$6.86/second…Is It Worth It?

Hi, my name is Jana, and I’m an Ivolover. My obsession started about 3 years ago or so, and like many obsessions, it started out slow. But along the way, I had to find a friend or two to help feed my obsession and help it grow. It started with just watching them on PBS, with a 1 me 2concert or two. Then, I went to the concert. After that one concert, it became apparent that this obsession turned into an addiction! I just had to have them – their faces, their music, their voices, the sound, it filled my soul like no other euphoric thing I’d ever experienced! I became a fanatic, ordering every CD I could find and scouring You Tube each night for a video or interview, so I could experience this amazing phenomenon. I got my fill most nights, but I just had to have more. I started listening to them all day at work, playing the same CD over and over. The bad thing was, I became a pusher! Yes, every time someone came to my desk and asked what I was listening to, I couldn’t wait to start pushing my addiction on to them. And it was so easy, too. Just showed them the CD cover and told them how awesome they were. Then I brought in the DVDs for them to watch. I was so bad…. Pushing my addiction on others like that. When we thought we couldn’t possibly get more of them, it becomes our ring tones on our cell phones, and their pictures are our wallpapers on our phones and computers, and to really annoy those that aren’t our fellow Ilvolovers, we have their songs on our ringback tones on our phones! There we were, 3 ignaexposing innocent persons to just a snippet of their voices, every time they called us! I just had to stop, but I couldn’t. Then, I found what I thought was a support group. We met and shared our stories about our addiction, and they were all so similar. Kindred spirits! I’d also found this blog site, where I found more addicted and obsessed persons! This obsession was rampant, and I quickly found it was spreading like wildfire all around the world. The scary thing was that no one tried to stop it! We just kept adding more people to our group. Like all addictions, it was getting a bit expensive, too! We just had to have their latest CD or DVD and we had to have it now. We could not wait and thought nothing of paying expedited shipping costs, just so we could have it first! We went to concerts and fought to get front row seats. We did not care what they cost, it was “the guys!” Then there were the meet & greets. Were we afraid of overdosing? No, never! We knew our friends were there to help us. The cost of the meet & greets and concerts? Hundreds…to some, maybe even thousands! It didn’t matter. We were there. Even when we’d thought 3 gianwe’d had enough, we just kept needing more to feed this habit of ours. We kept pushing others, so they would share in our glorious addiction; this untold high we got when we heard our favorite guy sing “that” note! It was pure ecstasy for those precious seconds! The cost of those meet & greets become a distant past when you see their faces up close and personal.  Oh, and it doesn’t stop there….all of a sudden, we find out there is a concert in Italy!  The next thing we know we are buying a ticket to Florence or Verona and then we are afraid.  Afraid to tell our loved ones we are going to see the guys, yet again  – that part is not so bad, but we are afraid to tell them it’s in Italy (because we are sure they will be calling the men in the little white coats!)!  What a joy it will be to hear them in their own country.  We’ve yet to experience the joy and beauty of our own country, but don’t think twice about jetting off to Italy!  They don’t know it, but for those 30 seconds or less when you are looking into those innocent and talented eyes, they are yours! They belong to you. When you hold their hands, the power of your touch, matches 3 pierotheirs and it’s electric. The fire courses through your veins, their eyes penetrate yours and you are lost in those few seconds; you get dizzy, and lightheaded. You cannot speak; your legs feel like fettuccine, and your feet like cement blocks. You are rudely brought back to reality when they say to turn around and smile, and snap! You turn around one last time. You look at them and the moment is gone.


Many say, after one, or even two meet & greets, and the money it cost; that’s it, no more, won’t do it again. Won’t spend all that money on a ticket, or to get first, their latest CD…they are done. They are calling it quits. They try to be strong, but peer pressure is overwhelming. The date of their next concert is drawing near. Ok, you decide, you will go – just to keep your friends company. Well, maybe you’ll try to get good seats, but definitely no meet & greet. The time is getting closer and closer…you start to feel it again, as hard as you try to push it way, it overtakes your very being again. All of a sudden, you realize, your addiction is back. It’s this craving, this thing, it’s just so overpowering; you can’t stop it. You buy the ticket, you check your bank account, it’s nearly overdrawn, you buy the meet & greet!


No, no, you said you wouldn’t get caught up in this thing again. It’s not worth all the money, and the waiting, and anticipation. It’s too much stress! But, like the words in Unchained Melody, it’s a hunger; a hungering, for their touch. A need, only they can fill.

So, is it worth it you ask?

3 guys pbs

There they are, standing before you, looking at you with those innocent, sparkling, and playful eyes;

your hand reaches forth…1 hand

(Photo credits:  PBS 2015)

90 thoughts on “$6.86/second…Is It Worth It?”

  1. I only heard them for first time this past Xmas ‘2015 but I worked my way up – ticket / seat by ticket / seat until I latched on to a Front Row Center seat for the Cleveland concert. Now i’m thinking how nice Sicily might be !

  2. Oh how true. You have us pegged. It’s the best addiction to have. Worth every dollar spent.

  3. Jana…Thanks for a great post!!
    You are preaching to the choir!! I started the “I HAVE to see them in Italy” phase of my addiction last year with the concert in Torre del Lago and now just waiting for Verona in May. My family doesn’t even blink anymore when I attend 3-4 concerts in the US in a 2 month span. So far I’ve been able to hide my “see them in Italy” obsession under the guise of visiting family but I fear they are catching on…(sigh). This, however, is an osession/ addiction
    that is good for the soul.
    Now that it has been 5 months since I’ve seen them, I’m heading to Detroit tomorrow for the 1st PBS airing of Una Notte Magica on Wednesday night.
    So, does this now qualify as “too much”??

      1. Hi Rose Marie. I’m
        just watching from a friends home….one who isn ‘t as into our guys as we seem to be :-). There isn’t any get together
        that I am aware of.

    1. Susan – so, did you enjoy the Notte Magica on PBS? I was there, in the audience and meet/greet with 34 other fans! No, not too much, I would have done the same thing! A lucky few of us were chosen to submit questions during the interview – they used 2 of mine, at the end! 🙂

  4. Wonderful post Jana. We all suffer from the same condition, Ilvoloitis !! The only “cure” is to see,hear or visit with the “boys” again,and as soon as possible.Looking forward to the PBS airing of Florence concert here in Florida.

  5. Thanks, Jana, a wonderful post!! Most of my family are happy that I have found Il Volo!! They know I’m obsessed with these precious young men!!! They go with me to Concerts & are amazed at the charm & sincerity of our guys! Do have a wonderful time at Wed nite’s PBS airing of Una Notte Magica!!!

    1. Anne – thanks! Yes, it was a very memorable evening! Will be writing my post, soon! So glad your family approves! It’s nice for the support and you don’t have to hide your addiction! 🙂

  6. I was laughing so much reading this Jana and it is all so true! It is an obsession but one I’m grateful to have.

  7. I’m having il Volo withdrawal symptoms waiting for the new cd and PBS special. Missing them while they are on vacation but so happy they are enjoying their homes.

    1. Yes, “time goes by so slowly” at times when it comes to the guys, but you wait and wait and then it is over in a flash! At least we can pop in their music any time we want!?

  8. Yea Jana “your hand reaches forward & I just have to put my arms around Ignazio’s waste which he says “yes” when I ask him if I can do that, heavenly.

  9. Jana, this is priceless! It may be your best post yet! My family is very happy with my addiction! Got me off their backs! Now I tell the guys (of course they cannot hear)”wear socks in winter, be careful on that jetski, get enough sleep, drink plenty water, get a hair cut, trim your beard, don’t bite your finger nails, “well you get the idea! Seriously, I’ve only met them once, but I have this shelf in my book case that’s theirs and theirs alone!! I’m hooked!!♡♡♡

    1. Dorothy – that’s great, at least you got to meet them once! Thanks, yes I had no idea this would spur so many comments. I was just inspired and it all just flowed out like hot lava. I sent it to Marie as a “draft” and she loved it and said add “a” picture! lol! 😉

  10. Jana, My friends think I am nuts. They are about to put me into a rehab center for my addiction. I can’t understand why they don’t all feel as i do about our boys. I’m so happy to read that I wont be alone in the center for addicts. You make my day with the posts hereon our blog. I also am impatiently waiting for the PBS showing of Una Notte Magica. amazon is dragging its feet. I can’t get the Cd or DVD yet. Ugh. Thanks Jana for making me feel like part of a family of ILVOLVERS. Joanie G

    1. Joanie – so glad you are a part of this group! It’s so flattering to hear such nice comments from those on this site – it makes my day, also! 🙂 I do understand about the non-support of families. You always want those you love to share in your joy, or at least support you. But there are enough of us here on this site and we are all family! Do not fear, October will be here before we know it! Yes, we might have to start a rehab center!

  11. Could it be that “misery” loves company? I think we all feel what you wrote, and the answer to your opening question – Of Course It’s Worth It”!! I’ll continue breaking my bank for as long as I can get to the computer to order tickets!
    Signed: Another Addict

    1. Linda – following the guys is kind of like a roller coaster ride. There are the ups and downs and the waiting and anticipation, and the literal thrill of the ride when you meet them! You think your heart can’t take anymore; until the next time, and there you are again, spending your hard-earned/saved money to see them and touch them, once again for less than 30 seconds!

  12. Hi Jana: It is so heartening to read how other ladies feel & react to Il Volo and to know that I am not alone . My family likewise kids me when I bring up the latest news on the guys. This past summer my daughter & family were in the Milan train station and saw the posters on the concert that they did with Domingo. My son-in- law took a picture with my daughter & grandkids in front of the poster & posted it on my Facebook page saying that I was a “groupie” and #1 fan of Il Volo! However, I am not up to your speed yet!! Thank you for your post.

    1. Annette – so why didn’t you go to Milan with your family? Oddly, when we were there, we saw nothing advertising the guys. Even in Florence! So strange…? Ah, you will be there soon – just be careful of the Il Volo police – tickets for not going fast enough!! 🙂 Yes, this site is a real savior to many!

  13. I too am obsessed !! My family says I love “the boys” more than them ! I even cancelled serius radio in my truck ! Why bother if they don’t have an “Il Volo” station right ? I’m a pusher as well ! So you’re not alone ! Did you hear that Detroit area gets an early viewing of PBS special scheduled for December ? According to dptv magazine, August 24th at 9:30 pm .. can’t wait !!

    1. Chris – well, yes, we knew Detroit was special, and yes, I was there! 🙂 The boys were great, as always. I know, all I listen to in my car is Il Volo!

  14. Gosh Jana, you describe this addiction so well, I too have all those symptoms . But it gives me so much happiness and cures me after a stressful day at work, I don’t care how much teasing I get, I never want to be cured.

    1. Sue – Il Volo, wine, and chocolate – what better addictions could we have? I don’t want to be cured, either! I can only imagine what the next 5 years will bring?

  15. Oh Jana if you were in my family ( well technically you are being in the Flight Crew and all) my family would refer to you as “another goner” for the Eyetalian dudes.
    But RINGTONES! …GOSH, I NEVER EVER THOUGHT OF RINGTONES OF IL VOLO!!!. Somebody quick tell me how I can do this!!!

    1. Pirate – thanks!! Yes, we have the most wonderful, ever-growing family on this site! I think many have answered already, but check with your carrier on the ring tones…. 🙂

  16. Well I don’t work & am on a government pension for seniors. I am fortunate I get help with my rent from my sons. So I try to save some of my pensiomn BECAUSE of Il Volo. I want the BEST seat in front, I want the MEET &GREET &THE CONCERT TICKET & if possible to see them more than once. So if this is an addiction then I LOVE IT & would NEVER change what I am doing because these guys are my JOY in life.Without seeing them & listening to them sing there is no joy in life for me so VEVA IL VOLO. THANK GOD for their music & for them.

    1. Loretta – wow, now that’s a devoted fan… food or Il Volo? But you do eat, right? 🙂 Many of us are on fixed incomes, even if we work or have a full time job, money only goes so far in the budget, but when it comes to the guys, sacrifices must be made!

  17. Pirate, do you have an iPhone? If you do I can tell you how to do the ringtone. If you don’t , I can’t.
    I have “un Amore Cosi’ Grande” as my ringtone, and Ignazio’s picture on the front of the phone.

      1. I would love to have Il Volo music for a ring tone. I have an iPhone 5S and ATT&T provider. Any idea how I can find their music for my phone? Any help appreciated. Thanks

    1. Jill, I have an iphone and don’t know how to do it either. Maybe you can tell us how on the blog, or you can get my email from Marie. What a riot–I can’t even begin to imagine what my daugher will say if I put Per Te Ci Saro as a ringtone!–She’ll want to lock me up and throw away the key.

      1. Hi, per te…is my ring tone also! I have Verizon and an android. They actually had many il volo songs to choose from. You can always go to your local carriers store and ask for help. 🙂

      2. Hi Penina, I would be glad to help you if I can. Do you have an iPhone 5 or 6?
        There are a total of 38 il Volo songs that can be used as ringtones. Per te ci saro is one of them.
        Marie, can you send me Penina’s E-Mail address please. Thank you

      3. Janet, because you have a different cell phone provider than I do, your phone might be programmed differently than mine. Go down to your provider’s store, and have them show you how to do it. Each provider has a different list of Il Volo music for ring tones.

    2. Wow, I really started something here! Lol! My ring tone is Per Te Ci Saro, and I bought 2 others, Surrender and also Un amore cosi grande – another favorite of mine! Oddly, the chorus part they chose for the ring tones, all feature Ignazio? hmmm…. someone is on to something here! 🙂

  18. Hi Ilvolovers !! My name is Joan and I’m an addict !! And a pusher !! And proud if it !!! I am addicted to three gorgeous,charming, kind hearted and talented young men and I need fixes everyday all day long !! I would follow Gianluca,Piero and Ignazio to the ends of the earth and back again if I could !! And believe me I’ve tried !!! Five concerts and five M&G’s in 6 weeks not to mention my Italy/Sicily trip to their home towns and earlier concerts/ M&G’s !!! I love my 6 year addiction and I never ever want it to end !!! So don’t try to stop me !!
    Your post is SO perfect Jana !!! Have a blast in Detroit !!!!! Wah !!! !!! I wanna be there too !!!

    1. Joanie – yes, you are definitely a devoted fan with a hard addiction! We pushers have to stick together! Wow, I thought I had an amazing last 6 months, with 5 concerts and 4 meet/greets, and Italy; but you did it all in 6 weeks!! You are always welcome to come to Detroit! 🙂

  19. Ciao a tutti!! I’m thrilled that everyone loves this post! Had a great time writing it…love all your comments. Will respond when I get the chance, but just wanted to say hi for right now. Getting ready for PBS on Wednesday!! 🙂

    Ciao – Jana

  20. $6.86 / second. Is it worth it? Oh yes. And here’s why.

    We all have to make choices in our lives, especially with regards to things like money and hobbies and how we spend our free time. Most of us on this site have to work for a living, or have to rely on retirement income, or at the very least, we do not have an unlimited pool of funds that we can use to entertain ourselves with things to make us “happy”. We have to choose carefully. We have to sacrifice some material things in exchange for others. We have to figure out where to spend our hard-earned money to maximize its benefit.

    The older I’ve become, the more I’ve realized that happiness is not a collection of “stuff”. For me, happiness has become the simple ability to FEEL. To feel JOY. To feel SADNESS. To feel LOVE. To feel SERENITY. To feel ANGUISH. To feel ECSTASY. Having this ability, and understanding and appreciating what truly is important in life has brought me all the happiness I could ever wish for.

    So what does Il Volo have to do with all of this?

    Listen to their music. Listen to their voices. Listen to their words. View their concerts. Listen to their message. When we do these things, we FEEL. We feel SOMETHING. We feel joy, and sadness and love and serenity and anguish and ecstasy – we feel all those things that separate us from every living creature on this earth.

    And that my friends, is worth $6.86 per second.

    1. John, it is nice to see you put so succinctly what I have been thinking. FEELINGS! That is it exactly! Things don’t make a person happy. Family, experiences and loving what you do in life truly makes you feel great joy! And the music of Il Volo, in the short time since I have discovered them, has made me smile, made me laugh and made me cry. I have been in choirs all my life and I feel there is nothing that can touch our soul like music. Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero certainly have done that…..for so many people…..and we love them for it! I can’t wait to attend my first IL VOLO concert!

      1. Pitterpat – where do you live? They are definitely having an American tour and are supposed to be in the Detroit area in March – you’ll have to check it out and see if they are coming to a city near you!

    2. Thank you John and everyone for expressing so beautifully what so many of us feel. I thank God for putting them together at the same time and the same place. I am grateful that I saw their first PBS special “Live From Detroit”. I knew they were special and I couldn’t wait to learn more about them and to get all their music!

    3. John – you are amazing and everything you wrote, so true! It’s a choice we make if we will feel happiness or sadness. We are in this world for such a short time and we never know when it will be our last day, so we should do what makes us happy in the moment, and if that is following Il Volo, in whatever capacity we are able, listening to their music or going to their concerts, then so be it! 🙂

  21. Hi John, as I read your post, it made my heart smile because when you look at the world today none of those things seem to matter, or so it seems. I sent the draft for my next posting to Marie a day or so ago, and when it’s posted, hopefully you’ll recognize that I feel the same way. In my feeble way, I tried to draw attention to the seemingly unimportant little things that are so commonplace that we really pay them no mind. When it comes to Il Volo, how many times have we ask ourselves just what there is about these 3 guys, besides the obvious, that endears them into the hearts of so many. It’s because, in my opinion, these beautiful young men get it. They get that life is filled with beautiful little happenings, and sensibilites, and color. That’s what I (we) see in them. They make us feel, and open our eyes to all that life is.

  22. Wonderful comments everyone! It’s so nice to come to a place where all of us understand these feelings and enjoyment we get from IL VOLO.

  23. Thanks for your comments. Again, when I write about Il Volo, the words just pour out by themselves.

    And Jana, thanks for a brilliant post. You have perfectly described how we all evolve from “stumblers” (I stumbled upon a YouTube video by accident), to fans (Wow, I really like these guys), to pushers (Hey, you gotta watch this latest clip), to obsessed fanatics (Are six M&G’s in one year excessive?), to IlVolovers (OMG!).

    We are all so different, yet we are all so alike.

    1. John – thank you! You are so kind! I so know what you mean about the words just flowing! Believe it or not, I used to hate writing in school! But when it comes to these guys, the words and the emotions just flow so easily. When I was writing this, I seriously thought it was pretty lame and so much of this had been said before, blah, blah, blah and then when the comments started coming in, I was just seriously flabbergasted! 🙂 Talk about the true meaning of gushing! This is a very strong common bond we all have!

  24. I admit I also am a pusher and an addict. I can not stop after seeing them 6 times at concerts, M&G, CD signing, PBS Special meeting,. I have known of them since 2010 & I have been obsessed with CD’s ,PBS videos, YouTube, and every Instagram& Tweet. They are wallpapers & ring tones. What can I say my friends and family want me to stop…but I just can’t and won’t! We are ILVOLOVERS!!🎤🎶❤️😜😘

    1. I am all the above too ladies and so proud of it. These young men truly change peoples lives. I got to meet some of their parents in OKC in March and with Barbara translating for me let them know just how special they are to us!

    2. Nancy – oh yes, we all feel your obsession and addiction. At least we can’t get arrested for this and it is all legal – I think? 🙂 I have seen them in 6 concerts now – of course 5 this year! Coincidentally, my apartment manager likes them also and her family is from Sicily and she tells everyone how crazy I am about them and that my apartment is devoted to them (which it isn’t really…just a few pictures). Then everyone asks if they know me by now and I have to tell them, no, others have really seen them more than me!

  25. They are in Detroit as I am writing this❤️❤️❤️. Can you feel the love tonight, I do. Only 3 hours away. Marie are you there?

    1. Rose Marie – yes, they were here! As you probably saw, a small group met them at the airport and they were the only ones there! I would have been there also, but I had to work that day.

  26. I am addicted as well. Never been to a concert or meet and great but last summer I was obsessed so I put their music away for awhile. It is back here again. I feel if I went to a meet and greet I would be like a 13 year old and I am 69. I would like to go to a concert someday but for me it is a little expensive. But who knows.

    Susan J.

    1. Careful, Susan. Don’t “take the first one”, because once you’ve been to an IL VOLO concert, you’ll never want to miss another tour!

      Fun post, Jana!

      I like to say I’m *passionate* about IL VOLO, rather than obsessed or addicted. Passion is Life-giving. Obsession is numbing, and IL VOLO is anything but numbing! Gosh, I think the first time I expressed this was years ago. This Christmas will be 5 years for me.

      My first concert (2012) The Guys (then “The Boys”) actually invited me to their Meet & Greet after the show, after reading my letter that was delivered to their manager. Wow!! The second I held out for another invitation. (Oh well!) The third (California) I paid for Meet & Greet and managed to get incredible seats (a must-have with my Pirate travel buddy 😊), and then in Las Vegas I Had to have M&G and seats in the first couple rows. And while I’m passionate, I realize that my behavior might suggest just a tad of addiction. 😉 (I DO have all their CDs and DVDs… *except* Una Notte Magica! I’m still asking how to pre-order the DVD in the USA.

      Ciao, friends! I do believe we’re all in this together!

      1. Hi Jeanine, I met you in Vegas as you were heading for breakfast in the Palms. Anyway I just wanted to let you know I pre-ordered Una Notte Magica thru Amazon.

      2. I so remember you Rose Marie, and smile whenever I see your posts!

        Thanks about Amazon. I pre-ordered the mp3’s on iTunes, but to my knowledge, Amazon USA doesn’t yet have a pre-order for DVD. (Correct me if I’m wrong!) I’m guessing it may be a DVD-CD package, so I’m holding out to pre-order the hard copy for both.

        Thanks for reaching out!

        Happy weekend,

      3. Jeanine, they only have a pre-order for the audio CD. I’m thinking that Detroit PBS has an exclusive right now on the DVD. We will just have to be patient and wait until it is released to outlets for sale.

      4. Thanks, Penina! What you say makes sense. I kinda thought the same thing. At least I’ll have the music from iTunes, but I gotta have my DVD before long, too! 😊

        Ahhhh, patience!

      5. I saw that.
        It makes sense that PBS, who has dedicated so much to now 5 incredible IL VOLO concerts, would want to have first access to audiences here in the U.S. They have done much to show IL VOLO to the world, and of course to receive support for their programming.

        These days, when I mention IL VOLO to someone new, if they don’t immediately recognize the name, I’ll mention PBS concerts, and frequently then they will connect. I am grateful for PBS’ role in creating wonderful videos, audios, and for helping our Guys to gain much deserved visibility.

        So, it’s frustrating to me, at the same time that I really do understand. I wonder what RAI does when they create special programming.

        For now, I am so grateful that I will be listening to the Notte Magica concert on my iTunes in less than 5 weeks! 😊 (And for now, Nessun Dorma!)

        Hope my perspective of considering PBS’ viewpoint didn’t further aggravate you or others!

        With the best intentions and still working on that patience,

      6. Jeanine – thanks! Yes, the words just popped out. This site is like psycho-therapy! When I started writing this, I really wanted to say they were my addiction, like drugs, but there are so many negative connotations with that, so I thought obsession was a little kinder, than others started saying addiction, too… lol! Yeah, those were the good “old” days before they were famous and wanted all the attention. Now, we have to pay a high price for a precious few seconds with them! I will put this in my post, but to be honest, as much as people complained about PBS and the ordering process last year, those that ordered from PBS actually got their items QUICKER than the official release from Amazon! So, even though it costs more, I’m hoping for the same this year! 🙂

      7. Ciao Jeanine!! It is my most fervent hope that we can travel again someday soon and see out amazing IL VOLO together

    2. Susan – you know, one of the things I love about Il Volo is that their tickets are really not that expensive, depending on the venue. Although you want front row, if you’ve never been, just being in the same building with them is enough to feel the electricity and excitement they bring to the soul! There’s always Christmas and birthday presents and when you get to be 69, people always want to buy you something and you say you don’t need or want anything – but wait – yes you do!! Tell everyone to start a donation/fund, so you can go to one of their concerts! 🙂 You have all the “things” you want in life, now you want the experiences – which, in themselves, are truly priceless! Buona fortuna!

  27. Hi ladies, sorry Jeanine I must have been asleep when i posted. I pre-ordered the CD from Amazon, then I ordered the CD/DVD from Detroit PBS. Overload? Can never have enough of Il Volo CD’s , one for the car, one for the house. I did rip and burn the older CD’s on my computer, so now I have them on computer, in the car, and in the house. I don’t know if I can copy DVD’s for my own use though. Anyone have any advice on this?

    1. Don’t know about copying DVDs – you can always try? I guess if you have the space to do a rip/burn on your computer, if you buy a blank DVD with enough space, it should work? I know I’ve downloaded some videos from You Tube and made DVDs/copies of them?

  28. Ciao a tutti!

    Wow, I’m amazed at all the comments here! I was really afraid that when I wrote this, it was the same old thing, that we have all been reading for the last several years. I sent it to Marie as a draft and asked what she thought. She said she loved it and to add “a” picture – lol! Ok, I added a few more, and then I was done.

    Thank you all for your amazing comments and I am glad I was able to help with your addiction! When I started writing this post, I really wanted to compare Il Volo to a drug and that they were my addiction, but there were so many negative connotations with literal drug addiction, that I chose obsession, instead. Even though Il Volo has really saved and changed many lives, just like good/positive drugs have over the last century, maybe comparing them to drugs is not such a bad thing? 🙂

    Remember the song – “love is the drug, for me?”

    A presto, amici mia!

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