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To say that the Il Volo men are colorful has meaning on different levels.  They have colorful personalities just by virtue of being Italian, yes? Always beautiful and captivating, they instill in their fans a desire to follow their moves around the world, whether in concert or just enjoying casual time.  They have made us care about them on a very personal level, because they are not only colorful in their endeavors, but always maintain their intrinsic solid base.

Piero has certainly been colorful this summer, sporting his YELLOW attire.  He looks like a ray of sunshine in the yellow shirt, and YELLOW shorts have never looked so good before.  It’s a dramatic color that really suits his outgoing personality–remind-ful of Lemoncello, the intense Italian aperitif.



While Gianluca usually favors the conservative look in dress, we can’t forget the shiny BLUE suit from the Jose Jose tribute.   Only GG could have pulled off that look, but on him it was perfection.  And not to forget the RED speedos –we could never forget them.



Yes, RED was a good color for the speedos and remember how dashing Piero looked in his RED sport coat on the Buon Natale DVD?  We could stand seeing more of that.  And it goes without saying that the RED glasses have always been his trademark.



When performing at special occasions the guys are usually dressed in formal BLACK  suits.  They fit the role of dignified, professional men to a T.  With the white shirts and BLACK ties, they are the quintessential examples of professionalism.


And speaking of WHITE shirts, what is it about a WHITE shirt on a handsome man that makes women of all ages sigh with delight?  WHITE shirts are worn everywhere and on all occasions.  Fathers and Grandpas wear them (though perhaps somewhat begrudgingly) and they look very nice, but put one on a handsome young man, roll up the sleeves a bit and leave the top four or five buttons undone, and women over the age of 16 are likely to breathe more heavily at the sight.  We have numerous examples of how our handsome young men use this tempting show of masculinity.  And when they choose to drape a sweater over their shoulders, they are the epitome of casual sophistication.  Long live the WHITE shirt.





BLUE seems to be the alternate color choice for Ignazio, albeit a subtle shade, when he prefers something other than the usual grayish color that the guys tend to wear when performing.  It may be a suit, or something more casual like a T shirt. No matter, he looks great in anything.



Yes, our guys are colorful, and we like them that way.  We can’t get enough of their colorful characteristics no matter what colors they are wearing.

~~Mary Bohling~~

Photo credits

Detroit PBS, Getty Images, All Things Il Volo, Piero Barone Facebook

31 thoughts on “Personally Speaking ~ Colorful Il Volo ~ Mary Bohling”

  1. Mary, you are so right! Colorful and beautiful no matter what they are wearing. However…I was trying to forget the shiny blue suit.

    I’ll never forget the shiny red speedoooooooo!

  2. Oh yes that shiny blue suit! But what impressed me the most on that performance was the standing ovation & Jose Jose’s reaction on their performance of his song with a very warm embrace! And how about those green tuxedos they wore on Porta-a-Porta! But yes Mary no matter what they are wearing, they are so fashionable!

      1. Oh Marie: Sooo sorry! But visions of them in their elegant tuxedoes will make you quickly forget

  3. OK gals. Here goes. I would like to see all of them in speedos some time. Maybe at a beach. Oh well. I can dreamJoanie G

  4. I love men who wear white shirt on any occasion. It looks so very clean and very sexy. I’m with you ladies about the speedos. Our guys pull off this look like no other.

  5. Oh Mary, you have generated some colorful posts from your colorful article! 🙂 I will leave it at that and just say, I agree with everybody! 🙂

  6. They could wear sackcloth or paper bags tied in the middle and they would still look “yummy” in my opinion ! I agree, though a man in a white shirt and tuxedo really is most elegant.

  7. I was told that a white shirt in a Hot weather climate makes the person feel cool= it reflects the heat-sun rays. Whereas black absorbs the heat sun rays and makes a person HOT. So I think we Il Volo women will have to wear white to stay COOL in their presence. because if we get too HOT we will pass out and miss everything.

  8. I heard Ingazio say in a interview sometime during this summer that he feels the sexiest when dressed up in a beautiful suit with a bow tie. Got to agree.

  9. I will just have to agree with all the comments made before me. I, too, love our guys in ANY color they want to wear. And Mary, some day you will have to show me your collection of pictures of Piero!

  10. I love Ignazio in blue jeans with the dark blue shirt of course he can wear anything & he is sexy.

  11. Wow! I had never seen that picture of Gianluca in a speedo before.Now all we need is a picture of Ignazio in his(sorry Marie)
    And if he does’nt have one, I will be happy to go speedo shopping with him! Oops, sorry again Marie

  12. Piero loves to wear all sorts of color but my favorite on him is what he is able to do with a white shirt!! Unbuttoned revealing his chest accenting his great tan! OHH! I never realized who a simple white shirt can be so damm sexy! It must be the man who wears it and he wears it well!

    1. Pirate, Did you see Piero’s Instagram picture today? He is wearing white, however maybe you would rather have the white shirt on him than the bathrobe!

      1. Oh Jill, I did see that new picture of Piero in the white robe! It about did me in! If I wasn’t such a rough and tough pirate I would have swooned! Oh he is such a rascal for putting out such provocative pictures!

  13. White shirt is alway good choice for men. I love colours and I do not like black , but on men is ok, but I prefer rather blue and white . I like when men have not fear to wear colors. Purple or purplish-blue color is also good for men. 🙂 Colors suit boys very well and in my opinion they should wear less black color. During Grande Amore tour they wore black clothes on every concert and no bright colors.

    Off topic, I am very excited and happy, very nice surprise happened today, one of my favorite tennis players won his 15th title, after Us Open 2014, his second really important success, he won for first time on Masters 1000 tournament in Cincinnati ! What a great match ! He won over, olympic champion from Rio, Murray ! Congratulations, Marin Čilič ! 🙂 Čestitke na pobjedu. Sretno !

  14. Another interesting post Mary! They do look good in so many colors and are very willing to try different styles, some work better than others. I actually like the blue suit Gianluca wore for the tribute to Jose Jose. I really enjoy that video and think Gianluca is probably the only one who could pull that off. I agree on the white shirts, both opened and closed and Piero always looks great wearing his and with his sleeves rolled up. And I still think Ignazio looks his best in his tuxedo, vest and bow tie.

  15. Our guys are definitely a colorful group, in fashion & also their personalities. I liked what I call Gianluca’s “electric blue” suit. When they appeared on that Hell’s Kitchen episode when they were in New York a while back, Gianluca wore a beautiful maroon velvet jacket-loved it! I also have a couple of pictures of him with a bright yellow jacket. Ignazio usually wears dark colors, but I have a couple of pictures with him in a bright blue shirt-very attractive. And he really looked “fine” in that red leather jacket he wore for the motorcycle picture. Piero looks awesome in anything (just my opinion!) I have this picture of the 3 of them in what looks like a recording studio. Piero is wearing a purple shirt with the top one or 2 buttons undone & a loosened tie around his neck, with the sleeves rolled up a bit. You can still see the cross he used to wear all the time around his neck, so it is an older picture. He looks really sexy in that picture. Gianluca does also, in a V-neck red pullover. Now I also love Piero in the partially unbuttoned white shirts (yes, I’m a lot of years over 16, & they make me breath heavily!). I would prefer not to see them all in speedos. You have to leave a little to the imagination! It really does not matter to me what they wear, as long as I can SEE them, preferably in person!

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