Flashback (way back) Friday

These two video’s are just too cute not to mention too sweet!  If you are diabetic I would recommend waiting 30 minutes between videos.  

This is one of their very first video’s.  Back then I watched it over and over again.  Unlike now, there weren’t too many video’s to choose from.

Here’s one from around then that I don’t remember.  Cheeks, curls and spiky hair.  Gotta love ’em.






26 thoughts on “Flashback (way back) Friday”

  1. Boy, does this seem like a long time ago! Never get tired of looking at those young faces with power house voices way back then!! Good start to my Friday! Grazie!

  2. What a great trip down memory lane!! These past two blast-from-the-past posts highlight just what fantastic talents our young men are! Can you imagine the thoughts in their heads while they began traveling and singing their dreams? They were so young and yet so composed and confident. They endured lots of training and mastering languages, cultures and demands on them at such young ages, but did it with tremendous success! They were delights then and even more now. Hard to believe it’s already been 7 years together. Thanks a million for these treasures!!

    1. Marie, I thought you were into the dimples. They are what do me in. But I wouldn’t turn down a chance at the baby cheeks, and just holding onto Piero’s hands. Be still my heart.

  3. Just like our own children there are moments in their lives when we wish we could slow down time and keep our children a certain age for just a little longer. These two videos are the sweetest when we were first introduced to these amazingly talented young men. They were so adorable and personable back then and I’m sure that everyone who saw them became immediate fans and followers and were certain they would become successful possessing such incredible talent at such a young age. They were so lovable and unforgettable then and remain so even now. Thank you for posting this two videos.

  4. Wow Marie I thought I had control of myself but they fooled me. I haven’t seen that in a while. Talent, confidence & the sweetest faces this side of heaven & more so now.

  5. So adorable with their amazing voices!!! No wonder we all lost our hearts with the first notes out of Gianluca’s mouth!!! Love the old videos!!! Charmers when we first saw them!!! Now seasoned performers internationally acclaimed !!! They remain our Italian charmers, humble, compassionate, gracious, sharing their Love!!!

  6. Remembering our first encounter with our kids. They still are and hope we all will travel along the way with them. Thanks for this great Friday morning.

  7. This is sweet beyond words. LOVED watching these, our sweet boys just beginning to make their mark on the world. Now they are more mature, more professional, but I still love the young boy version. Oh, and I still like Piero’s spiky hair too.

  8. Yes, they entwined themselves around our hearts from the very start. I feel privileged to have been following them from the very first Detroit PBS. They have spread their wings, and captured the hearts of many around the world. Piero, Gianluca, and Ignazio you are greatly loved! Thanks Marie, for bring back those wonderful memories.

  9. Three Human Beings so close to perfection in every way; no wonder they are often described as “angels”. Thank you for the time-travel today, Marie. Almost made me cry, but that’s OK.

    1. But crying is good for the soul and they bring the tears pretty fast sometimes. Can’t help but wipe the tears on some of their songs; they just stir the emotions and I can’t stop. I’ll bring the tissues and we’ll have a great time!

  10. Thank goodness for their parents and grandparents. They have raised such lovely young men.

  11. It might have been the curls, spikey hair, and cheeks ( aka dimples) that attracted our attention, but it was those voices that blew our minds!! Thanks for this walk down memory lane….it’s been quite a trip, and we’re still traveling!! And yes, thanks to their families for sharing with us!!♡♡♡

  12. Marie, thanks for these two videos. The first one I had seen before ( wish they would come sing in my living room – trouble is it is so small I would be the only audience that could fit in. – maybe one skinny person more ? )

    The second one comes from CBS Saturday morning which is not carried but all CBS locals. I was incorrect in thinking that they had not sung on CBS morning shows. I knew they were on Good Morning America (ABC) and of, course, the TODAY SHOW – several times (NBC). Other than that The TALK which is a CBS production in the afternoons. You may remember that the TALK was their very, very first national network TV show in the USA – even before American Idol.

    So this was an education for me. Thanks.

  13. general comment: They have not been on a national network American TV show in about two years ! ! ? ? ? !! I don’t think that is a good idea. So I hope this coming season will see them back on the Today Show, The Tonight Show (the last time Jay Leno was still on ) and back to the Talk, Also the Hallmark home show as well as other shows.

  14. I hope if they do get to be on USA tv, someone will let us know! I personally don’t watch any of those shows, but but their ratings would definitely go up (by at least one) if a little publicity was put out! Thanks!

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