“My Addiction” from Sheryl Anderson…

Ciao a tutti!  

A few days ago we received a nice little email from Sheryl Anderson, sharing her “addiction” with us…. I thought I’d share it with you, with her permission….

Dear Kelly, Pat, Daniela, Jana, Jo Ann,

I just wanted to express my appreciation for all your website efforts to promote IL VOLO. I am in St. Augustine, FL, USA (oldest city in US). Since January, I have become “addicted” to watching their concerts, interviews, etc. With the Pandemic keeping me at home, they are the “light” of each day. If there is any way that you could get a message to them, please do.

My first overseas journey was to the northern part of Italy in May, 2019.

I simply fell in love with Italian history and values. These three young men do such a good job of representing everything Italian–from their self-assured “humbleness”, to their Italian good looks, to the Catholic religion, landscapes, small cars, and not least, the closeness to their families. For me, my brain chemistry is affected by watching the “best possible” for human connection.

I know they must have relationship challenges at times, but they have the foundation of trust in self and trust in the other….Indeed, they are a blessing to me and to the world and I look forward to following their career.

Warm regards,

Sheryl Anderson

Thank you, Sheryl, for your warm thoughts and thanks, it is much appreciated!  We keep this site going for you, ours, and Il Volo’s fans.  I always say though, we couldn’t have this site without you fans and all of your wonderful comments, etc.!

I did have to tell her we do not have any direct contact with the guys, but we are told a few of their friends and relatives read this site, so maybe word will be passed along… 🙂

The guys, as well as their extended friends and family, like Alessandro, Giampiero, Eleonora with her beautiful Instagram posts, and Fabio; are certainly doing their best to keep their fans entertained and as happy as possible during this pandemic nightmare.  We all hope it will be contained soon, not sure if it will ever be truly over… but I know many of the US fans, myself included, are awaiting the green light to fly back to Italy again… 🙂

Ciao – Jana

23 thoughts on ““My Addiction” from Sheryl Anderson…”

  1. hello everyone, is very beautiful but I think there are now thousands doing this, get up in the morning with the music of Il Volo, I am ironing with the music of them, if I am melancholic I listen to them and look then to the recordings of the Italian TV.
    Many fans from wherever they are miss the concerts and see them in person.
    We continue to love Il Volo, all three are special, each in their own way. As soon as we hear them, a smile comes on our faces, let alone let’s go back to the concerts.
    How I look forward to that.
    Good day .
    Claudine van from Belgium

  2. Jana, I really enjoyed Cheryl,’s thoughts. I too have missed hearing them ding, but I believe with all my heart this pandemic will be brought under control.I feel. we have to keep the guys spirits up.they have given us heart and soul through music. Now we have to do our part

    1. Sara – I love how you say we have to do our part, now. 🙂 I think we all certainly try and I’m sure they know how much their fans love them! 🙂

  3. Reading Sheryl’s it put a smile on my face because I have a feeling each one of us know how it is when one discovers IL Volo for the first time, I know I was blown away and couldn’t get enough of them either singing, videos, or articles on the boys and I still look forward to each new adventure the boys are on.

  4. May I add my “ditto” to Sheryl’s post and that of luckylady51. I love Il Volo. I’ve always said, “They make my heart sing.”

    1. “Wild thing… you make my heart sing!” lol…. yes, we know they can be wild, especially Ignazio! 🙂

  5. Grazie mille, Cheryl. Your email was very sweet. And the ragazzi really are doing a great job representing the best of Italy. That’s part of their vision.
    And luckylady51 was also right. Everyone remembers the first time they ever heard these special kids.

  6. I agree with all that was said above. I am truly addicted to Il Volo. They are a big,big part of my everyday life.

  7. Sheryl you are in the phase “I knew Il Volo and I want to know everything about them”, and so you look for every video, every article, everything that can give you information. We all passed in that period and we never have enough to know about them !!

  8. I too, echo the thoughts of seeing the boys yet I am anxiously waiting for them to come to England, to see and hear them in person.
    No matter how many CDs and videos I watch, I yearn to see and hear them in person.
    If anyone can throw me a bit of hope, I could start sleeping at night again.
    I dont think there are any pills I can get that will ease my pain!

    1. So true – there is nothing the same as seeing them live and in person, and if you are lucky enough, to be able to touch them!!

  9. You folks are the best. Thank you for ALL YOU DO. You are a giving those of us who feel so remote from the guys, an insight to their daily happening and up grade posts from Il Volo.

  10. I also live in Florida in the Tampa area. I’ve followed Il Volo from the first concert in Detroit. Because of them I visited Italy 2 times and fell in love. I can’t wait to go again. I’ve been fortunate to go to 5 concerts including 1in Rome and 2 in their last US tour. I listen to their music and watch their videos every day. It helps so much during this time. I wonder if they realize how much they mean to so many and how much their fans love and appreciate their music. Hopefully, we will be able to see them in person again soon.

    1. I just read your post from 2016.Thank you so much for the link. I have only been on this site about four months so I’m trying to read as much as I can. You girls do terrific work. I’ve learned so much about the boys.
      I saw them for the second time in February .I did the meet and greet and I can’t describe what a thrill it was to be so close to them. I can only hope that I get to do it again someday Its nice to have people to share my love and passion for Ilvolo with since none of my friends or family are fans. Their loss. Your article was great and so true.It expressed the feelings of all Ilvolo fans. By the way my ringtone is Grande Amore. Thank you again.

      1. Cathy, welcome to the site! So glad you enjoyed my addiction story! Which concert did you attend in February? We attended the one at the Fox in Detroit. I still have to post my story of that! Hope you enjoy looking around. Be sure to click on the poetry link. There are some nice prose in there. 🙂

    2. Jana, I attended the concert at Foxwoods Casino. Thank you for the heads up to the poetry link. It was great. You girls did a great job. I couldn’t stop laughing. Looking forward to your Detroit story.

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