Djokovič and Friends Charity Gala Dinner with Il Volo

Announced by the Djokovič Foundation, but not confirmed by Il Volo.

We are very excited to inform you that, on September 20, 2016, The Novak Djokovic Foundation and friends will hold its fourth charity Gala dinner.

The event will take place at the magnificent Castello Sforzesco in Cortile Delle Armi, Milano, Italy, and will include a red carpet press line and cocktail reception, followed by a seated dinner, with a program featuring a performance of the Italian pop trio Il Volo and an exciting live auction.

Co-founder Novak Djokovic and, director and co-founder of Novak Djokovic Foundation, Jelena Djokovic, along with many of their friends from the worlds of film, fashion, aristocracy, business, and international philanthropy, will be in attendance to raise funds and awareness for the children that NDF supports through their work.

The Gala will take place only a few days before the start of Fashion Week and will be followed by two days of the tennis exhibition matches (21-22/09) with stars like Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal, Serena Williams and Flavia Pennetta participating.

Our love for tennis, fashion, and giving back to the less fortunate has always been the powerful motivating force behind our success in the past, and we are confident that this time as well, our Milano Gala will prove to be the event not to miss.

For further information contact us at <a href=”http:”=””>

Passion and commitment are the core values of our Foundation, and evident in all the work we do, from training more than 600 teachers, building or repurposing 18 schools and helping over 10,000 children and counting. We believe deeply in the vital importance of early education, and we’re determined to change the world: one preschool at a time.

For more on past gala’s:

For Tickets:–%5B%5D%E2%80%94

~Thanks for the heads-up Lydka and Gina


16 thoughts on “Djokovič and Friends Charity Gala Dinner with Il Volo”

  1. Thank’s Marie. Good exsposure for the guys if Management confirms! I feel lost with no Concert dates or PBS promotional for Una Notte Magica announced! We will go to PBS again if Il Volo does a promo!!! Had such a wonderful time last Sept 12th!!!

    1. They’ll be in Detroit on the 24th for a PBS pledge drive promoting their new album. I’m afraid the rest of us will have to wait until after that to see it on our PBS stations. Start calling now!

      1. I emailed and called our local PBS stations (I’m in NJ) a few weeks ago and they told me they don’t have it on their schedule as of now. Needless to say I encouraged them to put it on their schedule.

  2. Memories of past times…..communication with tennis fans, cheering, searching for tennis news for others,many emotions…. I was his big fan, I got his autograph as a birthday gift…Nole is fantastical player, good and smart guy. I’m not surprised that he invited boys. He loves classical music and also opera. I am happy that they meet together. 🙂 NATALIE DESSAY, opera singer ( in September 2007) told after he sang a few notes in the New York Metropolitan Opera House: “Novak has a bad voice, but he is a good tennis player. Such a young man, he could even be my son in terms of age, and he is so good-spirited and refreshing. And such a wonderful tennis player.” 🙂 After victory in Paris, Roland Garros 2016, when Nole was celebrated , so he sang Volare ( version from Gipsy Kings)
    Here is video:

    1. Thanks Lydka for finding such great videos and interesting information. Some pictures of the past Charity Galas’ look very glamorous.

      1. Gina, I thank you. Nole did really nice events for his NDF. His pledge is : making long-term investments in early childhood education programs, investing in everyone’s future, more importantly investing in dreams. The NDF works with partners from all over the world to achieve their goal of a quality preschool education for all (for example they built 18 schools). The Novak Djokovic Foundation is focused on early childhood education and early childhood development in Serbia. Nole has two trainers, a longtime coach Marián Vajda from Slovakia and Boris Becker. In Bratislava he played exhibition match (2012). I also have book about him. So this topic is close to me. 🙂 I don’t have to look for information about him,many of them I simply know. 🙂

    2. Thanks for all your videos Lydka. I hope you and your Mother enjoyed your Name day. It is a lovely custom!

      1. I have read your previous comment, again thank you with mom. 🙂 We had nice day with nice presents. I reveal something to you, if you’d lived in Slovakia , so you would have celebrated your Name Day at June 10. Your name in Slovakian version is Margaréta. Next year you can celebrate it ! 😀 You can say your family and friends that in this day you have your Name Day. In Slovakia, it is customary to give to the honoree flowers, chocolates, truffles, sweets, and sometimes other small gifts.
        Have a nice day ! Greetings !

  3. On Mundial there is a picture of Ignazio painting on canvas a water & mountain scene. Wow what talent he sings like an angel, he is the comedy act for Il Volo. he can drive anything, he is Ambassador for Marsala, he plays I think it is football & now he paints on canvas. Is there anything he can’t do? I donl’t think so & besides that he is one handsome hunk of a man with a caring attitude & love for his fans & people in general.

  4. Oh forgot to say he rides a horse luike a pro & loves all animals & I wish I could be his girlfriend but that is out of the question but how about his grandma from Toronto

  5. COUGH COUGH oh excuse me for coughing while I am laughing. COUGH COUGH now Marie I can’t stop coughing & laughing at the same time. But thats OK we are all dreaming & wishing we were 22 again & had half a chance of winning a dream.
    I often wonder where was he when I was 22, was he even here then under disguise. Had God but him here the same time I was at that age & we passed each other & I never saw him. He could have been an old man also.
    Marie what about Alessandra would you break her heart?
    Well you will be shortly on your trip to Italy & I hope you bump into him somewhere whether in Italy or some place else & that your dream will come true of meeting him & that you & Jane have a safe & fantastic trip. When you get to Ninna’s Pizzeria, that’s where I would head to taste the Pizza’s she makes. Tell her we all LOVE him beyond measure.

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