo” affirm: “We would like to explain the title better: Il Volo sings Morricone does not mean Il Volo celebrates the melodies of a man because Morricone is a genre in itself. We have been working on this project for over a year and every day we discover something new. It’s like it’s a buried city every time you dig deeper, new treasures emerge. We will still have a lot to discover and rediscover: this is our goal. “

Gianluca Ginoble, Ignazio Boschetto and Piero Barone will perform in over 100 concerts around the world in 2022, starting March 18 at the Radio City Music Hall in New York and then also arriving in Italy. During the press conference, surprising even for the artists, the programming of a third date at the Verona Arena was announced.

As part of this celebration of one of the greatest Italian excellences, “Il Volo” participated with Vittorio Storaro at the 78th Venice International Film Festival with a short film made inside the Frasassi Caves, on the occasion of the 50 Anniversary of the first descent of the three young speleologists who discovered the caves. “The descent of the three” says Storaro “had to be something symbolic: like the planting of seeds in mother earth which, with the art of music, can give life to something that has stood still for too long. It is a sort of Pirandello regeneration of the type “One (the single tenor), None (the emptiness of the caves) One Hundred (Il Volo that fills everything around itself with the voice)

It will be possible to preorder / pre-save the album in digital and physical version at the following link: The album will be available for purchase from 5 November in the following formats: standard CD, Deluxe Version CD, double colored vinyl, double black vinyl.

From midnight on the other hand, the video clip of “The Ecstacy of Gold” will be available on all platforms, which sees the three in an atmosphere that refers to classic westerns.


The TV news reports talked about the  press conference, here is a report from RAI TG1.


Il Volo pays homage to Ennio Morricone, the disc dedicated to the music of the great master is released on Friday.

MAN= Il Volo sings the magic of Ennio Morricone, a musical project that starts from the studies where the maestro composed and recorded.
With Il Volo, also his son Andrea Morricone and Vittorio Storaro, to relive those movie atmospheres.
A milestone for Il Volo, to record a tribute to Morricone, in the studios where

Morricone has recorded throughout his life.

PIERO= Ennio Morricone was the founder of his FORUM and our first meeting took place here and today we wanted to involve all of you and make you live and breathe the air in which Morricone was.

MAN = The spirit of discovery restarts around the world.

GIANLUCA = It will also be wonderful to return to Japan, South America, European countries, as well as the United States, also a way to bring the music of the greatest maestro of the 20th century higher and higher.

Man = The hardest thing  is to reproduce Morricone’s colors, from pianissimo to triumph.

IGNAZIO = We have tried to keep the versions of the pieces by Maestro Morricone as faithful as possible.

There were also many video interviews, of which I propose this of HOT CORN that I translate for you.

WOMAN = Quentin Tarantino, compared Ennio Morricone to the great composers such as Mozart, Shubert, Beethoven, for you instead, what does Morricone represent?
IGNAZIO = Surely Ennio Morricone, for us, represents the genius. Facing this project, we had to study him a little and get to know him, and certainly he represents the genius who knew how to extrapolate, starting from the image, an emotion through music, because imagining a film, without music is like imagining eating. something without drinking a good wine. Maestro Morricone had this genius of knowing how to bring out a unique emotion through his music, looking at the images of the greatest artists in the world.

PIERO= Ennio Morricone becomes the vehicle of our feelings, makes our feelings tangible.

WOMAN = In a few days your record IL VOLO SINGS MORRICONE will be released all over the world, you feel more pride, or  responsible to help bring the music of the master around the world, and maybe make it known to that slice too of the younger audience that follows you.?

GIANLUCA = Exactly, this is exactly what we are trying to convey with this musical project, both pride and great responsibility. Having the support of the Morricone family, we feel safe, and then, above all, try to revive those great emotions of generations who have dreamed of with these films, but above all bring it to the youngest, who may not have discovered this great music yet.

WOMAN= Of the 14 tracks that make up the album, YOUR LOVE and THE ECSTASY OF GOLD, are the ones I absolutely prefer. I was curious to know which one was your favorite and if there is one that has put you in particular difficulty in the recording studio.

PIERO = This is the beautiful thing about this project of the idea of dedicating a tribute to Maestro Morricone. Everyone will have their favorite song that will bring them back to what they lived in the past, when they watched the movie THE MISSION, or NEW CINEMA PARADISO, or ONCE UPON A TIME IN AMERICA, …….. ..the film that left you with the most memories, so you relate that melody to what you experienced.
Each of us has a personal opinion different from the others, personally I prefer NUOVO CINEMA PARADISO, for a particular story, when I sing SE taken from that film, I really feel a feeling, a strong emotion.

WOMAN = For you instead?

IGNAZIO = For me it is HERE’S TO YOU, which tells the poignant story of Sacco and Vanzetti, of injustice. When we sing it it is always touching.

GIANLUCA = And for me it is THE ECSTASY OF GOLD, then in the video we were inspired a little by Sergio Leone (director of many western films with Morricone’s music), it is the melody that excites me the most.

WOMAN = By the way with The Ecstasy of gold, you have something in common with Metallica (rock band) who always open their concerts with ….

GIANLUCA = ….. and we too will open our concerts with The Ecstasy of gold.

WOMAN = Speaking of the graphic concept of the album, from what I understand, even the video directed by YOUNUTS will have a cinematic atmosphere, I would like to know more about this adventure.

PIERO = Younuts, I must tell you that we were surprised by their work, because when we were asked to shoot the video in “film”, the idea was good, but the final result was a long wait.

IGNAZIO = Not being”of the trade” , we didn’t know how it could be.

PIERO = It was difficult to shoot on film, because we didn’t understand the terms, the details of how complicated it was to shoot on film. But the final result, seeing those images that connected us to the films we have seen, because we have to be honest, many films, we, we had not seen them. When we started studying for Morricone’s project, it was also a long course of study for us, we made a commitment to watch every movie, and see our video, and images similar to what we saw, we were satisfied.

IGNAZIO= It was nice,  shooting on film, the count of what was left of the film in meters, so there was the director who said:

“How many meters are left?”.

WOMAN = This, is also a record of great collaborations, I think of Chris Botti, David Garret, how did you involve them?

GIANLUCA= They are all artists we have met during our journey, relationships that we have cultivated, friendships that have remained over time. We paid tribute to music, above all, our three voices, surely they had to be accompanied by great musicians, to best express the music of Maestro Morricone.

WOMAN = Do you remember the first time you met Maestro Morricone as listeners, as spectators?

IGNAZIO = In 2011 in Piazza del Popolo, we sang directed by him, E PIU ‘TI PENSO which is a medley between Malena and Once upon a time in America, and it was on our first record.

PIERO = This was the first artistic collaboration.

IGNAZIO = Yes, the first meeting was right here in these studios, we were recording our album in the other studio, he was working on this one, we met in the corridor, every now and then he came to visit us in the studio and listened to the song we were playing singing.

WOMAN = Thank you very much for your time.

I + P + G = Thanks to you.

And then their video of THE ECSTASY OF GOLD was also released, here it is !!

Good Vision!

I don’t know about you, but I was literally fascinated by this video, shot like a real western movie, with real performers, three magnificent voices, spectacular setting and enveloping and fantastic music. Wonderful, a really well done job.
I hope with all my heart that Piero Ignazio and Gianluca will achieve maximum success from their great work.

One last piece of news, Il Volo, Sunday afternoon will be the guest of Verissimo, the beautiful program conducted by Silvia Toffanin, so ….. see you soon !!!
And finally, let’s enjoy these photos and screenshots too.



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  1. Thank you Jana for posting this article.

    Daniela, thank you for the article. I really appreciate having the translations.

    By the way, I agree with you, “The Ectasy of Gold” video is terrific. Our guys did a fantastic job. I am praying that this album reaches the top of the musical world charts.

    I hope you have gotten your tickets for their concert.

    Thanks again.

    1. I just purchased my ticket yesterday to the “Il Volo Sings Morricone” concert, and today I am treated to this amazing video! I am an older fan and remember the magnificent music of Morricone in the movie
      “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly” many years ago. Bravo, Il Volo!

  2. Daniela, thanks for the reporting and the translations. 🙂

    Jana, thanks for the posting. Take care of yourself and your health! 🙂

    Speedy recovery for Pat, too! 🙂

    Appreciate the contributions of you ladies, and the rest of the team at Flightcrew. :))

  3. Jana, you don’t have to apologize at all, this period has been fibrillating, because the dates of the American tour were released and therefore all the attention was there, plus Pat had the surgery.
    Also these days Il Volo is doing a lot of promotions in different shows, such as Verissimo and Porta a Porta. Last night also on RAI1 the concert of June 5th was re-broadcast !! It’s great to be able to see and hear them so frequently !! 🙂

  4. Fantastic translation Daniela! You always do such a great job on the translations. That’s why I use your translations and not mine! Thank you!

  5. Jana, Thank you for taking the time to send this when you were so tired, and to Daniella for the translations. Walk of Fame gave us such a good article. Just compare that to the time when they weren’t getting any respect in Italy.
    In regard to the Morricone concert, in June, I googled it and have been watching it in full on Vimeo. I’ve been getting the impression from the comments that not everyone is aware of this. I’m watching it over and over and learning some Italian.

    1. Hi,

      In regard to the Morricone concert, I was also able to google and watch it in full.

      Peckyin, frm Singapore

    2. Gail, I wanted you to be aware of Andrea Morricone’s beautiful words of admiration when he talks about Il Volo and their voices. There were many journalists at the conference, but this is the only one that reports the words of A. Morricone. After the concert in June, I expected many televisions and radios to talk about the event and the skill of Il Volo, but it wasn’t, so many are not aware of it.

    3. Gail
      I read your post and now I’m watching the Morricone concert by I’ll Volo in Verona in Vimeo! Thanks so much for the info!
      Gale Simonis

    1. Mona, I think the pre-sale of the fanclub is over, so now you have to go to Ticketmaster, type in the artists’ names IL VOLO and all their concerts will appear. Then choose the date and place, the theater map appears and you can also choose the seat.
      I am also attaching the link that should already lead you to the Il Volo tickets. Good shopping !!

      Please don’t go to alternative sites, just Ticketmaster.

  6. Thank you Jana and Daniela for all the latest news on our guys. What a project they undertook and the results a masterpiece ~ the music, the video just fabulous. Can’t wait to get my CD. Interestingly, last night my husband was watching an old movie “Cinema Paradiso”.Morricone ,as most know, did the musical score. Got my tickets to two concerts! Chicago going with my daughter and here in Florida Sunrise !🤗🤗Hello to Pat and hope you are feeling better🙏🤗

    1. Yes Annette, the project is wonderful and I hope it gets fantastic results, our young men deserve it.

      What a beautiful Nuovo Cinema Paradiso, I loved it and the music of SE is beautiful.

    1. RoseMarie, so they shortened your way this time? They come to Ohio, right? How wonderful, I am happy for you! What place have you taken? It will be a beautiful evening. 🙂

      1. Daniela, yes Cleveland is only 45 minutes away. I am in the 2nd row center. I also will go to Detroit, a 3 hour drive, and see Jana . NYC and Clearwater. I went a little overboard this time I think but we don’t know when the guys will come back to the USA. Unfortunately COVID is still affecting us and conditions can change daily. The venues are requiring negative tests or vaccination cards for admittance. Will you be able to come to Taormina.? I hope you do. Ciao.

      2. Wow, 4 concerts. Yes, you exaggerated, but if you could, you did well !!
        I hope Covid doesn’t stop all programs again. I read that you have to have negative tests, you can’t do anything here without negative tests. How nice that you will also meet Jana. For Taormina, I always cross my fingers !!

  7. Thank you very much Daniela and Jana. Another great translation and wonderful news. I can’t describe how I love the new CD, it’s just amazing. Thanks again and quick recavery for Pat.

    1. Jolanta, the CD is beautiful, while I reply to your comments, I hear it in the background !!
      Wait to read the translation of Verissimo, you will laugh a lot !!
      Pat is better, she is recovering well, she will be active soon !! Thanks.

  8. Another big translation, Daniela–grazie mille! It’s so great that they’re getting all this good (well-deserved) publicity. The video – what a fabulous idea! Like a mini spaghetti Western (and I love the white horse.) And the CD is superb–their magnificent voices, the beautiful arrangements (and finally, the arrangers’ names), the wonderful orchestra and terrific audio quality, to say nothing of the cover design.
    And we got our two 3rd row seats in Clearwater–oh, happy day!

    1. Judi, that “spaghetti western” video is beautiful and I agree, their voices are wonderful, as is the whole side dish.
      I’m happy you got your tickets, just yesterday two friends told me that I’m right there in the front row center !! You will have fun

    1. What a beautiful smile you have in your picture profile!! Do I call you “colour” or “colour du jour”??

  9. Such a great article and the music is out of this world!! I especially liked the song “Come sail with me” as did Susan DeBartoli. Their voices were so full of emotion. The film on the sand dunes was spectacular and, I too, loved the white horse!!

  10. I was able to get five tickets to the National Arts Center concert on March 4, 2022 row BB Orchestra. Taking my daughter, niece, best friend and her daughter. My step-daughter bought three tickets also, so the family will be well represented. Can’t wait until then!!!

      1. Yes, but we’ll have to behave ourselves and not get toooo emotional!!
        I also got meet and greet but am not sure whether it is just for me, or for all the tickets i purchased. Lots of time yet to find out (and plan my wardrobe).

  11. Daniela, A huge week with tickets, interviews, CD’s etc.
    Great job by all. Jana you wore 2 hats, and we are
    thankful to you as well.

    1. Martha, it’s not over yet, there is Verissimo and then Porta a Porta, so many events all together, and it is a joy to be able to see our beloved young men so often.

  12. Seems like all I do is thank you and the crew for translations which are always excellent. Just love the music on this new album. Have already watched Verissimo and Porta Porta They have done so much publicity lately, can’t keep up. The video was amazing and the songs on the album are also amazing. Have my ticket for Sunrise, Florida which I read was added to the tour, so happy as I only live a few miles away and where I saw them last year. Hope you are all well and enjoy the concerts as I am sure you will. Stay safe everyone

    1. I’m very glad you got your Florida concert ticket.
      I’m finishing translating Porta a Porta, but as you say, the promotion is long and fast, I can’t finish one thing, that Il Volo is already a guest in another program. We are getting used to seeing them every day !! Wonderful.

  13. It must be 20 years since I first saw Cinema Paradiso. This weekend I watched it twice. Netflix doesn’t carry it anymore. Amazon $2.99 with sub titles. Then go straight to your CD and listen to #11. An enchanting experience that left me speechless (really).

  14. Jana, I want to insert IL Volo’s interpretation of the song into the last scene while the adult Toto watches the old film of Elena that Alfredo left him. I give it an Oscar.

    Then we break the spell with all the kisses that the priest cut out with his bell taking us back to the beginning.

    Deebee, just shake the dust out of your black velvet suit and get the diamonds from the safety deposit box. You’ll look smashing!

    1. Will do! Can’t wear nigh heels any more as I would fall over and make a spectacle of myself (even more than usual).

  15. Now that we have established that the inserts in the CDs are different, do any of them have the lyrics to the songs? In the past the insets had the lyrics. This one with the new CD does not. Maybe someone can post the lyrics? It makes it easier to understand what they are saying especially if they are singing in either Italian, Spanish or Portuguese!

    1. I know you don’t like Google, Penina, but you might try and get the English version of the songs there.

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