IL VOLO, FROM MAURA’S EYES – part 1 by Daniela

My dear friend Maura Pucci, whom you all have already known, wrote a nice post that I will translate with great pleasure, knowing that you will surely appreciate it.

Maura, please don’t keep us waiting too long for the second episode !!😉

Daniela 😘

Today, I will answer two questions I asked myself.

The first is: “Who is the audience of Il Volo?”

It is necessary to start from two irrefutable statements:

1) Il Volo is an internationally successful musical group.
2) Their audience is mainly female.

Like all the artists who have had great international success, Il Volo is not aimed at an elite group of connoisseurs, but at a vast and heterogeneous audience, both from a socio-cultural point of view and from the point of view of age. As far as the latter is concerned, internationality constitutes the discriminating element, since age varies according to … longitudes and latitudes.

For example :

~ in Europe and the United States the public is on average more adult, but no less passionate;

~ in Mexico, Central America and South America a young audience prevails, made up in particular of chicas, which are unleashed like fans of rockstars; 

~ a more composed audience of all ages is found in Asia, where classical music is a true cult (many oriental youths come to study in our conservatories) and, during the concerts, we witness the individual performances of the pieces in religious silence until the final ovation.


I take this opportunity to add here, incidentally and for the avoidance of the usual misunderstandings, that, in their repertoire of about two hundred songs, we find only four arias taken from lyrical works (two by Puccini, one by Verdi, one by Donizetti) a tarantella by Rossini and a romance by Leoncavallo …..

The fact that the public in general (fans in particular) is a large female majority is an element common to many if not all the fandoms of famous singers. 

But in the case of the Il Volo boys the difference consists in the fact that in Italy and in the United States in particular, they were known when they were almost children, and the sentimental and romantic women, enchanted by their voices, became tender and affectionate. They saw them grow and from teenagers to become young men. They followed their physical transformations, and the maturation of their voices, establishing a particular relationship with them.

Ultimately the audience of Il Volo can be divided into the following groups:

A) The real fans, active on social networks, connected by a dense network of fan pages or fan clubs, in the number of about four thousand. They “adopted” the three boys, creating an intense relationship with them, I dare say visceral. Depending on the age, they are considered older brothers, object of desire, children, grandchildren. These fans follow Il Volo daily through news, photos, videos, interviews. They participate in numerous concerts, including moving from region to country and continent.

B) The most consistent band is represented by the television audience. In Italy, it is the one that contributes to procuring the famous “listening peaks” of Auditel for Il Volo and to make their concerts sold out. The same can be said for the United States where the PBS network has recorded some concerts since 2012 and broadcasts them, I believe periodically, through over 300 television stations that it represents.

A nod to a category of people that I do not consider “audience” but who have a positive relationship with Il Volo. It can be consideration, appreciation, affection, friendship, collaboration. Which does not automatically and in any case entail the liking of their music. I speak of VIPs, characters known in every field. They are too many and I don’t list them. I will only mention two names of “men of power” characters: Pope Francis and Kim, the leader of North Korea, namely the devil and holy water! …

I refer you to the next episode, again for an interlocutory answer. (Why does Il Volo like it?) And finally for my conclusions.

Maura Pucci

Credit to owners of all photos.

23 thoughts on “IL VOLO, FROM MAURA’S EYES – part 1 by Daniela”

  1. Mia cara Maura! Questo articolo è favoloso! è informativo, fattuale, chiaramente scritto da chi comprende i ragazzi, la cultura ed è stato un acuto osservatore sin dall’inizio! Grazie per la tua prospettiva e conoscenza amorevole e rispettosa. Aspetto con impazienza la prossima offerta! ❤️

  2. I am one of the oldies who fell in love with the boys 10 years ago when PBS showed them on TV. I hope to see them in concert again.

  3. Dear Maura, Daniela and Pat, what would we do without you. I finally found a category that I fit in, the A category. Sometimes I feel maternal, sometimes grandmotherly, and then sometimes, well, you know, but always protective. I’ve followed them from young teens to handsome young men, I can’t believe Piero will be 27 next month, can you? The years are passing quickly now for me at age 81 and this year without seeing and hearing them live in concert again is a huge disappointment, I just wish everyone health, love, and happiness and God willing next year will be better. Maura, waiting for your next post. Ciao

    1. Dear Rose Marie, I also did not see the guys this year. It broke my heart when the last show in Las Vegas was cancelled. I waited three long years to see them again. My first time was in Chicago in 2017. I am 65 so I hope to be able to see them again as soon as it is safe and they come back to the US. I wish you nothing but good health and happiness so you can again see our guys again in concert! 😊❤️

      1. Dear Pat, I just want to let you know that I was Very fortunate to have been able to see the guys 4 times, NY, Detroit, Tampa and La. Las Vegas was going to be the icing on my cake. Hope they come back next year for you. I was going to Taormina in September, but I decided it would be too risky, and now it’s been postponed anyway.

    2. Dear RoseMarie, category A, you see, Maura has nice clear ideas about who we are and how we perceive our dear boys.
      If she had been able to attend 4 concerts this year, she would have been full of happiness. Unfortunately Verona, I believe it will be canceled, but Maura has high hopes for Rome at the end of the year.

      1. I hope Maura gets to Rome. Do you know about Taormina? I assume like Verona it will be postponed.

      2. I believe that Verona will be postponed, but I have good hopes for Taormina, in Sicily, the virus has not been so strong. But that’s just my opinion. We still have to wait.

  4. I loved the piece. She is absolutely correct. I am 75 so I fall in the Grandmother section. I love them because they sing with perfection, I know that because I know what professional s must do. They perform perfectly. Also, they care about their families and friends. They also care about their audience. They are extraordinary young men. They truly love us all and we love them.

  5. Maura, Daniela and Pat, cheers and gratitude. I am category A. Proud of them as a grandmother and even a mother. I tell you just so you understand and know how much mothers and grandmothers feel about their “babies”. Our love for Il Volo began with the 1st PBS performance and although my husband is gone my love for these boys and Bel Canto has not waned. My husband was a musician and so music has been in our lives since both our mothers were pregnant. The combination of 3 distinct voices harmonizing, melodic music and beautiful words are a very powerful combination that vibrates/resonates
    through us. When he was alive, my husband played every day. Now, I listen to some Il Volo every day to fill my heart.

    1. You’re most kind, Kay. I haven’t had the privilege of being a fan of IL VOLO from the beginning, but I am no less thrilled with their voices, their personalities and their progress the last four years I have been listening to them. They are simply the best! 🙂

  6. Maura Cara,
    È stato un articolo meraviglioso e alcune intuizioni vere. Non vedo l’ora di leggere il resto dei tuoi pensieri.

  7. I’m in the group that has known then since they were young and have watched them rise. I love that Facebook is full of them!

  8. Dearest Maura, Daniela and Pat, How beautifully said including all of us, no matter when we first fell in love with these young men. I’m in the Grammy, Mother group, but also appreciate their handsomeness and ‘vitality’. ☺ I first saw them on PBS, and I was instantly drawn to their sweetness and their outstanding voices. Like so many others, I’ve felt privileged to watch them grow from darling teens to beautiful, accomplished young men. In addition, Piero, Gianluca and Ignazio , have opened up my world to friendships I would have never known. Seeing our ‘boys’ in concert, in Chicago in February, was an outstanding, joyful experience. Let’s hope when time passes and they are back on tour safely, we all can again make plans to see them. God bless the Flight Crew for your efforts, translations every day and Maura for your generous message. With love, Harriett…Nonna ♥♥♥

    1. Dear Harriett, what beautiful words you wrote, and we fans who arrive later, really like hearing from you, first fans, about your first contacts with the boys. We always like to discover something we didn’t know. And we are happy that this site also serves this purpose.

  9. From Maura. She thank you very much for your comments.
    She reads it, but it is difficult for her to answer in English.
    Send everyone a big and warm hug and warn you that she has already written the second part !!

  10. Thank you Pat, Daniela and Maura for this very good analysis of Il Volo and their fans. I will put myself in Group A and have been following them since their first PBS Special “Live From Detroit”. I was so amazed by these three boys with their tremendous talent, and I couldn’t wait to tell friends and family about them!

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